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Methanol fuel march 2012 final


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Methanol fuel march 2012 final

  1. 1. Eyal Aronoff - Fuel Freedom Foundation, March 2012
  2. 2. Increased production causing the price to collapse
  3. 3. 1.7 $3.5 trillion qft billion 17 billion gallon methanol12% 1.3 10 $38 of oil mbpd billion gallon billionimport gasoline
  4. 4.  Small addition to existing infrastructure Up to 25% of the feedstock could be naturally occurring CO2  Could substantially boost methanol yield  Lower the carbon footprint of the fuel But requires methanol distribution system Effective where large metro areas are in close proximity to the gas fields
  5. 5.  Methanol production on demand Container-size gasifier connected to municipal water and municipal gas No need for truck delivery and underground storage tank Even at a commercial gas rate of over $8/Mcf, methanol produced for under $1.5 a gallon Profit margins are huge compared to profit
  6. 6.  For new cars: Open Fuel Standard For existing cars:  Activate E85 fuel flexibility + replace elastomers (seals and O-rings) = You get M60 compatibility  Upgrade to higher methanol blends with a simple spark table modification
  7. 7.  Very low tail pipe emissions 15% improved MPG relative to gasoline on energy content equivalent These results are similar to the results published by the Chinese experiment  “16 gallons of methanol equal to 10 gallons of gasoline”
  8. 8.  Pass the Open Fuel Standard with methanol support requirement EPA to define a standard for fuel-grade methanol including additives EPA to relax after-market conversion rules EPA to give a waver for the 1 lb. rule UL certification for methanol mixer pumps National open source repository for replacement fuels spark tables (a.k.a. “tunes”)
  9. 9.  To capitalize on this trillion dollar-a-year opportunity we all need to work together The Fuel Freedom Foundation is an NGO committed to opening the fuel market to competition