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Kasamahan Volunteer Orientation


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A description of USF Kasamahan & its affiliates and how we interact with them :)

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Kasamahan Volunteer Orientation

  1. 1. REQUIREMENTS/CONTEXTEveryone is “required” to do at least 4 hours of community service a semester.What we have been doing for several years now is volunteering at various sites throughout the City and the Bay Area.Our organization also has a Community Service requirement laid out by SLE and ASUSF Senate. This is known as a Community Action Plan/Proposal (CAP)
  3. 3. WHY REQUIREMENTS?Purpose“The general purpose of Kasamahan is to promote the unity and solidarity of the Filipino-American community by creating a campus wide environment that assertively affirms the richness and uniqueness of the many cultural experiences of members and by actively involving educational and pre- professional programs that aid the group in the assessment, development and actualization of each member‟s human potential and personal talents. Kasamahan also strives to share, encourag participation, and educate others of the Filipino Culture. “ Thoughts ?
  5. 5. WEST BAY PILIPINO MULTI-SERVICE CENTERLocation: 175 7th Street San Francisco, CA 94103Volunteer Times: Vary, but generally from 2-6 pm WeekdaysWebsite
  6. 6. BAYANIHAN COMMUNITY CENTERWEBSITE Location: 1010 Mission Street San Francisco, Ca 941 Includes: • Veterans Equity Center • Arkipelago Books • Mabuhay Health Center • SAVE
  7. 7. MANILATOWN HERITAGE FOUNDATIONLocation: 868 Kearny Street San Francisco, CA 94108Mission:„The mission of Manilatown Heritage Foundation is to promote social and economic justice for Filipinos in America by preserving our history, advocating for equal access, and advancing our arts and culture.”Website
  8. 8. BINDLESTIFF STUDIOS Location: 1072 Folsom Street #470 San Francisco, CA 94103 Mission: “Bindlestiff Studio cultivates artists who reflect and celebrate the diverse values, traditions and histories of Pilipino and Filipino American cultures through bold artistic expression and community engagement.” Always looking for ushers and other volunteers when a show is around Website
  9. 9. UNITED PLAYAZLocation: 1038 Howard Street San Francisco, CA 9410Mission“United is a violence prevention and youth leadership organization that works with San Franciscos‟s hardest to reach youth through street outreach, case management, in-school services, recreational activities, and support to incarcerated youth.”Website
  10. 10. FILIPINO EDUCATIONAL CENTER: GALING BATA Locations: • Bessie Carmichael Middle School 824 Harrison Street San Francisco, CA 94107 • Bessie Carmichael Elementary Campus 375 7th Street San Francisco, CA 94103 Mission: “The Galing Bata Bilingual Program at the Filipino Education center provides quality guidance, care, and protection (gabay, lingap, bantay) to students from Kindergarten to 8th grade during the after school hours and during 5 weeks in the summer. The program proivdes cultural and linguistic biliteracy in English and Filipino (Tagalog) and promotes the development of a healthy bicultural identity by harmonizing the Filipino and American identities of the children.” Volunteer time vary but generally weekdays from 2-5. There are some requirements however. Website
  11. 11. COMMUNITY ACTION PLAN/PROPOSALFrom ASUSF Senate:“Community Action is an activity r service involving a USF organization that benefits an external organization or a particular community.”This is a requirement for all registered “Gold” organizations and is to be completedonce a semester and have more than 5 member present.Once done need to fill out a form and submit to SLE.More info
  12. 12. IN CONCLUSION….There is a lot out there and this was an informative presentation.There are a lot more organizations that were not listed and this list can continue to grow it just depends on……. YOU!!!!
  13. 13. Questions?