Nikki Stein Grand Canyon Hike Nov2010


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Over Thanksgiving week 2010, Nikki Stein hiked the Grand Canyon, hiking through ice/snow near the rim and spending three amazing nights at the bottom. This project entailed over a year of advanced planning (everything is a project!). This file is 11 highlight slides.

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Nikki Stein Grand Canyon Hike Nov2010

  1. 1. Pre-hike – wintry conditions at the topThese are the historic cabins at Bright Angel Lodge, on the Grand CanyonSouth Rim. Very cozy and conveniently close to the trailhead. The daybefore we hiked down into the Canyon, we got a dusting of snow! It wasonly November 19.
  2. 2. Starting the hike downHere we are – in multiple layers for warmth and excited to be starting ouradventure! It was a brisk 17 degrees at 7:30 in the morning. Warm indooraccommodations - and dinner - were a full vertical mile and 12.5 miles oftrail away.
  3. 3. Nikki on the trailThis shows the wintry conditions on the trail. We were well equipped fortrail conditions, with hiking poles and Stabilicers on our boots for traction.Stabilicers are like studded snow tires for your boots.
  4. 4. On the trailWe met a ranger coming up as we were heading down. I love this photo!Contrary to how difficult the trail looks, we very much relished our timeon the trail, stopping often to take in the views and enjoy the beauty ofthe Canyon. We came home with almost 1,000 photos.
  5. 5. One and a Half Mile Rest HouseThis is 1,000 feet down, at the first rest house. Still lots of ice.
  6. 6. What a view!The mules go in almost any conditions. We met this couple later, atPhantom Ranch. I love how the views open up to the interior of theCanyon, changing with each turn.
  7. 7. Endless switchbacksSwitchbacks in the trail are how it descends great vertical distance whilemaintaining enough level surface to hike. This portion shows the BrightAngel Trail as it approaches the Three Mile Rest House. By this point, weare below the “ice line”.
  8. 8. The Mighty ColoradoThis is the Colorado River, as it flows past the Phantom Ranch area.
  9. 9. Phantom RanchOur cabin at Phantom Ranch was right on Bright Angel Creek (you don’t seethe water, but it’s just to the left of the cabin). These cozy accommodationsmust be reserved more than a year in advance.
  10. 10. Bright Angel CreekA vertical mile below the Rim, Bright Angel Creek flows into the Colorado Rivernear Phantom Ranch. During our three night stay at the bottom, we hiked thetrail along the creek towards the North Rim to enjoy the inner Canyon.
  11. 11. Back on topWhen we returned to the South Rim, the temperature was an even brisker3 degrees. This is unseasonably cold for this early in the winter. Note thenew sign, warning of icy trail conditions.We celebrated the culmination of 40 miles of hiking over 4 days overThanksgiving Dinner at Bright Angel Lodge.