Fort Meade SoundOff for June 7, 2012


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Fort Meade SoundOff for June 7, 2012

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Fort Meade SoundOff for June 7, 2012

  1. 1. Soundoff! vol. 64 no. 23 Published in the interest of the Fort Meade community ´ June 7, 2012 weathering the storm photo by Marcy rodriquezStorm clouds brew over Piney Orchard as the Fort Meade area has hit Friday with storms that sparked reports of two tornadoes touching down on the installation. Therewere no reports of injuries as the storms caused minor damage on the installation. This photo was submitted by Marcy Rodriquez, a Fort Meade Facebook follower.For more, see Pages 12-13.bite size lost letters UPCOMING EVENTSMeade Soldiers Vintage letters found Today, 5:45-10 p.m.: “Live” Jazz Night - Club Meadejudge healthy in World War II-era friday, 7 p.m.-Midnight: Chicago Steppin’ - Club Meade building on post Saturday, 9 a.m.: Armed Forces Kids Run - 2234 Huber Road parking loteating competition Monday, 9 a.m.-Noon & 1-6 p.m.: Commissary bagger licensing - 4409 Llewellyn 9 page 8 June 14, 7:30 a.m.: Army Birthday/Flag Day Breakfast - Club Meade
  2. 2. Commander’s Column Soundoff! Summer safety, Army Editorial Staff Garrison Commander Guaranteed circulation: 11,285 ´ Col. Edward C. Rothstein birthday celebration Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Charles E. Smith Public Affairs Officer Chad T. Jones Chief, Command Information Philip H. Jones For the past couple of weeks I have been Next week promoting the need to make safety a priority we celebrate the Assistant Editor & Senior Writer on post. Army’s 237th Rona S. Hirsch My goal is to ensure there is a high level of birthday. A Staff Writer Lisa R. Rhodes awareness that reminds everyone to consider variety of activ- Staff Writer Brandon Bieltz ways to find balance in our lives, take steps to ities will be held Design Coordinator Timothy Davis keep our families strong and be mindful that on and off post Supple­mental photography provided staying safe does not happen by accident. as we celebrate by Patuxent Publishing Co. A good example of Team Meade working with our local together on safety awareness occurred last communities Advertising Friday when Fort Meade and our surrounding and their stead- General Inquiries 410-332-6300 areas came under severe weather and tornado fast support of COL. Edward c. Allison Thompson warnings. our Soldiers Rothstein 410-332-6850 Garrison Commander The Directorate of Emergency Services and and families. Michele Griesbauer the Public Affairs Office worked together, airing The 237th Army birthday commemorates 410-332-6381 warning messages on the installation’s public America’s Army - Soldiers, families and civilians address system and posting information on - who are achieving a level of excellence that is If you would like information about receiving Soundoff! on Fort Meade or are the installation’s Facebook page and Twitter truly Army strong. experiencing distribution issues, call 877-886-1206 or e-mail Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday through account starting early Friday afternoon and Army birthday activities kick off June 14 at Sunday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. continuing through the evening until the storms 7:30 a.m. at Club Meade as the Francis Scott had cleared our area. Key Chapter Association of the U.S. Army Printed by offset method of reproduction as a civilian enterprise in the interest of the The good news is that we suffered minor dam- sponsors an Army Birthday/Flag Day breakfast. personnel at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, by the Patuxent Publishing Co., a subsidiary ages on post and no lives were lost. There will be a guest speaker, Scott Sheads, a of The Baltimore Sun Media Group, 501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21278, every Thursday Following the storms, the Fort Meade Fire historian and ranger at Fort McHenry. except the last Thursday of the year in conjunction with the Fort Meade Public Affairs Office. Requests for publication must reach the Public Affairs Office no later than Friday before the Department and the Directorate of Public At 10 a.m. June 14, I will participate in a desired publication date. Mailing address: Post Public Affairs Office, Soundoff! IMME-MEA-PA, Works worked together to remove fallen tree cake-cutting ceremony with Howard County Bldg. 4409, Fort Meade, MD 20755-5025. Telephone: 301-677-1361; DSN: 622-1361. limbs and coordinated with the Baltimore Gas Executive Ken Ulman at the Columbia mall. and Electric Co. regarding power outages on Army units from our area also will have displays Everything advertised in this publication must be made available for purchase, use or patronage the installation. set up in the mall. The displays will be in place without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, marital status, handicap or sex of purchaser, user or patron. A confirmed violation or rejection of this policy of equal opportunity by an advertiser Working together, Team Meade did all the June 14 through June 16. will result in the refusal to print advertising from that source. things we would hope our emergency response On June 15, the Bowie Baysox will help cel- teams would do to keep us safe in severe ebrate the Army’s birthday. The game, which Printed by Patuxent Publishing Co., a private firm, in no way connected with the Department weather. starts at 7:35 p.m., will feature the Army Color of the Army. Opinions expressed by the publisher and writers herein are their own and are Friday’s storms were the first severe weather Guard from the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment not to be considered an official expression by the Department of the Army. The appearance storms of the summer. As we experience hotter (The Old Guard). The National Anthem will of advertisers in the publication does not constitute an endorsement by the Department of the Army of the products or services advertised. weather, summer storms will continue. Knowing be performed by the U.S. Army Old Guard Fife what to do when severe weather occurs allows and Drum Corps. “God Bless America” will be everyone to enjoy outdoor summer activities performed by Sgt. 1st Class Erika Lehmkuhl, and may save your life. First Army Division East. Pfc. Wesley Pattillo, When you hear a weather alert, take steps to 704th Military Intelligence Brigade, will throw protect yourself and your family. Listen to radio out the first pitch. You can also keep track of Fort Meade on Twitter at and television for information and updates The celebration will be highlighted by a group and view the Fort Meade Live Blog at about the storm. If you’re planning a trip out- of future Soldiers who will be sworn into the doors, always listen to the latest forecasts and Army. take necessary action if threatening weather is I hope you are able to find time and join me possible. for these events next week. Co n t e n t s Severe weather is just one area we need to be mindful of as we continue our “101 Critical Days of Summer” campaign, which runs through the News.............................. 3 Classified.............................. 20 Labor Day weekend, ending Sept. 4. Follow Fort Look for more information about ways you Meade on Trouble Ticket................ 4 Sports................................... 14 can keep safe throughout the summer in the Soundoff! Enjoy the summer months ahead and Community.................. 16 Movies.................................. 19 continue to make safety a personal matter. /ftmeademd SOUNDOFF! June 7, 2012
  3. 3. NewsMeade service members honored at awards ceremonyBy Brandon BieltzStaff Writer After appearing before numerous mil-itary boards to answer countless ques-tions from high-ranking enlisted servicemembers, Navy Petty Officer 2nd ClassJanice Truong stood on the stage of thePost Theater to loud applause as she Navy Petty Officerwas pinned with the Navy and Marine 2nd Class JaniceCorps Achievement Medal. Truong poses for a The cryptologic technician from photo on a BurbaNavy Information Operations Com- Lake pier on Mondaymand Maryland was among the handful afternoon. During anof service members who were honored awards ceremonyMay 30 at an awards ceremony for their held May 30 at thesuccess at the installation’s military Post Theater, Truongboards. Most awardees won Soldier, was named thenoncommissioned officer or Ultima ser- Ultima Junior Servicevice member of a quarter. Member of the Year Other service members were recog- after completingnized for winning the installation-level a series of boardyear boards. appearances. Soldier of the Year Spc. Gabriel Tur- photo by noah Scialomnage and Ultima NCO of the Year Sgt.Jennifer Ream were unable to attend theceremony due to deployments. Truong was honored at the ceremonyas the Ultima Junior Service Memberof Year for 2012. The Ultima categoryis for service members of all militarybranches. “I was very honored,” Truong said. is ongoing because boards are so regu- cussed leadership. He told the service“It’s very humbling to represent NIOC lar, said Truong. But because the few members that is it crucial for leaders to Army winnersMaryland.” weeks prior to a board are stressful, she be visible, including pitching in to help • Sgt. Timothy Greathouse, NCO of the Winners went through several board said service members need to mentally when needed. First Quarterappearances to earn their awards. Prior prepare themselves for the “nerve-rack- “Your Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, • Spc. Gabriel Turnage, Soldier of the Firstto attending the installation’s boards, ing” board. Marines and Coast Guardsmen need to Quarterservice members competed at their com- “It’s difficult, it’s always going to be understand that you aren’t above taking • Sgt. Zachary Carnaham, NCO of thepany, battalion, squadron and then difficult,” she said. “I don’t think any out the trash, rolling up your sleevesbrigade boards. Year winners attended service member is going to walk in there and getting a little dirty just because Second Quarteran additional board after winning a feeling super confident without any type you hold a title,” Drenning said. “This • Spc. Kaya Hansen, Soldier of thequarter competition. of nerves.” is a great way to lead by example.” Second Quarter Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. The long and tedious process, Smith He also encouraged the service mem- • Spc. Gabriel Turnage, Soldier of the YearCharles E. Smith said service members said, pays off in the long run as success bers to remain humble, not forget wherewere asked various questions rang- at the boards can give service members they came from and to show the people Ultima winnersing from military history to technical a boost when it comes time for promo- they lead that they are important. • Sgt. Jennifer Ream, Utlima NCO of themanuals. They also were critiqued on tions. “Even though you might have a lot First Quartertheir appearance and physical fitness. “This is a plus for their careers,” he going on at your desk, your people are • Petty Officer 2nd Class Janice Truong,Preparing for these boards, Smith said, said. “Those certificates go into their your greatest asset,” Drenning said. Ultima Junior Service Member of the Firstis a huge time-commitment. records. When the senior leaders review “Make sure they know where you pri- “You have to take your personal time their records for promotion, it’s basical- orities are.” Quarterto win these type of boards,” he said. ly a plus-up for them to being selected Following the brief speech, the board • Staff Sgt. Daniel Decook, Ultima NCO of“It’s not something you can pick up over their peers.” winners were awarded monetary rewards the Second Quartertoday and come up here tomorrow and The 20-minute ceremony to celebrate in addition to a lunch pass to Club • Airman First Class Liam Tupper, Ultimaregurgitate to everybody. You have to the achievements of the service mem- Meade, Commander’s Coin of Excel- Junior Service Member of the Secondstudy and you have to apply yourself. bers was attended by Smith, Garrison lence, garrison plaque and prizes from QuarterYou have to work on your physical fit- Command Col. Edward C. Rothstein sponsors. • Sgt. Jennifer Ream, Ultima NCO of theness and weight control because your and guest speaker NIOC Command “It feels amazing to be able to rep- Yearappearance comes into play.” Master Chief Scott Drenning. resent NIOC and the Navy,” Truong • Petty Officer 2nd Class Janice Truong, The studying and preparation process During his speech, Drenning dis- said. Ultima Junior Service Member of the Year June 7, 2012 SOUNDOFF!
  4. 4. N ewsStateside number gives callers Communityeasy access to Army in Europe Crime WatchBy U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs Compiled by the Fort Meade Directorate of Emergency Services HEIDELBERG, Germany — Anyone can now call the Army in Europe’s official DefenseSwitched Network phone numbers from the U.S. via a standard stateside commercial telephone May 29, Larceny of privatenumber: 301-981-1059. property: Person(s) unknown May 31, Larceny of private The number gives callers in the U.S. who do not have a DSN line available immediate commercial by unknown means removed property: The victim statedaccess to an operator in Germany, who will then connect them to the appropriate DSN number in a Maryland registration plate that her camera was removedEurope. from a trailer located within from her vehicle. “We realized that some people stateside not used to calling overseas are put off by foreign access the RV parking and country codes,” U.S. Army Europe Chief of Public Affairs Bryan Hilferty said. “I know June 2, Shoplifting: The sub-I was. May 29, Larceny of private ject was observed by Exchange “So we designed this system to encourage communication with incoming Soldiers and families, property: The victim stated that his video surveillance taking two shirtsas well as with U.S. citizens or researchers who have questions about the Army in Europe.” laptop computer was stolen from his and departing the store without ren- residence and that a power cable, one dering proper payment. However, callers still must know the unit they want to connect with or their DSN number so the terabyte hard drive and six two-giga-operator can complete the call. byte RAM chips were missing. “And remember, the Army in Europe is six hours ahead of the East Coast, so best to call us whenit is morning in the U.S.,” Hilferty said. Callers must pay commercial calling costs to the Maryland 301 area code, but there are no over-seas calling charges. The number is accessible from any phone and is for official use only — not for “morale and On the lookout for theftwelfare calls” to access a civilian number, or for other personal use. The Directorate of Emergency Services is actively working to The primary method for official communications remains DSN or email. keep neighborhoods safe. For more information, email Families residing on post should remember to ensure that windows and doors to homes, cars and garages are locked at all times, regardless of time of day. Although the crime rate in military housing is lower than off post, it is important to remember that Fort Meade is not immune to crime. To protect your family and belongings, remember to Connect with Fort Meade at take an active role in deterring crime. Remain aware of your surroundings and immediately report any suspicious activity to the Fort Meade Police at 301-677- 6622 or 6623. Have you noticed an issue on post AER campaign Trouble and wondered if anything is being done to fix it? Email concerns and issues to chad.t.jones.civ@mail. surpasses Ticket mil. Each week, Soundoff! will address issues identified on post and describe what is being done to $80,000 goal The Fort Meade Army Emergency solve them. Relief campaign has collected $105,373.03 as of Tuesday, 131 Issue: Plan: Status: percent of its $80,000 goal. Youth Services Sports Renovate the Youth Services Actual use of fields is Complex needs renovations Sports Complex expected to be this fall after the grass matures Chaplain’s Word: SEEDS “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap McGill Training Center Install a new HVAC Survey work has begun; full HVAC is inoperative install set for completion but by the seeds that you plant.” (except in the ballroom) September 2012; portable A/C — Robert Lewis Stevenson units being used in classrooms SOUNDOFF! June 7, 2012
  5. 5. N ewsExperts concerned about high stress on postBy Lisa R. Rhodes in general. and sometimes decreased productivity,” spoke with their unit commanders toStaff Writer Although Fort Meade does not deploy Fisher said. “With stressors and other risk inform them of the potential for suicide. During the past year, the installation’s large numbers of Soldiers such as Fort factors piling up, along with a decreased A chaplain was assigned to the units tomedical and substance abuse experts have Bragg, N.C., or Fort Campbell, Ky., those sense of hope and not seeing a way out discuss stress and suicide.seen an increase in stress among Soldiers individual service members who do deploy of their problems, service members start In addition, Arthur said Soldiers alsoand Department of the Army civilians do not have the same support that comes to think about not wanting to live or of have expressed a lack of trust in their chainthat has resulted in concerns about suicide, from the camaraderie of deploying with a killing themselves.” of command.workplace burnout and hostility. large unit, Jones said. Victor Arthur, Risk Reduction Program DA civilians also are feeling the strain “The operations tempo [of the military], In addition, Fort Meade also deploys coordinator for ASAP, routinely surveys of increased pressures in the workplace,global wars, fighting two wars, are causing an increasing number of government civil- units on post using the Army’s anonymous mostly due to budget cutbacks.a lot of stress,” said Kenneth Jones, Army ians who deploy as individuals and do not Unit Risk Inventory to determine how sus- Last July, the Installation ManagementSubstance Abuse Program manager. benefit from unit camaraderie. ceptible Soldiers are to risk factors relating Command directed Fort Meade and other “We’re obviously concerned about the Dr. Mark Fisher, chief of behavior to alcohol and drugs, and other stressors. Army installations to reduce its civilianSoldiers, the increase in suicide activ- pediatrics at Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Arthur surveys Soldiers who are within appropriated funded authorizations fority - gestures, attempts - and thoughts of Center and a Medical Department Activ- 30 days of deployment and those who have fiscal year 2013 to 15 percent below itssuicide,” he said. “We’re starting to see ity subject matter expert on suicide, said returned from deployment. June 2011 onboard civilian strength.cases of Department of the Army civilians Soldiers are experiencing stress from work- Within the past four months, 10 Sol- Other IMCOM directives also haveunder serious stress - expressing self-harm ing long hours with decreased resources, diers have answered positively that they mandated a reduction in the civilianand thoughts of harm.” deployments and family issues. have had suicidal thoughts, Arthur said. workforce, according to the installation’s Jones said the operations tempo of the “Stress comes in the form of relation- Three Soldiers responded that they have Resource Management Office.wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and repeated ship problems at work and home, loss of made a plan to commit suicide. The cuts mean remaining employeesdeployments have taken a toll on the Army sleep, anxiety, depressed moods, irritability In response to the inventory, Arthur are required to take on additional respon- Casualty Assistance Families of deceased dependents of active-duty Soldiers who have died in the center’s jurisdiction receive a casualty report from the center, which includes information about the If the PADD chooses the Army option in arranging the funeral, the Army will prepare and dress the Soldier and transport the remains to the funeral home of the PADD’s Center assists dependent’s death. When an active-duty Soldier dies, the Department of the choice. The CAC then tasks the Soldiers who will perform the grieving families Army notifies the Casualty Assistance Center within 10 hours of the incident and prepares a casualty report for the center. Within four hours of the receipt of the report, the CAC military duties at the funeral. The CAO also attends the funeral. “It’s a big honor and a big responsibility,” said Delia By Lisa R. Rhodes sends a notification team to inform the family of the Soldier’s Smith, the center’s benefits coordinator, who has worked as Staff Writer death. a notification officer and as a CAO. “The family just needs It is the doorbell ring no military family wants to answer. O’Connor said CAC notifies the family first so they don’t to know that someone cares.” When an active-duty Soldier has died in Maryland or hear the news through the media. About two to three days after the funeral, the CAO then in theater with family members residing in the state, Fort “We don’t want them to have to figure out if it’s their loved explains which Army and other federal benefits the family is Meade’s Casualty Assistance Center is the first to notify loved one,” she said. eligible to receive and helps them to apply. ones and provide them with the support to make funeral Family members who are notified are listed on the Soldier’s Army benefits include Servicemembers Group Life Insur- arrangements and apply for military benefits. DDForm 93, which is the Record of Emergency Data, which ance, which can range from $50,000 to $400,000, depending “You get to help someone at the worst possible moment,” provides the names and addresses of the Soldier’s next of kin. on the deceased Soldier’s specification, and the Montgomery said Antoinette O’Connor, chief of the Casualty Assistance The notification team includes a chaplain and a Soldier GI Bill. The family also is entitled to Social Security Admin- Center. “The work is demanding, challenging, but it is at the rank of sergeant first class and above, chief warrant istration and Department of Veterans Affairs benefits. rewarding.” officer 2 and above, or captain and above, depending on the The receipt of benefits can take from two weeks to 60 O’Connor oversees a staff of five Department of Army rank of the deceased Soldier. days. civilians, some of whom are retired, and former Soldiers, who The notification officer delivers a message on behalf of In addition to benefits, the family can receive a copy of the operate the casualty assistance program in the region. the secretary of the Army expressing deep regret for the 15-6 Investigation report, which is prepared by the Army and The CAC has jurisdiction in Maryland, except for Prince Soldier’s death. The chaplain is on hand to provide support summarizes the circumstances of the Soldier’s death but does George’s and Montgomery counties; Pennsylvania, except to the family. not include classified information. for Philadelphia and the counties of Bucks, Delaware, Mont- A casualty assistance officer contacts the family four hours After the family has received all their benefits and entitle- gomery and Chester; Delaware; Virginia, in the counties of after the notification team’s visit. The CAO is responsible ments, they are referred to the nearest Survivors Outreach Accomack, Clarke, Frederick, Loudon and Northampton; for helping to arrange the funeral and assisting the family in Services branch. and West Virginia, in the counties of Berkeley, Hampshire, applying for Army and other federal benefits. O’Connor said Soldiers who serve as notification officers Jefferson, Mineral and Morgan. One of the first duties of a CAO is to help the family apply and CAOs are mandated by the Army to receive two days of The center is responsible for providing notification officers, for the Army’s death gratuity, which is a one-time payment training by CAC. chaplains and casualty assistance officers for the families of of $100,000 to the family within 72 hours of the Soldier’s “To help our Soldiers’ families when the Soldier is not there deceased active-duty Soldiers. The CAO also assists families death. is the biggest honor for me,” said Ragime Blaine, casualty of Army retirees who died in the center’s jurisdiction and The CAO then works with the Person Authorized to Direct operations coordinator and a former Army specialist. “The families of DoD civilians who died while temporarily Disposition, or PADD, to arrange the funeral. The PADD is Army is not just an organization that the Soldier joins. Once assigned to the area. listed on the Soldier’s DD Form 93. you’re part of the Army family, you’re always a part.” SOUNDOFF! June 7, 2012
  6. 6. N ewssibilities. plan or a means of hurting themselves,” ees to determine their fitness for the who also is a council member, funds “They’re under a lot of stress, having she said. workplace. Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Train-to do the job of two or three people,” said About 10 percent of civilian clients have Maliner said many managers are ing, a 15-hour suicide prevention work-Marcia Lang, clinical supervisor for ASAP been so stressed and angry that they have requesting that the staff complete medical shop. The course is considered to beand acting manager of the Employee been referred to EAP for physical alterca- evaluations for employees who have behav- suicide first aid. It is open to active-dutyAssistance Program. tions in the workplace and for damage to ioral issues and stress-related aliments. service members, Reservists, National The EAP provides confidential services a co-worker’s property. Work-related stress has made some Guardsmen, DoD civilians and militaryfor service members, government employ- “The fact that this is happening is a employees less available for full perfor- contractors. ASIST is offered on postees, their dependents and retirees, including concern,” Lang said. mance of duty and has increased absentee- every month.short-term therapy and referrals to civilian In each of these cases, Lang has worked ism, Maliner said. The installation is also working to cre-mental health professionals for psychiatric with managers and clients to resolve con- The installation’s Community Health ate a Resiliency Center/Campus at Fortas well as abuse-related challenges. The flicts. She also has helped clients devel- Promotion Council, which is chaired by Meade, which will focus on the Army’sprogram also helps civilians identify and op ways to manage their stress and has Garrison Commander Col. Edward C. five pillars of resiliency: spiritual, social,resolve personal problems that affect their referred them to civilian mental health Rothstein, is working to integrate com- family, physical and emotional.job performance and well-being. professionals for treatment. munity services and resources, identify In the meantime, the experts said ser- Lang said the stress has made civilian Lang said she routinely follows up with gaps and overlap of programs and services vice members, civilians and family mem-employees more susceptible to physical clients to see how they are progressing. and assess community health to enhance bers must seek help if they cannot copeaches and pains and colds due to a weak- Dr. Beverly Maliner, chief of Preven- the well-being of service members, their with the demands of military life and areened immune system. tive Medicine Services at Kimbrough, said dependents and civilian employees. thinking of hurting themselves. Clients also complain that the pressures the clinic’s Occupational Health team has The council is comprised of four work- “If anyone is even thinking about notof their job “consumes life outside of evaluated an increasing number of civil- ing groups - the Installation Prevention wanting to live or of killing oneself,work,” Lang said, and that people find it ian employees complaining of illnesses Team, Physical Resiliency, Family Resil- regardless if there are no plans or intenthard to relax and spend quality time with and distress related to the workplace and iency and Spiritual Resiliency. to act, walk in directly and immediatelyfamily and friends. workplace relationships. Lt. Cmdr. Marivic Fields, director of to behavioral health. After hours, go In the past year, about 25 percent of “They are pretty distressed. ... Employ- Behavior Health Patient Management and the closest emergency room or call 911,”the civilians Lang has served have been ees are unhappy with the pace of work- a licensed social worker at Kimbrough, Fisher said. “Do this also if someone youso depressed that they have contemplated place change,” Maliner said. is the council’s interim health promotion know is in this spot, and don’t leave themsuicide. A staff of three full-time Occupa- officer. She said suicide prevention is one alone until help is received.” “Luckily, I have not had anyone so tional Health nurses assess the mental of the main tasks of the council. For more information, call ASAP atdepressed that they acted on it, or had a and physical health of civilian employ- ASAP, under the leadership of Jones, 301-677-7121. June 7, 2012 SOUNDOFF!
  7. 7. N ewsWorld War II-era letters discovered in wallBy Lisa R. RhodesStaff Writer On Oct. 20, 1943, Wanda Hester fromDewar, Okla., sent a letter to her son Sgt.George Hester, then a Soldier at FortMeade. The mother wrote of her husband’s failinghealth from working in a smelter, their finan-cial troubles and the couple’s attempts to selltheir property and move to California. Despite her concerns, Hester promised tosend her son a $25 bond to help him andhis wife. Hester’s touching letter was among 10 let-ters found by Melwood employees on May24 as the men worked to put up dry wall inBldg. 249 on Chisolm Avenue. The letters, written in the early 1940s, wereaddressed to Fort Meade Soldiers and werefound in a wall frame of the building. Mike Bradford, a carpenter maintenancelead at Melwood, gave the letters to the FortMeade Museum. “I find you can change the date, but thestory remains the same in the Army,” saidBarbara Taylor, museum exhibits specialist.“Mothers sending news from home, Soldiersstill asking their family for money, noncom-missioned officers still concerned about theirtrainees — it’s the human condition. It’s awindow on the past.” Taylor said no one knows why or how theletters were put in the building’s wall. Theletters, which includes two Christmas cards, photos by Jason kellyare fragile, but a museum volunteer is in theprocess of transcribing them. Barbara Taylor, Fort Meade Museum exhibits specialist, reads one of the 10 World War II-era letters written to Fort Meade Soldiers Several letters are unopened and they that were found by Melwood employees in the wall frame of Bldg. 249 on Chisolm Avenue on May 24. The letters (below), whichtechnically belong to the U.S. Postal Service, range from a mother writing to her son about family troubles to a sergeant writing about the Soldiers under his command, wereTaylor said. The museum is in the process given to the Fort Meade Museum.of contacting the postal service to determinewhether the letters can still be delivered, or if all the liquor you want — or is it rationedthe museum can take ownership of the find. too!” Taylor said another poignant letter also Mike Franklin, a Melwood general main-was sent in 1943 from Sgt. Henry Corvatz tenance worker who found the letters, said heat Fort McClellan, Ala., (the Base Realign- didn’t think much of it when he saw them inment and Closure Commission closed the the wall frame.installation in 1995) to Sgt. Chester Caudhill “We noticed how old they were. They hadat Fort Meade. three-cent stamps. We thought that was kind It seems the men went through basic of strange,” Franklin together, Taylor said. Corvatz, a The workers passed the letters around andsenior noncommissioned officer in charge tried to read them before telling Bradford ofof a barrack, writes of overseeing more than their discovery.200 Soldiers. “He said it would be a good idea to take “They’re the same rank,” Taylor said. them to the museum,” Franklin recalled.“Soldiers talk about the same things today, Bradford notified the museum and Frank-they have the same concerns. They take their lin said he is glad he did.job seriously and they are concerned that “If not, they probably would have beentheir Soldiers are well trained.” discarded,” Franklin said. Before ending the letter, Corvatz writes to Editor’s note: visit Fort Meade friend, “It seems you had a mil/soundoff/lostWWIIletters to watchwhale of a time in Baltimore. Must be swell local television stations’ coverage of theto be near a city like that and be able to get story. SOUNDOFF! June 7, 2012
  8. 8. N ewsFood for thoughtSoldiers help judge healthycooking contest in BaltimoreStory and photo by Brandon Bieltz healthy cooking habits and techniques thatStaff Writer will help make a difference in our commu- Sgts. 1st Class Mary Mittlesteadt and nities,” he said.Ron Seymore stood over a plethora of Mittlesteadt and Seymore attended thechicken nuggets as 16 high-schoolers close- demonstration and healthy cooking chal-ly watched their expressions. lenge to support a healthy lifestyle like the Mittlesteadt and Seymore, both from one encouraged in the military.Headquarters and Headquarters Com- “We’re taught in the military to eatpany, were two of four judges in a healthy the right food groups — use the pyramidfood challenge held May 31 at Stratford — and it’s a lifestyle that we choose to stayUniversity in Baltimore. Students from healthy,” Mittlesteadt said.the city’s Dunbar High School created a Seymore noted that people seem to behealthy alternative to fast-food chicken trained to eat fast-food because it is conve-nuggets. nient and doesn’t require them to actually Sgts. 1st Class Ron Seymore and Mary Mittlesteadt join Mark Furst, president and The challenge was sponsored by Strat- cook the food themselves. It’s important, CEO of United Way of Central Maryland, to taste-test chicken nuggets cooked byford University and the Urbanite Project, he said, to encourage people to eat healthy students from Baltimore’s Dunbar High School on May 31 at Stratford University. Thea project that “calls for creative, innovative, at a young age. two Soldiers from Headquarters and Headquarters Company helped judge the healthynon-traditional ideas that address one or “This was a great opportunity to see how cooking competition.more of the barriers to affordable, healthy quickly you actually can prepare somethingfood for Baltimore City residents living in that’s healthy, compared to sitting and encouraged participants to be more cre- “As a healthy eater, I eat things like thisneighborhood food deserts,” according to waiting at a drive-through,” Mittlesteadt ative in the future, suggesting they use all the time,” Mittlesteadt said. “This is howits website. said. crushed fruit loops or rice crisps instead of I cook on a daily basis. It was definitely up Chef Todd Mohr of Stratford led the During the demonstration, Mohr taught bread crumbs. my alley.”competition and instructed the students the students to create chicken nuggets using “I like how he expanded on being able to In addition to supporting a healthyon the importance and benefits of eating natural chicken breasts, flour, eggs and add your own flair,” Mittlesteadt said. “It lifestyle, both Soldiers said they enjoyedhealthy food, over fast-food. Healthy cook- panko bread crumbs. Students then formed definitely gave them the foundation.” the opportunity to interact and spend timeing is a daily emphasis at Stratford, said three teams and tried to copy the recipe. After each team baked their chicken with students in their area.Keith Jones, a marketing specialist with “It was very easy and simple; it wasn’t nuggets, judges sampled each group’s and “It’s not often we get away from desksthe university. time consuming for them,” Seymore said picked the best. Mittlesteadt and Seymore and what we do on a day-to-day basis to “Each day in our culinary labs and of the recipe. said they all tasted the same, and selected hang out with our local students,” Mit-classes, we strive to teach our students Although it was a basic recipe, Mohr the winners based on uniformity. tlesteadt said.MRSA may be and equipment. Some workplace settings have risk fac- tors that make it easier to transmit MRSA. • Do not share personal items. Avoid sharing personal items that touch bare skin such as towels, razors, uniforms If you suspect that your uniform, cloth- ing, personal protective equipment or workstation has become contaminatedtransmitted in These factors, referred to as the 5 Cs, are: • Crowding and personal protective equipment. If you think you have a MRSA infec- with MRSA, wash uniforms, clothing, sheets and towels that become soiled in aworkplace • Frequent skin-to-skin contact • Compromised skin (i.e., cuts or abra- sions) tion, see your health care provider and follow the provider’s advice about return- ing to work. washing machine set to the hottest water setting (with added bleach, if possible). Dry the washed items in a hot dryer,By Karla Simon, Industrial Hygienist • Contaminated items and surfaces Unless directed by a health care pro- rather than air-drying.U.S. Army Public Health Command • Lack of cleanliness vider, employees with MRSA infections Cleaning contaminated equipment and Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus To prevent MRSA infections: should not routinely be excluded from surfaces with detergent-based cleaners orAureus is a potentially dangerous type of • Practice good hygiene. going to work. Environmental Protection Agency-regis-staph bacteria that is resistant to certain Wash your hands thoroughly with soap Exclusion from work should be reserved tered disinfectants is effective at removingantibiotics. and water or use an alcohol-based hand for those with wound drainage (pus) that MRSA from the environment. It typically causes skin infection but can sanitizer. Shower immediately after work- cannot be covered and contained with a The EPA provides a list of EPA-regis-also affect the bloodstream, lungs, heart, ing out on gym equipment. clean, dry bandage and for those who can- tered products effective against MRSA.bones and joints. • Cover your wound. not maintain good hygiene practices. For more information, call 1-800-CDC- MRSA is transmitted most frequently Keep cuts and scrapes clean and covered Employees with active infections should INFO or visit the U.S. Centers for Diseaseby direct skin-to-skin contact or contact with a bandage until healed. be excluded from activities where skin-to- Control and Prevention at http://www.cdc.with shared items or surfaces that have • Do not touch. skin contact with the affected skin area gov/niosh/topics/mrsa/ or the Environmen-come into contact with someone else’s Avoid contact with other people’s is likely to occur until their infections are tal Protection Agency at such as towels, used bandages wounds or bandages. healed. oppad001/chemregindex.htm. June 7, 2012 SOUNDOFF!
  9. 9. N ewsOn-post solicitation is prohibited without approvalBy Lisa R. Rhodes missioned officer in charge of the Mili- come to Fort Meade to deliver pizza. The has the authority to put a company on theStaff Writer tary Police Investigations Division at DES, hires are dropped off in the housing areas off-limits establishment list. Last month, a Meuse Forest resident said he has contacted two pizza delivery to distribute pizza flyers and apparently, go A business is invited to attend a boardposted a complaint on the Fort Meade companies near the installation to inform from door to door. meeting conducted by the AFDCB toFacebook page about a man distributing them of the regulation. He also told them There is concern that they then try to address the concerns of the board. If theflyers from a local pizza delivery com- that if they persist, the companies may be enter homes or unlocked vehicles, Parker board is not satisfied with the businesspany who also attempted to find unlocked considered for placement on Fort Meade’s said. leader’s plan to change the behavior orhomes and vehicles. off-limits establishment listing. Capitol Meats Company, which sells unsafe practice, the board can recommend According to Army Regulation 210- “If they continue to practice what is a discounted meat in bulk, has tried to take to have the business placed on the off-limits7, solicitation on an Army installation criminal exercise, their businesses will suf- advantage of its ability to deliver goods by establishment listing.without an appointment in areas used for fer,” Parker said, noting that the man who illegally soliciting business on post, Parker If solicitors have been escorted off posthousing or processing transient personnel, was soliciting in Meuse Forest on May 12 said. and return to the post at another time, theyor soliciting in the barracks areas used as was escorted off the installation. All other businesses are prohibited from are considered to be criminally trespassingquarters is strictly forbidden. Parker said he has learned that the pizza solicitation, Parker said. and are issued a citation to appear in fed- Only two businesses are contracted by companies are hiring people to distribute A company that unlawfully solicits on eral magistrate court.the Exchange to solicit business on the flyers in the housing areas. The companies post can be barred from the installation by Parker said residents and employeesinstallation: Sweetest Surrender, an ice do not know the people they are hiring, Fort Meade’s Armed Forces Disciplinary should keep their homes and vehiclescream vendor permitted in the housing Parker said, and only know many of them Control Review Board, which examines locked, and that if they see anyone solic-areas, and Tony’s Diner, which serves lunch on a first-name basis. solicitation complaints. The board’s recom- iting a business or service on post, theyto workers at construction sites on post. The hires gain access to the post by trav- mendations are given to Garrison Com- should call the Fort Meade Police at 301- Sgt. 1st Class Roy Parker, the noncom- eling with pizza personnel who legitimately mander Col. Edward C. Rothstein, who 677-6622.707th Airmen revampabandoned housesStory and photo by Mike Milord are sold to people who are willing toArmy Cyber Command Public Affairs work in the renovation.” Hammers, saws and jackhammers Prospective buyers are required towere the tools for 33 Airmen from have worked a minimum 100 hours ofthe Air Force’s 707th Communications their own labor into building their Habi-Squadron, 70th Intelligence, Surveillance tat house and the houses of others beforeand Reconnaissance Wing. they are eligible, Metzer said. They must The uniforms were T-shirts, jeans and also make a down payment and monthlyhardhats. mortgage payments. From April 19 to 20, the group reno- Poole said he previously volunteeredvated homes in Baltimore’s Pen Lucy for Habitat when attending technicalcommunity for Habitat for Humanity. school in Mississippi. The project was a volunteer effort to “I volunteered three or four times,”reach out to the community, said Senior he said.Airman Bryan Poole, cyber transport 1st. Lt. Justin Klawitter, operationsapprentice for the 707th CS, who orga- flight commander for the 707th CS, isnized the workforce. one of the more experienced volunteers “I started doing this in November,” as well.he said. “We started a group and have “I’ve done this before,” said Klawitter,done this a few times already. When this who has been assigned to Fort Meadeproject came up, we received approval to since November. “We decided this wouldprovide support.” be our monthly morale event. The revamped homes in the 600 block “When we got here Thursday, the Airman Staff Sgt. Kyle Garner cuts lumber for framing the walls at a Habitat forof Dumbarton Avenue had been aban- houses looked pretty empty; they had Humanity house in Baltimore. Garner was among the 33 Airmen from the 707thdoned, said Matt Metzger, HFH director already been gutted “ he said. “Right Communications Squadron, 70th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wingof resource coordination. now, we’re framing the inside for each who volunteered to renovate homes from April 19 to 20. When the renovations are complete, room.”these homes will have three bedrooms A resident of Virginia Beach, Va., teer Staff Sgt. Melissa Lange wielded Habitat when her fellow squadron mem-and one and one-half bathrooms. Klawitter also volunteers weekly at Sar- a jackhammer to break up a concrete bers were seeking volunteers. “Habitat acquired the homes,” Metzger ah’s House, a transitional housing pro- sidewalk in back of a house. “I wanted to give back to the com-said. “Then we gathered a volunteer gram for families in need. A civil engineering operator for the munity,” she said. “This is a way to helpworkforce to renovate them. Then they During the project, first-time volun- 707th CS, Lange became involved with out where I can.”10 SOUNDOFF! June 7, 2012
  10. 10. N ews Photos courtesy of USO-Metro USO HOSTS BBQ USO-Metro hosted more than 375 active-duty service members at its third annual Service Member Appreciation Barbecue on Friday at the Freedom Center barracks. Although held June 1, the event was part of USO-Metro’s May Military Appreciation Month activities, said Pam Horton, USO Balti- more/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport Services and Fort Meade operations manager. “It is an [opportunity] to recognize and say thank you to active-duty service members,” she said. USO-Metro also shared information about its new location, which will open later this sum- mer at the corner of Mapes and 6th Armored Calvary roads. ABOVE: Service members compete in a Cha Cha Slide line-dance contest at the USO-Metro’s third annual Service Member Appreciation Barbecue on Friday. TOP RIGHT: Some of the more than 375 service members who participated in USO-Metro’s barbecue dine on a lunch of hamburgers, hot dogs and chips in the courtyard at the Freedom Center barracks. RIGHT: Active-duty service members burn a few calories during a push-up contest at the USO-Metro’s Service Member Appreciation Barbecue for a chance to win an Apple iPod.Air Force’s first woman four-star takes command of AFMCBy Kim Dawley “We honor Janet Wolfenbarger, an extraor- our difficult mission with determination and you know they’ve taken an oath to defendAir Force Materiel Command Public Affairs dinary public servant and a model Air Force enthusiasm.” the Constitution and a pledge to live by core Gen. Janet Wolfenbarger became the first officer,” Schwartz said. “Based on her record, Schwartz also highlighted Hoffman’s values of integrity, service and excellence,” hefemale four-star general in the Air Force and Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley dedication to both AFMC’s mission and its said. “Thanks to all of our Airmen. It has beenassumed the top position of Air Force Mate- and I are entirely confident that she is up to the workforce. my good fortune to be part of the best air forceriel Command during ceremonies Tuesday. task of commanding this great organization.” “Don, thank you for presiding over an in the world. It was the best when I joined it. Wolfenbarger took the reins of the major Wolfenbarger thanked Schwartz and Don- impressive effort here at AFMC,” Schwartz It’s smaller now, its missions have changed, butcommand responsible for the technology, ley for their faith in her ability to lead AFMC said. “During your tenure, AFMC continued it’s still the best. And I have total confidenceacquisition, test and sustainment of the ser- and said she was looking forward to once its longstanding excellence in research and that those who follow me will keep it the bestvice’s current and future weapon systems again being part of the AFMC team. development, test and evaluation, acquisition in the world.”from Gen. Donald Hoffman during a change “This opportunity only really exists management and logistics support. Hoffman, who had served as the com-of command ceremony held at the National because the Air Force has embraced a cul- “During some of the most challenging and mander of AFMC since November 2008, isMuseum of the United States Air Force. ture of diversity,” she said. “This culture has turbulent times for our Air Force, General retiring after 42 years of service. Prior to the change of command, Wolfen- been cultivated over many years, driven by Hoffman has inspired mission success. Don After serving as the military deputy of thebarger received her fourth star during a pro- leadership at every level who acknowledge and Jacki, thank you for your combined ser- Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Airmotion ceremony. and appreciate the value of contributions vice to our Air Force, and for your very impor- Force for Acquisition at the Pentagon for the Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton from every Airman. tant contributions to our nation’s security.” past eight months, Wolfenbarger becomesSchwartz presided over the ceremony, lauding “I promise I will serve in my role as AFMC Hoffman said he would most miss the qual- the eighth AFMC commander since AFMCAFMC’s excellence in keeping Air Force weap- commander with my absolute best effort. ity of the people one finds in the Air Force, stood up on July 1, 1992. She will now leadon systems ready, available and effective, and What’s more, I have total confidence in the and the unquestioned level of trust that Air- a workforce of approximately 81,000 peopleexpressing his confidence that the command is men and women of this command. We will men exude. and manage an annual budget of about $60in capable hands with Wolfenbarger. always rise to the occasion and accomplish “When you meet someone in the Air Force, billion. June 7, 2012 SOUNDOFF! 11
  11. 11. C over S tory N ews WEATHERING THE STORM Tornado warnings set off DES/PAO notifications By Philip H. Jones watch as well as a flash flood watch until 2 lation’s public address system for emergency Chief of Command Information a.m. Saturday, Sides said. announcements is that people do not always Severe weather and tornado warnings As a result of the NWS warning, Sides understand the purpose of the system, Sides Friday set off a series of notification alerts approved the airing of a tornado warning said. to the post community by the Fort Meade message on the installation’s public address “People have reported that they really Directorate of Emergency Services and system, also known as the “Big Voice.” (To can’t understand the ‘Big Voice’ if they’re Public Affairs Office. hear the warning message, visit in their homes or in a building,” he said. The storms, which caused minor dam- bnooH.) “That’s because the ‘Big Voice’ is designed age on Fort Meade, were the first severe However, the deafening sound of the as an alert system for people who are weather storms of the summer and part of rain during the height of the storm made outside. If you are inside, please start a larger weather system that resulted in 10 it difficult to understand the tornado warn- actively monitoring the weather reports on confirmed tornadoes that touched down ing announcement, Sides said, leading him TV, radio and on the Internet. Listen for in Maryland, according to the National to order a second airing of the safety alert. updates and information about what’s going Weather Service. The first storm cleared the area at on around you.” “On Tuesday, a NWS meteorologist said approximately 6:30 p.m., Sides said. But Sides emphasized that it’s important his initial assessment of damage at Fort less than 30 minutes later, the NWS issued for people to realize that they should also Meade indicated two very weak tornadoes a second tornado alert for the greater Fort monitor multiple media sources for severe touched down on the installation,” said Lt. Meade area. Sides ordered another airing of weather information. Col. J. Darrell Sides, Fort Meade provost the tornado warning alert. Another integral part of the post’s emer- marshal and director of DES. “The NWS One of the challenges of using the instal- gency notification system is the Fort Meade said it would review its information before making a final determination.” At approximately 5:29 p.m. Friday, the NWS issued a tornado warning for western Anne Arundel County, which includes Fort Meade, said Sides. “We received a report that two of our police patrols spotted what appeared to be swirling winds similar to a tornado or waterStorms that were part of a larger weather spout near the Post Exchange areas onsystem that resulted in 10 confirmed Reece Road,” Sides said. “The gate guardstornadoes knocked down power lines at Reece Road also witnessed a circu-on Route 175. Baltimore Gas and Electric lar-spinning cloud approaching them withCo. and the Directorate of Public Works debris being thrown at ground level.”responded to the outages in Normandy There were no reports of injuries FridayBluffs housing neighborhood. as Fort Meade remained under the tornadoHigh winds from Friday’s storms flipped over a variable message board trailer locatednear the Reece Road gate. The storms caused minor damage throughout the post.12 SOUNDOFF! June 7, 2012
  12. 12. N ewsPublic Affairs Office. The PAO issued its To receive text messages, users text the Demps Visitor Control Center at the Reece TORNADOfirst update on the installation’s Facebook message “follow ftmeadealert” to 40404, Road gate also were damaged, and a vari-page and Twitter account early Friday after- without the quotation marks. Once reg- able message board sign was knocked down.noon, alerting the Fort Meade community istered, users will automatically receive a In addition, power lines and two transform- WATCHthat severe weather was forecasted. text message for safety and weather alerts. ers located near Route 175 were reported The PAO continued posting updates as The text is sent through Twitter but doesn’t damaged by the storm, knocking out powerthe storm intensified and instructed its require users to be registered Twitter users. to the Normandy Bluffs media users to take cover and move Standard text messaging rates apply to any- Sides also urged the post community to Tornadoes, the most violent naturalto an interior room on the lowest floor of one receiving text alerts, Kelly said. consider safety first during severe weather. hazard, are rotating, funnel-shapeda sturdy building, and to avoid windows at Fort Meade patrols and 911 calls reported “When you hear a tornado warning on a clouds formed from thunderstorms.the height of the storm until the tornado minor damage along Cooper Avenue and on public address system, it not the time to run Strong winds are the most destructivewarning expired at 8 p.m. both sides of Reece Road leading to Route outside and take photos with your iPhone,” aspect, with gusts reaching as high as “We reached more than 11,000 people 175, including a fallen tree that blocked traf- Sides said. 300 mph. The damage path can be aon Facebook alone,” said Jason Kelly, Fort fic on Reece Road, Sides said. He advised people to move to a safe mile wide. Tornado season is generallyMeade’s emerging media manager. “People The Fort Meade Fire Department location inside their homes such as thehave come to count on us to provide cred- responded to the damage reports and used bathroom or beneath a stairwell during a March through August, but tornadoes canible information when time and safety mat- chain saws to clear the fallen tree. tornado. occur any time of the year. Tornadoester. We’re constantly looking for opportuni- The Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. “Tornadoes rarely level an entire struc- most often occur at the tail end of aties to find innovative and effective ways to and the Fort Meade Directorate of Public ture,” Sides said. “One of the safest areas is thunderstorm. Eighty percent of tornadoesserve our community.” Works responded to reports of downed an interior room in the center of your home. occur between noon and midnight. Text alerts from the Fort Meade PAO are power lines that knocked out electrical During a tornado, you really do not haveone of those innovations. power to residents in the Normandy Bluffs time to drive to a shelter.” How to prepare for a tornado: Sides and Kelly suggested that members residential neighborhood. For more information on severe weather prep- Stay informed and know tornadoof the post community consider signing up Other damage included fallen trees adja- aration, visit Ready Army at terminology:to receive the messages, which were first cent to a facility used by Child and Youth mil; American Red Cross at; • Tornado watch - Weather conditionsused during Hurricane Irene last August. Services (Bldg. 902) that destroyed a section the Department of Homeland Security at www. are favorable for the development of Users have the option to receive text mes- of the fence, covered a storage shed and; or a tornado. Stay tuned to the radio orsages, either through the enhanced mobile blocked a door in the rear of the building. the Federal Emergency Management Agency at TV for more information and furtherwebsite or as a text message, Kelly said. Two metal gate-access control bars at the instructions. • Tornado warning - A tornado has been spotted. Take shelter immediately. • Identify a place in your home to take shelter in case of a tornado. A storm shelter or basement provides the best protection. Otherwise, choose an interior room or hallway on the lowest floor possible. • Have frequent tornado drills. • If planning a trip outdoors, listen to the latest forecasts and take necessary action if threatening weather is possible. • Get an emergency supply kit and make a family emergency plan. What to do if there is a tornado: • Take shelter immediately in the designated room. • If you are outside, find shelter immediately. If shelter is unavailable, lie flat in a ditch or low-lying area. • If you are in a car, stop immediately and find shelter. Do not try to drive through a tornado. • Stay tuned to radio or TV for information and instructions as they photos by Lt. Col. J. Darrell Sides become available. A large tree fell onto Reece Road during Friday’s storms. Fort Meade was issued a • Stay in shelter until the tornado has tornado warning three times on Friday and remained under a tornado warning until passed. 2 a.m. Saturday. • Once you are in a safe place, report to your command if you are military or LEFT: Dark clouds cover the sky above the Capt. John E. Smathers U.S. Army Reserve government civilian personnel. Center on Route 175 on Friday. Gate guards at Reece Road reported witnessing Source: Ready Army photo by Sgt. 1st Class Brian Smith circular-spinning clouds during the storm. June 7, 2012 SOUNDOFF! 13