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Fort Meade SoundOff September 27 2012


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Fort Meade SoundOff September 27 2012

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Fort Meade SoundOff September 27 2012

  1. 1. Soundoff!vol. 64 no. 39 we deliver Published in the interest of the Fort Meade community ´ September 27, 2012 Defense Courier Service competes to test core competency skills page 6 sister schools Chinese educators visit MacArthur Middle School for cultural exchange page 16 UPCOMING EVENTS Today, Noon: Army Field Band Hispanic Heritageconcert - Argonne Hills Chapel Center FRIday. 8 a.m.-3 p.m.: Retiree Appreciation Day - McGill FRIDAY, 7-10 p.m.:End of Summer Deck Party - The LanesWEDNESDAY, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.:Domestic Violence Awareness Month kickoff event - McGill photo by Pfc. Joshua R. Mckinney, 55th signal company Oct. 4, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.: running for resiliency Service members run down MacArthur Road during the Wellness and Remembrance Joint Service Run on Friday morning. Hispanic Heritage Month More than 2,400 service members attended the run in recognition of 9/11, POWS and MIAs, as well as to promote resiliency Observance - McGill and wellness. For the story, see Page 14.
  2. 2. Commander’s Column Soundoff! Editorial Staff Garrison Commander Guaranteed circulation: 11,285 ´ Recognizing excellence Col. Edward C. Rothstein Garrison Command Last week, Fort Meade submitted its entry for tons of meth- Sgt. Maj. Thomas J. Latter the Installation Management Command Army ane-producing Public Affairs Officer Communities of Excellence. waste material Chad T. Jones The competition recognizes excellence in instal- from a 1940s- lation management and the outstanding and inno- era dumpsite Chief, Command Information Philip H. Jones vative efforts of the people who operate and located between maintain U.S. military installations. residential hous- Assistant Editor & Senior Writer The program is also an opportunity for IMCOM ing and Manor Rona S. Hirsch to encourage and recognize installations that build View Elementary Staff Writer Lisa R. Rhodes on organizational knowledge, foster a change in cul- School. Staff Writer Brandon Bieltz ture and demonstrate a commitment to excellence. This cleanup Design Coordinator Timothy Davis In many respects, the ACOE represents Fort project will allow COL. Edward c. Meade’s commitment to create an environment us to return to Rothstein Supple­mental photography provided Garrison Commander by Patuxent Publishing Co. that delivers services and infrastructure to enhance community use the quality of life for service members, families an area that had been restricted. Advertising and civilians who serve our nation. By doing so, Off the installation, we conducted coordination General Inquiries 410-332-6300 we allow our partner commands and agencies to with Howard County officials to use more than 5 Allison Thompson perform their missions with great confidence. million gallons of treated water daily in the cool- 410-332-6850 One of the unique aspects of Fort Meade is ing systems for the planned recapitalization of Michele Griesbauer that Fort Meade is not designated as a “joint National Security Agency facilities. 410-332-6381 base” installation. We are a large, multiservice, In addition to saving aquifer water, which is a multiagency population with more than 95 part- limited resource, the treated water is projected to If you would like information about receiving Soundoff! on Fort Meade or are ner commands and agencies. Our composition reduce costs by 40 percent. experiencing distribution issues, call 877-886-1206 or e-mail provides unique challenges that require us to create As transformation moves forward, we continue Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday through innovative solutions and encourage partnerships, to plan for infrastructure and facility expansions. Sunday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on and off the installation. We have established a Mission Growth Initiative to Printed by offset method of reproduction as a civilian enterprise in the interest of the As a growing community, Fort Meade strives ensure that our growth is fully supported by, and personnel at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, by the Patuxent Publishing Co., a subsidiary to consistently improve the quality of life for our integrated into, regional jurisdictions. of The Baltimore Sun Media Group, 501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21278, every Thursday community members. We continue to look for We also have established a regional business ini- except the last Thursday of the year in conjunction with the Fort Meade Public Affairs Office. innovative ways to accommodate the entire instal- tiative through the Regional Growth Management Requests for publication must reach the Public Affairs Office no later than Friday before the lation community in ways that will have a positive Committee with 2,300 member businesses that desired publication date. Mailing address: Post Public Affairs Office, Soundoff! IMME-MEA-PA, Bldg. 4409, Fort Meade, MD 20755-5025. Telephone: 301-677-1361; DSN: 622-1361. impact on everyone’s daily life. focuses on improving the quality of contract sup- One example of how we are working to accom- port provided to the installation and its partners. Everything advertised in this publication must be made available for purchase, use or patronage modate our growth is related to the development of Fort Meade is able to achieve mission success in without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, marital status, handicap or sex of purchaser, new facilities. Currently, we are planning for a new many respects due to the innovations of its work- user or patron. A confirmed violation or rejection of this policy of equal opportunity by an advertiser Exchange, two new Child Development Centers force and the partnerships that allow us to find will result in the refusal to print advertising from that source. and another gas station/Shoppette. balance between available (and at times reduced) Printed by Patuxent Publishing Co., a private firm, in no way connected with the Department Plans are also in place to develop additional resources and the needs of our community. of the Army. Opinions expressed by the publisher and writers herein are their own and are privatized barracks and garden apartments for The ACOE program is more than just a contest. not to be considered an official expression by the Department of the Army. The appearance enlisted service members who work and live here. It is an opportunity to allow garrison leaders to of advertisers in the publication does not constitute an endorsement by the Department of Fort Meade also is concerned with the environ- say “thank you” for all of your ideas and work the Army of the products or services advertised. ment and is moving toward a sustainable future that have attributed to excellent services, excellent through reduction of our energy footprint, water facilities and a quality environment that lets service conservation and new construction that meets or members and their families know we care about exceeds standards for energy and environmental certifications. them and that we are doing our part to make sure they are able to perform their missions with great You can also keep track of Fort Meade on Twitter at This year, the Environmental Division coor- confidence. and view the Fort Meade Live Blog at dinated a massive cleanup of more than 24,000 Have a great week! Co n t e n t s Commander’s Open Door Garrison Commander Col. Edward C. Rothstein has an open door policy. All service members, retirees, government employees, family members and community News.............................. 3 Sports................................... 18 members age 18 or older are invited to address issues or concerns to the commander directly by visiting Rothstein’s office on Mondays from 4 to 6 p.m. at garrison headquarters Trouble Ticket................ 4 Movies.................................. 23 in Hodges Hall, Bldg. 4551, Llewellyn Avenue. Visitors are seen on a first-come, first-served basis. No appointment is necessary. Community.................. 20 Classified.............................. 24 For more information, call 301-677-4844. SOUNDOFF! September 27, 2012
  3. 3. NewsService members to guard gates for next 90 daysBy Philip H. Jones guards, said Lt. Col. J. Darrell Sides, safety and security of the installation The contracted guards will beCommand Information Chief provost marshal and director of DES. will not be compromised while the con- replaced by trained, screened, and med-Public Affairs Office Augmenting the DA security guards version takes place. There are no plans ically-processed Department of Army Beginning Monday, service members with military personnel allows DES to to close any of the present installation security guards. The majority of newlywill assist in manning the installation’s recruit, train and deploy new security controlled access points or adjust the hired guards will also be former orfive access control points. guards, Sides said. He anticipates using gate hours of operation.” retired service members. The addition of military personnel military personnel at the installation’s The U.S. Army Installation Man- The DES is finalizing its plan to useserving as security guards is part of controlled access gates for approxi- agement Command ordered all of its military personnel as security guards ata Directorate of Emergency Services’ mately the next 90 days or until DES installations to convert to using DA Fort Meade gates, Sides said. Militarymitigation plan to keep the controlled has hired and trained all of the new DA security guards as part of its plan to personnel may include members of theaccess gates open while Fort Meade Civilian guard force. meet congressional mandates and the 289th Military Police Company fromtransitions from contract security “All security policies and procedures secretary of defense’s in-sourcing tar- Fort Meyers, Va. and from Fort Meadeguards to Department of Army security will remain the same,” said Sides. “The gets. partner organizations. Domestic Violence Awareness Month Flu shots offered through October Domestic Violence Awareness Month activities will be held throughout October: • “Remember Me”: Oct. 5 from 10 to 11 a.m. at McGill Training Center ballroom, 8452 Zimborski Ave. Event will feature the signing of a proclamation and guest speaker William Kellibrew of the William Kellibrew Foundation Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center is providing walk-in flu vaccinations at • Domestic Violence in the Workplace Training: Oct. 5 from 10 to 11 a.m. at McGill the following times and places: Training Center, 8452 Zimborski Ave. • Domestic Violence 101 Training: Oct. 9 from 10 to 11 a.m. at McGill Training • Friday: 8 a.m. to noon, during Retiree Appreciation Day, McGill Training Center, 8452 Zimborski Ave. Center, retirees only • “Hands R-Not For Hitting”: Oct. 4 from 9 to 10:15 a.m. at Child Development • Monday: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Defense Information School, staff and students Center I, 4725 Ruffner Road; Oct. 15 from 10 to 11:15 a.m. at CDC II, 3100 only MacArthur Road; and Oct. 25 from 9:15 to 10:30 a.m. at CDC III, 910 Ernie Pyle • Tuesday: 8 a.m. to noon, DINFOS, staff and students only Road. • Teens and Bullying: Oct. 11 from 3 to 4 p.m. at the Teen Center, 3102 Clark St. • Oct. 9-12: 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., McGill Training Center, Room 6, active- The event will feature presenter Mothyna James-Brightful, community educator at duty family members, retirees and their family members, and DoD civilian TurnAround, a domestic violence and sexual assault center in Baltimore. employees • The Rights of the Military Spouse and Related Family Law Issues: Oct. 11 from 9 • Oct. 15-17: 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., McGill Training Center, Room 6, active- to 11 a.m. at McGill Training Center, 8452 Zimborski Ave. duty family members, retirees and their family members, and DoD civilian The program will be presented by the Fort Meade Legal Assistance Division. • Human Trafficking: Oct. 12 from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. at McGill Training Center employees 8452 Zimborski Ave. • Oct. 19 and Oct. 22-26: 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., McGill Training Center, The program will be presented by the FBI. ballroom. Soldiers Readiness Processing and active-duty service members. • Silent Witness Project Display: Oct. 15 to 19, McGill Training Center Reserve and National Guard personnel must be in a duty status to • Professional Ethics Training for Social Workers/Mental Health Professionals: Oct. 19 from 9:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Conference Center (formerly the Courses participate. Clubhouse) • Oct. 29-31: 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., McGill Training Center, Room 6, active- • Donate a Cell Phone to a Victim at collection boxes at the Community Readiness duty service members, active-duty family members, retirees and their Center, 830 Chisholm Ave. family members, and DoD civilian employees. Cell phones will go to Verizon and will be used as “hope lines.” Victims will receive phones with 3,000 anytime minutes. • Shower Fort Meade with Purple Lights Picerne Military Housing will issue purple lightbulbs to the first 100 on-post participants. Lights will be displayed during October. • Purple Friday Connect with Fort Meade at Community is encouraged to wear purple every Friday in October. For more information, call Tina Gauth, Fort Meade victim advocate, at 301-677-4117. September 27, 2012 SOUNDOFF!
  4. 4. N ewsTake precautions to protect our children’s airBy Jim Brueggemeyer Exposure to secondhand smoke increases The major pollutants released are car- generally an indicator of maladjustmentIndustrial Hygiene Technician the number of episodes and the severity bon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and par- and increased pollutant emissions. While If we ever saw an 8-year-old smoking of symptoms in hundreds of thousands ticles. a space heater is in use, try to mix the aira cigarette ... unfortunately, we put our of asthmatic children and may cause thou- Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odor- throughout the house and open a windowchildren in danger every day by smoking in sands of nonasthmatic children to develop less gas that interferes with the delivery slightly for fresh air.the car and at home and by placing them in the disease each year. of oxygen throughout the body. At high Keep woodstove emissions to a mini-day care with providers who smoke. Exposure to secondhand smoke causes concentrations it can cause unconscious- mum. Choose properly sized new stoves Environmental Tobacco Smoke is sec- eye, nose and throat irritation. It may ness and death. Lower concentrations can that are certified as meeting EPA emis-ondhand smoke, the smoke generated by affect the cardiovascular system. An esti- cause a range of symptoms from head- sions standards,the cigarette both before and after it has mated 46,000 deaths per year from heart aches, weakness, nausea and confusion to Make certain that doors in old wood-been expelled by the smoker. disease is caused by secondhand smoke. fatigue in healthy people. stoves fit tightly. Use aged or cured (dried) Inhalation of this smoke is also called Nitrogen dioxide is a colorless, odorless wood only, and follow the manufacturer’spassive smoking. This smoke is a complex To reduce exposure to secondhand gas that irritates the mucus membranes in directions. Chemicals are used to pressuremixture of more than 4,000 compounds smoke: the eye, nose and throat and causes short- treat wood; such wood should never beof which 50 are known to cause cancer • Don’t smoke at home or permit others ness of breath after exposures of high burned humans and animals and are strong to do so. Ask smokers to go outdoors. concentrations. Have your central air handling sys-irritants. • Do not smoke if children are present, Particles are released when fuels are tems including furnace, flu and chim- It has been estimated that 3,000 lung particularly infants and toddlers. incompletely burned and can lodge in the ney inspected annually. Promptly repaircancer deaths each year in nonsmoking • Do not allow baby sitters or others who lungs and irritate or damage lung tissue. A cracks and damaged parts.adults are the direct result of secondhand work in your home to smoke indoors. number of pollutants, including radon and Blocked, leaking or damaged chimneyssmoke. Find out about the smoking policies of benzo(a)pyrene, both of which can cause or flues release harmful combustion gas- Infants and young children whose the day care center, schools and other care cancer, attach to particles that are inhaled ses and particles and even fatal concentra-parents smoke in their presence are at givers of your children. If your children and then carried deep into the lung. tions of carbon monoxide.increased risk of lower respiratory tract smell like cigarette smoke when you pick Strictly follow all service and mainte-infections (pneumonia and bronchitis) and them up today, drop them off at a different Reducing exposures nance procedures recommended by themore likely to have symptoms of respirato- day care tomorrow. Take special precautions when operat- manufacturer including how frequentlyry irritation such as cough, excess phlegm ing fuel-burning unvented space heaters. to change the filter. Proper maintenance isand wheeze. Winter weather pollutants Consider potential effects of indoor air equally important on newer equipment. These children also may experience a With winter quickly approaching and pollution if you use an unvented kerosene Remember, it’s the air our kidsbuildup of fluid in the middle ear, which windows closing and the heaters turning or gas space heater. Follow the manu- breathe.can lead to ear infections. Older children on, secondhand smoke is only one of facturer’s directions especially regarding Editor’s note: Information for this articlewho have been exposed to secondhand the pollutants that can mix with the air proper fuel and proper adjustments. came from the U.S. Environmental Protec-smoke may have slightly reduced lung our children breathe. Other sources are A persistent yellow-tipped flame is tion Agency.function. unvented kerosene and gas space heaters, Asthmatic children are especially at risk. woodstoves, fireplaces and gas stoves. Community Have you noticed an issue on post Crime Watch Trouble and wondered if anything is being done to fix it? Email concerns and issues to chad.t.jones.civ@mail. Compiled by the Fort Meade Directorate of Emergency Services Ticket mil. Each week, Soundoff! will address issues identified on post and describe what is being done to Sept. 21, Larceny of private prop- erty: The victim stated she placed her diamond and platinum wed- Sept. 22, Larceny of private prop- erty: An investigation revealed the victim left his cell phone ding ring set on the TV stand in unsecured and unattended in his solve them. her master bedroom and it was vehicle, and it was stolen. stolen. Issue: Plan: Status: Youth Services Sports Renovate the Youth Services Actual use of fields is Chaplain’s Word: Complex needs renovations Sports Complex expected to be Spring 2013 BUSYNESS Demolition and installation “O Lord, you know how busy I must be today. McGill Training Center Install a new HVAC are now being performed, classrooms 1-5 closed during If I forget you, do not forget me.” HVAC is inoperative (except in the ballroom) A/C installation — Anthony Ashley Cooper (until Oct. 1, estimated) SOUNDOFF! September 27, 2012
  5. 5. N ewsCompetitive rodeo tests defense couriers’ skillsBy Brandon BieltzStaff Writer Defense couriers are trained to handlesensitive materials with discretion and cau-tion. Carrying a cup of water with a forkliftthrough a weaving course or maneuvering abasketball into a hoop using the giant tines,however, is a whole new level of careful. On Friday, members of the Defense Cou-rier Service Baltimore Station, located at FortMeade, tested their skills in the Defense Cou-rier Rodeo. The daylong event featured chal-lenges with forklifts, trucks, pallet stacking,handling packages and an obstacle course. “Everything is geared around things wedo every day,” said Chief Master Sgt. KevinMoon, chief of the station. The Defense Courier Service is a joint-service organization that transports securematerials. Located near Gaffney Fitness Cen-ter, the station is one of 18 worldwide andhandles an average of 1.2 million pounds ofmaterially annually. Moon said the rodeo was partially held inremembrance of 9/11. “This is also our tribute to 9/11,” he said.“We’re testing our skills. We feel like that’sthe best way we can support and rememberthose who lost their lives, to be proficient atwhat we do.” The concept of the rodeo was based onthe Air Mobility Rodeo, a biennial interna-tional airlift competition hosted by the U.S.Air Force Air Mobility Command that testsservice members’ capabilities in a competitiveenvironment. photo by sarah pastrana After about seven months of planning, theinaugural Defense Courier Rodeo was held Sgt. Sheldon Semper-Henry (right) guides Sgt. Darius Turner in placing a basketball through the hoop during the 5K forklift drivingFriday. course at the Defense Courier Rodeo. The event, held Friday at the Defense Courier Service Baltimore Station near Gaffney Fitness “We just brought that concept to this cou- Center, helped couriers sharpen their skills.rier station,” Moon said. counter challenge, 8-ton serpentine driving hoop with the tines. Yeoman 2nd Class Cari Moody, team While the event created a competitive atmo- course, 5K forklift driving course and a pallet Sgt. Shawn Sigley, who maneuvered leader for Hakuna Mattata, said the obstaclesphere between the close-knit defense couriers, buildup competition. In each event, points through the course for the Warriors, said it course was the hardest part of the competi-Moon said the main focus of the event was to were deducted for various errors such as was a difficult challenge. tion.sharpen their skills while having a little fun. adjusting the tines while driving the forklift or “The water on the tongs was a real chal- “You’ve already spent all day [competing], “I’ve been saying, ‘Let’s have fun today.’ hitting a cone on the truck course. lenge,” he said. “Especially with the holes in it’s hot outside and you’re tired,” she said.We go through training, we go through Pow- During the over-the-counter challenge, each the floor, it’s real easy to spill and knock over. After the competition, several of theerPoint slides, we do a little bit of hands on, team conducted typical work at the customer Basketball was just fun.” defense couriers said they enjoyed the breakbut you can’t beat this,” he said. counter such as processing mail and delivering For the pallet buildup, competitors sorted from everyday work. Service members formed four teams of a package to a customer. The 8-ton course through materials then stacked the boxes on “It was awesome,” Moody said. “It wasfour for the competition: Warriors, Couri- tested the driving skills of one member per a pallet. better than I thought.”ers of Anarchy, Hakuna Mattata and Five team as remaining service members directed After all groups completed the challenges, During the award ceremony, Moon saidGuys. the large truck through a winding course both they competed in a final obstacle course out- he was “really proud of everybody.” He also Throughout the event, teams conducted a forward and backward. side. The course included a run, low crawl, van presented a large trophy to the Warriors forcombat courier mission in which they were For the 5K forklift driving course, each push, dunnage carry back-and-forth, stretcher the victory.given a package to handle using proper pro- driver maneuvered the machine through a carry, semitruck tire flip, skid carry, sit-ups Couriers of Anarchy came in second.tocol. That included presenting credentials complex course with the help of one spotter. and pushups. At the end of the obstacle Hakuna Mattata took third, while Five Guyswhenever asked and possessing the package The driver first carried a cup of water on the course, the teams encountered a gate locked finished fourth.the entire day. Failure to do so would disquali- tines through a weaving course going forward with a high-security lock. “It was great,” said Sgt. Marcus Atchinson,fy the team from the final obstacle course. and backward. Each driver then placed cargo To unlock the gate and finish the competi- team leader of the Warriors. “It was definitely With the packages in backpacks, the teams on a skid before picking up a basketball, mak- tion, the teams had to locate the codes inside a challenge and a great training experience. Ibegan the event with four tasks: over-the- ing a figure 8 and placing the ball through a the packages they had been carrying all day. want to do it again.” SOUNDOFF! September 27, 2012
  6. 6. N ews Healthy Smiles are Happy SmilesArmy regulations d top We will Vote ist in offerin be nt De more toddler g free Balti azine s in Septe creenings Mag mbe Novemb r andrequire financial of families We offer a child-friendly, happy, and caring environment for all of yourBy Jane M. Winand, Chief family members the amount of your child’s dental needs toLegal Assistance Division Basic Allowance for Housing II - ensure a lifetime of healthy Legal Assistance attorneys get many With Dependents (“BAH II-WITH”),questions concerning the obligations regardless of whether or not you are teeth. Come see why ourof Army Soldiers to provide financial actually receiving BAH II-WITH. patients recommend us tosupport to family members. Thus, in the absence of a court order their family and friends. If you are married or have children, or agreement, an E-5 supporting ayou probably owe your family members spouse and two children who live off Ximena F. Pareja,, and Army Regulation 608-99, post owes them $812.10 per month. Diplomate, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry“Family Support, Child Custody, and If you are supporting one familyPaternity” (AR 608-99), imposes obli- unit residing in government quarters, 8600 Snowden River Pkwy., #302, Columbia, MD 21045gations on you and your commander tomake sure you are providing support. you are not required to provide any additional support. 410-953-0111 The issue ordinarily arises when If the family members move out of www.kidssupersmile.coma Soldier has children from a previ- government housing, you must thenous marriage or becomes separated pay them your BAH II-WITH. Specializing in Dentistry for Childrenfrom his or her spouse. The amount If you are supporting multiple fam-of support is set by a court order, an ily units not residing in governmentagreement between the parties or, in housing, you owe each family memberthe absence of either, by Army regula- a pro-rata share of your BAH II-tion. WITH. The pro-rata share is calcu- AR 608-99 provides that “Soldiers lated by dividing your BAH II-WITHwill comply with the financial support by the total number of family membersprovisions of all court orders.” (not counting former spouses) you are As an example, if your divorce supporting.decree grants your ex-spouse a certain For example, Capt. Lee is support-amount of alimony or child support ing his wife, who is living off post, and(or states that you don’t owe any), that two children from a previous marriageis the amount the Army will require residing elsewhere with their to pay. There are no court orders or agree- In many cases, spouses who are sepa- ments. His BAH II-WITH is $1,111.80.rating will enter into a written financial He must provide $741.20 in support tosupport agreement (with which the the mother of his children (two-thirdsLegal Assistance Division can help of the BAH II-WITH), and $370.60you), pending divorce. That agreement to his wife (one-third of the BAH-IImay terminate upon divorce or be WITH).incorporated into the divorce decree. This is a simplified version of the If you enter into such an agreement, Army’s family support requirements.the Army will expect you to honor There are many different scenariosit by paying the amount of support that may affect support requirements.specified. If you have neither a court The important thing to remember isorder nor an agreement, AR 608-99 that the Army takes these obligationssets the amount of support you owe. seriously and requires its commandersThat amount depends on your grade, to ensure that they’re fulfilled.whether you’re supporting one or more If you have questions about yourfamily units and whether your fam- obligations, or you or your childrenily members are living in government are military dependents who are notquarters. being properly supported, schedule If you are supporting one fam- an appointment to meet with a Legalily unit not residing in government Assistance Division attorney at 301-quarters, you will typically owe your 677-9504 or 301-677-9536. September 27, 2012 SOUNDOFF!
  7. 7. N ewsACS staffers attend White House jobs forumBy Lisa R. Rhodes unemployed. The event also focused onStaff Writer innovative ways to help specialized groups, Two employees from Army Community such as senior citizens and young adults, intoService attended the White House Forum the job market.on Job Clubs and Career Ministries on “It was good to know that we got it right,”Sept. 20. Miles said. Vikki Torrence, Employment Readiness Fort Meade provides professional classesProgram manager, and Marie Miles, Fort and training for all members of the commu-Meade’s Army Volunteer Corps coordinator, nity, particularly youth, said Miles.represented the installation at the one-day During the Youth Summer Volunteerforum. Leadership Challenge last summer, teens The event, held at the White House, was learned how to create a professional portfo-sponsored by the White House’s Center for lio and manage their finances.Faith-based and Neighborhood Partner- Torrence said she is glad that Fort Meadeships and the U.S. Department of Labor. provides job support for military spouses The theme was “On The Front Lines of who can often be overlooked by traditionalGetting Americans Back To Work.” U.S. employment services.Department of Labor Secretary Hilda L. “Very few people think of military spous-Solis was the guest speaker. es, unless we think about it,” she said. More than 100 people, including job club photo courtesy of marie miles Torrence said the forum encouraged herand career ministry leaders; religious, com- (Left) Marie Miles, Fort Meade’s Army Volunteer Corps coordinator, and Vikki Torrence, to “continue my partnership building andmunity and nonprofit leaders; and workforce Employment Readiness Program manager, represented Fort Meade at the White expanding to the faith-based community, toofficials attended the forum. The participants House on Sept. 20. The two staffers at Army Community Service attended the White churches that have job clubs in our area andwork in communities across the country to House Forum on Job Clubs and Career Ministries, which was sponsored by the U.S. volunteers who can assist us.”help the unemployed find viable jobs. Department of Labor. In the future, Torrence said, she hopes vol- Torrence was invited to attend because unteers from other job clubs can help orga-she is the lead for the Fort Meade Military Torrence. help job-seekers improve their skills and find nize a panel on mock interviews to help theSpouse Employment Support Group. The Department of Labor defines a job employment. unemployed develop their interview skills. The job club, which started in November club as a support group of unemployed Torrence invited Miles to attend the forum “When it comes to job clubs, the most2011, acknowledges the unique employment people who meet regularly at a church, pub- because they work together to help members successful are those that are a part of theneeds of military spouses, service members lic library or community center to provide of the Fort Meade community improve their community,” Torrence said. “We would likeand DoD civilians. networking opportunities and employment job skills and find jobs and/or volunteer the community at Fort Meade to be active Ben Seigel, deputy director of the Center resources. opportunities that can lead to employment. members in the process.”for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partner- Last year, CFNP began encouraging The forum included seminars on how job For more information about the Employ-ships, attended the job club’s inaugural event faith- and community-based organizations clubs, career ministries and local workforce ment Readiness Program, call 301-677-and has been supportive of its efforts, said to host job clubs as one more method to agencies across the country are serving the 5590.Army readies for upcoming influenza seasonBy J.D. Leipold Military Vaccination Program. He said vac- outstanding efforts and immunization cam- • People who have previously suffered severeARNEWS cinations would be available at installations as paigns of the past few years, people are more reactions to influenza vaccinations The Army has ordered nearly 2 million soon as it’s received and until the supply runs aware and likely to be adequately protected • People with a history of Guillain-Barredoses of vaccine to immunize all Soldiers, their out or expires. during the height of flu season. syndromefamilies, civilian employees and retirees for the “Regardless of previous vaccination his- Immunization rates climb every year, and • Children younger than 6 months of ageupcoming flu season. tory, routine annual influenza vaccination is Looney said he sees no reason why that trend • People acutely ill with fevers — those with The vaccinations will be available at most recommended for all persons age 6 months won’t continue. An annual average of 25 mil- a mild, common cold and a low-grade fever doinstallations in October, but each medical facil- and older,” Looney said. “Several studies have lion reported cases, 36,000 deaths and 226,000 not have to wait to be vaccinated.ity will set its own schedule for distribution. demonstrated that post-vaccination immunity hospitalizations occur each year in the U.S. Vaccination is especially important for the Seasonal influenza can start as early as declines over the course of a year, thus, annual due to influenza infections. following, in order to decrease the risk ofOctober and run as late as May, but it gen- vaccination is recommended for optimal pro- “Immunization is the very best protection illness:erally peaks between January and March, tection against influenza.” against disease and related complications,” • Pregnant womenaccording to the Centers for Disease Control Looney said about two-thirds of the Army’s Looney said. “Vaccines are safe and effective, • Children younger than age 5 and espe-and Prevention. The CDC cautions that new order for 2012 consists of vaccine that’s given and have saved more lives than any other medi- cially children under age 2flu viruses can appear that could lengthen the through intramuscular injection and the cal measure in history.” • People 65 years of age and olderseason — though that’s not expected for 2012 remaining third of the order is the type admin- People who should not be vaccinated • American Indians and Alaskan nativesto 2013. istered via nasal spray. against the flu without first consulting their • People of any age with certain chronic The Army expects to have 90 percent of The dominant influenza strain for the physicians include: medical conditionsthe force vaccinated by Dec. 17, according to upcoming flu season remains the H1N1 strain • People with severe allergies to chicken • People who are morbidly obeseCol. Richard Looney, director of the Army from 2009, Looney said, adding that due to eggs • People who live in nursing homes SOUNDOFF! September 27, 2012
  8. 8. N ews Central Michigan University’s Global Campus Airmen encouraged to at Fort Meade re-enlist, extend before Career-focused degrees with knowledge you can use the next day. Master of Science in Administration degree MilPDS Nov. upgrade • No GRE or GMAT required By Tech. Sgt. Steve Grever ment or enlistment extension by Nov. 15 • Weekend classes in compressed terms Air Force Personnel Center Public should not experience interruptions in their Affairs pay because their MPS can process their Classes available at 7 Metro DC centers Air Force officials are urging Regular Air actions and clear any rejects in the system Force Airmen who are eligible to re-enlist or prior to the MilPDS upgrade,” said Michael • Aberdeen PG • Alexandria extend their current enlistment in December McLaughlin, Air Force Personnel Center • Fort Belvoir • Fort Meade and early January to complete these person- re-enlistments branch chief. “Getting these • JBMHH • Joint Base Andrews nel actions through the myPers website and personnel transactions completed and into • Pentagon their base military personnel sections or the Defense Finance and Accounting Ser- force support squadrons by Nov. 15 to avoid vice system are the fastest means to update processing delays and military pay issues. an Airman’s pay and entitlements and will Airmen need to accomplish these actions reduce the need for DFAS to manually over- Military Tuition Discounted Rate because the Air Force is upgrading and ride or correct an Airman’s pay record.” CMU is proud to support our military students. For details on transferring the Military Personnel Data Airmen can re-enlist during the upgrade CMU’s military tuition discounted rate, visit System to the Defense Information Systems in December, but they may experience addi- Agency’s Defense Enterprise Computing tional delays in processing these transac- Center in December. The upgrade project tions to DFAS if their date of separation is scheduled to take about 23 days to com- expires during the MilPDS upgrade. CMU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. plete, during which time MilPDS will not The Air Force processes more than CMU is an AA/EO institution (see 34147 6/12 be available. 60,000 re-enlistments and enlistment exten- MilPDS is the primary records data- sions annually. base for personnel data and actions that Reserve and Guard members will receive Get it all at CMU’s Global Campus at Fort Meade. occur throughout every total force Airman’s specific instructions from the Air Force Call 301-621-9796 or toll-free 866-588-4188 today! career. Reserve Command and Air Reserve Per- MilPDS is also used to initiate Airman sonnel Center concerning how the MilPDS pay actions, maintain Air Force account- upgrade will impact their personnel pro- ability and strength data and support a grams. More information is available on the host of interactions with other Air Force ARPC public website at http://www.arpc. processes and systems that rely on person- in Laurel nel data. Airmen should access the myPers website FSS and MPS representatives are con- tinuing to host MilPDS upgrade briefings At the intersection of Whiskey Bottom Rd. and Rt. 198 (Ft. Meade Rd.) and work with their base MPSs or FSSs to to help base leadership and Airmen under- minimize the impact the MilPDS upgrade stand the upgrade’s impact on Airmen and MARYLAND’S BEST CAR AND TRUCK SERVICE CENTER RV CE CEN RVICE CENT RVICE CENTER CE will have on processing military person- Air Force personnel programs. 24/7 nel transactions such as re-enlistments or Officials will continue to release addi- ROAD SERVICE extending current enlistments. tional information and guidance to the Air TOWING Re-enlistment-eligible Airmen or Airmen Force’s manpower, personnel, services and GREAT DISCOUNTS ON SERVICE with service-directed retainability require- pay communities and total force Airmen to ments such as Permanent Change of Station continue to educate them on how the service Comfortable lounge makes or retraining orders should contact their will perform critical personnel and pay tasks waiting for your car a pleasure! base MPS and complete their re-enlistment during the MilPDS upgrade. Knowledgeable Mechanics COME IN AND or enlistment extension paperwork by Nov. For more information about the MilPDS 15. upgrade, visit the myPers website at http:// SEE WHY WE’RE E #1 MILITARY DISCOUNT “Airmen who accomplish their re-enlist- 10% OFF all services Located close to base We Support Our Troops FULL MINIMUM Follow Fort Meade ONE YEAR WARRANTY on all services at 301-498-1616 • www.startinggateservice.com10 SOUNDOFF! September 27, 2012
  9. 9. N ewsFirst Army welcomes new command sergeant majorFirst Army Division East eastern United States, mobilizes, trains,Public Affairs Office validates, deploys and demobilizes Reserve After 27 months as the senior enlisted Component Soldiers, Sailors and Air-advisor of First Army Division East, Com- men along with selected members of themand Sgt. Maj. Edwin Rodriguez passed interagency and intergovernmental depart-the noncommissioned officer sword, signi- ments to and from deployments aroundfying the transfer of responsibility of Divi- the world.sion East, to Command Sgt. Maj. Dennis During his speech, Wendel estimatedE. Defreese. Rodriguez spent more than 200 days a year Maj. Gen. Kevin R. Wendel, command- traveling to visit Soldiers across the Uniteding general of First Army Division East, States, ensuring tasks and training werepresided over the ceremony Friday on completed on time and on target.McGlachlin Parade Field. “Thank you for a job well done,” Wen- “It is an honor for me to preside over del said. “You have been involved in everyone of the most important ceremonies major mission in Division East, made anwe execute in the Army — the change of incredible difference across our force andresponsibility ceremony for senior enlisted most importantly, ensured those deploy-leaders,” he said. ing were manned, equipped, trained and Representatives of Division East’s eight ready.”brigades with their unit colors, led by Wendel also credited Rodriguez withtheir respective command sergeants major, taking care of more than 20,000 Soldiersassembled on the field for the ceremony. each year as they prepared to deploy toBugle calls replaced verbal commands. locations around the world. Music was provided by members of the “He ensured every Soldier returning392nd Army Band at Fort Lee, Va. from the fight was properly and profes- Wendel welcomed Defreese to the team sionally transitioned back to Reserve sta-and said he looks forward to serving with tus,” Wendel said. “Throughout it all, hehim. has ensured adherence to standards and “Command Sergeant Major Defreese professionalism amongst our trainers andbrings us a wealth of knowledge and experi- the units we have worked with.ence gained from leadership at every NCO “Too numerous to mention, but doz-level and multiple combat tours,” he said. ens of U. S. Army Reserve and National“I would like to thank the sergeant major Guard leaders have personally thankedof the Army for sending us one of the very me for the efforts of Command Sergeantbest, handpicked to lead at the division Major Rodriguez for his mentorship, lead-level.” ership and training he has provided to their In his remarks, Defreese said he was NCO corps.”grateful for the opportunity. Wendel said he wasn’t surprised Lt. “I want to thank Major General Wendel Gen. Robert L. Caslen Jr. selected Rodri-for his confidence in me,” he said. “I am guez as his next command sergeant majorextremely excited about working with and for the Office of the Security Cooperationserving the Soldiers of this dynamic and - Iraq.important organization. ... To the leaders “Lieutenant General Caslen needs theand Soldiers on the field, you look great. ” best - the consummate senior mentor, In his new assignment, Rodriguez will be leader and trainer who leads by examplecommand sergeant major for the Office of and exemplifies the Army values and ourthe Security Cooperation - Iraq. profession of arms,” he said. “I cannot “During my tenure here, I have tried think of a better senior NCO to lead ourto instill the essential characteristics of efforts in Iraq.”the Army profession: trust — both within In his remarks, Rodriguez spoke ofthe ranks and with the American public Division East’s accomplishments during— competence, commitment, training and his tenure.experience,” Rodriguez said. “It was fast and furious, but we accom- “In fact, we take that trust one step plished every mission to the utmost of our Division Command Sergeant Major, it Photo by Sgt. Courtney A. Seligfurther as we are entrusted with the train- ability,” he said. “I can’t help but feel proud is incumbent that you continue to build Maj. Gen. Kevin R. Wendel, commandinging and preparation of Reserve Compo- of everything we accomplished together. esprit de corps across the Division East general for First Army Division East,nent Soldiers for deployments around the Your efforts and support have made my footprint by creating a sense of belonging passes the noncommissioned officerworld. This is a sacred trust we must never job easy.” that will inspire excellence and the forti- sword to the incoming commandviolate.” Speaking to Defreese, Rodriguez urged tude to never quit among our Soldiers,” sergeant major, Command Sgt. Maj. First Army Division East, comprised him to continue to build esprit de corps Rodriguez said. “And in all things, train Dennis E. Defreese, on Friday morningof eight brigades located throughout the “Dennis, as you take the reins as the for combat!” at McGlachlin Parade Field. September 27, 2012 SOUNDOFF! 11
  10. 10. N ewsU.S. Cyber Command hosts legal conferenceBy 1st Lt. Logan A. Clark Klein said at the conference. “Attorneys citizens alike.U.S. Cyber Command Public Affairs and scholars both face a variety of com- To show how easy it is to acquire some Complex technological issues require plex issues surrounding the use of this basic information and limited controlchanges in policy and wide-ranging new technology.” of someone’s computer, Mark Young,cooperation, according to the chief of Klein also expressed the necessity of USCYBERCOM executive director ofstaff of U.S. Cyber Command. a combined effort in finding solutions plans and policy, conducted a condensed Rear Adm. Margaret Klein also said to these dilemmas, especially as the ethical hacking demonstration as part ofthe issue needs to be addressed as the U.S. becomes more reliant on technol- the becomes connected through the ogy for national defense and economic He emphasized the importance ofinternet; with new technology, she said, strength. small steps someone can take to helpcome new legal challenges and ques- “One of the reasons I’m happy to see safeguard their information, includingtions. all of you from different organizations taking advantage of security settings Her comments keynoted the com- come together is the fact that cyberspace on social networking sites or calling anmand’s staff judge advocate and legal requires interagency as well as interser- internet service provider to help upgradeteam USCYBERCOM Interagency Legal vice and international cooperation,” she their internet security to a less-easilyConference on Sept. 18 at the McGill said, highlighting the joint endeavor of cracked code. photo courtesy of U.S. Cyber CommandTraining Center to discuss legal issues USCYBERCOM and other organiza- Col. Gary Brown, the USCYBER-surrounding cyber operations. tions. COM SJA knows the value of these Mark Young, U.S. Cyber Command The meeting was the second annual October is National Cyber Security types of conferences. executive director of plans andevent hosted by USCYBERCOM and Awareness Month, so the conference He said, “to get cyber security right, policy, conducts an ethical hackingincluded speakers from the command, was a timely event for professionals to we need to coordinate the efforts of demonstration for participants ofDepartment of State, Department of address concerns and raise questions to the military, the intelligence community, the second annual USCYBERCOMHomeland Security, Department of Jus- the speakers, as well as an ethical hack- government civilian agencies and the Interagency Legal Conference on Sept.tice, as well as speakers and attendees ing demonstration. private sector. Conferences like this can 18. The conference, held at the McGillfrom corporations and academia. As the cyber domain grows both in really facilitate the kind of cooperation Training Center, included speakers from “These policy challenges arise as tech- the government and civilian industry, we’ll need going forward to secure the various governmental departments andnology is invented and we come up with information protection is becoming more nation’s infrastructure and national secu- allowed participants to discuss legalways of implementing that technology,” essential to the government and private rity systems.” challenges facing the cyber community. Social Security payments to arrive electronically By Wendy Poulson For more information, visit www.godi- Social Security Manager, Glen Burnie Chances are, if you receive Social Securi- So, why the push for electronic pay- ty benefits, Supplemental Security Income ments instead of paper checks received in or any federal payment, you receive it the mail? electronically. • It’s safer: no risk of checks being lost More than 90 percent of people getting or stolen. monthly Social Security benefits already • It’s easy and reliable: no need to wait receive electronic payments. for the mail or go to the bank to cash a If you don’t yet, that’s about to change. check. A U.S. Department of Treasury rule • It saves taxpayers money: no cost does away with paper checks for most for postage, paper and printing. Treasury federal benefit and nontax payments by estimates this will save taxpayers $1 billion March 1, 2013. With a few exceptions, this over 10 years. mandate includes Social Security, SSI, Vet- • It’s good for the environment: it saves file photo erans Affairs, Railroad Retirement Board, paper and eliminates the need for physical RETIREE APPRECIATION DAY Office of Personnel Management benefits transportation. and other nontax payments. If you still get your check in the mail, The Retirement Services Office will host Fort Meade’s 37th annual Retir- People required to switch have the option don’t wait for the new rule to go into effect ee Appreciation Day on Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at McGill Training of direct deposit to a bank or credit union next year. Sign up for electronic payments Center, 8452 Zimborski Ave. For more details, see Page 20. account, or they can have their monthly now. payment directed into a Direct ExpressÆ Visit today to begin getting debit card account (Treasury’s debit card your Social Security and SSI payments the program). safe, easy, reliable way - electronically.12 SOUNDOFF! September 27, 2012
  11. 11. C over S tory photos by sarah pastranaGarrison Commander Col. Edward C. Rothstein speaks to service members atMcGlachlin Parade Field after the three-mile run through Fort Meade on Friday. TheWellness and Remembrance Joint Service Run honored POW/MIA Recognition Dayand 9/11.Run honors POWs,MIAs, promoteswellness, resiliency think about our members who are still missing.” You make it happen every day and you do it because of the things that haveBy Brandon Bieltz POW/MIA Recognition Day, one of six To help honor POW/MIA Recogni- occurred. You do it for all the right rea-Staff Writer national observances for which Congress tion Day, members of the Hogs and sons. It makes us very proud.” With the roar of a fire truck and sev- has mandated the flying of the National Heroes Foundation Maryland Chapter 2 Resiliency and wellness, including sex-eral motorcycles leading the way for the League of Families’ POW/MIA flag. attended the run to lead the way. ual harassment and assault, substancestomping feet of more than 2,400 service According to the Defense Prisoner of “Honoring our fallen service mem- abuse or suicide, were also addressed bymembers, it was hard not to hear the War/Missing Personnel Office website, bers and those who are captured and still Rothstein. Although the installation isearly morning run make its way through more than 80,000 service members have missing is part of our mission,” said Fort working on programs to help with theseFort Meade on Friday. not been accounted for since World Meade Fire Capt. David Hilliard, who problems, he said, it is up to the service “It’s good to have a lot of people out War II — 73,000 of whom served in serves as chapter president. “We were members to use the programs and makethere,” said Staff Sgt. Norman Portillo, that war. there to honor that.” them instructor at the NCO Academy. “I Prior to the run, a National League At around 6:30 a.m., service members “What I want you to do is walk awayenjoyed waking up everybody.” of Families’ POW/MIA flag was raised marched off the parade field to start from this formation thinking about that Service members from approximately below the American flag on the parade the run. It took nearly 20 minutes for — thinking about your battle buddy to30 organizations participated in the field. all 2,400 service members to begin their your right and left,” he said. “Do whatinstallation’s Wellness and Remem- Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Thom- route on English Avenue. is right. ... that is taking care of your-brance Joint Service Run, which began as J. Latter began the event with a Once all runners returned to the self, your family, your friends, your col-at McGlachlin Parade Field. moment of silence for the POWs and parade field around 7:15 a.m., Garri- leagues and this installation of ours.” The three-mile run through the instal- MIAs. son Commander Col. Edward C. Roth- Several service members said theylation paid tribute to 9/11 and POW/ “POWs and MIAs are still out there stein spoke to the large crowd gathered enjoyed seeing all the military branchesMIA Recognition Day, while promoting missing — Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, around the gazebo. coming together for the run, and that itwellness and resiliency. Marines and Coast Guardsmen we still “We should never forget what hap- was a good way to honor POW, MIAs Each year, commemorations are have not accounted for,” he said. “Before pened on 9/11 and why we’re doing what and 9/11.held throughout the country on the we begin the run today, I would like we’re doing so well,” he said. “We are an “I think it is a great thing,” Portillothird Friday of September for National us all to take a moment of silence to installation that does a 24-7 mission. ... said. “It shows everybody’s support.”14 SOUNDOFF! September 27, 2012
  12. 12. CLOCKWISE FROM ABOVE: Servicemembers gather around the gazebo atMcGlachlin Parade Field following theWellness and Remembrance Joint ServiceRun on Friday morning. More than 2,400service members from 30 organizationsparticipated in the three-mile run.Air Force 2nd Lt. Amanda Bills motivatesa group of service members at the startof the Wellness and Remembrance JointService Run.Marine Cpl. Christopher Patti of the MarineCryptologic Support Battalion sprintsacross McGlachlin Parade Field at the endof the run.Tanya Thomas helps her 4-year-old daughterZahriya locate her father in formation beforethe start of the Wellness and RemembranceJoint Service Run on Friday. September 27, 2012 SOUNDOFF! 15
  13. 13. N ewsMacArthur signs sister school agreementBy Lisa R. Rhodes During the visit, the delegation vis- Jen Wang, former chair of the Foreign systems in the county to offer all threeStaff Writer ited two Mandarin Chinese classes and Language Department at MacArthur; IB programs. Manor View Elementary Femi Odekunkle was proud when he met students who are studying the lan- and Rotunda Floyd-Cooper, former School offers the Primary Years Pro-said hello to Liu Jizhong in Mandarin guage through the IB program. coordinator of elementary mathematics gramme. MacArthur Middle SchoolChinese on Friday. Gray said the delegation’s visit is a rare for the Anne Arundel County Public offers the Middle Years Programme. “I was really happy,” said the eighth- opportunity for MacArthur students to Schools, visited the Mile Number One Meade High offers the Middle Yearsgrader at MacArthur Middle School. learn about the Chinese people. School, a high school in China’s Yun- Programme to freshmen and sopho-“I tried the best I could to talk in “The students will be able to have nan province. The purpose of the visit mores, and the IB Diploma ProgrammeChinese.” real-world experiences of the people was to begin a pen pal program between to juniors and seniors who apply for Jizhong is the principal of the Bei- and culture that is being studied in their the Fort Meade and Chinese students. admission.jing Yucai School in China. He and a Chinese language classes — learning Students at Meade High and MacAr- All three IB programs also are offereddelegation of nine other educators from experiences that go beyond textbook thur have been studying Mandarin Chi- in the Annapolis and Old Mill feederthe school visited MacArthur to learn and research experiences,” she said. “It nese for three years through the Inter- systems.about its International Baccalaureate will be a life-changing experience.” national Baccalaureate Programme, The IB aims to develop inquiring,Middle Years Programme. Mary Austin, IB coordinator for the a nonprofit educational foundation knowledgeable and caring young people Stacy Gray, principal of MacAr- Anne Arundel County Public Schools founded in 1968 with headquarters in with the intellectual, emotional andthur, and Jizhong signed a three-year and the chaperone for the visit, said Geneva. social skills to live, learn and work in asister school agreement of education the event and the signing of the sister The IB foundation offers students rapidly globalizing world, according toand cultural exchange between the two school agreement are an effort to con- ages 3 to 19 a continuous, international the foundation’s website.schools. tinue to build reciprocal relationships educational experience in a sequence of In addition to visiting MacArthur’s “I’m very delighted to be here, to be a between county schools and schools in three programs: the Primary Years Pro- Chinese language classes, the delegationdistinguished guest,” Jizhong said. “Our China. gramme, the Middle Years Programme also visited a math class, health classaim is to build a bilateral relationship In June 2011, Darryl Kennedy, for- and the Diploma Programme. and graphic design class.with this school.” mer principal at Meade High School; Fort Meade is one of three feeder Wang Heping, an English teacher at the Beijing Yucai School, said she was impressed with the level of instruction in the classes. “I think the teachers love the kids,” Heping said. “The kids are very moti- vated. ... It was good.” After lunch, Jizhong and Gray signed the sister school agreement to provide exchange visits between teachers and students, classroom observation, local tour trips and home stays, and cur- riculum enrichment. The agreement also encourages students at the two schools to communicate through email to deepen the mutual understanding of their respective cultures. The delegation later presented Gray with a paper cut of a traditional Chi- nese handcraft. The red design is a wish for blessings and good fortune. Tatgiuana Parker, 10, and Gabriel Ramirez, 10, fifth-graders at Manor View Elementary School, came to Liu Jizhong, principal of the Beijing Yucai School, greets Femi Odekunle, 13, an eighth-grader at MacArthur Middle School, during his visit to a Mandarin Chinese class at the school on Friday. Jizhong headed a delegation of educators from the Beijing Yucai School who came to MacArthur to learn about its International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme. photos by nate pesce16 SOUNDOFF! September 27, 2012