Tyred and Tested: Everything you need to know about tyres


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Neglecting your tyres is a common mistake which leads to loss of fuel efficiency and, in some cases, accidents; we explain how easy tyre maintenance is and the benefits it will have for your business.

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Tyred and Tested: Everything you need to know about tyres

  1. 1. Tyred andtestedyoueverythingneed to knowabout tyres
  2. 2. Tyred and tested 1.5 … is the number of motorists who are risking danger and death on UK roads because they are driving on bald tyres, according to research Million carried out by Swiftcover Insurance. The Bald Truth 9,639 drivers were convicted for driving with defective or dangerous tyres in 2011; more worryingly, dodgy tyres made up over two-thirds of the serious ‘vehicle defects’ category (that features other life-stoppers such as broken brakes and steering components).
  3. 3. Ignorance is nota DefenceAccording to Swiftcover’s survey, drivers are claimingignorance about defective tyres as their first and lastline of defence; over 85% of drivers don’t know that 85 % 36 %dangerous tyres can see them dragged into court.And 36% of drivers admitted that they never checktheir tyres’ tread depth.Crime and PunishmentA shonky set of tyres could see you banned from driving in one go.Expect the following: Three penalty points for each defective tyre Up to £2,500 in fines for each defective tyre Grand total for driving with four defective tyres = 12 points on your licence, up to £10,000 in fines and a potential ban.
  4. 4. Keep an Eagle Eye on the LegalMake sure your tyres are roadworthy:• Tread must be 1.6mm or over across the central three-quarters of the tyre and the entire circumference• Tears and cuts that are over 25mm or 10% of the tyre’s width could see you fined. If you crash and such imperfections are subsequently found, it could invalidate your insurance.• Keep an eye out for lumps and bulges in tyre sidewalls; they could mean the tyre’s structure is about to fail.
  5. 5. How do I Check my Tyre’s Tread?It’s not rocket science and it could save your licence.All you need is a 20p piece:• Inspect the tyre for lumps and bulges; run your hands round the inward-facing sidewall of the tyre to feel for blemishes• Place the 20p between the tread on the centre of the tyre• If the border of the 20p (that measures a mere 2.5mm) is obscured by the tread, then your tyres are safe.
  6. 6. High Times for High RollersHumble tyres are high rollers fortheir makers; some 35 milliontyres are sold in Britain each yearand over 150 million are beingused on our roads today. over 150 million are being used on our roads today.So The Fuelcard Company wasglad when tyre manufacturersunveiled a label scheme recentlyto help company drivers make 35 millionmore informed choices about tyres are sold in Britain each yearwhat rubber to purchase.
  7. 7. What’s in a Label?There are over 300 different sorts of tyre to choose from. Confused? We don’t blame you, butindustry labels help demystify such a packed market. It features all the information a driverwill need to make an informed buying choice: Fuel efficiency graded out An A-graded tyre can of seven (what resistance outperform a tyre that’s rated the tyre offers) G by 7.5% in fuel efficiency Safety graded out of Yes, the former will cost more seven (how the tyre’s grip to buy upfront but it could save performs in the wet) on fuel costs in the long term Maximise those savings by Noise levels (how loud signing up for one of our the tyre is on the road) company fuel cards.
  8. 8. Print This Out, Keep Your LicenceSave money, save your licence, save lives – look after your tyres:Do the 20p test; Banish the Wipe away thoseit takes seconds bulge; check insurance fears by and could save tyres for lumps checking for tears on thousands your tyre
  9. 9. For information on our company fuel cards,visit our compare fuel cards page for fulldetails on the range that includes TexacoFastFuel fuel cards, Shell CRT fuel cards,Keyfuels fuel cards and Esso Commercialfuel cards.And for fuel concerns, downloadour eGuide ‘Save fuel, timeand money: our round up SAVE F E UEL,EL, TIM AND E F U TINEY:of the best apps’ now! OUR SAVMONEO MUP OF ROUN MND E A N D U Y: THE B R RD UP O PPS O OUESTBEST A A F THE PPS 1 www.f uelcards. co.uk Download Free eGuide Now .uk rds.co fuelca www. 1