Fort Meade SoundOff September 20 2012


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Fort Meade SoundOff September 20 2012

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Fort Meade SoundOff September 20 2012

  1. 1. Soundoff vol. 64 no. 38 Published in the interest of the Fort Meade community ´ September 20, 2012 hometown heroes photo by steve ruarkSoldiers and Airmen from the Defense Information School join local first responders and veterans to hold the National 9/11 Flag during the National Anthem at Johnny UnitasStadium for Towson University’s “Hometown Heroes Day.” More than a dozen service members, including Garrison Commander Col. Edward C. Rothstein, participated inthe events prior to Towson’s football game versus William and Mary. The Tigers won 20-17. For the story, see Page 14.wellness day of caring UPCOMING EVENTSCivilian program Service members today, 7-10 p.m.: Karaoke Night - The Lanesbegins six-month volunteer to repair Friday, 6:30-8 a.m.: Installation Resiliency Run - McGlachlin Parade Field historic cemetery saturday, 8 a.m.: Football FanFare 5K/1-Mile Walk - Constitution ParkIMCOM study saturday, 8 a.m.-2 p.m.: Indoor Flea Market - The Pavilionpage 3 page 6 Sept. 27, Noon: Army Field Band Hispanic Heritage concert - Argonne Hills Chapel
  2. 2. Commander’s Column Soundoff! Suicide prevention: ´ Editorial Staff Guaranteed circulation: Garrison Commander 11,285 Col. Edward C. Rothstein Post services help Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Thomas J. Latter Public Affairs Officer Chad T. Jones to build resiliency Chief, Command Information Philip H. Jones Assistant Editor & Senior Writer Rona S. Hirsch Staff Writer Lisa R. Rhodes Staff Writer Brandon Bieltz The Army has declared September Suicide support servic- Design Coordinator Timothy Davis Prevention Awareness Month and is directing a es available to Supple­mental photography provided servicewide suicide stand-down on Sept. 27. assist our total by Patuxent Publishing Co. Fort Meade will conduct its stand-down day well-being and on Wednesday. The theme for the stand-down resiliency. Advertising is “Shoulder to Shoulder, We Stand Up for It’s also General Inquiries 410-332-6300 Life.” important for Allison Thompson Like many others, I believe suicides are pre- the entire Fort 410-332-6850 ventable. But combating suicides effectively will Meade com- Michele Griesbauer require comprehensive solutions aimed at help- munity, inside 410-332-6381 ing individuals find ways to build resiliency and and outside the strengthen their coping skills. gates, to know COL. Edward c. If you would like information about receiving Soundoff! on Fort Meade or are We all have a role in preventing suicides. It and believe that Rothstein experiencing distribution issues, call 877-886-1206 or e-mail Garrison Commander Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday through starts with knowing the warning signs that a everyone can Sunday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. service member, family member or friend may help prevent suicide. need help and ends with assisting that individual Our local communities have a strong history of Printed by offset method of reproduction as a civilian enterprise in the interest of the to get the help needed. supporting service members and their families. We personnel at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, by the Patuxent Publishing Co., a subsidiary I am determined to promote and build well- need to continue to work together and make sure of The Baltimore Sun Media Group, 501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21278, every Thursday ness and resiliency programs that meet the we are taking care of ourselves and each other. except the last Thursday of the year in conjunction with the Fort Meade Public Affairs Office. Requests for publication must reach the Public Affairs Office no later than Friday before the demand of Fort Meade service members and As a community, we need to remain committed desired publication date. Mailing address: Post Public Affairs Office, Soundoff! IMME-MEA-PA, their families. I want all service members and to the health, safety and well-being of our service Bldg. 4409, Fort Meade, MD 20755-5025. Telephone: 301-677-1361; DSN: 622-1361. their families to know about behaviorial health members, civilian employees and our families. It’s services and support options available on post. important we continue to review activities that help Everything advertised in this publication must be made available for purchase, use or patronage These services include: keep each of us resilient and take steps to make without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, marital status, handicap or sex of purchaser, • Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center: The sure suicide prevention has a place in what we do user or patron. A confirmed violation or rejection of this policy of equal opportunity by an advertiser will result in the refusal to print advertising from that source. Behavioral Health division provides confiden- every day. tial, individual counseling for active-duty service We should all know how to recognize common Printed by Patuxent Publishing Co., a private firm, in no way connected with the Department members. risk factors including chronic pain; feelings of of the Army. Opinions expressed by the publisher and writers herein are their own and are • Religious Services Office: The installation’s guilt, anger, or shame; exposure to trauma; a sense not to be considered an official expression by the Department of the Army. The appearance five chaplains provide confidential counsel- of hopelessness; relationship problems; and post- of advertisers in the publication does not constitute an endorsement by the Department of ing for the Fort Meade community and lead traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. the Army of the products or services advertised. religious services throughout the week for nine If you notice these behaviors in your friends, a distinctive faiths. service member or a family member, please encour- • Army Community Service: The installation age them to seek help. provides a wide range of support groups for Our goal should be to not let service members, service members and their families at the Com- families or a friend struggle alone. We can all make You can also keep track of Fort Meade on Twitter at munity Readiness Center. They range from a a big difference in the life of someone needing and view the Fort Meade Live Blog at support group for single parents and a group for help. expectant fathers to support groups for families Preventing suicides requires courage and, often, dealing with deployment. personal sacrifice as the intervention process may • ACS and the Fleet & Family Support Center: require a lot of time. The bottom line is, we can’t Co n t e n t s Both offer classes in stress and anger manage- ment, effective communications and personal afford to lose one life to suicide. Working together, I know we can make a differ- finances at the Community Readiness Center. ence to help prevent suicides. News.............................. 3 Sports................................... 14 It’s important that we talk about suicide pre- Editor’s Note: For more information about sui- vention and emphasize the Army’s commitment cide prevention, call the National Suicide Preven- Trouble Ticket................ 4 Movies.................................. 23 to raise awareness and understanding of the tion Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or visit effort required to successfully eliminate suicides, or contact Military Community.................. 20 Classified.............................. 24 within the military family and find ways to OneSource at 1-800-342-9647 or militaryonesource. encourage individuals who need help to use the com. SOUNDOFF! September 20, 2012
  3. 3. NewsCivilian wellness program pilot begins Oct. 1By Lisa R. Rhodes mitted to Messick before Sept. 30. Mes-Staff Writer sick will then approve employees who On Oct. 1, Installation Management can participate in the pilot study.Command will begin a six-month pilot The pilot program will operate on anstudy to determine whether a case can honor system. As participants submitbe made to extend an exercise program the required data, Messick will updatefor civilian employees on an ongoing their progress and send a final report tobasis. IMCOM at the end of the program. The Civilian Wellness and Civilian Col. Bert Rice, director of Trans-Fitness Program allows civilian employ- formation, participated in the Civilianees, with the approval of their super- Wellness and Civilian Fitness Programvisor, to take one hour, three days a for six months two years ago.week away from work to engage in an “I have always been active in someexercise/fitness program. type of fitness program,” Rice said. Army Regulation 600-63, Army “Physical fitness has been a part of myHealth Promotion, which became effec- lifestyle for many, many years.”tive in May 2007, states that a civilian Rice said he thinks the programemployee can only participate in the should be an ongoing. “I think moreprogram once in their career for a maxi- employees would participate if theymum of six months. knew that the fitness program would The six-month pilot, which is being continue without interruption.”implemented at installations Armywide, file photo Rice plans to apply for the pilotwill gather data to support a business Francis Alvarado of Fort Meade has fun working up a sweat during a Zumba class proposal to change the Army regu- at Gaffney Fitness Center. Civilian employees are encouraged to participate in a Messick said Garrison Commanderlation to extend the program’s length. six-month pilot study, which begins on Oct. 1, for the Civilian Wellness and Civilian Col. Edward C. Rothstein supports theThe pilot study ends April 30. Fitness Program. installation’s wellness efforts and added Wendy Messick, director of the Direc- that plans to bring a resiliency center totorate of Human Resources, is Fort Fort Meade are in line with the goalsMeade’s wellness program coordinator. application includes a wellness contract to be in the program. An approval of the Civilian Wellness and Civilian “Fitness and wellness is a lifelong between the employee and supervisor form for a physician also is included in Fitness Program.process,” Messick said. “IMCOM is that allows the employee to commit one the packet. Participants must complete “This is an opportunity for us totrying to get the statistics to support hour, three days a week to exercise. a required assessment of their height, ensure a healthy lifestyle for everythe change.” Participants must sign a release weight, blood pressure and resting heart employee,” Messick said. Garrison directors have application waiver of liability and complete a per- rate at the start of the program and at For more information about the Civil-packets for civilian employees who want sonal readiness assessment to determine the 90- and 180-day mark. ian Wellness and Civilian Fitness Pro-to participate in the pilot program. The whether they need a doctor’s approval All application packets must be sub- gram, contact your garrison leadership.Fort Meade to host Community Drug Take Back DayBy Samson Robinson prescription pills on Tuesday outside household trash, pour medication intoPrevention Coordinator McGill Training Center and Sept. 27 a sealable plastic bag. If medication isArmy Substance Abuse Program from 10 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. outside a solid such as a pill or liquid capsule, Fort Meade will host a Community the pharmacy parking lot. add water to dissolve it.Prescription-Drug Take Back Day on This is an opportunity for the com- Add kitty litter, sawdust or coffeeSept. 29 from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the munity to protect the environment. grounds (or any material that mixesExchange. Unused portions must be disposed of with the medication and makes it less The event is in support of National properly to avoid harm to wildlife, pets appealing for pets and children to eat)Drug Take Back Day and sponsored and people. in the plastic the Drug Enforcement Administra- Follow your prescriber’s instructions Seal the plastic bag and put it in thetion. and use all medications as instructed. trash. The Army Substance Abuse Program If you do not use all of your prescribed Remove and destroy all identify-staff, in conjunction with the Fort or over-the-counter medication, two ing personal information (prescriptionMeade Pharmacy and the Directorate steps can prevent a huge impact on the label) from all medication containersof Emergency Services, will collect environment: before recycling them or throwing themunneeded, unused and expired medica- • Do not flush unused medications away.tion. and do not pour them down a sink or For more information, call Samson In conjunction with Take Back Day, drain. Robinson at 301-677-7983 or Latoniathe ASAP office will accept unused • To dispose unused medication in Stallworth at 301-677-7982. file photo September 20, 2012 SOUNDOFF!
  4. 4. N ewsDisabled can apply for Social Security benefits onlineBy Wendy Poulson the process when we can. For example, related to your disabling conditionSocial Security Manager the Compassionate Allowances initia- • Names, addresses and phoneGlen Burnie tive allows us to fast-track certain cases numbers for recent employers and the If your disabling condition makes it of individuals with very severe dis- dates worked for each employerhard for you to drive or arrange trans- abilities such as Amyotrophic Lateral We also ask you to sign releaseportation to your local Social Security Sclerosis. forms that give us permission tooffice, you can complete and submit There are 165 different types of dis- obtain the information needed fromyour application for Social Security abilities that qualify for this expedited third parties to make a decision ondisability benefits from your home com- decision, and that list continues to your claim.puter. expand. Learn more about Compas- The best place to start is online Get started at sionate Allowances at socialsecurity. at Selectability. gov/compassionateallowances. “Disability Starter Kits” in the left The application process involves Another way Social Security speeds column. There, you’ll find importantdetermining whether you have sufficient up decisions is with the Quick Disability information to help you with yourwork to be eligible for Social Security, Determinations initiative, which uses application.the severity of your medical condition technology to identify applicants who If you’re not able to work due toand your ability to work. have the most severe disabilities and a disability, apply online for Social Because Social Security carefully allows us to expedite our decisions on Security disability benefits at socialse-reviews so many cases - more than three those cases. each year - it can take three to Read more about Quick Disabilityfive months to determine whether you Determinations eligible to receive benefits. abilityresearch/qdd.htm. The amount of time it takes to make The more information you providea decision on an application can vary up front, the less time it will take usdepending on a number of factors suchas: • The nature of your disability to obtain the evidence we need and the faster we can process your application. Types of information needed Community • How quickly Social Security obtainsmedical evidence from your doctors, include: • Medical records or documentation Crime Watchhospitals or other medical sources you have • Whether Social Security needs to We can make copies of your records Compiled by the Fort Meade Directorate of Emergency Servicessend you for a medical examination and return your order to obtain evidence to support • Names, addresses and phone num- Sept. 11, Shoplifting: An investi- initiated and units administeredyour claim. bers for doctors, hospitals, medical gation at the Exchange revealed standardized field sobriety test We do a number of things to speed up facilities, treatment centers or providers that the subject selected a pair after detecting an odor of an of headphones, placed it in his alcoholic beverage. Subject failed pocket and exited the Exchange and refused to submit to a chemi- without rendering payment. cal breath test. Have you noticed an issue on post Trouble and wondered if anything is being Sept. 14, Simple assault, failure Sept. 15, Shoplifting: Investigation to stop after accident involving damage at the Exchange revealed that the subject done to fix it? Email concerns and to attended vehicle, driving vehicle under picked up a bottle of perfume, concealed issues to chad.t.jones.civ@mail. the influence of alcohol, driving vehicle it on her person and exited the Exchange Ticket while impaired by alcohol, possessing without rendering payment. mil. Each week, Soundoff! will open container in passenger area, and address issues identified on post driving vehicle on suspended license and Sept. 16, Shoplifting, possession of contra- privilege: Investigation revealed that the and describe what is being done to subject and victim entered into a verbal band (synthetic marijuana): Investigation revealed, the subject, a military member solve them. altercation that turned physical when the concealed two boxes of cough medicine subject began to push the victim. While and exited the Exchange without ren- departing the area by vehicle, the sub- Issue: Plan: Status: jected collided with victim two’s vehicle and fled the scene. A traffic stop was dering payment. A search incident to arrest also revealed three packets which contained synthetic marijuana. Youth Services Sports Renovate the Youth Services Actual use of fields is Complex needs renovations Sports Complex expected to be Spring 2013 Chaplain’s Word: Demolition and installation SINCERITY McGill Training Center Install a new HVAC are now being performed, classrooms 1-5 closed during “Sincerity means that the appearance and the HVAC is inoperative A/C installation (except in the ballroom) (until Oct. 1, estimated) reality are exactly the same.” — Oswald Chambers SOUNDOFF! September 20, 2012
  5. 5. N ews Healthy Smiles are Happy SmilesDetailed circumstances d top We will Vote ist in offering be nt De more free toddler Balti azine s in Septe creenings Mag mbe Novemb r anddetermine alimony pay er.By Capt. Christopher Cusmano by a court after the divorce to allow the spouseLegal Assistance Attorney to become independent after the marriage. Clients often inquire about whether they Any “rehabilitative alimony” payment will be We offer a child-friendly,will be obligated to pay alimony after a temporary (though beyond five years may still happy, and caringdivorce. The answer is it depends. be considered “temporary”), and is generally Alimony is a periodic payment by one aligned with a specific period of time to enable environment for all of yourspouse to the other that can be ordered by the the spouse to finish school, acquire a new job child’s dental needs tocourt during a divorce. skill or relocate to a new community. ensure a lifetime of healthy Over the years, alimony has shifted from “Indefinite alimony” is an extremely rarebeing viewed as “punishment” and is now con- award in which a spouse will not be able to teeth. Come see why oursidered “rehabilitative.” Its purpose is to allow become self-sufficient in the future because patients recommend us toeach spouse to become fully independent and of age, illness or disability, or where a spouse their family and friends.self-supporting. Accordingly, courts will gener- becomes self-supporting but the standards ofally not award alimony unless it is necessary. living between the former spouses are “uncon- Ximena F. Pareja, D.D.S. Whether or not a court will award alimony sciously disparate” because of a very large Diplomate, American Board of Pediatric Dentistrydepends on the circumstances of each case. difference in incomes. 8600 Snowden River Pkwy., #302, Columbia, MD 21045What is clear, however, is that if the parties If one spouse requests a type of alimonyhave executed a valid separation agreementthat includes alimony or support payments, it pursuant to a divorce, the court will consider a variety of factors to determine whether ali- 410-953-0111will be honored by the courts. mony is appropriate: Thus, parties should be very careful toensure that they are completely satisfied with • Length of the marriage • Each spouse’s respective financial situation Specializing in Dentistry for Childrenthe amount of alimony they will either pay or during the marriage and after the divorcereceive, and also how long the alimony will • Reasonable time necessary to allow a spouselast, before they sign a separation agreement. to become self-supporting, if necessary Free Yoga, Pilates, QiGong Often, it may be more prudent to reserve • Each spouse’s respective standard of livingthis issue until the court process begins to during the marriage Meditation Classesallow the judge to determine whether alimony • Each spouse’s monetary and non-monetary At Howard County’s Best Yoga Studio!will be awarded before a spouse is committed contributions during the marriageunder a separation agreement. • Each spouse’s financial needs Choose From Over 65 Free Classes Maryland law recognizes at least three types If a court awards the payment of alimony,of alimony. the paying spouse has the right to ask the September 24 - 30, 2012 “Alimony pendete lite” may be awarded in court to reconsider the decision and modify YOGA, PILATES, QIGONG MEDITATIONlimited cases to allow each party to maintain or end the payments if the circumstances have Prior Yoga or Exercise Experience Is Not Necessary.the status quo while the divorce works its way changed. No Obligation. Call 410-720-4340 Tothrough the court system. It may be awarded For more information, call the Fort Meade Reserve Your Spot. Visit Our Websiteupon request by one of the spouses after filing Legal Assistance Office to schedule an appoint- For The Full Schedule. Discounted Classes For Seniors, Teens Activefor divorce. ment to speak with an attorney at 301-677-9504 Military Personnel Their Spouses. “Rehabilitative alimony” may be awarded or 301-677-9536. Legal Assistance Office hours The hours of operation at the Fort Meade Legal Assistance Office have been changed. The new hours are: • Monday, 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m. • Tuesday, 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m. • Wednesday: 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 2 p.m. • Thursday: 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m. • Friday: 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m. The office is closed for lunch each day from noon to 1 p.m. The office also closes every Wednesday at 2 p.m. for training. Power of Attorney drafting and notaries services are available on a walk-in basis during normal hours of operation. Attorney counseling is provided by appointment only. For more information, call the Legal Assistance Division at 301-677-9504 or The Yoga Center Of Columbia 301-677-9536. 8950 Route 108, Suite 109, Columbia, MD 21045 410.720.4340 www.columbiayoga.com September 20, 2012 SOUNDOFF!
  6. 6. N ewsSoldiers help restore historical cemeteryBy Sgt. 1st Class Erica Lehmkuhl ing to participate in one of 17 differentMilitary District of Washington renovation projects for the NationalSergeant Audie Murphy Club President Day of Remembrance. The question, “Are you ready to Tucker, Sgt. 1st Class Mark Sibayan,work?” isn’t typically met with great and Staff Sgt. Zenia Boswell, wereenthusiasm, especially on a cloudy Sat- selected to work as members of theurday morning before most of us have stone raining team. This team washad our coffee. tasked with resetting headstones that But when Olivia Hunter, Naval Dis- had settled into the earth at odd anglestrict of Washington Regional Commu- or fallen completely over and werenity Service Program Manager, shouts, lying on the ground.“Are you really ready to work?” with It wasn’t until then that many of theher usual high level of enthusiasm, volunteers found out that standard ser-even the groggiest of us in the crowd vice members’ head stone is supposedhad to respond with an even louder to rise 21 inches above the ground.“Yes!” Sibayan said he “didn’t realize how President Barack Obama proclaimed heavy and fragile headstones are” untilSept. 7 to 9 as National Days of that day, and that it felt good to resetPrayer and Remembrance to honor and the headstones back in their properremember the victims of the September places.11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Volunteers Staff at the Congressional Cemeteryfrom the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast estimated that the volunteers saved theGuard, Defense Intelligence Agency, non-profit cemetery over $23,000 inand Public Health Services converged just four hours of work.on the Congressional Cemetery in More important than the amount ofWashington, D.C., on Sept. 8 to com- money saved were the lessons learnedplete renovations at the 35-acre historic that day and the sense of pride felt byburial ground. all the volunteers at the end of the day Sgt. 1st Class Darcela Tucker, a when enjoyed the result of their hardSergeant Audie Murphy Club member work while sitting down to a BBQfrom Walter Reed Bethesda, felt com- lunch together, with an over 200-year-pelled to volunteer for this renovation old piece of American history.for the same reason she sought mem-bership in the SAMC — to reach outand help others by assisting in improv-ing our communities. (Left to right) Sgt. 1st Class Mark Sibayan, “Doing this made me feel really Staff Sgt. Zenie Boswell and Sgt. 1stgood,” Tucket said. “I love working Class Darcela Tucker reset a gravein the community and helping out as marker at the Congressional Cemeterymuch as possible.” in Washington, D.C on Sept. 8. The More than 250 service members and group helped renovate the burial groundcivilian volunteers arrived at the Con- for the National Days of Prayer andgressional Cemetery early in the morn- Remembrance. submitted photo REMODELED TO FIT YOUR LIFESTYLE home+living Chesapeake To advertise or subscribe 410.332.6517 A BALTIMORE SUN MEDIA GROUP PUBLICATION SOUNDOFF! September 20, 2012
  7. 7. N ewsSlice of historyRed oak cross-section becomes Fort Meade Museum tree cookieBy Lisa R. Rhodes understood that it had to come down.Staff Writer After the tree was cut down, a log was A 5-foot thick historical red oak that taken from the museum to a stockpilestood in the field behind the Fort Meade area on post. In the meantime, Taylor andMuseum and was considered a landmark Richard Laderoute, business manager ofon the installation is now being preserved the Arts and Crafts Center, constructed afor history as a “tree cookie.” 5x5 wooden box to soak the tree cookie A tree cookie is a cross section of the in a green wood preservative.tree trunk that reveals its “tree rings.” A On the morning of Sept. 5, Carrolltree typically adds a spring and summer Tree Service cut the cookie from the log.ring during each year of its growth. These Houchins conducted a preliminary counttree rings reveal the age of the tree and the of the tree’s rings and made an estimateextent to which the tree has grown each that the tree dates back to the 1870s, pre-year through history. dating the establishment of Camp Meade Inspected several times since the fall of in 1917.2010, the red oak was determined to have “We were hoping it was older [dating tobeen in decline for several years. On Aug. the American Revolution],” Taylor said.20, Carroll Tree Service, a subcontractor “The tree looked big enough to be thatfor the Melwood Horticultural Training old of a tree.”Center on post, cut down the tree. Skookum Contracting Services, a con- Dawn Taft, the Directorate of Pub- tractor for the Directorate of Logistics,lic Work’s Operations and Maintenance then used a forklift to transport the treeInternational Society of Aboriculture cookie from the landfill to the Arts andCertified Arborist for Melwood, and John Crafts Center to place it in the preserva-Houchins, Natural Resources Program tive.manager for the Environmental Division After the tree cookie is soaked for 10at the Directorate of Public Works, each to 14 days, it will be loosely wrapped andinspected the tree in March for its general moved to the museum storage facilityhealth and structural soundness. on Clark Avenue, where it will be stood When it was determined that the tree upright in a wooden cradle to dry slowlyhad died sometime last winter, it was for a year.approved for removal in March. Houchins Taylor said that after a year, the treedecided to make a tree cookie from the cookie will be sanded and a formal andred oak, he said, because the tree was “an final tree ring count will be made to deter-institution at Fort Meade.” mine the tree’s actual age. The cookie’s “I thought it would be a good idea to rings will then be marked for importantpreserve a piece of the tree for the future historical dates after the Civil War suchand correlate its growth with the growth as World War I and the establishmentof Fort Meade,” Houchins said. of Camp Meade, World War II and the Taft and Houchins worked together Vietnam ensure that the contract to remove the The tree cookie will then be finishedtree included saving a portion to make a and put on display at the museum.cookie suitable for use by the Fort Meade “We, at the museum, were very, veryMuseum. sad to lose that tree. We decided to make “The museum did not want to lose our a cookie because that tree was our tree,”tree, “ said Barbara Taylor, Fort Meade Taylor said. “We tell the history ofMuseum exhibits specialist. Camp and Fort Meade, and that tree’s But when it was determined that tree rings also tell a story of Maryland’swas a potential hazard, the museum staff history. It was a witness.” photo by barbara taylor Richard Drake, an employee from Skookum Contract Services, directs a forklift to place a tree cookie into a wooden box at the Arts and Crafts Center on Sept. 5. The Follow Fort Meade box would later be filled with a green wood preservative and the cookie dried so it at could be displayed at the Fort Meade Museum sometime next year. The tree cookie was taken from a 5-foot thick red oak that stood in the field behind the museum, but had died in the past six months. SOUNDOFF! September 20, 2012
  8. 8. N ewsArmy Field Band brings music to schoolsStory and photo by Jonathan E. AgeeU.S. Army Field Band Soldiers from the United States ArmyField Band provided instrumental dem-onstrations for students in 25 schoolsthroughout Maryland from Aug. 29through Sept. 13. The demonstrations were for elemen-tary school students who were gettingtheir first glimpse into the world ofmusic education. By having members ofthe U.S. Army Field Band demonstratethe instruments, students had the chanceto see and hear professional musiciansperform on instruments the studentscould learn to play during the schoolyear. Staff Sgt. Katayoon Hodjati, flutist,who performed demonstrations in sev-eral schools this year, said it is a passionfor her to inspire students with music. “By bringing excellence into theschools, we inspire the kids to join theband program with the ultimate goal ofpromoting excellence through music,”she said. For many band directors, having pre-mier musicians demonstrate the instru-ments motivates students to sign up forthe band program. “I heard that the United States ArmyField Band had a partnership with How-ard County, and I really want to getrecruitment up this year for elementaryband at Triadelphia Ridge,” said Bran-don Henley, band director at TriadelphiaRidge Elementary School in Ellicott City.“I think it’s wonderful for the students tosee professionals play their instruments,and that’s something they can aspire tobe as they get older.” The demonstrations typically runabout 30 minutes, allowing the Soldiersenough time to reach other students indifferent schools. For the Army FieldBand, educational outreach at an earlyage is paramount. “Educational outreach is part of theUnited States Army Field Band’s mis-sion,” said Sgt. 1st Class Jason Stephens,educational outreach coordinator. “Weare Soldiers representing Soldiers andare tasked with taking the Army’s mes- Master Sgt. Aaron Kadrmas, trombone section leader for the U.S. Army Field Band’s Concert Band, answers questions fromsage to the American people. Triadelphia Ridge Elementary School students on Sept. 4. The band’s instrumental demonstration at the Ellicott City school gave “I believe that this should be a life- students their first glimpse into the world of music education.time message, not just for people thatattend our concerts. What better way to level and how fun music can be? They see strations, the Army Field Band also a wealth of free educational materialsrepresent the Army than to get out into us in uniform and make a direct connec- conducts clinics, master classes and edu- online at and show the students how pro- tion with professionalism, extraordinary cational music assemblies throughout For more information, visit www.Army-fessional the Army Field Band is, how talent and the Army.” the year. and click the “Education”disciplined you have to be to get to that In addition to instrumental demon- The Army Field Band also offers tab.10 SOUNDOFF! September 20, 2012
  9. 9. N ewsArmy medical facilities to become tobacco freeKimbrough Ambulatory Care Center delivery and individual health. deaths per year — an estimated 49,000 policy; it applies to all Army Medical Lt. Gen. Patricia Horoho, the Sur- The goal is for Army medicine to be of these are the result of secondhand Treatment Facilities.geon General and Commanding Gen- transformed from a health care system smoke exposure — and on average, “The days of waiting for good healtheral of the U.S. Army Medical Com- to a system for health. smokers die 13 to 14 years earlier than to arrive through a lifetime of badmand, recently published her strategic One of the first directives by the sur- nonsmokers. health practices are unrealistic,” saidvision for the Army Medical Depart- geon general in embracing a system of Once the policy is in effect, tobacco Jaghab. “We are proactively engagingment in the “Army Medicine Strategy health is that all Army Medical Depart- use of any kind, to include smoke- our patients, our staff and our com-2020.” ment Treatment Facilities will become less tobacco, will be prohibited within munity to embrace the opportunities to The mission of the AMEDD includes tobacco free. Kimbrough facilities or on Kimbrough maximize their wellness and to improveinfluencing health to improve readiness Col. Danny Jaghab, commander of grounds. This will be an AMEDD-wide their health by setting the example.”and advance wellness in support of the Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center,Force, Military Families, and all those stated that “the policy directly supports Flu shots offeredentrusted to AMEDD care. Horoho’s the mission to promote and supportthree main strategic initiatives encom- the health and wellness of all staff andpass how the AMEDD will create patients who work or receive treatmentcapacity, improve stamina and enhance at AMEDD facilities.”diplomacy. By creating capacity through optimi-zation, innovation and organizationallearning, health is maintained, restored As the Mahatma Gandhi stated, “you must be the change you wish to see in the world.” This is the first change that will promote a healthy through Octoberand improved. Improving organiza- environment for all. Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center is providing walk-in flu vaccinations attional stamina will improve organi- According to the Center for Disease the following times and places:zational depth, resiliency and endur- Control, tobacco use is responsible for • Sept. 28: 8 a.m. to noon, during Retiree Appreciation Day, McGill Trainingance. Enhancing medical diplomacy about one in five deaths annually in the Center, retirees onlywill shape the dialogue of health care United States, which is about 443,000 • Oct. 1: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Defense Information School, staff and students only • Oct. 2: 8 a.m. to noon, DINFOS, staff and students only • Oct. 9-12: 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., McGill Training Center, Room 6, active- duty family members, retirees and their family members, and DoD civilian employees State of • Oct. 15-17: 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., McGill Training Center, Room 6, active- duty family members, retirees and their family members, and DoD civilian Insurance. Insurance. e employees • Oct. 19 and Oct. 22-26: 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., McGill Training Center, ballroom. Soldiers Readiness Processing and active-duty service members. Reserve and National Guard personnel must be in a duty status to participate. • Oct. 29-31: 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., McGill Training Center, Room 6, active- duty service members, active-duty family members, retirees and their family members, and DoD civilian employees. Marie Waring LUTCF, Agent I deliver both. 1413 Annapolis Road, Suite 206 Take the guesswork out of your insurance. Odenton, MD 21113 Bus: 410-551-4666 Whether it’s your car, home, life, or more, I can Rita Patterson, OTR/L Associates help you feel good about your coverage, as well 30 years of O.T. Pediatric /S.I. Experience as the price you’re paying. Therapy Solutions GET TO A BETTER STATE . ™ CALL ME TODAY. for Children, INC A Pediatric Occupational Therapy Practice Severna Park Business Center 836 Ritchie Highway, Suite 6 Connect with State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, State Farm Indemnity Company, State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, Severna Park, MD 21146 Fort Meade at State Farm General Insurance Company, Bloomington, IL State Farm Life Insurance Company (Not licensed in MA, NY or WI), State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company Clinic: 410-421-8920 Fax: 410-421-8923 1101258.1 (Licensed in NY and WI), Bloomington, IL Military Insurance Accepted ftmeade12 SOUNDOFF! September 20, 2012
  10. 10. C over S tory photos by steve ruarkMaster Sgt. Marva Lewis of the U.S. Army Field Band performs the National Anthemfor the crowd of 8,309 football fans at Saturday’s Towson University football game.RIGHT: Marines Staff Sgt. Michael Fahey, Sgt. Sonny Tannan, Cpl. Okeese Smith,and Staff Sgt. William Hoornstra of the 4th Combat Engineer Battalion march to the50-yard line of Johnny Unitas Stadium in Towson for the National Anthem. TowsonUniversity’s “Hometown Heroes Day” honored active-duty service members, veteransand first responders. Service members honored at Towson’s ‘Hometown Heroes Day’ By Brandon Bieltz Unitas Stadium. Staff Writer “It’s a great opportunity,” Roth- Saturday afternoon, the Towson stein said. “It is spectacular for these University Tigers honored local first service members.” responders, veterans and active-duty Shortly before the Division I Colo- service members with the “Hometown nial Athletic Association matchup Heroes Day.” between Towson and the William and Among the military members fea- Mary Tribe, more than a dozen Fort tured at the event were more than a Meade service members joined fire-Pvt. Jacob Hanby, Staff Sgt. Kulani Lakanaria and Pfc. Nicholas Benjamin of the dozen Soldiers and Airmen from the fighters, police officers and veteransDefense Information School practice holding the National 9/11 Flag prior to the Defense Information School. from surrounding areas to carry theNational Anthem. The 30-foot American flag was found tattered in the wreckage of the Garrison Commander Col. Edward National 9/11 Flag onto the field forTwin Towers following the Sept. 11 terrorists attacks and patched up state-by-state. C. Rothstein also helped kick off the National Anthem. Towson’s home opener by perform- Eleven years ago, the 30-foot Amer- ing the coin toss midfield at Johnny ican flag was found tattered in the14 SOUNDOFF! September 20, 2012
  11. 11. photos by steve ruark Maj. Jim Reily, a professor of military science with the Loyola-Towson ROTC, and his son Kieran, 4, watch the Towson University football game from the sidelines during the college’s “Hometown Heroes Day” on Saturday. The pregame events held before thewreckage of the Twin Towers follow- Towson Tigers’ home opener honored first responders, veterans and active-duty service the Sept. 11 terrorists attacks.After being in storage for several BELOW: Garrison Commander Col. Edward C. Rothstein walks to midfield for the coin toss with Towson University captains Grantyears, the flag made its way around Enders, Joe McCargo and Doug Shaw. Rothstein participated in the coin toss as part of the university’s “Hometown Heroes Day”the country for a two-year tour to all on Saturday.50 states. Throughout the tour, theflag was patched up state-by-state. vice members returned to their front “It was awesome to hear all the his- row seats to watch the 20-17 Towsontory connected to the flag,” Airman victory. Rothstein said the event was1st Class Jenna Sarvinski said. “It’s a good chance for the young servicepretty awesome to be a part of that.” members from DINFOS to become As the flag was spread across the part of the community, as well as antiger emblem at midfield, Master. opportunity for him to meet with theSgt. Marva Lewis of the U.S. Army military’s younger generation.Field Band performed the National “I love letting our guard down a lit-Anthem for the crowd of 8,309 foot- tle bit and talking,” he said. “This is aball fans. great environment where I can do that Rothstein then headed midfield, with the young service members.”where he participated in his second Sarvinski, who is in the combat cor-coin toss. Having experienced the task respondence course, said events suchat a Towson game last year, he was as Saturday’s is a good way for servicefully prepared for the challenge. members to interact with people out- “It’s all about keeping the thumb side Fort Meade.strong,” he said. “If there is good bal- “It’s great to have the opportunityance in the coin, the thumb is strong to be part of the community,” she said.— let it fly.” “It’s nice to get involved in events like After all the pregame events, ser- this. … It’s a great experience.” September 20, 2012 SOUNDOFF! 15
  12. 12. S ports‘Rookie debut’Meade Airman competes in duathlon World Championship By Brandon Bieltz first run consisted of two 5K laps: “The Staff Writer course is demanding — one half is on Despite overcoming mechanical prob- asphalt streets and the other half on paths lems and logging nearly 118 miles on through the forest.” bike and foot in less than 11 hours, David Following the run, competitors transi- Perez crossed the finish line to become tion to cycling for three laps of a 50K part of the top 9 percent of world’s best course through the hilly town. Athletes duathlon competitors. then complete one final run on a 30K Perez finished the International Tri- “hilly running course,” according to the athlon Union’s Long Course Duathlon website. World Championships, held Sept. 2, in A few days before the event, Perez flew 10:44:48 for 113th overall and 11th in his to Switzerland to acclimate to the climate age group. and altitude, as well as train with Team The competition began with a 10K USA for the first time. run, followed by a 150K bicycle ride On the day of the event, he said, the and concluded with a 30K run through atmosphere was “thick” as competitors the hills of Zofingen, Switzerland as the prepared for the intense event. top 1,224 endurance athletes from more “Everyone was giving the 1,000-yard than 30 countries competed for the world stare,” Perez said. “Everyone was focused championship title. and ready to go.” Perez, a technical sergeant with U.S. Perez finished the 10K in about 47 Cyber Command who was competing in minutes and then transitioned to his only his second dualthlon, was part of the bike, when his troubles began. During the 19-member Team USA. 150K ride, the bike had two flat tires and “The experience was unlike anything I the chain fell off. could describe, from the opening ceremo- “When it comes to these types of nies to the pre-race dinner to the actual races, it is much like a NASCAR pit crew event itself and closing ceremonies that — how quick can you fix it and get it out followed,” said Perez, 31. “It was amaz- — because every second someone passes ing to be part of 30 countries and their you, it’s negative time,” Perez said. “Over- top endurance athletes representing their coming something like that isn’t easy. It’s perspective flags.” a matter of mentally being tough and Perez qualified for Team USA after fin- staying focused and in the game.” ishing Maryland’s Blackwater Duathlon After finishing the ride in 6:17:51, Perez in Cambridge on June 3 in a little more rounded out the race with the final 30K. than four hours. Following the Blackwa- Ultimately, Perez crossed the finish line photos courtesy David Perez ter event, Perez began training for the at 10:44:48 to earn an 11th place finish in grueling course in Zofingen. his age group, but narrowly missed finish-David Perez, 31, competes in the International Triathlon Union’s Long Course Duathlon “This course is considered the toughest ing in the top 100.World Championships on Sept. 2 in Zofingen, Switzerland. The event consisted of 10K duathlon course in the world,” he said. Despite the challenges, Perez said herun, followed by a 150K bicycle ride and concluded with a 30K run. “It is considered the toughest for several is pleased with the results and looks different factors: high altitude, inclines, forward to earning a spot on next year’s humidity and technicality.” Team USA. The course through the rugged terrain “I will definitely try to qualify for of the Northern Switzerland town that Team USA again next year and represent was the home of an ancient monastic our country even better than this using settlement totaled almost 118 miles with my experiences,” he said. “This was my nearly 25 miles on foot and 93 miles on first competition at this level, so I was a bicycle. rookie. But I was very successful with my According to the event’s website, the rookie debut.” David Perez, a technical sergeant with U.S. Cyber Command, cycles through the hills of Zofingen, Switzerland on Connect with Sept. 2 during the International Triathlon Fort Meade at Union’s Long Course Duathlon World Championships. Perez competed as a member of Team USA and finished /ftmeade at 113th out of 1,224 with a time of 10:44:48.16 SOUNDOFF! September 20, 2012
  13. 13. S portsInstallation Resiliency Run route Fort Meade will host anInstallation Resiliency Run on Barricades DuringFriday from 6:30 to 8 a.m. at Garrison RunMcGlachlin Parade Field. 0630-0730 Partner organizations, Run Routecivilians and guests are welcometo participate in the three- Soldier TCPmile run or come out to cheer Saw Horse Variable Message boardrunners along the route. Sections of Mapes, Reece andMacArthur roads will be closedfor the run. Road barriersand personnel will be usedto control traffic during thetemporary closures. For more information, call301-677-4719 or 301-677-5229. The Washington Savings Bank Purchase Rewards Find out more at Turn Everyday Purchases into Cash Saving Real Money Just Got Real Easy. Just log on to TWSB Just Use Your TWSB Debit Card at to learn more. to activate exclusive cash back offers at the Click types of places you like to shop. MEMBER Shop online or in stores to redeem your offers by FDIC paying with your card. FIVE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU! cash back – deposited right into your account BOWIE CROFTON ODENTON MILLERSVILLE WALDORF Enjoy at the end of next month. 301-352-3100 410-721-8867 4201 Mitchellville Rd. 1669 Crofton Centre 410-551-8800 1161 Annapolis Rd. 410-987-1515 676 Old Mill Road 301-843-7200 3225 Crain Highway September 20, 2012 SOUNDOFF! 17
  14. 14. S ports Sports Shorts Jibber Jabber - Opinion Football Fan Fare 5K Run and 1-Mile Walk The installation’s annual Run Series continues with the Football Fan Fare 5K Run and 1-Mile A man worth remembering Walk on Saturday at 8 a.m. at Constitution Park. Pre-registration cost for individuals is $15. Cost on the day of the run is $25. Pre-registration cost is $40 for a I never met Steve Sabol. is the single big- family of three to six people. On We never shared a drink or caught a gest reason why the day of the event, the cost is Chad T. Jones, game. I don’t know if he was a good friend, a majority of my $60 per family. Public Affairs great father, or even a man of God. dreams are accom- Pre-registration cost for groups Officer And quite frankly, it doesn’t matter. panied by a score of seven to 10 is $85. The only thing I need to know about created by Sam Spence ( All pre-registered runners will receive a T-shirt. Sabol, who passed away on Tuesday after watch?v=RDT3aewUld4) and narrated by The next run will be the Ghost, Ghouls and Goblins 5K Run and 1-Mile battling brain cancer, is that he made my the man with the greatest voice in the history Walk on Oct. 27 at 8 a.m. at the Pavilion. life a whole lot better. And if you think of voices - John Facenda ( For more information, call 301-677-7916 or 301-677-3867. about it, he probably made yours better h?v=KRA8nKxxBcYfeature=related). as well. Just the other night, soon after my eyes Youth Fishing Rodeo You see, Sabol, 69, along with his father, closed and REM kicked in, I found myself The community is invited to the Youth Fishing Rodeo on Oct. 13 from 10 Ed, created NFL Films. Now I want all running away from Jason Voorhees when all a.m. to 1 p.m. at Burba Lake. of you football fans to think about that of the sudden, Facenda’s voice arose from Registration will be from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Burba Lake Cottage. last sentence for a second. … He created the campsite like some omnipresent deity. There is no registration fee or pre-registration. NFL Films. I don’t know exactly what he said, but it Youths age 3 to 16 will be divided into three age divisions. Awards will be In case you still do not realize, or fully went something like this: presented for each age group. appreciate, what that means, let me put it For more information, call Outdoor Recreation at 301-677-3810 or 301-677-3825. to you like this: Chad dashed and darted Without NFL Films, we’d never have through the trees Meade High sports the 65 Toss Power Trap ( The camp was roaring with thunder watch?v=coZxFtVsBVg) or see what a And just when the prey thought Meade High School athletics is preparing for the new school year. party with Iron Mike Singletary would be To compete for the Meade Mustangs, email athletic director Dave Lanham all was safe like ( at X0). Jason brought the fat man asunder. The Dallas Cowboys would have Girls self-defense class never been branded America’s Team, and To be honest, if it wasn’t for NFL films, we would have never known that the this kid from the trailer parks of Mattawan, Beginning Oct. 1, self-defense techniques for girls ages 13 to 17 will be Mich., wouldn’t even have known what orches- offered Mondays and Wednesdays from 4 to 5 p.m. at the Youth Center. Autumn Wind was a Raider (youtube. com/watch?v=Jroy7fHIMaI). tra music was, much less the importance of a Cost is $85 per month. good narrator. For more information, call 301-677-1156. There’d be no Hard Knocks, or NFL Film Presents, and even the sport-highlight So even though I may not cry over Sabol’s packages that we are used to seeing would passing, I will take some time to pay my NFL Sunday have been far different. And by different, I respects. And if you football fans out there in The Lanes’ lounge is a showing venue for NFL games this football season, mean far less entertaining. Jabber Nation have any sense of loyalty and with the exception of local blackouts, on eight, 42-inch high-definition flat- To be more direct, NFL Films made a an ounce of gratefulness, you’ll take a few screen televisions. Food service and full bar are available. good game theater, and in doing so turned moments and do the same. For more information, call 301-677-5541. a sport into an institution. RIP Steve. Thanks for making the world’s As I was driving into work Wednesday great game that much greater and filling so Texas Hold ‘em morning, I heard someone describe Sabol many hours of my life with film and football. If you have any comments on this or any- as the Steve Jobs of football. I find that Texas Hold ‘em no buy-in games are played Mondays at 7 p.m. at the Lanes. comparison a little disrespectful of Sabol. thing to do with sports, contact me at chad. Games are free and open to the public. For more information, call 301-677- I don’t know about you, but NFL Films 5541. Dollar Days For all your varsity and intramural sports schedules, The Lanes offers Dollar Days every Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. scores and standings, visit Bowlers receive a game of bowling, shoe rental, a hot dog, hamburger, small fries, pizza slice or small soda for $1 each. For more information, call 301-677-5541. SOUNDOFF! September 20, 2012