Freedom Fest 2012


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Informational insert from the June 28, 2012, issue of the Army Flier. All you need to know about Fort Rucker's Freedom Fest 2012 Celebration.

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Freedom Fest 2012

  1. 1. ARMYFLIER.COM ❘ JUNE 28, 2012 ★ 2Event Schedule The Army Flier is an COMMAND July 3, 2012 Maj. Gen. Anthony G. Crutchfield FORT RUCKER COMMANDING GENERAL authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of theKid’s Activity Field Col. James A. Muskopf Army Flier are not necessar- FORT RUCKER GARRISON ily the official views of, orWarraWarrant Officer Career College Confidence Course COMMANDER endorsed by, the U.S. gov-3:30 p. until dark – free p.m. Lisa Eichhorn ernment, or the Department of the Army.Inflat atable Fun World FORT RUCKER PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICER The editorial content of this3:30-9 p.m. – single ticket, $1; wristband, $10; and if buying more than one wristband, $8 each. Jim Hughes publication is the respon- sibility of the Fort RuckerChildChildren’s activities COMMAND INFORMATION OFFICER Public Affairs Office.3:30-10 p.m. – activities, vendors, games, pony rides, train rides and more. Fees vary. EDITORIAL STAFF Ten thousand copies are Jim Hughes published weekly by The Do- EDITOR.............................................. 255-1239 than Eagle, a private compa- ny in no way connected withV dVendor Field Jeremy P. Henderson the U.S. government under exclusive contract with theRides, and food and craft vendors – 3:30-10 p.m. SYSTEMS & DESIGN EDITOR ... 255-2028 Department of the Army. The appearance of adver-Music on the Main Stage tising in this publication,98th Army Band – 4:20-5:20 p.m. Nathan Pfau STAFF WRITER ............................... 255-2690 including inserts or supple-Natalie Stovall – 5:30-6:30 p.m. ments, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S.Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band – 7-9 p.m. Army or The Dothan Eagle Angela WilliamsFireworks following the Lt. Dan Band performance. STAFF WRITER ............................... 255-1240 of the products or services advertised. We wish you and your Saluting the Men and family a happy and safe women at Fort Rucker Independence Day! C &B MINI STORAGE “for all your storage on us” 2 Locations: Rucker Blvd & Shellfield Rd Rent 3 Enterprise months get Army Aviation Center Contact 4th month FREE REGENCY MANAGEMENT ® Federal Credit Union Daleville 341 N. Daleville Ave. 598-4411 Fort Rucker Bldg. 8937 Red Cloud Rd. 598-4411 347-0048 Enterprise 1201 Boll Weevil Cir. 393-5909 Enterprise 1238 Rucker Blvd. 393-5909
  2. 2. 3 ★ JUNE 28, 2012 ❘ ARMYFLIER.COMFreedom Fest celebrates independencewith Family fun, entertainment, fireworksBy Connor Wolanski return appearance by last year’s huge- ites such as the rock wall, mechanical available in the Kid’s Zone, and also ery year. “Enjoy the show. Enjoy yourArmy Flier Contributing Writer ly popular headliner, Gary Sinise and bull and spider mountain bungee. featured will be an “Inflatable Fun friends around you. The fireworks are the Lt. Dan Band. A free “Warrant Officer Career World,” with single tickets costing spectacular under the Alabama stars. Fort Rucker will be holding its mar- “We hope everyone comes ready to College Confidence Course” will be $1. “Freedom Fest is a celebration forquee event, Freedom Fest, at Howze party; we have an amazing As in previous years, our entire community. When we lookField Tuesday from 3:30-10 p.m. As line up of talented musicians a wide variety of vendors around at our neighbors around thein previous years, the annual celebra- performing,” said Erdlitz. with an even wider variety Wiregrass, we look forward to this daytion of the nation’s independence will “We had Ms. Stovall here of food will be available, when we invite everyone out to cel-feature a wide variety of attractions for a performance earlier this and for Families’ conve- ebrate our nation’s independence withfor adults and children alike. year and we knew she would nience, ATMs will now be us at Fort Rucker. We all stand togeth- “We strive each year to make Free- be the perfect fit for Freedom available on the festival er, side by side, Soldier to neighbordom Fest something the entire com- Fest, [and] we are so excited grounds. A baby changing and feel the same powerful emotionsmunity can take part in and celebrate to have Gary Sinise back for station will also be avail- of being proud Americans,” she said.with us,” said Janice Erdlitz, Director- another tour of duty … he put able, with air-conditioned While festivities will be startingate of Family and Morale, Welfare and on an amazing show last year tents with sides for pri- half an hour earlier this year than theyRecreation marketing director. with the Lt. Dan Band. The vacy. did last year, Erdlitz shared that there “I think Freedom Fest has the abil- fans loved it. We are lucky Freedom Fest culmi- will be no pool party at Splash preced-ity to pull at our patriotic heart strings. when we can get such a huge nates at about 9 p.m. with ing Freedom Fest this year.Its an event like no other with thou- supporter of our troops to a 20-minute fireworks dis- Freedom Fest is free and open tosands of people joined together to perform.” play set to music. the public. The only cost will be as-enjoy the splendors of all things that Attendees will also have “Be sure to bring a sociated with vendors and the Kid’smake our nation so great,” she said additional activities to par- lawn chair or blanket and Zone. There will be $10 unlimited Headlining the night’s festivities ticipate in such as pony rides kick back and relax,” said play wristbands in the fun zone area orwill be appearances by rising country and a wrecking ball ride, Erdlitz, adding that the $8 each for two or star Natalie Stovall and the 98th which can seat the whole fireworks are her favorite For more information on FreedomArmy Silver Wings band, as well as a Family, as well as old favor- part of the festivities ev- Fest, call 255-1749 or 255-2292. Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years •Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • “Waving the red, white & blue... in honor of you.” CONSTRUCTION, INC. Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years • Serving Ft. Rucker 38 Years •
  3. 3. ARMYFLIER.COM ❘ JUNE 28, 2012 ★ 4Lt. Dan Band returns to Freedom Fest 2012 Band and asked the USO if he and the some pictures, all of it helps them knowBy Jim Hughes band could visit military installations. that there are people out there who areCommand Information Officer “The USO agreed, the band began aware of their sacrifices and understand rehearsing and in February of 2004, The the importance of keeping our military For those who can’t get enough of a Lt. Dan Band hit the road on their first Families strong in difficult times.good thing, Fort Rucker’s Freedom Fest overseas USO tour to Korea, Singapore “It is important to remember that these2012 is the place to be as the Lt. Dan and Diego Garcia,” according to the web- defenders are volunteers. There is noBand returns to the annual celebration of site. “Since those early sessions at Kimo’s draft,” he continued. “Military service isthe country’s independence. house, a few gigs for the troops in the Chi- something that we all have a choice to do Fort Rucker’s Freedom Fest 2012 cago area in 2003, and that first overseas or not to do. And I am grateful that therepromises to be a hot time, literally and fig- tour, Gary and the band have played an are Americans that have made the choiceuratively, but as the temps start to cool in average of 30-40 shows per year.” to serve. Especially in such dangerous andthe evening, the event will just be getting The name of the band was easy to come uncertain times. What would we do if noheated up as Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan up with, according the site. While visiting one wanted to defend this great country?Band take the stage at 7 p.m. Tuesday. troops around the world, some fans – even “So, if you see someone in uniform, The Lt. Dan Band features 12 profes- children – didn’t know him as actor Gary just know that taking the time to thanksional musicians who accompany Sinise, Sinise, but they did recognize him as Lt. them will mean a lot. They don’t askwho plays bass, in performances through- Dan from the movie "Forrest Gump." much at all. They are just doing what theyout the world, with more than 75 percent The Lt. Dan Band’s commitment to the signed up to do. But that little gesture ofof them free shows for the USO and other COURTESY PHOTO nation’s military is strong, the actor and gratitude from a stranger will make theircharities or benefits, according to the musician said. day,” Sinise’s website. The Lt. Dan Band. Top Row: Molly Callinan, Dan Myers, Mitch Paliga, Ben Lewis, Jeff “Personally, I have made it a particular The Lt. Dan Band includes: Sinise, The Lt. Dan Band covers everything Vezain, Danny Gottlieb and Kimo Williams. Middle Row: Beth Gottlieb, Mari Anne mission to do what I can to draw atten- bass; Williams, guitar and vocals; Marifrom Stevie Wonder and Jimi Hendrix Jayme, Gary Sinise and Julie Dutchak. Bottom Row: Kirk Garrison, Ernie Denov. tion to our military servicemembers, their Anne Jayme, vocals; Julie Dutchak, vo-classics to contemporary songs by Kelly the musical diversity of the band, as well when Sinise met Kimo Williams while Families and our veterans, and to make cals; Molly Callinan, vocals; Dan Myers,Clarkson, Evanescence, Beyonce, Lon- as the passion and energy each member working together on the Steppenwolf The- sure they know they are remembered and violin and vocals; Jeff Vezain, acousticestar, the Zac Brown Band and much, brings to the stage. Whether perform- atre’s production of "A Streetcar Named appreciated,” he said in a letter on the guitar and vocals; Ernie Denov, guitar;much more, according to the site. ing for troops overseas or a local club Desire." The two discovered their mutual band’s website. “Whether through per- Kirk Garrison, trumpet; Mitch Paliga, “Even tunes from the 40s big band crowd, the goal is to have fun and rock love of music and began playing together forming with the band, supporting a mili- saxophone; Danny Gottlieb, drums; Bethera,” the site reads. “Theres something the house!” with other musicians in Chicago. tary charity or visiting the war zones and Gottlieb, percussion; and Ben Lewis, key-for everyone and each show highlights The band’s roots date back to 1997 In 2003, Sinise formed the Lt. Dan hospitals to shake some hands and take boards. U.S. Mobile Homes Since 1969 GOD BLESS AMERICA & OUR HEROES IN THE U.S. MILITARY THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE 5214 Montgomery Hwy. • Dothan, AL 36303 (334) 983-5658 •
  4. 4. 5 ★ JUNE 28, 2012 ❘ ARMYFLIER.COM
  5. 5. ARMYFLIER.COM ❘ JUNE 28, 2012 ★ 6
  6. 6. 7 ★ JUNE 28, 2012 ❘ ARMYFLIER.COM We support our troops at THANK YOU Fort Rucker and FOR YOUR abroad for their COURAGE, SACRIFICE, dedication to our LOYALTY, BRAVERY, country and our HEROISM, LEADERSHIP, local community. PERSEVERANCE, PROTECTION, DEDICATION, VALOR... 294 Painter Ave • Ozark, AL 36360 334-774-9321 and 1-800-582-8497 Clark Theatres Dale Medical Center �������� ��� �������� supports our troops at home and abroad �� ����� ���������� ��� ��� ��� ����� �� ��� ���� ����� ������� �� ����� ��� ���������� �������� ����� ��� ���������� ���� ���� ������� ���� �������� ��������� �������� ������������ ���� ��� ��� ����� ���������� ������������ ������������������
  7. 7. FREEDOMFEST ❘ JUNE 28, 2012 ★ 8 9 ★ JUNE 28, 2012 ❘ FREEDOM FEST The main thing for people to remem- ber about parking is to pick an entry gate carefully, as the gate people come in is the gate they will exit. Officials ask for patience during departure. People should anticipate heavy traffic. The military police will be on hand to direct people where they need to go, and there won’t be any room for differ- ent route choices until you get off post. People are reminded to keep safety as the top priority, and to follow the direc- tions of the MPs. Entrance: Traffic will enter through one of the three main gates — Ozark, Enterprise and Daleville – or Faulkner (Shell Field) Gate, which will be open from 4:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Exit: Ozark traffic will exit the Ozark Gate, Daleville traffic will exit the Daleville Gate, Enterprise traffic will exit the Enterprise Gate. People who enter the Faulkner (Shell Field) Gate from Enterprise will park in the Ozark parking area, and then exit back through the Faulkner Gate. Enterprise Parking Daleville Parking Fort Rucker Parking Ozark/ Allen Heights Parking
  8. 8. ARMYFLIER.COM ❘ JUNE 28, 2012 ★ 10Natalie Stovall brings country to Freedom Fest (Editor’s note: The following is Natalie Stovall’s press bio used with permission on the right track, you know?”from her website at As Natalie’s reputation spreads great opportunities keep rolling in. Natalie has Natalie Stovall was born and raised just outside of Nashville, Tenn. Since her already been selected to open for acts like Gretchen Wilson, Little Big Town, Glo-first professional gig singing and playing the fiddle at the age of 10, Natalie has riana, Justin Moore, Josh Gracin, Trent Tomlinson, Safetysuit, The Doobie Broth-already seen things that most artists could only dream of. She’s performed every- ers, and that’s just the beginning.where from Oprah to the Grand Ole Opry. This spring will bring the release of her second record, “Standing My Ground,” She was the first performer ever to be invited to sing "God Bless America" for an EP featuring five brand new songs written by Natalie along with her version ofthe president at the White House Press Correspondents Dinner. And surprisingly, the Charlie Daniels classic, “Devil Went Down To Georgia”she has done all of this with no record deal of any kind. “It’s amazing – my version of ‘Devil’ has been such a big part of my show ever The release of her first record, “Late Night Conversations,” saw a Top 50 radio since I started my first band. I mean, for the past five years people have been com-hit with her song “If I Run to You Now” and the placement of that song in the ing up to me and asking if I would record my version,” she said. “And althoughNational Lampoon movie “Bag Boy.” In the past couple years Natalie has used part of me felt crazy for taking on the responsibility of recording such a legendarythat momentum to become one of the hottest booked independent acts in America. fiddle song, I just knew it was the right thing to do. I really wanted to give some-Performing and fiddling over 200 dates a year at college campuses, military bases, thing special to everyone that’s stuck with me and been a part of this adventurefairs, festivals, clubs and bars is all just par for the course with Natalie. so far.” “People ask me a lot why I spend so much time touring. I know it’s not the path Although the launch of her new EP will be a big moment, the cornerstone ofthat most country artists take, but I know it’s the right thing for me,” she said. “The Natalie’s success has always been her live show.only way I really know I’m heading in the right direction with my music is to get “I love records and I grew up obsessed with the radio, but to me a stage and anout there and see how people react to it … see if I can really grab them. I didn’t start audience are sacred things. Getting up in front of a group of people, no matter howwriting and playing because I wanted to be on CMT … I mean, don’t get me wrong, big or small, whether they know me or not, whether they even like country musicI want to be on CMT, but that’s not why I’m here. I write and perform because I and giving everything I’ve got to win them over – That’s a holy thing to me. That’slove it … it’s always been part of me. I do it cause I have no other choice.” why I do what I do.” Natalie is dedicated to the tradition of the road-warrior in a way most modern When Natalie is on stage she is a different person. The moment she picks upartists don’t understand – following in the footsteps of her musical heroes, taking one of her alternating black and white fiddles, the spell is complete and you finallyher music from town to town and building an audience from the ground up. get to see her in the space where she truly lives, where she’s meant to be -- a danc- Whatever Natalie is doing seems to be working. Recently she swept awards at ing Siren with her chin tucked and her bow fiercely flailing. She spins and swaysthe Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities national conference and through a dizzying, hour-long crescendo until the final band hit.with Campus Activities Magazine winning “Best Band,” “Best Entertainer,” “Best After her show when the smoke settles, the lights go down and the audienceFemale Performer” and “Best Music.” finally gets to catch their collective breath, Natalie performs the most unexpected COURTESY PHOTO “It’s been an amazing year so far,” she said. “It feels so good to be recognized part of the show. She transforms back into the smiling, unassuming, five-foot bellefor what you do. It makes you feel like you’re doing something right. Like you’re that you almost forgot existed just before the first downbeat. Natalie Stovall THANK YOU FORT RUCKER! Thank you Fort Rucker! We look forward to serving you! Dove Christian Supply
  9. 9. 11 ★ JUNE 28, 2012 ❘ ARMYFLIER.COM98th Army ‘Silver Wings’ Band takes center stageBy Nancy Rasmussen ning at Camp Crowder, Mo., in MarchFort Rucker Public Affairs 1942. There, civilian musicians trained in the arts and sciences of Soldier skills, as Each year at Fort Rucker, the 4th of well as those of military ceremonies, tradi-July Freedom Fest reflects the post’s mu- tions and heritage.tually rewarding relationship with its val- In 1944, the band was re-designated asued Wiregrass communities. At the cen- the 98th Ground Forces Band in allied-ter of this annual patriotic celebration is occupied Germany. In 1947, the regimen-Fort Rucker’s 98th Army “Silver Wings” tal band was deactivated, and the unit wasBand. transferred to Italy and designated the 98th With Sousa marches and patriotic stan- Army Band. In 1952, that band was relocat-dards like "God Bless America," and cur- ed to Camp Rucker in southeast Alabamarent Army favorites, such as Toby Keith’s — soon to be the home of Army Aviation."American Soldier," the Silver Wings Band Soon Camp Rucker would become acontinues to entertain and educate, accord- permanent post and be re-designated asing to CW4 Jesse Pascua, bandmaster. Fort Rucker. As Army Aviation grew and “Our theme for this year’s Freedom matured through the 1960s and 70s, so didFest performance is patriotic, but we will the 98th Army Band. Over time, the bandalso feature one of our more popular en- developed its musical mission to includesembles, the Blackout Brass Band,” Pas- both military ceremonies and civilian pub-cua said. lic relations events. “Throughout the year, the 98th Army Today, as Army Aviation has fully ma-‘Silver Wings’ Band entertains audiences tured, so has the 98th Army “Silver Wings”all over the region,” said Staff Sgt. Jason Band, Pascua said.Paull, bass guitarist. “This year, the band The unit continues its tradition of ex-began its concert in the park series, per- cellence by supporting graduations, cer- FILE PHOTOforming for Wiregrass area communities emonies, honors, recruiting and publicin appreciation of their support to our Sol- relations. The band can be seen in schools, The 98th Army “Silver Wings” Band performs at a previous Freedom Fest.diers and Families.” colleges, parades, festivals and on the field tired or passed on. tunity for the band to honor Army Soldiers, performance indicative of its proud his- The band’s programs reflect its begin- to honor our own and those who have re- “Freedom Fest is just one more oppor- Families and community members with a tory,” Pascua said. We appreciate Fort Rucker! Enterprise Wholesale, Inc. 1093 Geneva Hwy • Enterprise • 347-7033 Select styles from Shaw Floors are on sale, making this a great time to spruce up for spring. ™ Shaw Floors.... timeless beauty, uncompromising quality. SHOWROOM HOURS: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:30pm Saturday 8am-12pm Anso® nylon resists stains and soil and we back it up with Lifetime Warranties*. Green. It’s something we never forget.® FLOORS shawf loors.c Did we mention that Anso nylon also warrants against pet urine stains? *Lifetime stain and soil warranties are limited and based on the life of the product. For more details, please see warranty brochure available where products are sold. Visit our showroom today to learn more about products made with Anso® nylon. Green by nature, fashionable by design.
  10. 10. ARMYFLIER.COM ❘ JUNE 28, 2012 ★ 12Have fun, but leavesome things at home Fun and honoring the country’s independence are themain goals of Fort Rucker’s Freedom Fest, and to meetthose goals, officials want to ensure everyone remains safeand secure while celebrating Independence Day. Be sure to leave these items at home during FreedomFest: • Coolers, tote bags or backpacks (except for baby or medical care items); • Pets; • Fireworks; • Glass containers; • Weapons; and • Bicycles, scooters, rollerblades or skateboards. “Because We Care… is making a difference!” Three Locations in the Wiregrass Area Three Locations in the Wiregrass Area ENTERPRISE ENTERPRISE ���� ���� ������ ������ � �������� ���� ���� ������ ������ � �������� (New location on west side of bypass) SLOCOMB ���� �� �������� ������ ���� � �������� GENEVA ���� �� �������� ������ � �������� For more information please visit our website at
  11. 11. 13 ★ JUNE 28, 2012 ❘ ARMYFLIER.COM We salute those who serve Past & Present ��� ������ ���� � ���������� 347-5111 ��� ���� ��� ��� � ���� 897-5222
  12. 12. ARMYFLIER.COM ❘ JUNE 28, 2012 ★ 14Freedom Fest 2012Big musical talent, food, games, fireworksBy Connor Wolanski Vendors offering crafts, artwork and otherArmy Flier Contributing Writer souvenirs to help commemorate Freedom Fest will also be available. Fireworks, music and food are on the agenda To work off the calories, Families are wel-as Fort Rucker welcomes the Wiregrass onto the come to take the children to the Kid’s Zone frompost to help celebrate America’s independence at 3:30-10 p.m., which features pony rides, a “War-Freedom Fest Tuesday. rant Officer Career College Confidence Course,” Freedom Fest 2012 highlights include appear- zip lines and an “Inflatable Fun World.”ances by country music artist Natalie Stovall, the “This is the party of all parties,” said Janice98th Army "Silver Wings" band, and Gary Sinise Erdlitz, Directorate of Family and Morale, Wel-and the Lt. Dan Band. fare and Recreation marketing director. “I hope The festival boasts one of the largest fireworks everyone comes out and enjoys all that Freedomdisplays in the area, and Families can also take Fest has to offer.”the children for a train ride, try their hand at rock Freedom Fest has taken steps to make thiswall climbing, see if they can endure a wild ride year’s festival more convenient for Familieson the mechanical bull, or even take the plunge by providing ATMs on the grounds for the firston the spider mountain bungee. time, as well as incorporating a baby changing Over 25,000 people are expected to attend station with air-conditioned tents with sides forthis year’s Freedom Fest – to sate all those ap- privacy.petites, a wide variety of vendors will be in the The celebration peaks with the 20-minute fire-area serving all manner of food, beverages and works display, which kicks off at about 9 p.m.other products. To ensure public safety, there are items people The menu includes: funnel cakes, roasted should not bring to Freedom Fest. Prohibitedcorn, boiled peanuts, Mexican food, Asian food, items include: coolers, tote bags or backpackschicken, gator on a stick, Italian ice, seafood (except for baby care items); pets; fireworks;baskets, pizza, kettle corn, hot dogs, hamburgers glass containers; no weapons; and no bicycles,and fair-type food. scooter, rollerblades or skateboards. Upgrade ry Your s ato op m ro re rT &C Grill to Ou e ts m or Ho pp al Su ner Ceramic! Fu cy ar Se Sandy Beaches Pool & Spa 1109 Rucker Blvd • 347-2584
  13. 13. 15 ★ JUNE 28, 2012 ❘ ARMYFLIER.COMSimple summer safety tipshelp prevent accidentsFrom Staff Reports summer should pay attention to hot tem- Grilling tipsArmy Flier peratures and sun exposure to avoid heat • Use grills in well ventilated areas. exhaustion and heat stroke. • Make sure grills are stable. Summertime can be one of the most • Follow manufacturer’s instructions.dangerous times of the year for Soldiersand their Families. Sun and heat safety tips • Use long-handled utensils. • Hydrate — be sure to drink plenty of Many people are out on the roads trav- water and encourage children to do Fireworks tipseling, and with the increased traffic there the same. Drinking soda, tea, coffee • Fort Rucker officials prohibit the useis increased risk, according to Fort Ruck- and alcohol can dehydrate. of fireworks on safety officials. • Individuals planning to be outside • Read the instructions for the proper In order to stay safe on roadways they should apply sunscreen. use of fireworks.recommend a few simple tips: • Know the signs of heat exhaustion • Don’t allow children to use fireworks, • Have recommended maintenance (clammy, pale, dizzy, heavy sweat- unless supervised by an adult. conducted on vehicles. ing, etc.). • Do not use fireworks while under the • Have an emergency kit. • Don’t take risks during this holiday influence of alcohol. • Be sure to have a full gas tank. weekend. Those traveling to the post’s Freedom Here are a few ways to protect againstFest this Independence Day weekend accidents over Independence Day week- Alcohol consumptionshould keep in mind the use of cell phonesand texting while driving are illegal on end: safety tipsFort Rucker. A driver’s license, insurance • Don’t drink and drive.and registration are required to enter the Swimming tips • Have a designated Follow the posted speed limit signs • Know your limitations. • Drink water to keep hydrated whileand listen to police directing traffic. • Swim with a friend. consuming alcohol. People participating in other activi- • Supervise children while in the wa- • Don’t swim, boat, or fish while underties during 4th of July and the rest of the ter. the influence. • 100% Financing • Construction Loans • VA Loans • Conforming Loans • FHA Loans • Non-Conforming Loans Y
  14. 14. ARMYFLIER.COM ❘ JUNE 28, 2012 ★ 16