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RIMM: A Patent Value Guide


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A brief guide to the value of RIMM\’s patent portfolio by IPmetrics Chief Economist interviewed today on

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RIMM: A Patent Value Guide

  1. 1. A Patent Value Guide to: Research in Motion Ltd. [RIMM] July 18, 2012 Fernando Torres, MSc Chief Economist IPmetrics LLC @FTorresMSc @IPmetrics
  2. 2. A Patent Is the right to exclude others from practicingan invention for a number of years, granted in exchange for the public disclosure of the invention.
  3. 3. The Value of a PatentDepends on the profitability of the exclusivebusiness opportunity the patent carves out for the owner.
  4. 4. Research in Motion Ltd.• Owns thousands of patents (issued and pending) mostly in Canada, Europe and the US.• In 2011, acquired US$775 portion of Nortel patents (US$4.5 billion) as part of a consortium• Intangibles are US$3.37 billion on June 2, 2012 balance sheet.
  5. 5. Research in Motion’s Patent Portfolio• In the US, holds over 3,000 utility patents, design patents, or published applications.• About one-third are designs or patents directly related to the well known Blackberry® handsets.• Another portion deals with wireless communications.• Yet another refers to touch screen phones.
  6. 6. Research in Motion’s Potential Patent Value• The portfolio contains innovations for future applications, such as: Combining the use of capacitive and resistive touch sensors to improve accuracy, and LTE telecommunication technology.• Includes systems and methods for instant messaging which are current technology.• Yet has many more designs and patents only applicable to the legacy Blackberry® phones.
  7. 7. Research in Motion’s Potential Patent Value• Component patents in the portfolio could be used for litigation defense and offensive strategies.• Typical patent litigation can cost $2 or $3 million with only 40% of cases recovering more than the cost of litigation.• In the current environment, the RIM patents could be attractive litigation leverage for Google (Motorola mobility), Microsoft (Nokia), and Samsung and HTC (vs. Apple).
  8. 8. Business News Network Interview
  9. 9. Thank YouFernando Torres MSc is the Chief Economist atIPmetrics LLC and brings to intellectual propertyover 30 years of work experience in economics,financial analysis, and business management inthe U.S. and Mexico.He specializes in the economics of IP includingpatents, trademarks and publicity rights forvaluation and litigation. @FTorresMSc @IPmetrics