Life cycle of a plant by 4B


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Life cycle of a plant by 4B

  3. 3. POLLINATION The bee is carrying the pollen and flying from flower to flower. Then it goes to the bees hive it goes into honey.
  4. 4. FERTILISATION The pollen meets the seed and the flower dies and the seed is laying down on the ground .Then it goes into a flower . Fertilisation
  5. 5. SEED DISPERSAL This is normally when an animal eats a whole fruit and leaves there droppings. Witch then the seeds are spread around away from the natural tree or fruits, after about two weeks it would grow if it had water, sunlight and good soil.
  6. 6. GERMINATION  Germination means who it grows and comes out of the ground and produces.  For a plant to grow it would need three simple needs: Water, oxygen and warmth.This plant is growingbecause it has: Water,oxygen and warmth.
  7. 7. PICTURE
  8. 8. THE END
  9. 9. The plant life cycle By Laura c
  10. 10. Pollination• Pollination is when pollen lands on a new flower. When the bee goes from flower, to flower, the pollen sticks to it’s feet. When he gets to the next flower, it comes off. He then collects some pollen from other flowers that he is on.
  11. 11. FertilisationThis is when the pollen and the seed meet. The part of the flower around the seed is called the fruit. The petals start to die after. The ovary which forms the fruit; some quite a lot like an apple.
  12. 12. Seed DispersalThis is when the seed is spread around; away from the plant, that made it so they do not compete for light, water or soil. Seeds are spread by animal droppings or when things get stuck in there fur.
  13. 13. Germination• This is when the seed reaches the ground and starts to grow, into a new plant and sprout. The seed will not grow until it gets warm. As well as warmth the seed also needs oxygen .
  14. 14. The end
  15. 15. BY Nana 
  16. 16. Pollination is when bees go to a flowerand they carries pollen to a newflower and droop a little bet of pollenon the flower.
  17. 17. Fertilisation is when pollen and seed meet.When a flower dies and the pollen and theseed mark a new flower.
  18. 18. Seed dispersal is when a animal poo on the ground ithelps the seed grow in to a flower .
  19. 19. When the seed gets planted in the ground,it starts to grow and germinate because of three things: water, oxygen as well as the sun for warmth.
  20. 20. By Alejandra
  21. 21.  Spreading the pollen to one flower to the other flower .Pollen is a yellow dust that is very sticky.
  22. 22.  The seed and the pollen meets. When the seed and the pollen meet the flower starts to die and the petals start to shrivel up.
  23. 23.  When a plant drops one of its seeds like a tomato on the ground a animal can pick it up by its fur and can drop it somewhere in some dirt and it can start to grow.
  24. 24.  Every plant needs to grow with oxygen to breath, water to grow and warmth to live.
  25. 25. By Lachlan S
  26. 26. PollinationPollination is when a bee lands on a new flower and collects the pollen and the nectar from it. It also gets little bits of pollen stuck to its legs and when it goes to the next flower it brushes the pollen off its legs and the other bees come and get it. Pollen is sticky yellow dust that bees collect so that they can make honey.
  27. 27. FertilisationFertilisation is when the pollen and the seed meet. They meet because the pollen falls down and touches the seed. After a couple of days the flower dies and the petals fall on the seed. Then the ovary swells up and makes the fruit
  28. 28. Seed dispersal
  29. 29. GerminationGermination is when the root of a seed starts to grow it needs:• Water. (Rain).• Light. (Sun).• Oxygen. (Air from trees).
  30. 30. By Laura D 
  31. 31. PollinationPollination is when the bee caries the pollen to another flower.What is pollen?Pollen is a yellow sticky dust that stains.What is a bee?A bee is a black and yellow insect that makes honey.A bee has hairy leggs
  32. 32. Pollination1. A bee goes into flower number 1 and gets pollen stuck on its legs.2. The bee goes to another flower and drops pollen on flower number 2 As you can see Pollination is a important part of the life cycle of a plant.
  33. 33. FertilisationFertilisation is when Pollen and the seed meet.What is a seed?A seed is something that you put in to the ground give it sun and rain and it will grow into a flower or tree or bush.Seeds also have a food store.
  34. 34. Fertilisation1. After fertilisation the petals fall of the flower and the flower dies.2. The ovary AKA the thing that makes the fruit swells up and sometimes it swells up as much as an apple.3. Happy pollen happy seed happy everyone.I hope you can see that Fertilisation is an important part about a life cycle of a plant.
  35. 35. Seed dispersalSeed Dispersal is when the Seed is eaten by an animal.What is an animal?An animal can be big or small, fat or skinny or dangerous or nice and gentleAn animal can be called many things.Dog, cat, duck and many more
  36. 36. Seed DispersalHere are steps to what happens to a seed in seed dispersal.1. The animal (duck) eats the seed but is not usable in their tummies and so they just poo it out.2. The seed splits open.3. The wind carries the seed around to a different place.4. A different animal (dog) rolls around on top of it and it gets stuck in the fur.5. The animal (dog) finds the seed and gets it out.
  37. 37. GerminationThis is when the seed reaches the ground and turns into a plant.Up until now we have only had a seed or pollen.Before it turns into a plant it is a seedling.What is a plant?A plant is a fruit plant, flower, bush or tree.What is a seedling?A seedling is a small plant.
  38. 38. GerminationFrom when the animal takes the seed off its fur it gets soil on top of it.How to survive?1. The plant needs sun to survive the sun heats the soil which heats the seed.2. The seed needs water to grow the water wets the soil.3. The seed needs oxygen to grow as well.4. The seed turns into a seedling.
  39. 39. By Laura D
  40. 40. By Sam P
  41. 41. the bee is colleting the pollen from the flower.It goes to the next flower, it gets a littleBit of pollen on the next flower. This process is called pollination
  42. 42.  This is when the seed and the pollen meet. Then the flower shrivels up and dies.
  43. 43.  An animal eats a whole apple and then the seeds can’t be restored in the animals body, but when the animal does a poo the seeds go into the grass and the seeds grow.
  44. 44.  This is when the seed gets water, oxygen and sunlight and it will grow.
  45. 45. The Life Cycle Of Plants By Yenuli A
  46. 46. pollination• Pollination is when the bees carry pollen from one flower to another.• Sometimes bees also use pollen to make honey• Pollen is a yellow sticky dust.
  47. 47. Fertilisation• Fertilisation is when the pollen meets the seed.• When fertilised the ovary (is what makes the fruit) swells up ,sometime it swells a lot.• After fertilisation the petals and stamens wrinkle and die.
  48. 48. Seed Dispersal• Seed dispersal is when an the fruit is eaten by an animal and because they can’t digest its seed it comes out with their droppings.• After a while the seed gets buried under the soil.• A few years later it grows in to a plant.
  49. 49. Germination• Germination is when the seed is buried in the soil and starts to grow into a plant.• To germinate it needs sun, oxygen and water
  50. 50. Questions?• What is fertilisation?• How many steps are there?• What does a plant need to grow?• What is you favourite plant?• What plant did you plant in your plastic cup?• Have you ever planted a plant?
  51. 51. The End
  52. 52. By Baden K
  53. 53. .Pollination is when a bee collects some pollen carries pollen to a new flower ..Pollen is yellow dust that bees carry, pollen is sticky and sticks to human skin..Bees carry pollen with their legs from one flower to the next.
  54. 54. .Fertilisation is when pollen and the seed meet and helps the flower grow..The part that the pollen lands in is called the fruit..After fertilisation the plant will die and the stamen wither and die.
  55. 55. .Seeds spread from one plant to a new one they will multiply into new flowers..Animals eat the seeds and poo it out on theGround and with a little bit of water it grows it grows into a plant then so repeated.
  56. 56. .Plants need things in order to survive such as: water ,sun and oxygen.. Germination is when plant turn from a seed into a seedling.
  57. 57. The life cycle of a plant By Jemima
  58. 58. PollinationPollination is where bees go to a flower and gets some pollen and takes it to another flower and drops some of the pollen there. Pollen is normally taken by bees but it can be taken by other small animals and the wind. Pollen is yellow dust that can stain badly. It is bad to play with pollen because is can stain to your clothes and it will stick to your skin.
  59. 59. FertilisationFertilisation is where the seed and the pollen meet. seeds contain a food store, usually it is starch. The part of the flower around the seed is called the fruit. After the seed is fertilized the petals and stamens wither and die.
  60. 60. Seed dispersalSeed dispersal is when the seed spreads around away from the plant that made it, as to avoid competing for light, water and soil.There are four main ways plants disperse their seeds:1. Animals eat the fruit and the seeds come out in their droppings.2. The fruit splits open. Sometimes with enough force that the seeds get shot out.3. Sometimes the seeds have hooks. The hooks stick to animals fur and clothes.4. Some fruits have hairs or wings that allow them to be carried by the wind
  61. 61. GerminationGermination is where reaches seed the ground and it starts to grow. The seed needs water oxygen and warmth to grow. If it does not have all three it will not grow. The time between planting and starting to germinate is called the germination period.
  62. 62. The life cycle of a plant Click a picture to begin! Seed DispersalFertilization By Jake Germination Goodbye 
  63. 63. 1. PollinationThis is when a bee gets pollen on it’s legs. and lands on another flower. And helps it grow! .
  64. 64. 2. FertilisationThis is when a ‘seed’ or ‘seeds’ meet with the ‘pollen’ and eats the food from each other. 
  65. 65. 3. Seed DispersalThis is when the seed gets eaten by an animal and comes out it’s droppings and starts growing.
  66. 66. 4. GerminationThis is when the seed starts growing but it will only start growing in warm weather.  But when it’s warm it will grow! But it needs to have h2O oxygen and warmth!
  67. 67. Goodbye! Hope you enjoyed it! 
  68. 68. The life cycle of a plant By Saige
  69. 69. PollinationPollination is where a bee takes the pollen and goes from one flower to another flower and drops some of the pollen into the second flower.Normally bees take the pollen but other animals can too.Bees can also make honey from all of the pollen they have collected from the flowers.Pollen is very bad to play with because if you get it on your clothes or skin it can stain very badly so don’t play with it.Bees love to collect pollen and necter.
  70. 70. FertilisationFertilisation is when the pollen and the seed meet. The part of the flower around the seed is called the fruit. After fertilisation the petals and stamens wither and die.
  71. 71. Seed dispersalSeed dispersal is when the seed is spread around away from the plant that made it. When a bird comes along and eats the fruit it then goes and does it’s business. Then it spreads the seeds and starts to split open. Some fruit have hooks and stick to animals fur.
  72. 72. GerminationGermination is where the seed reaches the ground and it starts to grow into a plant. Seeds can’t germinate until it is warm. Seeds also need oxygen and water. The germination time is when you plant it up until it starts to germinate.
  73. 73. The end
  74. 74. By Callen
  75. 75. .
  76. 76. Fertilisation is when the seed meets the pollen. After fertilisation the petals and the stamen start to go crusty and die. The seed swells and turns in to a fruit to eat.
  77. 77.  Seed dispersal is when a plant’s fruit spits and all the seed come out. The seeds get around when a animals eat the seed and when they poo the seeds are in the poo because the can’t digest them.
  78. 78. Germination is when a flower has reached the dirt and is starting to grow. The seed will not germination until it is warm enough. As well warmth the plant will need water and oxygen.
  79. 79. By Wil
  80. 80. The bee gets pollenFrom the first flower they go to the the second flower then from the first flower they drop some of the first flower pollen.
  81. 81.  This is when the pollen and the seed meet. The seed also contains a food store, usually starch.
  82. 82. This is when the seed is spread around, away from the plant that made it so they do not compete for light, water and soil.
  83. 83.  Germination is when the seed is in the ground and starts to grow with the help of three things oxygen, water and warmth. The seed will only grow if there is those three things.
  85. 85. pollinationPollenation is when pollen is spread from one flower to another.It is mianly spread by bees but is all so spread by the wind.Pollen is yellow and sticky.Pollen is found in the pollen sack or stigma.
  86. 86. FERTILISATIONThis is when the pollen and the seed meet.The seed also contains a starch.After fertalisation the petels die and fall off.The overy swells up and sometimes form a fruit.
  87. 87. SEED DISPERSALThis is when the Plant produces the seed .1. The seed is eaten by a animal then the animal poo out the seed.2. The fruit ripens drops to the ground and splits open and out come the seeds.3. Some thistles and burs have tiny hooks on them so when animals roll around they get stuck to them later on they fall off then the new Plant grows.4. Other seeds have wings to help them flout down from the tree.
  88. 88. GERMINATIONThis is when the new plant forms from a seed.The seed needs the sun to germinate. The seed also needsoxygen and water to grow if not, it will die.The germination period is time between planting andstarting to germinate. Oxygen The end
  89. 89. By Sam C 
  90. 90. Pollination• Pollination is when one flowers pollens goes to another flower. It normally is carried by bees, butterflies and wind sometimes. Pollen kind if looks like a orange or yellow dust that stains. 
  91. 91. Fertilisation• Fertilisation is when pollen and the seed meet after fertilisation the petals start to die. And then the ovary swells up and makes fruit. 
  92. 92. Seed dispersal• The animals eat the seeds and then the animals do droppings and the seeds come out and that’s where they grow. And the seeds can move around to other places like the wind. 
  93. 93. Germination• For the seeds to grow they need sun rain and oxygen. Without all (water, oxygen, warmth) the seed will not grow. 
  94. 94. Thanks for watching
  95. 95. The Life Cycle 0f Plant ( The Flower ) By George .T.
  96. 96. PollinationPollination is when pollen from one flower is carried by bees, butterflies or maybe the wind to another flower. Pollen is a yellow or orange sticky dust that stains clothes.
  97. 97. FertilisationFertilisation is when the pollen and the seed meet. The for the pollen to meat the seed has to touch it and for the seed to touch it the pollen has to fall of the flower on the ground through the ground and touch the seed.
  98. 98. Seed DispersalSeed Dispersal is when a animal eats a fruit than droppings out the seeds, than the plants grow into mature adults and the cycle continues.
  99. 99. GerminationGermination is when the seed reaches the ground and starts to grow but for the plant to grow it needs: rain for water, sun for light and oxygen.
  100. 100. BY HOLLY
  101. 101. When the bee sucks the nectar out of the flower. The pollen gets stuck on its legs. The bee then goes to all of the different flowers and the pollen goes all over the other flowers.Pollen is yellow and very sticky. Pollen
  102. 102. When the seed meets the pollen, the flower starts to crinkle up and die.The seed has a food store in its body.Then the ovary starts to swell up and becomes the fruit. Fertilisation
  103. 103. When some animals poo it sometimes can help make plants grow well, that is called manure.If fury animals roll around they can get prickles stuck on them and when they scratch them of they start to grow. SEEDS
  104. 104. For the plants to grow well they need rain, sunlight, Manure and oxygen. The plant will need time to grow, it might take weeks, months or even years to develop.SUNLIGHT
  106. 106. Pollination is when pollen is taken from a flower by insects or wind and then put on another flower. This makes more flowers.
  107. 107. Fertilisation is when the pollen from a flower and a seed meet. When fertilisation starts it makes a plant. Then when the fertilisation stops the petals start to die. Then a thing called the ovary makes fruit like apples and bananas and makes them juicy.
  108. 108. Seed dispersal is when seeds spread around everywhere. Seeds can be dispersed in all different ways. Some seeds have little wings which make them fly with the wind and some seeds are spiky and can stick to animals. These seeds can fly with the wind
  109. 109. Germination is when a seed lands on the ground and grows into a new plant.The seed is not going to grow until it gets warm.BY Angelo
  110. 110. The EndBy ANGELO
  111. 111. BY ARCADIA
  112. 112.  Pollen is a yellow dust in a flower that bees collect Pollen sits the stigma Bees carry the pollen on there legs They also collect nectar When the bee goes to another flower that flower has been POLLENATED
  113. 113.  The fertilisation is when the pollen and the seed meet. When the pollen and the seed meet the petals fall off and die.
  114. 114.  Seed dispersal is when all the seeds spreads away from each other so that it can avoid competing for the light, water and the soil. The seeds can be spread around by the wind, by animal droppings, splitting open, animals fur/because the seed can hood onto the animals fur.
  115. 115.  When the seed drops and goes into the ground it needs certain things: Water, sun light and oxygen.