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essentials of an effective grievance haandling


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its all about online shopping

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essentials of an effective grievance haandling

  1. 1. V
  2. 2. E F F O R T S B Y – D I V Y A Y A D A V (512) M O N I K A (1019) T WI N K L E (1060) ONLINE SHOPPING
  3. 3. O V E R V I E W 1. Term “online shopping” 2. Facts 3. Top online shopping sites 4. Procedure 5. Payment 6. Pros 7. Cons 8. Tips for protecting your self 9. Conclusion
  4. 4. I N T R O D U C T I O N A form of electronic commerce Allows consumers to directly buy goods from a seller over internet  e-web-store, e-shop, e-store, Internet.
  5. 5. HOW DID ONLINE SHOPPING COME ABOUT? Online shopping emerged with the development of the internet. Entrepreneurs saw the potential in online shopping and sprung at the chance to make virtual storefronts, so that consumers could shop without leaving their homes.
  6. 6. ONLINE SHOPPING VS. TRADITIONAL SHOPPING Similarities -Advertisement. -Security. -Convenience.
  7. 7. F A C T S largest online Retailing corporations : EBay & 875 million consumers worldwide, who have shopped on the web 85% internet users have shop online Most of e-shoppers hail from South Korea Egypt has least online shoppers In India 29% internet users shops online
  8. 8. Key Findings of Michael De Kare-Silver in e-shock: Already about 15-20% of consumers say they’d prefer to shop electronically rather than visiting the shops. It only takes a drop of about 15% in store traffic to make many stores unprofitable. This revolution will achieve critical mass as early as 2005. Manufactures can seize the opportunity to decide whether to establish their own direct consumer distribution and bypass existing retail chains.
  9. 9. T O P O N L I N E S H O P P I N G S I T E S *         
  10. 10. MASTER PAGE:1
  11. 11. MASTER PAGE:2
  12. 12. form.
  13. 13. SHOPPING CART :-
  14. 14. P R O C E D U R E Decide what to purchase Search for available items Compare(Price ,Review ,Shipping etc) Place the order Pay the bill Receive delivered items & inspect them
  15. 15. P A Y M E N T Credit Card Debit Card Internet Banking Reward Card Cash on delivery
  16. 16. PRICE COMPARISON Using price comparison sites can help you find good deals and get your item at the lowest price possible without having to go from store to store to find out The Top Price comparison sites are Yahoo Shopping
  17. 17. P R O S Comfort of own home (Shop 24*7) Save lots of time Price comparisons & reviews Wide variety of products Can purchase used product Discount coupons available Clear & dependable return poli
  18. 18. C O N S Lack of close quality examination Time consuming to return faulty goods Can’t buy with cash from every site Shipping and Handling Cost Not suitable for slow conne
  19. 19. T I P S F O R P R O T E C T I N G Y O U R S E L F Shop from sites you know & trust using secure pc Keep passwords private Read privacy and security policy
  20. 20. C O N C L U S I O N  In India most people prefer traditional shopping compared to online shopping :due to security reason but Online shopping is growing day by day :more popular in metropolitan city