Sourcemap Week2 Fall2010


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Sourcemap Week2 Fall2010

  1. 1. Parsons Sourcemap, Fall 2010
 CRN 7052, PUDD 4550D
 Sabine Seymour Leo Bonanni Week 2
 Introduction Sabine Seymour Transparent Sustainability Repair Manifesto Ars Electronica Festival 2010 Infosthetics Ethical Fashion Show
  2. 2. Sabine Seymour Chief Creative Officer Moondial, Fashionable Technology Studio & Lab Vienna & New York Assistant Professor of Fashionable Technology Director, Fashionable Technology Lab Parsons The New School for Design New York 1930s 1980s 2008 2010
  3. 3. Transparent Sustainability in Functional Aesthetics by Sabine Seymour “Transparent sustainability announces the entire life cycle of a product, reveals social interventions, exemplifies the environmental and health implications, finds solutions for the smart exploration of energy on and through the body, and applies novel materials for sustainable housing.” (Seymour, 2010, 156) More information on the book: Q: Examples of change through transparency? Transparency as movement?
  4. 4. Repair Manifesto by Platform 21 1. Make your own products live longer! 2. Things should be designed so that they can be repaired. 3. Repair is not replacement. 4. Repairing is a creative challenge. 6. Repair survives fashion. 7. To repair is to discover. 8. Repair – even in good times! 9. Repaired things are unique. 10. Repairing is about independence. 11. You can repair anything, even a plastic bag. Stop recycling. Start repairing. Download the Repair Manifesto at: Q: The Repair Manifesto as guideline?
  5. 5. Ars Electronica Festival 2010
 repair, sind wir noch zu retten The Windowfarms Project Plastic Bag, 2009 Plastic Planet, 2009 The Craftsman by Richard Sennett Scrap Design For more information: Q: The economics of repair – the repair economy?

  6. 6. Infosthetics. Where form follows data.
 For more examples: Q: Parsons Sourcemap a visual exemplification of data essential for a designers?

  7. 7. Ethical Fashion Show
 The study “Fashion and the consumer: What the consumers think.”, confirms new expectations for more responsible consumerism. 1. Organic materials 2. Natural materials 3. Recycling 4. Fashion that promotes know-how 5. Fashion that invests in social projects 6. Fair fashion For more information: Q: What is ethical / consumerism? Fashion Night Out?

  8. 8. Design of Prosperity Conference 2009
 The sustainability of our future Talks: Authenticity and Responsibility: The Drivers of Sustainability Doing Business for The Next Hundred Years The Power of Transparency: Creating Value, Communicating, and Involving The Whole Supply Net Using bluesign™ technologies ag to Use and Produce Less The Invisible Hand of Culture For more information: Q: What is the sustainability of our future?