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What G+ really about (pst!!! it's not social)

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What G+ really about (pst!!! it's not social)

  1. what is really about<br />(pst!!! it’s notsocial)<br />@fttechfounder<br />
  2. is it about…+Facebook?<br />(a better Facebook)<br />1<br />
  3. -MAYBE- <br />is it about…+Facebook?<br />(a better Facebook)<br />2<br />
  4. Streams<br />(just) News Feed?<br />3<br />
  5. +1’s<br />(exactly) Like?<br />4<br />
  6. you<br />me<br />me<br />you<br />You can share with me<br />I might not share with you<br />I’m your friend<br />You’re my friend<br />Circles<br />(not) Lists or Groups<br />5<br />
  7. Anyway,<br />Facebook is the McDonalds of Social<br />6<br />
  8. we all want to quit<br />…but we just can’t help ourselves<br />7<br />
  9. + Twitter?<br />What about…<br />(better)<br />8<br />
  10. + Twitter?<br />(better)<br />9<br />What about…<br />-DOUBT IT- <br />
  11. Taking on Twitter is like taking on….<br />-DOUBT IT- <br />MTV + the PRESIDENT +<br />Hollywood/ Network TV + <br />Lady Gaga +10 million little monsters +<br />> 200 million tweets a day<br />10<br />
  12. In that case,WTF isreally about?<br />11<br />
  13. really about?<br />is about moving everything into the cloud.<br />12<br />
  14. really about?<br />13<br />huh?<br />is about moving everything into the cloud.<br />
  15. we got so caught up on this<br />14<br />
  16. we got so caught up on this<br />15<br />we TOTALLYmissed this<br />
  17. What’s this?<br />16<br />
  18. This is almost everything you use on your computer!<br />17<br />
  19. Isn’t about social and Facebook???<br />18<br />
  20. depends what you mean by social<br />19<br />
  21. Ever hear of the Blue Ocean strategy?<br />20<br />
  22. Let me explain…markets are divided into<br />BLUEoceans<br />REDoceans<br />Unknown market space<br />Few competitors<br />Create market share<br />Known market space<br />Many competitors<br />Fight for market share<br />Cutthroat competitionturnsthe ocean bloody<br />New market makes competition irrelevant<br />21<br />
  23. REDOcean“social”<br />updating status/ checking in/ friending/ following/ stalking/ blogging/ posting notes/ commenting/ micro-blogging/ liking/ tweeting/ retweeting/ buzzing/ asking/ commenting/<br />basically, sharing what you are doing, browsing shopping, liking, etc. with the world<br />22<br />
  24. BLUE Ocean“social”<br />fixing collaborationand sharingacross appsand across platforms<br />23<br />
  25. BLUE Ocean“social”<br />24<br />do you know how often people still emailphotos/ documents/ spreadsheets?<br />
  26. what’s obviously in the pipeline<br />25<br />
  27. really about?<br />0Microsoft Office/ Sharepoint<br />Google Docs/ Apps<br />Sharingis theBlue Ocean<br />26<br />
  28. and probablyin the pipeline?<br />27<br />
  29. 0MacApp Store<br />ChromeWeb Store<br />28<br />
  30. 29<br />to conclude…<br />
  31. +collaboration +sharing<br />@apps @browsers @mobile<br />30<br />
  32. I’d relax a little if I had750 millionmembers<br />31<br />
  33. I’d relax if 8,163copies of War and Peace are tweeted a day<br />32<br />
  34. but I’d REALLY worryif I was <br />33<br />
  35. I’d even worry about that new Mac App Store<br />34<br />
  36. 35<br />WIDE OPEN<br />+collaboration +sharing @apps @browsers @mobile<br />
  37. 36<br />is coming.<br />
  38. Thanks.<br /><br />37<br />What G+ is really about (pst!!! it's not social) by Vincent Wong is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.<br />