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SoundOff for Feb. 2, 2012


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SoundOff for Feb. 2, 2012

  1. 1. Soundoff! vol. 64 no. 5 Published in the interest of the Fort Meade community ´ February 2, 2012 GOOd SPOrTSFort Meade Patriots, HarlemSuperstars play charity game We Have a Winner! to aid Arundel High School page 14 TaxING Post center provides free service for military members, retirees, families page 3 UPCOMING EVENTS TOday, 4-6 P.M.: Right Arm Night - Club Meade SUNday: Super Bowl Viewing - The Lanes FEb. 10, 1-3:30 P.M.: 25th Annual Toothbrush Giveaway - Commissary FEb. 10, 8 P.M.-2 a.M.: Latin Club Night - Club Meade FEb. 11, 9 a.M.: photo by brendan cavanaugh2012 Maryland East Coast Taekwondo Cub Scout Hunter Rubbens of Fort Meade Pack 377 celebrates as his car speeds across the finish line during the pack’s National Qualifier - McGill Pinewood Derby on Saturday at Pershing Hill Elementary School. nearly 80 Cub Scouts participated in the annual race of hand-built wooden cars that must weigh under 5 ounces. For the story, see Page 12.
  2. 2. Commander’s Column Soundoff! Editorial Staff Garrison Commander Guaranteed circulation: 11,285 ´ Engaging our neighbors Col. Edward C. rothstein on and off the post Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Charles E. Smith Public affairs officer Chad t. Jones Last week, the focus of my column was about Fort Command. Chief, Command information Philip H. Jones Meade’s growing footprint and my efforts to reach As many out to our partners outside the gate. of you already assistant Editor & Senior Writer I try to use my public speaking engagements as know, support- rona S. Hirsch a tool to spark discussions with neighbors on and ing the expansion Staff Writer lisa r. rhodes off the post, about how they can help us and how of these agencies Staff Writer Brandon Bieltz we can support their initiatives. Our neighbors are will result in the design Coordinator timothy davis receptive to the idea of supporting Fort Meade for installation los- Supplemental photography provided many reasons. ing the remain- by Patuxent Publishing Co. Fort Meade growth beyond BRAC is good news der of its golf for our neighbors. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta course. We lost advErtiSinG specifically mentioned the importance of cyber nine holes of the COL. Edward C. General inquiries 410-332-6300 defense in his recent press conference in which he out- course to BRAC rOthstEin Garrison Commander allison thompson lined billions of dollars in cuts to defense spending. construction, and 410-332-6850 Fort Meade’s support of the U.S. Cyber Com- it’s expected we will lose the remaining 27 holes later Michele Griesbauer mand and its joint services (Army Cyber, Air Force this year. 410-332-6381 Cyber, the Tenth Fleet Navy Cyber and Marine Currently, the golf course is scheduled to be Corps Cyber Command) will play a vital role in the available to the post community through September. If you would like information about receiving Soundoff! on Fort Meade or are future of our nation’s defense. Our neighbors know However, this date could change, and the golf course experiencing distribution issues, call 877-886-1206 or e-mail the cyber commands mean stability of jobs in the may close sooner than we had originally anticipated. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday through region and continued economic growth. We are working on agreements with our partners Sunday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Just as it is important to communicate with outside the gate to allow the post’s golf community Printed by offset method of reproduction as a civilian enterprise in the interest of the our neighbors, it’s important to me to keep the to play on county courses at the rates they currently personnel at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, by the Patuxent Publishing Co., a subsidiary post community aware of what’s happening at pay. of The Baltimore Sun Media Group, 501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21278, every Thursday Fort Meade. Every other month, I meet with Fort Working with county golf courses on behalf of except the last Thursday of the year in conjunction with the Fort Meade Public Affairs Office. Meade’s community council, a group of leaders our patrons is a good example of how partnership Requests for publication must reach the Public Affairs Office no later than Friday before the from our local community organizations and family with organizations outside the gates can help Fort desired publication date. Mailing address: Post Public Affairs Office, Soundoff! IMME-MEA-PA, Bldg. 4409, Fort Meade, MD 20755-5025. Telephone: 301-677-1361; DSN: 622-1361. readiness groups. The garrison command also hosts Meade. My goal is to continue to find ways to lever- a bimonthly luncheon for installation partner com- age those partnerships to provide quality service to Everything advertised in this publication must be made available for purchase, use or patronage manders including senior enlisted leaders from units our military community. without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, marital status, handicap or sex of purchaser, across Fort Meade. The golf agreements and other off-post services user or patron. A confirmed violation or rejection of this policy of equal opportunity by an advertiser On Jan. 26, I met with both of these groups. In will be a part of our strategy of providing needed will result in the refusal to print advertising from that source. addition to sharing information about upcoming services and resources to service members in light of Printed by Patuxent Publishing Co., a private firm, in no way connected with the Department activities on post, we had a frank discussion about DoD-directed budget reductions. of the Army. Opinions expressed by the publisher and writers herein are their own and are some issues Fort Meade will face as we look ahead My goal as garrison commander is to be as not to be considered an official expression by the Department of the Army. The appearance to future construction and roadwork projects. transparent as possible. I want folks to know I’m of advertisers in the publication does not constitute an endorsement by the Department of A bit of good news is that this summer we break concerned about how the installation will continue the Army of the products or services advertised. ground on a new state-of-the-art Post Exchange. to support our growing footprint and I’m ready to The bad news is parking. The new PX is being built listen to your comments and suggestions. adjacent to the old PX, and construction will take I will continue to make my communications about up much of the existing parking lot currently used by shoppers. these efforts a priority. I urge you to share your thoughts about Fort Meade’s expanding footprint You can also keep track of Fort Meade on twitter at We are exploring a number of solutions to deal with me, the garrison command and members of the and view the Fort Meade Blog at with the parking issue, but trust me. I know the park- post community. ing problem will be inconvenient and make shopping In closing, I want to encourage service members at the PX and commissary difficult throughout the and civilian employees to participate in tonight’s construction period. Right Arm Night at Club Meade. The event is a great Co n t e n t s As difficult as it may be, in the end we will have a fantastic new shopping center. Still, I wanted to share way to relax, build camaraderie and spend time with your co-workers while enjoying the free food, music this news with post leaders now so we can have an and prizes. News ............................. 3 News to Use ......................... 8 opportunity to discuss the issue and prepare for the And now that Super Bowl week is finally here, you challenges it will bring. know I am anxiously awaiting Sunday’s kickoff. With Trouble Ticket ............... 4 Sports .................................. 14 We also discussed another one of the realities of two great coaches, two great quarterbacks, it should our expanding footprint — the additional space on be a great game. Hopefully, it will end the same way Community ................. 18 Movies ................................. 11 the installation required for construction of build- it did the last time they met in a Super Bowl. ings for the Nation Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Go Giants! SOUNDOFF! February 2, 2012
  3. 3. NewsPost Tax Center offers free assistanceBy Brandon Bieltz Last year, the Fort Meade tax centerStaff Writer helped more than 1,300 service members, With the snip of a ribbon, tax season retirees and dependents file their taxesbegan at Fort Meade. for a total refund amount of more than During a brief ribbon-cutting ceremo- $3.5 million. The free service saved clientsny Monday, Garrison Commander Col. $321,652 in fees to prepare and file stateEdward C. Rothstein and Staff Judge and federal income taxes.Advocate Lt. Col. Elizabeth Marotta “We are able to provide such a terrificofficially opened the Fort Meade Joint service to all of the Soldiers and depen-Installation Tax Center. dents and save them so much money that Located at 4217 Roberts Ave., the cen- it really is a wonderful thing to participateter provides free tax assistance for service in,” Marotta said.members, retirees and their dependents The manpower behind the centerthrough Tax Day on April 17. includes nine “borrowed” service mem- Hours are weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 bers and several volunteers with taxp.m. Appointments are recommended. preparation backgrounds. Every member of the staff was required to attend train- ing led by the Internal Revenue Services, the American Bar Association and the‘We want to help service Rosenberg, Martin, Greenberg law firm in Baltimore.members and their families During the brief ceremony, Rothstein photos by nate pesceand retirees. That’s why we thanked instructors from the IRS and law firm, while Marotta called the service Pfc. Kyle Goins of the Fort Meade Joint Installation Tax Center meets with Anna Niwa of Crofton to discuss what she can do in preparation to filing her income taxes. Lastexist.’ members “the best and the brightest” of year, the free service saved clients $321,652 in tax preparation costs. their units. capt. Michael Madsen “If there’s ever something where we Marotta said. “I really appreciate all your However, because of IRS and Army Fort Meade Joint Installation tax need the best, it’s the tax center because hard work.” regulations, the staff cannot prepare busi- center officer in charge we’re not doing anybody any favors if we After the weeklong course and a series ness income, including more than one don’t know what we’re doing. And you of tests, the service members and volun- rental space and more than 10 stock folks certainly know what you’re doing,” teers were certified to work at the IRS transactions. If an individual’s taxes are Volunteer Income Tax Assistance site on too complicated, they will be referred to the first floor of the SJA. a paid tax service. As certified tax preparers, the staff can “We’d love to take care of our own, but prepare and file federal and state income we don’t want to take on something out tax forms. of our scope,” Madsen said. “We wind up While not all installations file state hurting the person we’re trying to help.” income taxes, the Fort Meade center can With nearly 120 appointments already prepare state income tax forms for all 50 scheduled prior to the ribbon-cutting cer- states, said Capt. Michael Madsen, officer emony, Madsen recommends that clients in charge of the tax center. make appointments rather than walk in. “Every state is a little different, but When calling to schedule an appointment, we’re going to take the time to make sure clients will undergo a brief interview to we do the research we have to, to make determine what forms and information sure we can file people’s state tax returns,” are needed for the tax preparation. Madsen said. Forms needed vary, based on a client’s By solely servicing military members, source of income during the year. retirees and dependents, the tax preparers Appointments are scheduled for one or are well-versed in issues pertaining to a two hours, depending on the complexity service member’s filings — a benefit not of the filing. all paid tax services can provide. In addition to the center’s daily sched- “We deal with all military, so we see ule, the facility will also be open some a lot of military-specific issues - combat evenings and Saturdays when volunteers’ pay, relocation, income in multiple states,” schedules allow. Madsen said. “We try to get all military “We want to help service members andGarrison Commander Col. Edward C. Rothstein cuts the ceremonial ribbon Monday, folks in here. We want to save them their families and retirees,” Madsen said.opening the Fort Meade Joint Installation Tax Center through April 17 at the Office some money and strive to have greater “That’s why we exist.”of the Staff Judge Advocate at 4217 Roberts Ave. Open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 proficiency in common issues that face To schedule an appointment at the Fortp.m., the tax center provides free assistance to service members, retirees and their military members. We want to take care Meade Joint Installation Tax Center, calldependents filing state and federal income taxes. of our own.” 301-677-9762. February 2, 2012 SOUNDOFF!
  4. 4. N ews Have you noticed an issue on post Community Trouble and wondered if anything is being done to fix it? Email concerns and issues to chad.t.jones.civ@mail. Crime Watch Ticket mil. Each week, Soundoff! will Compiled by the Fort Meade Directorate of Emergency Services address issues identified on post Jan. 21, Shoplifting: The Director- without paying for the items. and describe what is being done to ate of Emergency Services was solve them. notified of a possible shoplifting Jan. 26, Larceny of private prop- at the Post Exchange. An investi- erty: The victim reported that his gation revealed that AAFES loss wallet was stolen from the commis- prevention personnel observed the sary break room. subject concealing merchandise in his pocket and proceed beyond the point of sale without rendering proper Jan. 29, Damage of private property: payment. An investigation revealed that the victim departed her home and upon her return she noticed scratches, which appeared to Jan. 22, Larceny of private property: An be key marks on her vehicle. She stated investigation revealed that unknown that the scratches were not on the vehicle person(s) by unknown means removed when she left. secured and attended property consisting of earrings and a necklace from the victim’s room in Fort Meade lodging. Jan. 29, Simple assault: The Directorate of Emergency Services was notified of a possible assault involving two juveniles. An Jan. 26, Shoplifting: AAFES loss prevention investigation revealed that the victim was personnel at the Post Exchange observed assaulted at the playground at Leslie and the subject concealing unpaid merchandise Clark roads, where the subject allegedly in her purse and then proceed out of the PX choked the victim. Construction Zone Ongoing construction and renovations file photo Play equipment near the Boundless Playground is currently undergoing repairs. on Fort Meade Four scheduled projects will MacArthur Road onto west- require the closure of several bound Mapes Road will be closed Issue: Plan: Status: installation roads: Saturday. • The side-entrance drive to the Drivers should plan ahead and The Installation Safety Office Repair the play equipment Repairs are under way commissary is closed today for use alternative routes. All roads has deemed and marked so that it is functional asphalt work. are scheduled to reopen by 3 p.m. some play equipment at • Both lanes of Rose Street are on the day of the closures. Burba Lake as unsafe closed today for asphalt work. The schedule is subject to • Both center lanes of MacAr- change due to weather or other Community members thur Road will be closed Friday for circumstances. Changes will be Maintain a minimum of Golf operations are asphalt work. posted on Fort Meade’s Face- have concerns about golf 18 holes at current site; unchanged through • The right-turn lane on book page and official website. course service availability in restoring golf operations September light of Base Closure and on a site south of the Realignment installation is also proposed find fort Meade on Youth Services Sports Renovate the Youth Services Actual use of fields will be Complex is in need of Sports Complex this fall to allow facebook at renovations grass to mature SOUNDOFF! February 2, 2012
  5. 5. N ewsFort Meade Express completes renovationsStory and photo by Lisa R. Rhodes tive supplies. An ATM machine also willStaff Writer be installed this month. The red and blue sign outside the Fort In addition, new signage and LEDMeade Express welcomes the community lights have been added to the store’s nearbyto a newly renovated store. gas pumps. Formerly known as the Fort Meade The Fort Meade Express is open 24Shoppette, the 11,000-square-foot conve- hours a day, seven days a week, and isnience store now features a new location operated by 40 employees.for its automatic glass-door entrance, a “We are here for the community,” Max-polished cement floor, LED lighting and well said.two additional aisles. In July, construction is scheduled to The image upgrade, which began in July start on a new shopping center to replace2011, was completed Friday. the existing Post Exchange, which was “Now that I can see the finished pack- assessed for renovations.age; it’s beautiful,” said William Maxwell, The new shopping center is scheduled tothe store manager. open in September 2014. CJW Contractors Inc., based in Green- Jonathan Bright, general manager forbelt, completed the $660,000 project. Reno- the Meade Consolidated Exchange, whichvations to the 15-year-old building included includes Army and Air Force Exchangestripping the old tile floor and moving prod- Service operations on Fort Meade, Aber-uct shelves and the register counter. deen Proving Ground and Dover Air “It looks a lot better,” said Navy Petty Force Base, said the Shoppette’s renova-Officer 3rd Class Sara Minor of Navy tions and plans for a new shopping centerInformation Operations Command Mary- are part of an effort to serve the needs ofland. “It looks a lot more organized. The more customers due to the completed Basedecor is prettier.” Realignment and Closure process. The selection of snacks and “hot-to- Jayson David, a cashier at the newly renovated Fort Meade Express, rings up “I think it’s a great change,” Navy Pettygo” food items have expanded. Sometime merchandise for Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Sara Minor. Formerly known as the Officer 1st Class Jamie Smith said of thethis month, the Fort Meade Express will Fort Meade Shoppette, the convenience store now features a new location for renovations. “There’s a lot more shelffeature a wider variety of European wines its automatic glass-door entrance, a polished cement floor, LED lighting and two space, and you know where everythingand an increase in the number of automo- additional aisles. else is.”Expansion planned for Meade High SchoolBy Lisa R. Rhodes educate and house 2,208 students. funds ever going to or through the county del Gateway, LLC will make a submissionStaff Writer The classrooms are being built in antici- schools,” Szachnowicz said. sometime this month for a building permit A school construction agreement has been pation of an increase in student enrollment A general contractor has not been yet been from the Anne Arundel County Office ofapproved for the construction of 12 additional that will occur when the proposed Arundel hired and a contract has not been awarded. Planning and Zoning to construct the class-classrooms at Meade High School. Gateway Project is completed. Donna Sills, executive vice president and rooms. The Anne Arundel County Board of Edu- The Arundel Gateway Project is an effort general counsel of regional developer Green- Szachnowicz anticipates minimal disrup-cation voted unanimously on Jan. 18 to to accommodate the employees who are berg Gibbons Commercial, said PR II Arun- tion to the existing building.approve the construction agreement between expected to fill thousands of jobs that willthe Board of Education and PR II Arundel come to Fort Meade as a result of the BaseGateway Land, LLC. The agreement allows the developer to hire Realignment and Closure process, which came to an end in September 2011. Pilot project tests Soundoff! distribution Beginning today, Soundoff! will initiate a pilot project to help assess the most effi-a general contractor and award a contract to The project is scheduled to be comprised cient method to distribute the weekly newspaper to residents living on the additional classrooms. of 1,850 residential units; 100,000 square feet During the pilot, Soundoff! newspaper boxes will be located in Potomac Place and Construction is scheduled to begin in June of office space; 150,000 square feet of retail Heritage Park neighborhoods that utilize mail kiosks.and completed by July 2013. space; and a possible hotel near Route 198 The pilot will affect the approximately 300 residences that currently use mail kiosks The two-story, 12-room addition will be in Laurel, east of the Baltimore-Washington located on Second Corps Boulevard and Koogle Street in Potomac Place and on Nin-located on the west side of the school. A Parkway. ninger Road in Heritage Park.small connecting corridor to the school will Anne Arundel County Public Schools Residents at these designated sites will no longer have Soundoff! delivered to theirbe added. Chief Operating Officer Alex L. Szachnowicz home. Instead, they can pick up a copy of Soundoff! each week when they collect The additional classrooms will provide 255 said the estimated cost to design, construct their mail.more seats at the school, which has a current and fully outfit the classrooms at Meade High Soundoff! will be delivered to the newspaper boxes by 6:30 p.m. each Thursday.enrollment of 2,285 students. is $4.5 million. For more information and to provide feedback about the Soundoff! delivery pilot, Given the design and space layout, the state “The developers will hire, purchase, con- call the Fort Meade Public Affairs Office at 301-677-5602.says the facility currently can properly service, tract and pay all the invoices directly with no SOUNDOFF! February 2, 2012
  6. 6. N ewsEducator, poet, nerd Do I look like aFamily member presents his grown-up to you? I need a specialist.poetry at MLK celebrationStory and photo by Tina Miles780th MI Brigade A 780th Military Intelligence Brigade Our board-certifiedfamily member was honored with an pediatric specialistsinvitation to speak at a prestigious tribute and kid-friendlyhonoring the life of Dr. Martin Luther office put everyoneKing Jr. at the Washington National at ease and we offerCathedral. financial solutions Tony Keith, son of Annette Duberry, for every budget.secretary to the commander of the 780thMI, was personally asked by Patty John- 401-760-1212son, canon missioner of the Washington pdom.netNational Cathedral, to perform one of his Barry D. Lyon,original compositions at the celebration, DDS Associates“King in Our Midst,” on Jan. 16. Pediatric Specialists The annual event celebrates King’s lega- 7704 Quarterfield Roadcy through service projects, interfaith dia- Glen Burnie, MD 21061logue, and performances of Washington’srich music and dance heritage. Keith, 30, recited his poem “Awake Tony Keith, son of Annette Duberry, secretary to the commander of the 780th Militaryand Awesome,” which also featured vocal Intelligence Brigade, recites one of his original poems, “Awake and Awesome,” at aexcerpts from King’s sermon at the Wash- tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Jan. 16 at the Washington National Cathedral Searchington National Cathedral on March 31, in Washington, D.C.1968. In what was to be his last sermon,King spoke of “remaining awake through students, and engaging in cultural educa- from an actual artistic performance.a great revolution.” tion and social justice programming on “On paper, poems are simple, neat, LOCAL BUSINESSES Keith intertwined the art of spoken- college campuses. clean, organized with stanzas and a cal-word poetry between recorded portions As a “nerd,” his thoughts, writings, culated rhyme scheme. On stage, however, SERVICESof King’s sermon, in what almost seemed teachings and performances are centered poetry can be raw and vibrant, loud, and LINKS TO BUSINESS WEB SITESto be a parallel interpretation. on topics dealing with race, gender, pov- full of texture and body movements all MAPS AND DIRECTIONS TO BUSINESS He was invited as a guest speaker after erty, culture and sexuality. meant to transform the atmosphere.”Johnson heard him at the D.C. Voters Keith has been invited to speak at vari- His written poetry, however, is inspired all at yourRally in Lafayette Square Park in front of ous events by major universities across the by the stories and experiences of others.the White House. United States, as well as by arts and social- “I meet a lot of people, and often lis- A Washington, D.C., area native, Keith justice, international cultural-immersion tening to their lives inspires me to writeidentifies himself as a poet, educator and“nerd” — a “world-traveled, spoken-word programs around the world, including Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago. something,” Keith said. At last month’s “King in the Midst” finger tipsartist, cultural educator, and reader and In 2011, Keith made more than a tribute, Keith performed along with thewriter of inclusion,” he said. dozen appearances at various universities St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church “I think the first time I wrote a poem nationwide, and his popularity continues Gospel Choir, the Malcolm X Dancerswas in third grade,” Keith said. “I was to grow. As a result of his engagement and Drummers, Urban Nation H.I.P.-always good at writing, I used to win at “King in our Midst,” Keith received H.O.P. Choir, Washington Performingwriting awards in elementary school all several other invitations. Arts Society’s Children of the Gospelthe time. The first time I ever performed “He has so much creativity and dic- Choir, and City Dance Conservatorya poem on stage was my senior year of tion,” Johnson said. “Tony is so inspira- Dancers with singers from the Schoolhigh school.” tional — he’s a rock star.” Without Walls Concert Choir. Maryland’s Local Business Search As a poet, Keith has traveled around Keith’s inspiration for performing came Immediately after his performance, Published by the Baltimore Sun Media Group.the world teaching poetry and empower- from the 1997 movie “Love Jones,” star- Keith left the stage and walked down theing young people to engage in the art of ring Lorenz Tate and Nia Long. center aisle, where both he and his mother For online or printspoken word. “It is a love story that’s documented met and hugged. advertising As an educator, he has committed through written poetry and performance Duberry cried.his life to working with first-generation, Call 410.332.6600 poetry,” Keith recalled. “It was then I “I am always blown away by his talent,”low-income, racial and ethnic minority learned how to distinguish word on paper she said. February 2, 2012 SOUNDOFF!
  7. 7. N ews Smile Brighter Our state-of-the-art dentistry will make beautiful smiles a reality News To Use General Cosmetic, Invisalign and Sedation Dentistry • Bridges • Teeth Whitening • Dentures • Crowns • Veneers • Invisalign • Periodental Health • Dental Implants • Root Canals Accepting Military Insurance Odierno: Force reductions Pearl Dental Center of Laurel Lakes Dr. Akbar Masood, DDS will be responsible, controlled 13954 Baltimore Avenue • Laurel, MD 20707 1 block south of Laurel Lakes Shopping Center Rt. 1 By C. Todd Lopez 301-490-3993 • Hours: M 9-5, Tu Th 7-3, W 9-7 Army News Service The Army will draw down in size by as many as 80,000 Soldiers over the next six years. That Join Meade TV in the blogosphere! reduction includes the elimination of at least eight brigade combat teams. The Army expects an active force end-strength Log on and check out the latest reduction from 570,000 to 490,000, said Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, edition of Meade Week to find out during a press briefing Friday at the Pentagon. what’s going on at Fort Meade. Our The general said the time is “strategically blog is located at www.meadetv. right” to reduce the Army’s force structure, but stressed that it would be done in a “responsible” Log on, view recent manner. posts and tweets, then leave com- “Even given a fiscally constrained environ- ment, our Army will accomplish our reductions ments and suggestions. Together we in a responsible and controlled manner,” Odierno said. “Secretary [John] can make a difference. McHugh and I are committed to ensuring we walk down this hill at the ready, rather than running our nation’s Army off a cliff.” Odierno said the Army would execute force reduction measures by following a “drawdown ramp that allows us to take care of Soldiers and families, while maintaining a ready and capable force to meet any require- The Air Force Association Presents ments, including our current operations in Afghanistan.” CYBERFUTURES Most of that force reduction, Odierno said, would come from attri- tion. Part of the force restructuring will come from a reduction of two heavy brigade combat teams out of Europe that will take place in 2013 and 2014. CONFERENCE Odierno said the Army will continue to provide forces on a rotational basis to Europe for training and readiness exercises with NATO and other partners. AND TECHNOLOGY EXPOSITION While the total force end strength would be 490,000 Soldiers within six years, the Army will see an increase in special operations forces, Odierno said. He said the Army will increase those forces to 35,000. March 22-23, 2012 “I want to re-emphasize the incredible missions and roles that they play and what they’ve been doing over the last 10 years in Iraq and Afghani- The Gaylord Resort and Convention Center stan and around the world,” Odierno said. Odierno said the Army’s future also calls for a strengthening of security National Harbor, MD relationships and partnerships in Asia, as well stabilization of growth in personnel costs. The newest and most dangerous enemy facing the United States is not like any that we have seen “The cost of military personnel has grown at a substantial, unsustain- before. Our enemies come at us with sophisticated cyber intrusions and cyber attacks. Cyber security able rate over the last decades,” he said. “We will not reduce pay, but is more important now than ever before. reductions must occur on the rate of growth in military compensation and other personnel costs and related benefits.” • JOIN AFA in exploring the emerging threat environment of cyberspace, Even with fewer Soldiers and a streamlined force structure, Odierno featuring speakers from the Department of Defense, private sector, academia, said the Army would continue to meet commitments in Afghanistan and federal government and military. around the world. • SEE some of the latest innovations in cyber technology at the Expo. “The Army will continue to play a large role in the missions identified • WITNESS the finals of the nation’s largest and fastest growing high in the strategic guidance,” he said. school cyber defense competition CyberPatriot. That includes counter terrorism, irregular warfare, the deterrence and defeat of aggression, the projection of power, defense of the homeland, support to civil authorities, and stability and counterinsurgency opera- tions. Register Today at SOUNDOFF! February 2, 2012
  8. 8. N ewsErgonomics Programfocuses on job safety,employee comfortBy Chanel S. Weaver federal workforce, completing an average ofPublic Affairs Office two a month.U.S. Army Public Health Command “The teams identify risk factors in an For nearly 40 years, David Alberth, a office and come up with solutions to miti-radiation safety expert at the U.S. Army gate those factors,” Pentikis said. “It doesn’tPublic Health Command, worked for the benefit an agency to have an employee whoArmy. is uncomfortable and at risk of injury.” Although his office chair was uncom- The make-up of these office reconfigura-fortable, his computer screen was getting tion teams varies, but they often includeharder to see, and the space in his office ergonomists, physical therapists, occupa-was getting increasingly narrower, he hung tional therapists and engineers. A key goalin there because that’s what he felt devoted of the program is injury reduction.employees do. “We want to prevent injuries to our “I knew the work I was doing to keep workforce,” Pentikis said. “Research showsour military safe from the harmful effects that virtually all musculoskeletal injuries canof radiation was important,” said Alberth, be prevented.”a senior health physicist. “I enjoy using my The goal is also to ensure employeesinstitutional memory and knowledge of his- perform their jobs safely and comfortably,torical examples to solve current problems.” according to Col. Myrna Callison, Ergo- Alberth kept files in his office that cov- nomics Program manager.ered more than 20 years of history. He is so The ergonomics team frequently travelsefficient that employees at the USAPHC, both stateside and abroad to assess employ-as well as Army and DoD scientists, often ee working conditions and offer interven-consult him on radiation issues. He was rec- tions to decrease injury risk.ognized as a master consultant on radiation “We frequently perform ergonomic stud-issues a few years ago. ies on offices, warehouses, hospitals and But recently, his co-workers and supervi- other places where federal employees work,”sor began to notice a problem. Callison said. “David had a huge collection of files, and Recently, the Ergonomics Program washis office space was so constrained that he instrumental in the development of a safe-could barely move around,” said Lt. Col. patient handling program that uses ergo- Photo by Christina GraberConstance Rosser, a program manager in nomically-sound equipment to help hospitalthe USAPHC health physics program. staff lift patients in ways that do not cause John Pentikis, an ergonomist at the U.S. Army Public Health Command, conducts Mobility was becoming more difficult for injuries. an ergonomics office assessment for a Soldier at the USAPHC. Personnel frequentlyAlberth, who suffers with arthritis and other The program is being tested in the Madi- perform ergonomic studies on offices, warehouses, hospitals and other places whereorthopedic problems from his activities as a gan (Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash.) federal employees work, to minimize the risk of injuries.long-distance runner in earlier years. health care system, with an ultimate goal of With a few phone calls, even more paper- being implemented in various Army medicalwork and a lot of heavy lifting, Alberth’sco-workers voluntarily reconfigured hisoffice. The reconfiguration and design were treatment facilities. Alberth said he is grateful that the USAPHC ergonomics team and his co- Get the insider’s advantagecompleted under the professional direc- workers took actions to preserve his safety Join the conversation on Fort Meade’s social media platformtion of USAPHC’s Ergonomics Program and health.members. “The steps we took to ensure he could for the latest community news. Today, Alberth’s new work space boasts perform his job easier were just a token of Connect with more than 8,000 post community membersstate-of-the-art amenities including an our gratitude for his service,” Rosser said. “Itadjustable keyboard, an oversized monitor, is our duty to ensure that all employees have on the installation’s Facebook page. stay updated with tweetsa workstation that allows him to stand at reasonable accommodations.” from Fort Meade’s twitter feed. Catch the latest episode ofintervals, and of course, plenty of space for For more information on the USAPHC’s Meade Week’s video blog. Visit the installation’s website athim to maneuver around effortlessly. Ergonomics Program, visit U.S. Army Pub- Ergonomist John Pentikis said the pro- lic Health Command, http://phc.amedd. and visit the links to add your voice togram is in high demand for office recon- the conversation.figurations from customers throughout the default.aspx. February 2, 2012 SOUNDOFF!
  9. 9. N ews MEPS briefing welcomes families to the military By Lisa R. Rhodes tion’s Military and Family Life consultant; Staff Writer and Amber Rustad, a military spouse and When Towanda Miller-Harris arrived at ACS volunteer. Fort Meade’s Baltimore Military Entrance A Marine-specific briefing is held Mon- Processing Station with her son Christian days. on Tuesday, she was filled with separation “Welcome to the Military” includes all anxiety. facets of military life from basic training and But as her 18-year-old son prepared to be military acronyms to financial readiness and sworn into the Army, Miller-Harris sat in on parenting classes. The briefing also includes a 45-minute briefing designed to introduce the addresses of websites geared to military families to the military. parents. By the time the briefing ended, Miller- When the briefing ends, families are given Harris said she felt at ease. a packet of information about military pro- “It made me feel so comfortable,” the grams and points of contact for assistance. Pikesville resident said. “I learned what will “The briefing really demystifies the mili- happen to him and what to expect. I know tary,” Morales said. “It’s for those fam- he will be in the hands of people who will take care of him and help him become the man he wants to be.” Miller-Harris was one of 30 family mem- ‘It made me feel so bers to attend “Welcome to the Military,” comfortable. I learned what an introduction to all the service branches, family support programs and career and will happen to [my son] and educational opportunities available to active- duty service members and their families. what to expect.’ The briefing is the first of its kind in the Towanda Miller-Harris Army and is designed for the family mem- bers of candidates in all service branches. It Pikesville resident is currently only offered at Fort Meade. Impressed with the program, Garrison Commander Col. Edward C. Rothstein has requested that information about the brief- ily members who don’t have the military in ing be submitted to the Installation Manage- their background and know nothing about ment Command as an example of an Army military life.” best practice. Rustad, wife of Lt. Col. Robert Rustad More than 5,000 family members repre- of the 741st Military Intelligence Battalion, senting all service branches have attended said that when her nephew enlisted in the Air the briefing since it began in April 2009. Force eight years ago, this kind of support “With less than 1 percent of Americans was not available for new military families. putting on the uniform, families need to “We just dropped him off at the MEPS in know what the military is all about,” said Des Moines [in Iowa], gave him a hug and Lt. Col. Christopher Beveridge, commander cried tears,” she said. of Baltimore MEPS. “This gives them a The family didn’t even attend the swear- little peek at what is down the road for their ing-in ceremony. family member. It also is an opportunity to Rustad said that when a candidate enlists, thank family members for their support of the family’s life also changes. their loved ones.” “There are a lot of uncertainties for the The Baltimore MEPS is the last stop for family,” she said. “I see the difference in the PHOTO COURTESY OF CHiEF WaRRanT OFFiCER 4 MiCHaEl DYE military recruits from Maryland, Washing- experience from eight years ago to now. It’s a ton, D.C., Delaware and Northern Virginia better experience. I’m proud of Fort Meade likE fathEr, likE daughtEr before they travel on to basic training. The briefing is held on Tuesdays before the swearing-in ceremony. It is presented by as a spouse and as a family member for the support they provide.” Joe Scabis, whose son Jon was preparing Chief Warrant Officer 4 Michael Dye of the 902nd Military Intelligence Group administers the Oath of Enlistment to his daughter Ashley Dye on Pia Morales, Mobilization and Deployment to enlist in the Coast Guard, said the brief- Jan. 19 at Fort Meade’s Baltimore Military Entrance Processing Station. program manager at Army Community ing was a big help. The 18-year-old is joining the Navy to become a cryptologic technician Service and the liaison to MEPS; Melodie “It was excellent,” Scabis said, “just to following boot camp and a 30-week course. Menke, Relocation Readiness program man- know what he will be going through for the ager at ACS; Elicia McIntrye, the installa- next eight weeks.”10 SOUNDOFF! February 2, 2012
  10. 10. C over S toryDow nhil Cub Scouts’ Pinewood Derby l rac builds skills, sportsmanship ers By Brandon Bieltz Staff Writer Every year, Fort Meade Cub Scouts spend weeks planning and designing what cise creativity and build sportsmanship,” according to the Boy Scouts of America website. Cars started out as a block of wood before being cut, whittled and shaped into they hope will be the fastest unique designs such as a wedge of cheese wooden car on the installa- or police car with a maximum length of tion. 7 inches and weight of 5 ounces. And in a flash, all those hours come The creative process didn’t end with down to just a few exhilarating seconds as just the cutting. Cars were given flamboy- the cars speed down a track at the Pine- ant paint jobs including racing stripes, wood Derby and winners emerge. camouflage and flames. Fort Meade Cub Scout Pack 377 held Each Scout raced against boys from its annual event Saturday morning at their den, placing their speed machines Pershing Hill Elementary School, where four at a time at the top of a steep, metal nearly 80 young pit-crew chiefs were track purchased from proceeds from pop- challenged to determine the fastest car corn sales last fall. in each den. Racing down the track, the light-weight The event aims to teach the Cub Scouts wooden cars hit high speeds, which scaled to “strengthen bonds, share responsibility, to a full-sized vehicle, reached as fast as develop teamwork, learn new skills, exer- 156 mph.1st Class Scout Jacob Elmore of Fort Meade Boy Scout Troop 377 pulls a leversending four wooden cars speeding down the steep metal track at the Cub Scouts’annual Pinewood Derby on Saturday at Pershing Hill Elementary. More than 80 boysfrom Cub Scout Pack 377 competed for the fastest car in their den.RIGHT: Cars roll to a screeching halt at the electronic finish line. The steep track sentcars racing to high speeds that if scaled to the weight of a full-size vehicle, wouldreach above 150 mph. photos by brendan cavanaugh12 SOUNDOFF! February 2, 2012
  11. 11. Top finishers • Tigers: Cardon Hammerstrom • Wolves: Jeffery Moody • Bears: Jacob Wendt • Webelos: Zachary Meggett • Outlaws (parents and siblings): Michael MahoneyRIGHT: 2nd Class Scout Joel Johnston,11, (right) checks in Webelo ScoutIsaiah Walters’ racer prior to the annualPinewood Derby on Saturday morning.Each car started out as a block of woodbefore Cub Scouts cut, carve and whittlethe wood into unique 7-inch racers. Cub Scouts carefully load their wooden cars into their lanes on the racetrack set up at Pershing Hill Elementary School. The Scouts from Fort Meade Cub Scout Pack 377 raced against other members of their den, four at a time. LEFT: Cub Scout Blake Corbey places his police car, themed “Speed Catcher,” on the long metal track at the annual Pinewood Derby held Saturday morning. February 2, 2012 SOUNDOFF! 13
  12. 12. S portS Clowning on the court Patriot players take on comedy basketball team in charity game By Brandon Bieltz Through the event at Arundel High Staff Writer School in Gambrills, players helped the Last week, members of the Fort school raise $500 to benefit Arundel’s Meade Patriots basketball team played basketball program. a role they weren’t too familiar with. Event organizer Cassandra Peacock Under the name of “The Arundel said the money would be used toward Dream Team,” nine Patriots took the the purchase of a new scoreboard for court as actors in a basketball comedy the gymnasium and other small neces- show of dunks, tricks and all-around sities for the team. shenanigans as they went head-to-head “Whenever we can give back to the with the Harlem Superstars at a charity community and let them know that event on Jan. 24 basketball is more than competitionRicky “7-Footer” Lopes of the Harlem Superstars dances with 5-year-old LondonBlakey of Odenton. The Superstars included children and audience members in itscomedy basketball show.RIGHT: Lopes kneels beside Gary Robinson to even the playing field prior to a charitybasketball game against nine members of the Fort Meade Patriots, who played underthe name of “The Arundel Dream Team.” photos by brendan cavanaugh14 SOUNDOFF! February 2, 2012
  13. 13. S portS— and showing the community, ‘Heywe aren’t just Soldiers’ and that we cando good things in the community, we’reall for it,” said Patriots coach RonnyCunningham. In addition to being eager to playagainst the Harlem Superstars andshow children that basketball is fun,Cunningham said his team was excitedto help raise money for the local bas-ketball team. “We’re military guys, we’d do any-thing we can for the people,” Patriots’Taras Newby said. “We do what wecan.” The Harlem Superstars are a comedybasketball team from New Haven, Ct.,performing skits and tricks similar tothose of the Harlem Globetrotters tohelp fundraisers for organizations suchas schools and police departments. Although the team has played atmany military installations against ser-vice members, the Superstars said theyknew playing the Dream Team wouldbe a challenge compared to their typicalopponents of teachers. “They’re good,” Mike “Hollywood”Jones said of the team from FortMeade. “We had to bring our A-game.We knew they were going to come outand play.” The Superstars opened the two-hourevent with playful skits, sometimes atthe expense of Dream Team players.Chris “Chicken” Turnquist jumped onthe back of Newby, seeking “protec-tion” from his teammates, while Ricky“7-Footer” Lopes knelt on his knees tobe the same height as Patriots’ GaryRobinson before the tip-off. “Anything where I get a chance to get ABOVE: Steve “Surfer Boy” Faukner ofsilly,” Robinson said of the pre-game the Harlem Superstars performs a dunkantics. during the comedy basketball show that Once the game began, the Super- featured slam dunks, half-court shotsstars’ focus turned to dunks, dazzling and tricks.behind-the-back half court shots byKevin “Showboat” Jackson and skitsled by Turnquist to get the audience RIGHT: Fort Meade Patriots’ Mattinvolved. Mitchell joins in on the dunking action As the game continued, Dream Team late in the game against the Harlemplayers took the Superstars’ lead, trying Superstars on Jan. 24 at Arundel Highout their own tricks as Trevor McDade School. Members of the Fort Meadeand Matt Mitchell performed dunks, Patriots basketball team competed inwhile other players attempted alley- the charity game to help raise moneyoops or behind-the-back-passes. for the school’s basketball program. After the game, several Dream Teammembers said they enjoyed the oppor-tunity to play against the Harlem FAR RIGHT: Chris “Chicken” TurnquistSuperstars — especially the chance to clowns around with audience membertry their skills in a new way. Pat Lucas of Bowie while the Harlem “I’m a clown anyway,” Robinson Superstars play nine members of thesaid. “This is right up my alley.” Fort Meade Patriots. February 2, 2012 SOUNDOFF! 15