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Fort Meade SoundOff for April 26, 2012


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Fort Meade SoundOff for April 26, 2012

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Fort Meade SoundOff for April 26, 2012

  1. 1. Soundoff! vol. 64 no. 17 Published in the interest of the Fort Meade community ´ April 26, 2012 Best of the best Photo by Staff Sgt. Felix R. FimbresSpc. Adam Engel, 401st Civil Affairs Battalion, shoots a round from his M9 pistol at his target on Fort Meade’s Range 5 during the 352nd CA Command’s Best Warriorcompetition on April 2. The competition determined which 352nd CA Command Soldiers advanced to the next Best Warrior competition in May at Fort Bragg, N.C.For more, see Pages 12-13.survivor giving back UPCOMING EVENTSHolocaust Fort Meade volunteers Saturday: Member Appreciation Day - The Coursessurvivor tells recognized at annual Saturday, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.: Family Fun Fair - McGill Training Center Sunday: Farewell Commander’s Cup tournament - The Coursesher story appreciation ceremony MAy 4, 7:30 a.m.: Army Ten-Miler qualifier - Murphy Field Housepage 6 page 10 May 6, 2:30 p.m.: Memorial Day Remembrance/Massing of Colors - The Pavilion
  2. 2. Commander’s Column Soundoff! Editorial Staff Garrison Commander Guaranteed circulation: 11,285 ´ It goes without saying that one of my primary duties as your garrison commander is to take care of my service members and their families. But what isn’t said enough is that you do not just take care of a Soldier, Sailor, Col. Edward C. Rothstein Airman, Marine or Coastie while they are in uniform. Garrison Command As a good steward within our armed forces, it also is important to set them Sgt. Maj. Charles E. Smith up for success once they trade in their Army greens for a three-piece suit, or Public Affairs Officer their field manuals and regulations for textbooks. That’s where programs like Chad T. Jones the Army Career Alumni Program, better known as ACAP, fit in. This week’s column from the Installation Management Command com- Chief, Command Information mander, Lt. Gen. Mike Ferriter, focuses on ACAP and the various services Philip H. Jones it provides. George Matthews, Fort Meade’s Transition Services-ACAP manager, runs COL. Edward c. Assistant Editor & Senior Writer a first-rate program that is here to help you prepare and get a leg up for life Rothstein Rona S. Hirsch Garrison Commander after the military. Staff Writer Lisa R. Rhodes For more information about Fort Meade’s programs and services including Staff Writer Brandon Bieltz what is available for non-Army personnel, call 301-677-9871. Team Meade! Design Coordinator Timothy Davis Supple­mental photography provided by Patuxent Publishing Co. Army Career and Alumni Program: Preparing for success after the Army Advertising General Inquiries 410-332-6300 Allison Thompson 410-332-6850 Soldiers deliver for the Army and for the nation. that come out Michele Griesbauer I’ve seen it throughout my career, never more so of these events. 410-332-6381 than during my time in Iraq. For example, So when you decide it’s time to move on to the employers made If you would like information about receiving Soundoff! on Fort Meade or are next stage of your life, it’s only right that we should at least 300 job experiencing distribution issues, call 877-886-1206 or e-mail have a plan, prepare together and then execute with offers during Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday through energy to ensure success. Fort Campbell’s Sunday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. That’s why we have the Army Career and job fairs in Sep- Printed by offset method of reproduction as a civilian enterprise in the interest of the Alumni Program. Whether your next stage includes tember, and the personnel at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, by the Patuxent Publishing Co., a subsidiary a job, school, continued service with the Guard or ACAP office of The Baltimore Sun Media Group, 501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21278, every Thursday Reserves, or all three, ACAP will help you and your is still hearing except the last Thursday of the year in conjunction with the Fort Meade Public Affairs Office. family prepare for a successful transition. from Soldiers Lt. gen. mike ferriter Requests for publication must reach the Public Affairs Office no later than Friday before the Today there is unprecedented support for tran- who received a Installation Management desired publication date. Mailing address: Post Public Affairs Office, Soundoff! IMME-MEA-PA, Command Commander Bldg. 4409, Fort Meade, MD 20755-5025. Telephone: 301-677-1361; DSN: 622-1361. sitioning Soldiers and veterans at federal, state and job offer then. local levels. Hiring Our Heroes, a U.S. Chamber ACAP offices regularly support these events on Everything advertised in this publication must be made available for purchase, use or patronage of Commerce initiative, is a great example. Their our installations, and success stories come out of without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, marital status, handicap or sex of purchaser, job fairs bring together a whole range of organiza- every one. user or patron. A confirmed violation or rejection of this policy of equal opportunity by an advertiser tions - private industry, the Department of Labor, Of course, this great news is predictable. You will result in the refusal to print advertising from that source. the Veterans Administration, the Small Business have an incredible skill set - leadership, adaptability, Printed by Patuxent Publishing Co., a private firm, in no way connected with the Department Administration and state workforce commissions ingenuity and dedication - before we even get to the of the Army. Opinions expressed by the publisher and writers herein are their own and are - all focused on connecting transitioning Soldiers technical skills. Employers recognize that you bring not to be considered an official expression by the Department of the Army. The appearance and vets with employment opportunities. something extra to the table. We know that when of advertisers in the publication does not constitute an endorsement by the Department of The same idea is behind Hero 2 Hired (https:// they meet you, they will want you. the Army of the products or services advertised. This Army website helps transitioning Thank you to the great teams - the folks at Soldiers and vets connect with 50,000 employers ACAP and our Department of Labor and Veterans who have vowed to employ them. Administration partners who are helping transi- ACAP is there to help you learn about and make the most of these and other opportunities. tioning Soldiers reach their goals. What you do - polishing resumes and interview skills, research- You can also keep track of Fort Meade on twitter at The key is to get to ACAP early, at least 12 ing opportunities, and building connections - is and view the Fort Meade Live Blog at months out for separating Soldiers or two years out invaluable to helping Soldiers translate their Army for retiring Soldiers. Talk with an ACAP counselor experiences into success after the Army. about your goals - continuing military service, get- Thank you, also, to all the leaders doing right ting a job, going back to school or starting a busi- by our transitioning Soldiers. We’re looking for Co n t e n t s ness - and lay out a plan to get there. For transitioning Soldiers looking to enter the concrete outcomes for all transitioning Soldiers - a solid resume and measurable progress toward their civilian job market, it’s good news to hear about goal, whether a job offer, a business plan or an News.............................. 3 Sports................................... 17 employers lining up to participate in job fairs on acceptance letter from a school. our installations - 92 employers at a Fort Polk, With your involvement and support, we all win. Trouble Ticket................ 4 Movies.................................. 19 La., job fair in January; 75 at Fort Jackson, S.C., Thank you for setting Soldiers up for success. That’s on March 6; and 122 at Fort Campbell, Ky., from a real example of taking care of Soldiers. Community.................. 14 Classified.............................. 20 March 21 to 22, to name recent examples. Thank you for your service. It’s even better news to hear the success stories Support and defend! SOUNDOFF! April 26, 2012
  3. 3. NewsNew 902nd MI complexdedicated at ribbon cuttingBy Tina Miles, Public Affairs Officer to the Counterintelligence Corps and the780th Military Intelligence Brigade first female enlisted student in the Counter- The 902nd Military Intelligence Group intelligence Corps Basic Agents Course.conducted a ribbon cutting ceremony and She was also the first female specialbuilding dedication for its new headquar- agent assigned overseas when she served inters and Army Counterintelligence Center the 66th Military Intelligence Group, andcomplex on April 19. later became the first woman to attend the The new headquarters, named after and Polygraph School.dedicated to Chief Warrant Officer 3 Ann “My aunt’s accomplishments in her dis-M. McDonough, was a project planned tinguished military career were a result offor several years that finally broke ground her ability and her belief that she could doin April 2008. whatever she set her mind to,” McDonough The complex replaces the 902nd MI’s said. “Being first in her field was mere-previous headquarters destroyed by fire ly another challenge, not a permanentin 2006. obstruction.” After a process that solicited input from This year, the Military Intelligence Photo by Craig Thoburnthe entire 902nd MI, the U.S. Army Intel- Branch celebrates its 50th anniversary and Col. Andrea Thompson, commander, 902nd Military Intelligence Group, cuts theligence and Security Command historian the Military Intelligence Corps celebrates ribbon to the entrance of the new 902nd headquarters building, which was namedand the U.S. Army Intelligence Center its 25th anniversary. after and dedicated to Chief Warrant Officer 3 Ann M. McDonough, during a ceremonyof Excellence historian, it was decided to “I am proud to say the 902nd MI on April 19 at Fort Meade. Thompson was assisted by McDonough’s sister-in-lawname the new building after McDonough, Group is starting the next chapter of our Barbara McDonough and niece Christine Ward, as Command Sgt. Maj. Valid Gabr,who is considered a legend in the counter- rich MI history this same year as we move 902nd MI, and McDonough’s nephew Thomas McDonough holds the ribbon whileintelligence community. into McDonough Hall,” said Col. Andrea other McDonough family members watch. “Ann would be most grateful for Thompson, commander, 902nd MI Group,this honor,” said her nephew Thomas in her speech during the ceremony. “ThisMcDonough, guest speaker for the event. In addition to the eight family mem-bers who attended the dedication, distin- headquarters represents not only the legacy of the 902nd, but perhaps more so, the future of the 902nd.” FREEDOM INNguished guests included Air Force Maj.Gen. Jim Keffer, deputy chief, CentralSecurity Service, National Security Agency; Harold Payne, production manager, Army Counterintelligence Center, also spoke. A Department of the Army civilian DINING FACILITY HOURSGerri Turnbow, director, Army G2; fel- within the 902nd MI, Payne is a retired Weekdays (starting Tuesday) Weekendslow command teams from the Intelligence lieutenant colonel who also served in theand Security Command, Fort Meade and 902nd during his military career. Breakfast Breakfastintelligence community; and senior staff “This is more than just a pretty brick 6-8 a.m. 8-9:30 a.m.from Army G2 and Army Intelligence and building. ... Today, for the first time sinceSecurity Command. its inception, the members of the Army Lunch Lunch Also in attendance were congressio- Counterintelligence Center will be located 11:15 a.m.-12:45 p.m. 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.nal staffers from the offices of Sen. Bar- together, under one roof,” Payne said. “Itbara A. Mikulski, Rep. Andy Harris of has always been my belief that if we could 12:15-12:45 p.m. (DoD ID card holders)Maryland’s 1st Congressional District, Sen. just get everybody together, the yearning Dinner DinnerC.A. Dutch Ruppersberger of Maryland’s for collaboration and the spirit of profes- 5-6:30 p.m. 5-6:30 p.m.2nd Congressional District and Rep. John sionalism would be contagious.”Sarbanes of Maryland’s 3rd Congressional That’s the promise the CW3 Ann For the menu, visit McDonough Hall brings to the 902nd MI The cost of each meal is as follows: During his speech, McDonough — “increased opportunities for collabora- Breakfastrecounted his aunt’s service, which started tion and the success that comes from highly E-4 and below: $2.10in World War II as an air raid warden in effective teamwork,” he said. Everyone else: $2.45Waterbury, Conn. Payne spoke passionately about the “I have heard many stories of those times 902nd MI’s legacy, bringing the audienceabout my determined, strong-willed aunt to a standing ovation. Lunchbanging on doors in her neighborhood that “As we read the proud name that watch- E-4 and below: $3.90had left their shades up,” he said. es over our guard station, we will be moti- Everyone else: $4.55 Ann McDonough began her career in vated and reminded that we are a part of1942, when she entered the civil service and a very proud legacy,” he said, “charged Dinnerlater joined the Women’s Army Corps. She with the responsibility of protecting the E-4 and below: $3.90broke the gender barrier several times dur- Army’s classified information and tech- Everyone else: $4.55ing her career, as the first woman assigned nologies.” April 26, 2012 SOUNDOFF!
  4. 4. N ewsKimbrough provides information on child abuse prevention For National Child Abuse Awareness • Begs for or steals food, clothes or • Eating changes (loss of appetite or over- he or she was complicit in the act.Month in April, Kimbrough Ambula- money eating)tory Care Center is sharing educational • Frequently lacks needed medical or • Touching behaviors (usually touching Resourcesmaterial regarding signs and symptoms dental care themselves or masturbation) If you suspect that your child may haveof child abuse • Poor hygiene • Trouble falling or staying asleep, night- been exposed to inappropriate sexual con- Recognizing child abuse symptoms can • Lacks sufficient clothes per the weather mares tact but does not or will not tell you, therehelp prevent lasting effects. If you see any • Abuses alcohol and drugs particularly are other alternatives.of the following signs, consider contact- prior to the age of 14 Recommendations Kimbrough offers several resources foring any of the resources listed below. • Frequently reports that no adults are When responding to any of these con- concerned parents: at home cerns, consider the following recommenda- • Pediatric Primary Care, 301-677-8800Signs of physical abuse: tions: • Social Work Services, 301-677-8895• Unexplained burns, bruises, bites, bro- Signs of sexual abuse: • Don’t let your child see that you are • Behavioral Health Department, 301-ken bones or black eyes • Difficulties walking or sitting angry or upset. 677-8895• Fading bruises or other marks notice- • Suddenly refuses to change clothes in front Your child may interpret your emotion Fort Meade community resources alsoable after an absence from school or other of others as being directed at him or her for what are available:regular activities • Demonstrates sexual knowledge or behav- happened or that the child did something • Army Community Service, 301-677-• Frightened of a parent or caregiver, ior that is not age appropriate wrong. A child is always right for telling you 5590and shows fear on having to return to • Runs away frequently if something happened to him or her. • Victim Advocacy Services, 301-677-5590their care • Aggressive behaviors with parents, siblings • Maintain your child’s privacy. • Directorate of Emergency Services, 301-• Startles or flinches easily around a par- or peers Do not discuss the situation with other 677-6622 or 301-677-6623ent or caregiver • Irritability (defiance) adults in the presence of your child. This • Anne Arundel County Child Protective• Frequent somatic complaints (belly • New fears or becomes highly avoidant of leaves the child with the impression that Services, 410-421-8400aches or body pain) prior activities “something is wrong” and could trigger • Howard County Child Protective Ser- • Toileting changes or regression (bed-wet- shame. vices, 410-872-4203 (After hours: 410-313-Signs of neglect: ting or accidents) • Do not pressure your child. 2929)• Frequent absences from school or other • Other regressive behaviors (clingy, temper Children will often keep embarrassing For more information, visit www.childwel-regular activities tantrums or crying spells) topics to themselves, fearing that somehow Have you noticed an issue on post Community Trouble and wondered if anything is being done to fix it? Email concerns and issues to chad.t.jones.civ@mail. Crime Watch Ticket mil. Each week, Soundoff! will Compiled by the Fort Meade Directorate of Emergency Services address issues identified on post April 18, Wrongful damage of pri- April 22, Larceny of private proper- and describe what is being done to vate property: Unknown person(s) ty: The victim stated that he placed solve them. by unknown means damaged his black, aviator prescription sun- the driver’s door of the victim’s glasses in the center console of his vehicle. vehicle. When he returned to his Issue: Plan: Status: vehicle, the glasses were missing. April 19, Wrongful damage of pri- Sections of the jogging trail To find an adequate jogging DFMWR has determined a vate property: Unknown person(s) April 22, Spousal abuse: Two units will close starting May 1 due trail for the installation route for a revised trail; kicked open the front door to vacant quar- were dispatched to a domestic argument in to upcoming construction see Page 17 for more ters, causing damage to the door. progress. They found an opened door with two individuals just inside the doorway, projects arguing. An investigation revealed that the April 20, Larceny of private property: The victim stated that his prescription sun- husband and wife were involved in a verbal glasses were missing from Defense Media argument, which turned physical when the Activity. He checked with the security desk, husband punched his spouse with a closed which informed him that the front desk had fist multiple times in the head and face. The Installation Safety Office Repair the play equipment Repairs are under way his sunglasses. When he went to the front has deemed and marked so that it is functional desk to retrieve his sunglasses, the security April 22, Larceny of government property: some play equipment at guards checked their file cabinet and the A unit conducting a foot patrol noticed Burba Lake as unsafe sunglasses had been taken out by person(s) papers blowing around on the ground. An unknown by unknown means. investigation revealed they belonged to the victim who made contact with the unit. A Youth Services Sports Renovate the Youth Services Actual use of fields is April 21, Larceny of private property: A por- check of the victim’s vehicle revealed that Complex needs renovations Sports Complex expected to be this fall table DVD player in an unsecured vehicle an unknown individual entered her vehicle was removed by person(s) unknown and by and removed her military identification, after the grass matures debit card and driver’s license. unknown means. SOUNDOFF! April 26, 2012
  5. 5. N ewsHolocaust survivor recounts being on Schindler’s listBy Lisa R. Rhodes they were showered and given rags to wear.Staff Writer During the weeks at Auschwitz, Silber Halina Silber is alive today because Oskar said Schindler’s workers were treated like theSchindler dared to defy Adolf Hitler and his other inmates.Nazi regime during the Holocaust. But one day, a German SS officer called Silber was one of more than 1,200 Jews the names of the workers on Schindler’s list.who worked at Schindler’s factories dur- They boarded a train and were taken to theing World War II and escaped death in ammunition factory in November 1944.Auschwitz, Germany’s largest concentration Silber said although the workers did notcamp. have the skills to produce the ammunition, The 83-year-old Pikesville resident recalled Schindler used his diplomacy and bribed theher experiences in a speech to about 400 peo- Germans with expensive gifts to look theple on April 19 during the installation’s annu- other commemoration of Holocaust Remem- On May 8, 1945, Russian soldiers camebrance Day and Days of Remembrance. to the factory and told the workers that the The 90-minute event, sponsored by the war was over and they were free. Silber later704th Military Intelligence Brigade and joined her brother and sister in Krakow. Inthe Equal Opportunity Office, was held 1951, they immigrated to the United McGill Training Center and featured a “To us, Schindler was an angel,” SilberHolocaust remembrance exhibit and catered said. “[He was] a single individual who hadkosher lunch. the courage and dared to make a difference. For this year’s Days of Remembrance ... He was just a decent man who could notobservance, the United States Holocaust ignore human injustice.” photo by sarah pastranaMemorial Museum in Washington, D.C., In 1993, filmmaker Steven Spielbergselected the theme “Choosing To Act: Stories Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class David Hudson gives Holocaust survivor Halina Silber a directed the movie “Schlinder’s List,” whichof Rescue” to honor the actions of rescuers Belgium franc as a token of appreciation after her presentation at the installation’s won seven Academy Awards including bestduring the Holocaust. annual Holocaust Remembrance Day and Days of Remembrance observance on April picture and best director. In her welcoming remarks, Col. Karen 19 at McGill Training Center. Hudson’s grandfather was a Belgian citizen who had kept After the program, Garrison CommanderH. Gibson, commander of the 704th MI the former currency of Belgium in 1939. Col. Edward C. Rothstein read “Birdsong,”Brigade, cited examples of rescuers during an anonymous poem from “I Never Sawthe Holocaust. Silber’s mother knew that escaping was Silber recalled that when Amon Goeth, a Butterfly,” a collection of art and poetry They “adopted Jewish children and her 12-year-old daughter’s only hope. She commandant of the Plaszow forced labor by Jewish children who lived in the There-claimed them as their own; people hid strang- told Silber to flee Slomniki and hitchhike to camp who was known for his cruelty, visited sienstadt concentration camp in Czechoslo-ers under their floors; some helped smuggle Krakow to volunteer at Krakow-Plaszow, a the factory for an inspection, Schindler saved vakia.families out of the country,” Gibson said. forced-labor camp where her older brother the life of a Jewish worker whom Goeth Rothstein said that Silber’s story “reminds“Most of these rescuers regret that they Mates and older sister Helen were working. ordered to be shot. us of the importance of action in the facecould not do more, that they could not save Following her mother’s instructions, Silber “There will be no shooting in my camp,” of apathy.”more people. These are fascinating stories removed her yellow Jewish armband, which Silber recalled Schindler saying. “I will take Gibson then presented Silber with aof courage of ordinary people who acted in the Germans required for identification, and care of him myself.” plaque of appreciation. Members of theextraordinary ways.” boarded a truck to leave town. Silber worked at Emalia from 1943 to audience later shook Silber’s hand and posed During her speech, Silber shared how she When she looked behind, Silber saw her 1944. She said she later learned that Schindler for photographs with her.became No. 16 on Schindler’s list. mother waving goodbye. traded pots and pans at the factory to feed “I was so happy to hear her personal story Schindler, a German-Catholic industrial- “Little did I know I would never see her the workers. to remember what happened in the past,”ist and member of the Nazi Party, operated again,” Silber said. After Emalia was closed, Silber was No. 16 said Cynthia Lenard, a labor and deliverythree work factories in and near Krakow, Silber arrived at Krakow-Plaszow and, on Schindler’s list of Jewish workers at a new nurse at Howard County General HospitalPoland, during the German occupation. following her mother’s instructions again, ammunitions factory in Czechoslovakia. in Columbia. “We have to prevent this from He employed Jewish workers, but did said she was three years older and wanted “It was amazing that I was one of the few happening again.”not subject them to the cruelty of many of to work. But a German SS officer told her lucky ones to be on Schindler’s list,” Silber Sgt. 1st Class Nicole Reed of the 742ndthe other forced labor and concentration she would have to spend the night in jail said. “His kindness gave us hope…. And MI Battalion said she was moved by Silber’scamps. because she had no identification papers. The above all, he gave us our dignity.” story. In 1944, when Schindler’s Emaila factory next day, Silber was approved to work at the On the way to the new factory, the work- “It just simply amazes me that someonein Krakow closed, one of his assistants creat- camp. Not long after, another German SS ers were detained for several weeks at Aus- who went through something so young haded a list of the factory’s 1,200 Jewish workers, officer told Silber that she was selected to chwitz. the courage to make it through to the endwhich became known as “Schindler’s List.” work at the Emalia factory. “I saw endless rows of barbed wire,” Silber and managed to make a successful life,”Schindler also saved the lives of those on There she and Schlinder’s other workers recalled. “I could smell the stench of burn- Reed said.this list by transferring them to safety from made pots and pans. Silber said she had ing flesh.” Staff Sgt. Karlton Berry of the 704th MIAuschwitz to another one of his factories in never heard of Schindler, but when he offered Silber said when she and the other workers Brigade said the presentation inspired him toCzechoslovakia. her a job to work in his office at the factory, were stripped of their clothing and taken to learn more about Schindler and the people Silber recounted that in 1942, it was she was struck by his kindness. the showers, they did not know whether they he saved.rumored that the Jews in Slomniki, Poland, a “It was unusual to be treated in a kind would survive. Millions of Jews were gassed “Her speech gave me more insight intosmall town the Germans designated for Jews, manner,” Silber said. “He protected us from in the showers at the concentration camps. what was happening,” Berry said. “I haven’twere going to be eliminated. every harm from beginning to end.” But Silber and the others did survive — watched the movie, but I think I’m going to.” SOUNDOFF! April 26, 2012
  6. 6. N ewsFamilyFun FairSaturday In celebration of the Month of theMilitary Child, the Family Fun Fair willbe held Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 McGill Training Center. Children can enjoy games, pony rides,face painting, a moon bounce, arts andcrafts, karaoke, SKIES demonstrationsand prizes. A child ID station will beavailable. The free event is open to the public. For more information, call 301-677-1149. file photos April 26, 2012 SOUNDOFF!
  7. 7. N ews48th Combat Support Hospital changes commandStory and photo by Brandon Bieltz the mission of providing deployable hos-Staff Writer pitalization and outpatient services. The With deployments to Kuwait and 48th CSH has the medical capability ofHonduras ahead for the 48th Combat a 248-bed hospital, providing operatingSupport Hospital, the unit’s Soldiers rooms, emergency medical triage andwelcomed a new leader Saturday after- treatment facilities, intensive care units,noon. minimal care wards and neuropsychiatry Col. Thomas A. Johnson Jr. took services.the reigns of the 48th CSH from Col. Formed during World War II as theCorinne M. Ritter during a change 48th Portable Surgical Hospital, theof command ceremony on McGlachlin unit was first assigned to the China-Parade Field. Ritter, who relinquished Burma-India Theater in 1943 to providecommand after nearly three years, will medical training for Chinese army medi-retire in May from the military with cal personnel. Shortly after arriving inmore than three decades of service. China, however, the unit split into two “Today we gather to recognize the elements, with one going with the 2ndwork that Corinne Ritter has contrib- Army and the other with the 53rd Army,uted, to not only the many missions of 35th Division.the 48th CSH, but also to our efforts During this time, the 48th Porta-in getting this solid team equipped, ble Surgical Hospital provided surgicaltrained and ready,” said Col. Lisa Dou- treatment to more than 325 combatmont, commander of the 338th Medical causalities.Brigade from Chester, Pa. “We also The unit was reactivated during thewelcome Colonel Tom Johnson and his Korean War, with the mission of receiv- Col. Lisa Doumont, commander of the 338th Medical Brigade, passes the 48thfamily to this command position — a ing and treating all hemorrhagic fever Combat Support Hospital’s colors to the unit’s incoming commander, Col. Thomas A.position that few officers will hold in virus cases in the 8th Army and was Johnson Jr., during a change of command ceremony Saturday at McGlachlin Paradetheir careers.” awarded a Meritorious Unit Commenda- Field. The 48th CSH’s outgoing commander, Col. Corinne M. Ritter, is retiring at the The 30-minute ceremony was attended tion streamer. end of Soldiers from the unit’s seven com- After serving in Korea and Japan, thepanies from Fort Meade, Virginia and 48th CSH was activated at Fort Meade Enduring Freedom. cal System, a federal and interagencyWest Virginia. Headquartered at the as the first multicomponent combat sup- The unit is preparing for deployments emergency response team.Capt. John Smathers Reserve Center, port hospital. From 2002 to 2003, the to Kuwait and Honduras in March He began his military career in 1985located on Route 175, the 48th CSH 48th CSH mobilized 119 Soldiers to 2013. in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corpsconsists of more than 900 Soldiers with Afghanistan in support of Operation Ritter took command of the 48th at Rio Grande College in Ohio. John- CSH in June 2009. During the change of son graduated in 1987 with a bachelor’s command ceremony, Doumont praised degree in history and was commissioned St. Paul’s Lutheran School Established 1950 Ritter as a strategic thinker and a leader as a second lieutenant in the Army who pushed her unit hard but never more Reserve. His assignments took him to than the team could handle. the 8th Infantry Division in Mannhiem, “Colonel Ritter has done an excep- Germany; the Bamberg Health Clinic, tional job in ensuring every Solider asso- Germany; and Echo Company, 232nd ciated with her command was superbly Medical Battalion at Fort Sam Houston, trained, mentally and physically fit, and Texas. prepared to meet the demands of our In 1999, Johnson entered the Active operational environment,” Doumont Guard Reserve Program and was assigned said. “The 48th’s success has a great deal as a training officer to the 4005th U.S. Preparing for this life and the next to do with Corinne’s experience, compas- Army Hospital in Houston. Open House Sunday April 29th from 1-3pm sion and forward-thinking leadership.” During his remarks at the ceremony, Can’t make it? Please call today to schedule a personal tour. Ritter called the ceremony “bitter- Johnson thanked his wife and three chil- sweet,” but assured Johnson the unit was dren for their support. He also thanked ST. PAUL’S LUTHERAN SCHOOL ready for his command and the future all the families of the 48th CSH. 308 Oak Manor Drive • Glen Burnie, MD 21061 deployments. “The most important thing here today • Excellent Christian Education • Before and After School Care • Computer and Foreign (age 3 through Middle School) Language classes “I leave you a fine unit, and they’re is the Soldiers out in front of us,” he • School Counselors for • State Approved All Grades • Band, Choirs, Art, Music going to continue to be trained and ready said. “We know these same Soldiers are • Dedicated, Qualified and • Full Day Kindergarten and Athletics Soldiers, trained and ready leaders, and preparing for two upcoming deploy- Caring Staff • Secure, Safe and • Accelerated Math and a trained and ready organization that ments. In all of this we need to remember • School Test Scores in top 15% Loving Environment Reading Grades 1-8 can go anywhere in the world and save we’ll take care of the Soldiers and their of Stanford Norms • Tuition Assistance • Class size – 20 or less lives,” Ritter said to Johnson during the families.” “We Support our Local Military” ceremony. Editor’s note: Visit Johnson previously served as the Army yQn for more photos from the change of 410.766.5790 • planner for the National Disaster Medi- command ceremony. SOUNDOFF! April 26, 2012
  8. 8. N ewsVolunteers honored at annualappreciation ceremonyBy Lisa R. Rhodes we can, as often as we can.”Staff Writer Through the work of its more than Whether its tutoring students on a 20 ministry groups, the gospel serviceSaturday morning or conducting Bible volunteers donate their time in manystudy classes for patients at a local ways such as providing Thanksgivingpsychiatric hospital, Fort Meade’s vol- meals to families, school supplies forunteers are testament to the idea of students at Meade Heights Elementarycommunity. School and care packages for service That’s the sentiment Garrison Com- members from the 902nd Militarymander Col. Edward C. Rothstein Intelligence Group deployed to Iraqshared with the 350 people who attend- and Afghanistan.ed the installation’s annual Volunteer Navy Information Operations Com-Appreciation Ceremony on April 19 at mand was recognized as the VolunteerClub Meade. Unit of the Year. Sailors from the com- “It’s really you that make Team mand tutor children in Fort Meade’sMeade possible,” Rothstein said to the Saturday Scholars Program and alsovolunteers. “You lead by example.” volunteer through the Adopt an Angel Rothstein recognized several out- and Holiday Assistance programs.standing volunteers for their service “I’m extremely proud of our Sailorsto Fort Meade and the surround- for taking the time out of their busying community during the past year. schedules to give back to the commu-Each volunteer received a plaque of nity,” said Commander Rach Velas-appreciation and a citation from Gov. co-Lind, executive officer of NIOC.Martin O’Malley. “We’re very ecstatic — over the top.” photo by noah scialom “I am constantly in awe of the Master Sgt. Gwendolyn Beck of the Jayden Moore, 5, gives Garrison Commander Col. Edward C. Rothstein a high-fiveamount of things our volunteers do,” 7th Intelligence Squadron was selected as his mother Katherine Moore, second vice president of the Enlisted Spouses Club,said Marie Miles, the Army Volunteer as the Active-Duty Volunteer of the looks on with Roger and Kay Crawford. The Moore family, which includes Air ForceCorps coordinator at Army Com- Year for her work as the advance- Tech Sgt. Larry Moore of the 7th Intelligence Squadron, was selected as the Volunteermunity Service. “Thank you from a ment chair and advisor to Boy Scout Family of the Year at the installation’s annual Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony ongrateful heart.” Troop 403 in Bowie. Beck coordinates April 19 at Club Meade. The Crawfords were nominees in the family category. The two-hour ceremony featured the advancement of Eagle Scouts andmusic and dance performances by organizes adventure and communityNate Hutchings, a senior at Severna service activities for the troop. son Jayden. the club’s scholarship program andPark High School, and members of “This is wonderful, it’s great,” said “It’s a huge honor,” Larry Moore organized its annual Clean Up FortChild, Youth and School Service’s Becker, noting that she volunteers to said. “It makes me proud of my fam- Meade day. Last summer, she volun-SKIES Unlimited. A buffet of appetiz- be a role model to the Scouts. “It was ily.” teered as the youth coordinator for theers was served. a shocker.” For almost three years Moore has KaBOOM! playground project. Brief remarks about the importance Tianne Travis, wife of Air Force served as his unit’s point of contact for After five years at Fort Meade, theof volunteering were given by Gar- Master Sgt. Marshall Travis, was rec- the Honor Flight Network, a nonprof- Moore family is leaving for Royal Airrison Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Sid Tay- ognized as the Civilian Volunteer of it organization that honors veterans Force Base in Feltwell, England.lor and Deborah Alexander (wife of the Year for her work as the volun- by transporting them to Washington, Rothstein presented 10 volunteersGen. Keith B. Alexander, director of teer supervisor at Army Community D.C., to visit the memorials. with a lapel pin for the Presidentialthe National Security Agency/chief Service. The Moore family participates in the Call to Service awards, which is givenof Central Security Service and com- “I volunteer because I have a heart program by greeting the veterans when to volunteers who have earned moremander of U.S. Cyber Command), to serve people,” said Travis, who helps they arrive at Baltimore-Washington than 4,000 hours of service in a life-who was the recipient of the 2010 volunteers register and log their hours, International Thurgood Marshall Air- time.Lifetime Volunteer of the Year award. among other duties. port. More than 70 volunteers alsoEvelyn Silva, chairman of volunteers Travis, who is pursuing a Bachelor “It’s honoring people who did so received the lapel pin from the Presi-for the Enlisted Spouses Club’s Thrift of Science degree in psychology and much and ensuring that their sacrifices dential Volunteer Service Awards forShop, also spoke. applied behavior at the online Ashford are remembered,” said Larry Moore, their volunteer service during the past The Argonne Hills Chapel Center University, said to be selected is an who also is a volunteer math tutor at year.Gospel Service was recognized as the honor. Maryland City Elementary School. Before the ceremony ended, theVolunteer Organization of the Year. “I don’t look for recognition,” she “Growing up, my dad instilled in Moores presented Rothstein with a Blair Alexander, president of the said. “But I was really happy inside.” me that you help people whenever you poster check representing the estimat-Argonne Hills Chapel Center Gospel Volunteer Family of the Year was can,” said Katherine Moore, who has ed $5 million that Fort Meade’s 1,225Service Parish Council, received the awarded to Air Force Tech Sgt. Larry held several positions in ESC and is registered volunteers saved the instal-honor on behalf of the congregation. Moore of the 7th Intelligence Squad- currently vice president of the Thrift lation through their donated hours “It’s really what God tells us to do,” ron; his wife, Katherine, second vice Shop Council. last year.Alexander said. “We give as much as president of ESC; and their 5-year-old Katherine Moore also coordinated “This is fantastic,” Rothstein said.10 SOUNDOFF! April 26, 2012
  9. 9. N ewsCounty police Quick Response Team trains at MeadeBy Brandon Bieltz Police officers whoStaff Writer are training to become The dilapidated bachelor housing bar- members of the Anneracks off Cooper Avenue are scheduled to be Arundel County Policedemolished in about six months. Department’s Quick But before bulldozers roll across the aging Response Team walkfacility, members of the Anne Arundel County through vacant barracksPolice Department’s Special Weapons and Tac- on Cooper Avenue duringtics training course provided a head start in the a training exercise on Aprildemolition — by breaking down a few doors. 17. The scenario-based Two teams of police officers learning the drill was part of a three-tactics of the county’s Quick Response Team week Special Weaponsspent a portion of a training exercise on Fort and Tactics course.Meade, using the old barracks for a simu-lated high-risk search warrant. The training BELOW: Members of theon April 17 allowed SWAT students to expe- Anne Arundel Countyrience breaking down a door and conducting Police Department’sa search. Special Operation’s “It’s hard to find training facilities where Special Weapons andyou can break stuff,” said Anne Arundel Tactics course conduct aCounty Police Cpl. Todd Betz from the Special high-risk search warrantOperations Section’s QRT. “It was great. [The exercise on Fort Meade.barracks] allowed it to be more realistic with The exercise was anthe breaching element.” extension of the strong The barracks have been used in recent relationship between Fortmonths for multiple police and fire-training Meade and the countyexercises. Fort Meade firefighters train at the police department.facility for a variety of HAZMAT and forc- photos by jen ryndaible-entry exercises. “It’s not just kicking doors in,” said Maj. “There was nothing that you could notJ. Darrell Sides, director of the Directorate break — everything was in play,” Sides said.of Emergency Services. “It’s a skill set on “They can bust down doors, they can shoothow to breach a door under an emergency Simunitions [nonlethal training ammunition]condition.” and they can practice something in one room. Sides said the QRT exercise is an exten- And if it didn’t go real well, they could movesion of the strong relationship between Fort to the next room and do the exact same sce-Meade and the Anne Arundel County Police nario.”Department, which supported DES during Soon after, the National Capital RegionPfc. Bradley Manning’s Article 32 hearing SWAT Association’s Breachers Cell requestedlast December. permission to train at the barracks. While While county police can assist on post, Fort the SWAT division didn’t use scenario-basedMeade Police cannot enforce laws off federal training, the group practiced applying explo-property. Allowing the Anne Arundel Police sives on the doors. Since each room is theDepartment to train on post is a way to repay same, the division tried various methods onthe department for its support. doors of similar strength and design. The team “I’m unable to back them up like they’re blew up about 10 to back me up,” Sides said. “I can’t return “We gave them permission for a four-hour Key Bridge and in Severna Park. Hoisting a metal battering ram, the teamthat favor. So we look at other ways we can window and they started blowing doors up,” The drill scenario included searching for bashed in the door and rushed into the the county out, and this is it. We offer Sides said. robbery suspects at each of the three locations. The opportunity to use the heavy equipmentthem a unique training environment that they Following these two drills, the Anne Arun- After the two teams of students were given to break down doors, said Betz, provides bet-can’t reproduce in the county.” del County’s Special Operations Section asked intelligence, they created their own game plan ter training. The Annapolis Police Department was the if it could use the buildings for QTR train- to take action. “They actually have to go through the stepsfirst law enforcement agency to use the Fort ing. “They came here and it’s up to them to go of utilizing that manual breaching ram,” BetzMeade location for training during a joint “We simply gave them the keys and said, through all the steps that you do in a high-risk said. “[The barracks] allowed it to be moreexercise with the Naval Criminal Investiga- ‘Hey, go for it. Just clean up after you’re search warrant,” Betz said. realistic with the breaching element.”tive Service. The two organizations practiced done,’ ” Sides recalled. When the second team arrived on Fort After entering the room, QRT studentsserving warrants and dealing with barricaded Betz, an instructor of the three-week basic Meade in their white, unmarked truck, the quickly completed their high-risk search, thensuspects. SWAT course, said the April 17 exercise at seven students in face shields and bullet-proof moved out and back into their truck for their Sides said police agencies are attracted to Fort Meade was only a portion of a three- vests approached the building complex. They next training site.the opportunity to train at the installation part, high-risk search warrant practical. For moved cautiously in a single-file line up the Editor’s note: Visit they can treat the facilities as they the drill, team members conducted similar steps on the side of the barracks and down yVe for more photos from the trainingwould in an emergency. exercises in Pasadena near the Francis Scott the narrow walkway. exercise. April 26, 2012 SOUNDOFF! 11
  10. 10. C over S toryReserve command finds its best warriors Story and photos by Staff Sgt. Felix Fimbres Soldiers behind the scenes who made the USACAPOC(A) Public Affairs Office event happen. More than 24 hours of physical and “We’re doing something a little special mental tasks confronted Soldiers of the this year,” said Sgt. 1st Class Frederick 352nd Civil Affairs Command as the B. Riccio. “If a competitor is able to beat Reserve unit searched for its best war- Klatt, they’ll get bonus points. But if they riors. don’t beat me, they’ll lose points.” “We like to make it a challenge,” Com- Spc. Justin Arrington found himself mand Sgt. Maj. Harry Bennett said of the in the role of sponsor, helping his fellow unit’s Best Warrior competition. Soldier, Pfc. Amber Nolan, get through The grueling event was held April 2 to 3 the demanding competition. He rucked on Fort Meade to select the Soldiers who alongside Nolan, providing her with both will compete in May at the U.S. Army motivation and a study partner. Civil Affairs Psychological Operations “I’m happy to be here as a sponsor, Command (Airborne) Best Warrior com- helping her out,” Arrington said. petition at Fort Bragg, N.C. After the second event, a 10 kilometer Both Soldiers who represented the road march, some Soldiers were already 352nd at Fort Bragg last year returned, feeling the pain. Sgt. Steven D. Rhyne but in different roles. nursed some rather large blisters. This year, Staff Sgt. Brett Klatt was “I’m kind of stubborn and contin- one of the cadre team members, the ued with the desert, jungle-style boots,Sgt. Steven Rhyne (top), 422nd Civil Affairs Battalion, gains a dominant position againstSpc. Thi Le, 352nd Civil Affairs Command Headquarters and Headquarters Company,during a Modern Army Combatives tournament at Gaffney Fitness Center on April 3.The tournament was the last event of the two-day Best Warrior competition.RIGHT: Spc. Adam Engel, 401st Civil Affairs Battalion, clears an obstacle at Range 5 duringthe competition on April 2. Engel and Sgt. Paul Rothfeld, 450th Civil Affairs Battalion, willrepresent the 352nd CACOM in May at Fort Bragg, N.C.12 SOUNDOFF! April 26, 2012
  11. 11. and probably should have gone with the Around midnight, the land navigationnewer style of boots,” Rhyne said. “I’ll portion started in the dark and endedstill continue, but I won’t be much of a well past sunrise. But there was no time tocompetitor now.” rest; a quick breakfast and a written exam And there was a lot left. The road awaited the tired competitors.march conveniently ended at the range, The final event proved to be the mostallowing competitors to go directly into grueling. A Modern Army Combativesthat portion of the competition. tournament capped the two-day ordeal, The range was immediately followed pitting these warriors against each otherby a related mystery event - disassem- in physical combat.bling and reassembling an M9 pistol and In the end, Sgt. Paul Rothfeld of thetesting it. 450th Civil Affairs Battalion in Riverdale As the sun began to set, the Soldiers and Spc. Adam Engel of the 401st Civilwalked across the street, where they were Affairs Battalion in Webster, N.Y., weregreeted with an obstacle course, which chosen.allowed for three Soldiers to run through These two best warriors will representsimultaneously. the 352nd at the USACAPOC(A)’s Best A quick dinner was followed by a full Warrior competition at Fort Bragg.night of warrior tasks, putting the physi- “Rothfeld and Engel are a reflectioncally exhausted Soldiers through a mental of the great Soldiers we have in the com-ringer. mand and continue a tradition of win- “These Soldiers have endured an intense ning,” Bennett said. “They follow Klattschedule of events, but they also started to and Arrington, who won at Fort Braggmold as a team,” Bennett said. “They’ve last year and went on to the U.S. Army Sgt. Paul Rothfeld, 450th Civil Affairs Battalion, ruck marches 10 kilometers acrossdeveloped respect for their fellow competi- Reserve Best Warrior competition. The Fort Meade on April 2. The march ended at the range where Soldiers disassembled,tors and made new friendships.” 352nd is well represented by this year’s reassembled and fired an M9 pistol to test their familiarization with the weapon. Best Warrior winners.” Editor’s note: Visit BELOW: Spc. Casey Hayes, 437th Civil Affairs Battalion, tackles the Fort Meade yVR for more photos from the Best War- obstacle course at Range 5 on April 2. Hayes and fellow competitors later completed rior competition. a night of multiple warrior tasks, testing their skills as Soldiers. April 26, 2012 SOUNDOFF! 13
  12. 12. C ommunity N ews N otes The deadline for Soundoff! community“News and Notes” is Friday at noon. All MDOT Veterans Resourcesubmissions are posted at the editor’s dis- Expocretion and may be edited for space and The 2012 Maryland Departmentgrammar. Look for additional community of Transportation is sponsoring theevents on the Fort Meade website at www. 2012 MDOT Veterans Resource and the Fort Meade on Monday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. atFacebook page at the Fifth Regiment Armory, 219 29th For more information or to submit an Division St.announcement, email Chad Jones at chad. The resource expo, which is free or call 301-677-1301. veterans, provides an opportunity to explore Maryland’s regional network NEWS EVENTS of services, educational and job skills training, financial advice, tips on keeping in condition and potentialDrug Turn-In Program career opportunities. Fort Meade’s Army Substance For more information, call 410-865-Abuse Program will offer a Prescription 1164 or visit Turn-In Program onSaturday from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. outside Meade’s Mega Marketthe Post Exchange. Meade’s Mega Market will be held May Sponsored by the Drug Enforcement 5 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Meade MiddleAdministration, the nationwide program School, rain or shine.provides an opportunity to safely The community yard sale will featuredispose of unused, unwanted or expired a silent auction from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.prescription and over-the-counter Turn in your gold for cash from 9 a.m. to Meade. Office at 301-677-6703. For moremedications for family members and noon. A hamburger/hot dog stand will be No cover charge. A cash bar is available. information, visit at authorized locations in local on hand from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information, call 301-677-5298. mil/pages/chapel/chapel.html.communities. Yard sale tables are available for $25 Do not turn in thermometers, syringes each or $40 for two. Vendors are welcome. Mongolian barbecue Summer Semester Start-upand needles, medical devices, hazardous For table space or more information,liquids, medical waste and illegal drugs Pick your own meat, fresh vegetables Get a jump-start on your education by email or mhaacke@ and seasonings and Club Meade will starting classes this summer.or paraphernalia. or call 410-674-2355. For more information, call ASAP at cook it at the Mongolian barbecue University of Maryland University301-677-7983. dinner on Friday from 5:30 to 9 p.m. College is sponsoring a start-up event Military Appreciation The event is open to the public. on Tuesday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.Kimbrough closure Barbecue Reservations are recommended by at UMUC’s Fort Meade office at 8601 calling 301-677-6969. Zimborski Ave. Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center will The 3rd Annual Military Appreciation Advisors will be available to help withbe closed May 11 to allow its staff to partici- Barbecue will be held June 1 from 11 putting together a degree plan. The $50pate in their quarterly mandatory training. a.m. to 1 p.m. in the courtyard at the EDUCATION application fee will be waived for students Freedom Center Barracks. who apply at the event; this is not avail-Family Fun Fair The free event will feature Personal conflict resolution able for management doctoral students. hamburgers, hot dogs, side dishes, For more information, call 301-621- In celebration of the Month of the desserts and prizes. A seminar on personal conflict 9882.Military Child, the Family Fun Fair will This barbecue is open to active-duty resolution will be held today frombe held Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. noon to 1 p.m. at Potomac Placeat McGill Training Center. service members only. For more information, call Queen Neighborhood Center. Pre-deployment brief Children can enjoy games, pony rides, Waddell at 410-305-0660 or email Bring a brown bag lunch. Army Community Service and theface painting, a moon bounce, arts and Learn how conflict affects Airman and Family Readiness Centercrafts, karaoke, SKIES demonstrations relationships, both personal and at work, have joined together to present weeklyand prizes. A child ID station will beavailable. Evening vet clinic and examine methods to productively manage conflict. pre-deployment briefs to service members every Friday from 9:30 to The free event is open to the public. The Fort Meade Veterinary Treatment To register, call 301-677-5590. 11 a.m. at the Community Readiness For more information, call 301-677- Facility will hold an evening clinic, by Center, 830 Chisholm Ave.1149. appointment only, on Tuesday from 4 to Couples Resiliency Spouses are encouraged to attend. 7 p.m.Walk a Mile The clinic will feature health exams, Workshop Deployment-related resources will be distributed during the presentation. vaccinations and sick appointments. The Fort Meade Couples Resiliency Advance registration is required. Walk around McGlachlin Parade To schedule an appointment or for Workshop will be held May 19 from 10 To register or for more information,Field in observance of Sexual Assault more information, call 301-677-1300. a.m. to 2 p.m. at Argonne Hills Chapel Airmen should call Iman Barrow at theAwareness Month on Friday from noon Center. Airman and Family Readiness Center atto 2 p.m. For more information, call 301-677-4124. Dance night The free workshop will feature Kelly 301-677-4138 or 301-677-4136. Soldiers Country-Top 40 Night will be held Simpson, author of the evidence-based should call Pia Morales at ACS at 301- Friday from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. at Club active relationships skills program. 677-5590 or 301-677-4110. To register, call the Religious Support14 SOUNDOFF! April 26, 2012