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SoundOff for Jan. 26, 2012

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SoundOff for Jan. 26, 2012

  1. 1. Soundoff! vol. 64 no. 4 Published in the interest of the Fort Meade community ´ January 26, 2012 A little night music photo by nate pesceSpc. Edwin Pierce belts out a solo during Karaoke night on Jan. 19 at the 11th Frame lounge at the lanes. nearly 30 service members and civilians attended the monthlyevent that began last october, performing solo or in groups. For more, see Page 16.Alert ArMy lIFe UPCOMING eVeNtSPost EOC has Cadet Corps gives MONdAy: Tax Center Grand Opening - SJA, 4217 Roberts Ave.plan in place for teens insight into Feb. 2, 7 A.M.: Monthly Prayer Breakfast - The Courses clubhouseadverse weather military experience Feb. 2, 4-6 P.M.: Right Arm Night - Club Meade Feb. 10, 1-3:30 P.M.: 25th Annual Toothbrush Giveaway - Commissarypage 3 page 12
  2. 2. Commander’s Column Soundoff! Editorial Staff Garrison Commander Guaranteed circulation: 11,285 ´ Fort Meade’s growing footprint, Col. Edward C. rothstein Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Charles E. Smith a conversation for the region Public affairs officer I always look forward to opportunities that allow Looking Chad t. Jones me to represent Fort Meade outside our gates. beyond Cyber Last week I was the speaker at the BWI Business Command, I talk- Chief, Command information Partnership Breakfast. It was an opportunity for me ed a little about Philip H. Jones to continue fostering strong relationships with our future expansion region’s community, government and business lead- plans regard- assistant Editor & Senior Writer ers. ing the National rona S. Hirsch These meetings provide a forum where we can Security Agency Staff Writer lisa r. rhodes increase awareness of how our partners outside the and the Defense Staff Writer Brandon Bieltz design Coordinator timothy davis gates can help us and how we can support their Infor mation Supplemental photography provided initiatives. School. There are by Patuxent Publishing Co. One of the areas I discussed was the growing “foot- also plans to build COL. Edward C. print” of Fort Meade. It was a discussion that goes a new AAFES rOthstEin beyond the recent completion of the Base Realign- Post Exchange Garrison Commander advErtiSinG ment and Closure legislation that brought the Defense and gas station/Shoppette on post. Groundbreakings General inquiries 410-332-6300 Information Systems Agency headquarters, Defense for these projects are scheduled for this summer. allison thompson Media Activity and the Defense Adjudication Activi- I also briefly discussed our efforts to look at ways 410-332-6850 ties to Fort Meade. to improve and increase privatized housing on Fort Michele Griesbauer I talked about how Fort Meade will continue to Meade and the creation of a resiliency center for our 410-332-6381 experience growth in our near future as the instal- service members and their families. If you would like information about receiving Soundoff! on Fort Meade or are lation supports the establishment of the U.S. Cyber It was a good meeting that provided a great forum experiencing distribution issues, call 877-886-1206 or e-mail Command. Several joint services support U.S. Cyber for discussing the strength and well-being of the entire Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday through Command: Army Cyber, Air Force Cyber, the Tenth Fort Meade region. Sunday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Fleet Navy Cyber and Marine Corps Cyber Com- I try to not let sports interfere with my duties as mand. They will all need to establish their presence garrison commander, but many of you know I am Printed by offset method of reproduction as a civilian enterprise in the interest of the at Fort Meade. a New York Giants fan. So please allow me to share personnel at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, by the Patuxent Publishing Co., a subsidiary of The Baltimore Sun Media Group, 501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21278, every Thursday All total, these cyber commands will add several some sporting news with you this week. except the last Thursday of the year in conjunction with the Fort Meade Public Affairs Office. thousand jobs to our installation population. Many I just want you all to know that I think the NFC Requests for publication must reach the Public Affairs Office no later than Friday before the of these new jobs are highly technical positions that Conference Championship game this past Sunday was desired publication date. Mailing address: Post Public Affairs Office, Soundoff! IMME-MEA-PA, will continue to enhance Fort Meade’s image as the a great game for Giant fans at Fort Meade. The Giants Bldg. 4409, Fort Meade, MD 20755-5025. Telephone: 301-677-1361; DSN: 622-1361. nation’s preeminent center for information, intel- played one of their best games ever on a wet surface Everything advertised in this publication must be made available for purchase, use or patronage ligence and cyber. and a windy day. without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, marital status, handicap or sex of purchaser, But as we all know, this kind of growth also means Although I really wanted to see a Giants vs. Ravens user or patron. A confirmed violation or rejection of this policy of equal opportunity by an advertiser added stress on our infrastructure, from our electrical Super Bowl, it was not in the cards. So therefore, I ask will result in the refusal to print advertising from that source. grid to the roads, intersections and access control for your continued support as the Giants take down points onto the installation. This growth will also put that team from New England. Printed by Patuxent Publishing Co., a private firm, in no way connected with the Department more demands on the roads that surround the post. If you have a good idea, an issue or concern, share of the Army. Opinions expressed by the publisher and writers herein are their own and are not to be considered an official expression by the Department of the Army. The appearance And just like we did throughout the BRAC process, your thoughts with Garrison Commander Col. Edward of advertisers in the publication does not constitute an endorsement by the Department of Fort Meade will continue to look for ways to partner C. Rothstein. Fort Meade garrison leaders are available the Army of the products or services advertised. with local, county, state and federal agencies as well to meet on Mondays from 4 to 6 p.m. at garrison head- as private and civic organizations to help us prepare quarters in Hodges Hall, Bldg. 4551, Llewellyn Avenue. and support growth. For more information, call 301-677-4844. You can also keep track of Fort Meade on twitter at and view the Fort Meade Blog at Pilot project tests Soundoff! distribution Beginning Feb. 2, Soundoff! will initiate a pilot project to help assess the most efficient method to distribute the weekly newspaper to residents living on post. During the pilot, Soundoff! newspaper boxes will be located in Potomac Place and Heritage Park neighborhoods that utilize mail kiosks. Co n t e n t s The pilot will affect the approximately 300 residences that currently use mail kiosks located on Second Corps Boulevard and Koogle Street in Potomac Place and on Ninninger Road in Heritage Park. News ............................. 3 News to Use .......................10 Residents at these designated sites will no longer have Soundoff! delivered to their home. Instead, they can pick up a copy of Soundoff! each week when they collect their mail. Trouble Ticket ............... 4 Sports .................................. 14 Soundoff! will be delivered to the newspaper boxes by 6:30 p.m. each Thursday. For more information and to provide feedback about the Soundoff! delivery pilot, call the Fort Community ................. 16 Movies ................................. 19 Meade Public Affairs Office at 301-677-5602. SOUNDOFF! January 26, 2012
  3. 3. NewsAdverse Weather Plan in place to alert community of closingsBy Jason Kelly As of Tuesday morning, 8,501 usersEmerging Media Manager followed Fort Meade’s Facebook page, After last weekend’s brush with snow, and 1,429and ice, representatives of garrison orga- users followed Fort Meade’s Twitter feed,nizations, who plan for and respond inclement weather, met Monday to The Public Affairs Office has releasedfine tune Fort Meade’s Adverse Weather several new ways to learn about the garri-Plan. son’s operating status. Earlier this month, The meeting followed a National the Fort Meade homepage, www.ftmeade.Weather Service freezing rain advisory, was redesigned to emphasizefrom Sunday afternoon to Monday morn- frequently requested information such asing that forecasted the possibility of up to the operating status. The website receiveda tenth of an inch of ice accumulation. 5,333 visits from Sunday to Monday, It also showed the garrison’s prep- which is well above the average. PAO canarations for possible inclement winter update the website from anywhere with anweather begins well ahead of the first Internet connection.snowfall. “In the past, we’ve had to rely solely on “The intent of our severe or hazardous our social media to announce changes,”weather policy is to ensure efficient opera- Jones said. “We don’t have that issue any-tions and the safety of Fort Meade service more. In fact, we’re expanding beyond tra-members, civilian employees, families and ditional desktops to reach more people.”people who plan to visit the installation,” Smartphone users can access anGarrison Commander Col. Edward C. enhanced version of the Fort MeadeRothstein said. file photo website without additional software by According to Doug Wise, chief of Representatives of garrison organizations, who plan for and respond to inclement visiting it as they would on a traditionalPlans and Operations for the Director- weather, met Monday to discuss Fort Meade’s Adverse Weather Plan. The team computer.ate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and makes decisions to delay the opening or close the installation when adverse weather PAO also offers text alerts throughSecurity, the garrison will make an early conditions threaten post operations and safety. Twitter. Users can subscribe by sendingdecision if there is a major storm coming the text message “follow ftmeadealert”and weather forecasters are sure of it in options, all Child Development Centers, weather announcements begin by shar- from their cell phone to 40404 withoutthe 80 to 100 percent range. It also takes the School-Age Care Center and Youth ing information from the U.S. Nation- the quotation marks. 40404 is a shortinto consideration information from the Center are closed. However, Family Child al Weather Service. PAO announces a code that allows anyone to receive theAnne Arundel County Public Schools, Care is available to those children whose change to the operating status as soon text on their cell phone without signingcounty road crews, the National Capital parent is designated adverse-weather, mis- as it is notified. The announcement is up for Twitter.Region and the National Security Agency, sion-essential personnel. typically made between 4:30 and 5 a.m. Standard text messaging rates applywhich is the largest employer on Fort If the garrison announces a delay for If no announcement is made, employees according to a user’s cell phone contract.Meade. a specific time, only children of mission- should assume the garrison is operating There was some confusion Monday The Emergency Operations Center essential personnel will be serviced before normally. after the U.S. Office of Personnel Man-coordinates with Melwood, a base opera- the designated opening. Children of other “My first call after receiving the noti- agement announced the delayed openingtions contractor responsible for grounds personnel may be accepted 30 minutes fication from our Emergency Operations of federal agencies, said Wise.maintenance and snow removal, among prior to the reporting time or earlier if Center is to our emerging media manger But OPM weather guidance applies toother services for the Directorate of Pub- staffing allows. who will post the information on all of all executive agencies with offices insidelic Works. For more information, visit www. our online assets,” Garrison Public Affairs Interstate 495, the Washington Capital Installation roads are prioritized into Officer Chad Jones said. “My second call Beltway.three categories: primary, secondary and Several methods are used to announce is to my media relations specialist, who “We look at [OPM] and consider [it],tertiary. Reece, Mapes and Rockenbach changes to the post operating status. calls the local news outlets.” but we’re a little north of that. We’reroads and Cooper Avenue are designated The EOC announces changes on its Changes are announced on local media following the weather specifically in ouras primary roads to be pre-treated and adverse weather hotline, 301-677-MEAD including the NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX area,” Wise said. “Every weather situationcleared. Cooper was upgraded when the (301-677-6323). The hotline was updated affiliates in Baltimore and Washington, is a little different.”Defense Information Systems Agency with a normal operations message around D.C., in addition to several key radio While some of the more than 95 tenantrelocated to the post. 4:30 a.m. Monday, said Wise. stations. units decide to follow the garrison’s status, Vehicles should be removed from the Just as important as determining Fort Meade’s social media websites the decision to close or delay operationsroads to expedite snow removal. Picerne whether to close the post or delay opera- have been a popular way to learn about only officially affects the garrison. Per-Military Housing clears the roads in its tions is the communication process to changes to the garrison’s status since sonnel who are assigned to a tenant unitresidential areas. announce the decision. back-to-back winter storms in 2010, should discuss their unit’s procedures with Activities offered by the Directorate “Our goal is to quickly make an which became known as “Snowmaged- their supervisor.of Family and Morale, Welfare and Rec- announcement using appropriate com- don, closed the garrison for several days, “I always stress that everyone shouldreation follow the installation’s policy. munications channels once a decision has said Jones. always consider personal safety as a firstChild, Youth and School Services follow been made to delay, cancel activities or “The number of people who follow our priority, and exercise good judgment andpolicies specific to its services. close the installation,” Rothstein said. social media significantly increase each caution with regard to severely changing In the event of a closure or reduced The Fort Meade Public Affairs Office’s time we have a winter storm,” he said. weather,” Rothstein said. January 26, 2012 SOUNDOFF!
  4. 4. N ews Have you noticed an issue on post Community Trouble and wondered if anything is being done to fix it? Email concerns and issues to chad.t.jones.civ@mail. Crime Watch Ticket mil. Each week, Soundoff! will Compiled by the Fort Meade Directorate of Emergency Services address issues identified on post Jan. 12, Shoplifting: A unit was angry after his wife changed the and describe what is being done to dispatched to the Post Exchange television channel. He began to solve them. for a report of a possible shop- yell at her. He then grabbed his lifter. A unit met with store secu- wife by the shoulders and shook rity personnel, who stated that her violently, causing his wife to she observed via security camera call 911 for assistance. the subject’s attempt to leave the store without rendering proper Jan. 16, Assault consummated by payment for a PC game. a battery: The victim stated that she and her husband had a verbal domestic Jan. 13, Larceny of private property: The (heated argument) that turned physical. Directorate of Emergency Services was notified of an alleged larceny of private Jan. 20, Damage to private property: The property. An investigation revealed that Directorate of Emergency Services was person(s) unknown by unknown mean(s) notified of a possible housebreaking removed a lady’s folding purse, which was of a family dwelling. An investigation secured in the top drawer of a cabinet. revealed that a juvenile was dared to smash out the window of a vacant house Jan. 13, Assault consummated by a bat- with a stick. She broke the window. tery: Units responded to a family dis- turbance. The victim stated that she and Jan. 20, Larceny of, or from, the U.S. her husband were involved in a verbal mail: The victim stated that when she argument, which turned physical when arrived home, a package from FedEx the subject forcefully grabbed his wife’s was stolen. right wrist and pulled her into another room, causing her to suffer minor abra- sions on her wrist. Jan. 20, Assault: A preliminary inves- tigation revealed that three unknown subjects approached the victim and his Jan. 14, Simple assault: The Directorate friend and started a verbal altercation of Emergency Services was notified of a that turned physical when one of the possible domestic disturbance. An inves- subjects struck the victim in the face. tigation revealed that the subject became Construction file photo Play equipment near the Boundless Playground is currently undergoing repairs. Issue: Plan: Status: Zone The Installation Safety Office Repair the play equipment Repairs are under way Ongoing construction and renovations has deemed and marked so that it is functional on Fort Meade some play equipment at Burba Lake as unsafe Four scheduled projects will • The right-turn lane on Community members require the closure of several MacArthur Road onto west- Maintain a minimum of Golf operations are installation roads: bound Mapes Road will be closed have concerns about golf 18 holes at current site; unchanged through • Both center lanes of MacAr- Feb. 4. course service availability in restoring golf operations September thur Road will be closed Saturday Drivers should plan ahead and light of Base Closure and on a site south of the and Sunday for pipeline construc- use alternative routes. All roads Realignment installation is also proposed tion. The lanes also will be closed are scheduled to reopen by 3 p.m. Feb. 3 for asphalt work. on the day of the closures. Youth Services Sports Renovate the Youth Services Actual use of fields will be • The side-entrance drive to the The schedule is subject to Complex is in need of Sports Complex this fall to allow commissary will be closed Feb. 2 change due to weather or other for asphalt work. circumstances. Changes will be renovations grass to mature • Both lanes of Rose Street will posted on Fort Meade’s Face- be closed Feb. 2 for asphalt work. book page and official website. SOUNDOFF! January 26, 2012
  5. 5. N ewsAWG breaks groundon indoor gun rangeBy Brandon Bieltz The facility, which was contracted toStaff Writer John C. Grimberg Company of Rock- It was cold and windy as Asymmetric ville, is estimated to be completed inWarfare Group Deputy Commander about 18 months, depending on weath-Frank Bohel stood on a mound of dirt er.behind old World War II barracks off AWG is a joint-service group thatof Rock Avenue. provides observation, analysis, train- The weather was unfavorable for an ing and advisory support to Army andoutdoor ceremony, but it served as a joint-force units in order to enhancereminder of the reason that AWG lead- their capabilities to predict, mitigate,ers were breaking ground Jan. 18 for a counter and defeat asymmetric threatsnew, indoor gun range. and methods. “[When you’re cold] you’re shaking, “This facility will help us do that bet-instead of really understanding how ter ... [and] better train our Soldiers,”it [the weapon is] performing,” Bohel Mahaney said during the ceremony.said. Currently, AWG is using two tempo- Photo by Maj. SoniSe LuMbaca Shovel in hand, Bohel was joined by rary indoor ranges near its headquartersGarrison Commander Col. Edward C. on Morrison Street, but they are so nar- Col. Patrick J. Mahaney Jr., commander of Asymmetric Warfare Group; Col. David E.Rothstein, AWG commander Col. Pat- row that only a few service members can Anderson, commander of the Baltimore District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Peterrick Mahaney and Col. David Ander- use the facilities at one time. Grimberg of John C. Grimberg Company; and Garrison Commander Col. Edward C.son, district engineer for the Baltimore To allow full AWG squadrons to Rothstein break ground for the AWG indoor gun range during a brief ceremony Jan.District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers train together at the facility, the new 18. The new gun range will feature 14 lanes, a classroom and a small-arms cleaning— all in hard hats. range will feature more than a dozen room. Standing side-by-side, they broke 50-meter lanes.ground on a $7.21 million indoor gun “That’s a vast improvement over what booths. Instead, the area will have the Meade will eventually be able to trainrange for AWG. we have,” said Arthur Bailey, AWG capacity for full-size vehicles from which at the range as well. The brief ceremony marked the facility manager. to practice shooting, Bailey said. Because AWG works to close “armorbeginning of construction for a new In addition to providing 14 lanes To provide more realistic training, capability gaps” for the Army, the new26,000-square-foot facility that also will for firing, the range will allow for the facility will use advanced targets facility will provide a more efficientinclude control towers, a classroom and more training abilities. But to create that move left and right and can turn environment to test equipment such asa small-arms cleaning room. more space, it will not contain shooting sideways. The targets’ movements will sights and night-scopes, said Bohel. be controlled by the towers. Service Construction of the gun range is part members also will be able to practice of a larger project to build a new com- night-vision shooting. plex for AWG at Fort Meade that will A benefit of the indoor range is that include a new headquarters and opera- it allows training regardless of climate tions facility. Plans for the estimated and weather. Because AWG deploys ser- 85,000-square-foot complex are still in vice members on short notice, the ability the design stage. to train at any given time is crucial to The indoor gun range was initially their mission, said Bohel. slated for construction in 2008, but “It’s critical that we have a place to plans were continuously postponed. conduct pre-deployment training for Bailey said members of AWG are the members of AWG,” he said. “You excited to see the project finally under can’t take away from the ability of train- way after years of planning and prepa- ing anytime day or night, any weather ration. condition.” “I’m looking forward to just seeing Bohel said other units from Fort the ground tore up,” he said. Find Fort Meade on Facebook at SOUNDOFF! January 26, 2012
  6. 6. N ewsTeacher-mentor earns National Board certificationStory and photo by Lisa R. Rhodes tary schools in an effort to help them become concentrate on teaching practice and sixStaff Writer “reflective” practitioners. constructed response exercises that assess Amy Fee was inspired to become a teach- “The National Board process helps you to content by her paternal grandmother, a first-grade be reflective about your practice,” Fee said. Candidates are also required to make twoteacher who kept school supplies in her “It is my job as a mentor to help new teach- videos of their work in the classroom andbasement. ers reflect, so this has prepared me.” complete a computer-aided test on teaching “I remember her teaching me how to tell National Board certification complements pedagogy.time,” recalled Fee, who mentors teachers a state teaching license. It is valid for 10 years Fee’s certification is as a middle child-at Pershing Hill, Manor View and Hebron- and is achieved through the completion of a hood generalist. To earn her certification,Harman elementary schools. voluntary assessment program. she developed lesson plans for third-graders Fee said her grandmother Esther Fee, One of the five core propositions of the that incorporated math and science, as wellnow 84, was pleased to learn that she recent- program is that teachers “critically examine as social studies and became a National Board certified teacher, their practice on a regular basis to deepen “I’m committed to my own professionalearning the highest teaching credential in Amy Fee, a Right Start advisor at Pershing knowledge, expand their repertoire of skills growth and learning new teaching strate-the nation. Hill, Manor View and Hebron-Harman and incorporate new findings into their gies,” Fee said. “I feel wonderful,” Fee said. “I was ecstat- elementary schools, is now certified practice, according to the National Board for A native of Ijamsville in Frederick Coun-ic, very happy.” by the National Board for Professional Professional Teaching Standards website. ty, Fee earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fee and Jennifer Vosburg, a special edu- Teaching Standards in Arlington, Va. Fee credits a reading specialist at Marley elementary education in 2003 from Westcation teacher at Meade Heights Elemen- The certification is the highest teaching Elementary School in Glen Burnie with Liberty State College in West Virginia, andtary School, earned in 2011 the certification, credential in the nation. encouraging her to seek certification about a master’s degree in curriculum and instruc-which is given by the National Board for two years ago when she was a third-grade tion with an emphasis in administrationProfessional Teaching Standards in Arling- as a teacher-mentor for the past year. teacher at the school. from McDaniel College in Carroll County.ton, Va. Green said Fee’s strengths are her com- “I’m always looking for ways to become In 2004, Fee began teaching at Marley for Fee learned of her certification in Novem- mitment and competency. a better teacher,” Fee said. “Because NBTC six years before becoming a Right Start advi-ber 2011. Fee is a Right Start advisor for the has you reflect on your teaching practices, sor for Anne Arundel County in 2010. “She has invested hard work and dedi- Anne Arundel County Public Schools. The you make improvements through the pro- In the future, Fee said she would like tocation to the students and staff of Anne school system sponsors the Right Start New cess.” serve as an administrator at an elementaryArundel County schools. She has worked Teacher Support Program to assist teachers To become certified, candidates must school then teach college.diligently toward the certification,” said in their transition into the profession. Fee complete 10 assessments that are reviewed by “I’ve always enjoyed being in the class-Tasheka Green, principal of Pershing Hill coaches several teachers at Pershing Hill, 10 teachers in their certificate area. Assess- room,” she said. “I’m inspired working withElementary School, where Fee has worked Manor View and Hebron-Harmon elemen- ments include four portfolio entries that students.”Show of heart: Post Garden Club donates defibrillator to youth groupStory and photo by Lisa R. Rhodes After hearing reports of young athletes Loosararian came up with the idea for aStaff Writer suffering from cardiac arrest on the field, club cookbook four years ago when she learned Thanks to sales of their new cookbook, the members decided to present the defibrillator about a publishing company that specializesPost Garden Club purchased and donated an to an area youth group. in cookbooks.automatic external defibrillator to benefit the “This is a great tool to have available,” “I thought it might be a good way to raiseJessup Providences Youth Organization. Cope said. funds for the club,” she said. The device was presented Friday by club The JPYO provides a “fun and safe ath- After presenting the idea to the club’spresident Lois Stephenson to David Cope, letic experience for youth in the endeavor of board, Loosararian collected recipes fromwho accepted on behalf of the youth group. team sports,” according to its website. club members and their friends over the next “I really thank the ladies. You’ve done Youths ages 4 to 17 who register with the two years.a wonderful job,” said Cope, the JPYO organization, can participate in baseball, After gathering about 450 recipes, Loo-president, at the presentation. “It is very well- soccer, basketball and softball. On any given sararian and Loretta Anderson, a club firstappreciated. If we ever have to use it, you will weekend, 300 to 400 youths play sports at Jes- vice president, typed the recipes on a laptopbe the first ones to know. If one life is saved, sup-Providences Park in Severn, Cope said. then proofread the entries. Recipes rangeit has done its job.” Although volunteer coaches are not from drinks to desserts. David Cope, president of the Jessup Stephenson, who presented the defibrilla- required by the Anne Arundel County Everyone who submitted a recipe is Providences Youth Organization, sitstor at the Jessup Community Center, said the Department of Recreation and Parks to included in the book. beside Post Garden Club member Audreydonation is part of the club’s ongoing out- know CPR, Cope said the JPYO will provide In the summer of 2010, the club sent the McIntosh after accepting an automaticreach efforts to the Jessup and Fort Meade training to use the defibrillator. manuscript to Morris Press Cookbooks in external defibrillator from the club oncommunities. The Post Garden Club, also known as the Kearney, Neb. The company published 400 Friday for the JPYO. “We are a service organization,” she said. Meade Area Garden Club, chose the Zoll copies in November of that year. “This is so terrific,” Loosararian said of“We wanted to give something back.” Automatic External Defibrillator Plus brand Since then, the club has sold 300 copies the donation to JPYO. “We wanted to do The donation was made after Pat Loo- because the device can be used by anyone, at $20 each. Member Millie Fenton sold 40 something good with the money, somethingsararian, third vice president of the Post regardless of age. copies. significant.”Garden Club, suggested the club purchase The club funded the $2,000 device through The club also used the proceeds to pur- Editor’s note: Cookbooks are availablethe device and make it a donation to a local the sales of its cookbook, “Meade Area Gar- chase three bricks for Fort Meade’s Constitu- for purchase by calling Lois Stephenson, clubcommunity group. den Club Cookbook.” tion Park. president, at 410-740-8024. SOUNDOFF! January 26, 2012
  7. 7. N ewsLeaders learn guidelines for protected health informationBy Lisa R. Rhodes and Department of Defense regulations. tant,” Pahlow said. the Army-8003 form completed by theirStaff Writer Col. Leon E. Moores, commander However, she said HIPAA does allow commander or first sergeant that gives More than 70 commanders and their of the Fort Meade U.S. Army Medical for the disclosure of PHI for certain pur- the ASAP permission to conduct a clini-enlisted counterparts attended a town Department Activity and commander of poses such as treatment, payments and cal assessment.hall meeting on Jan. 18 to learn about the Kimbrough, welcomed the audience. organization. After the assessment is completed, therules governing the release of a Soldier’s “When you’ve got something that you The military exception to HIPAA states Soldier meets with a counselor and theprotected health information, or PHI. want to know about one of your folks and that a Soldier’s PHI can be disclosed to a commander to discuss the results and “Providers and command teams should we know it, we have a strong responsibil- commander to determine the Soldier’s whether enrollment in the program ishave a working knowledge of releas- ity to protect the information,” Moores fitness for duty and the Soldier’s fitness necessary. Lang said that although theable PHI in order to reduce any risk of said. ”What we’re trying to do is make to perform any particular mission. A commander is involved in planning theSoldiers receiving any treatment without sure that you understand what our limits Soldier’s PHI can also be disclosed to Soldier’s treatment, the disclosure of thecompromising personal privacy” said 1st are, that we understand what your needs report casualties in any military opera- PHI is limited only to alcohol- and sub-Lt. Michelle Labrie, chief of patient are, so that we can provide you what tion or to carry out any other applicable stance-abuse related issues.administration at Kimbrough Ambula- information you need within the limits of military regulations. During the town hall, Shuron Baldwin,tory Care Center and organizer of the the law to allow you to do your job.” Dr. Mark Fisher, chief of psychological nurse case manager of Kimbrough’s Med-event. “All commanders have the right Georgine Pahlow, Kimbrough’s services in the Behavioral Health Depart- ical Management Center, spoke aboutto a Soldier’s health information when it HIPAA officer, said the purpose of the ment at Kimbrough, said that in compli- the center’s work. Dr. Sacha Gutierrez,could affect the mission or the Soldier’s HIPAA Privacy Rule is to ensure that an ance with the law, his staff will only notify Medical Evaluation Board provider atfitness for duty.” individual’s health information is properly a commander if the Soldier poses a threat Kimbrough, discussed the importance of Kimbrough sponsored the 90-minute protected, while also allowing the flow to himself or others, or if there is a seri- E-profiles. TD Watlington, Kimbrough’sevent at McGill Training Center. A pre- of health information needed to provide ous risk of harm to a specific military Chief of the Physical Evaluation Boardvious town hall on the topic was held health care and balancing the important operational mission. If a commander has liaison officer, spoke about the IntegratedJan 10. uses of information and patient privacy. questions about a Soldier’s ability to per- Disability Evaluation System. Subject matter experts from Kimbrough Overall, medical conditions that do not form his duties, Fisher said a command- Among those who attended was Col.and installation programs that provide affect a Soldier’s fitness for duty/mission directed mental-status evaluation should Brian P. Moore, chief of staff of U.S.clinical assessments of Soldiers gave a or are not necessary to assure the proper be ordered. The disclosure of the PHI Army Cyber Command.slide presentation to explain how they execution of the military mission are not is limited to answering the commander’s “The most valuable lesson I took fromcan work with commanders to ensure that provided to a commander. questions regarding the Soldier’s ability to the training is the need to communicate,”Soldiers meet their mission goals while For example, a unit commander will perform mission objectives, said Fisher. he said. “The command team, the Solider,maintaining their privacy when receiving not be notified if a Soldier is prescribed Dr. Marcia Lang, clinical supervisor of and doctor or health professional mustmedical treatment. Health information birth control medication or if the service the Army Substance Abuse Program at talk. It is the only way we will guaranteeis protected under the Health Insur- member makes a self-referral for mental Fort Meade, said ASAP is a command- our Soldiers are able to keep their com-ance Portability Accountability Act health treatment. directed program. Soldiers referred to mitment to the nation, themselves and(1996) Privacy Rule military exception “Privacy and confidentiality are impor- the program must have a Department of sustain a ready, fit and trained force.” News To Use: By the Office of the Chief of Public Affairs Army releases Gold Book report decade, there is still much work to be done,” said Army understanding and effectively The Army released on Jan. 19 the Army 2020 Gener- Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Chiarelli. “This war, as we addressing the challenges that ating Health and Discipline in the Force, Report 2012, often hear it described, is a marathon, not a sprint. And, as Soldiers and families face is referred to as the Army Gold Book. The report serves as mentioned, many of our biggest challenges lie ahead after absolutely essential to success an update to the Army Red Book published in 2010. our Soldiers return home and begin the process of reinte- in these and all endeavors. It summarizes the progress made in enhancing the grating back into their units, families and communities.” “Trust is the bedrock health, discipline and readiness of the force and represents Recommendations implemented since the publication of our honored profession the next phase in the Army’s ongoing campaign to counter of the Red Book have already had a significant, measure- — trust between each other, the stress associated with more than a decade of war. able impact on the health and discipline of the force. trust between Soldiers and The Gold Book candidly addresses the challenges Examples include improved screening, diagnosis and treat- leaders, trust between Sol- that Soldiers and families currently face, while providing ment of mild traumatic brain injury, or mTB; increases in diers and their families and the Army, and trust with the a thorough assessment of what the Army has learned outpatient behavioral health access and delivery; decreased American people,” said Odierno. with respect to physical and behavioral health conditions, incidents of Soldier drug and alcohol abuse; reduced The lessons learned and recommendations provided in disciplinary problems and the remaining gaps in Army accession waivers; and expanded pain-management care. the Gold Book are meant to ensure the Army continues policy. The Gold Book represents the next phase of this ongo- to best support the health, well-being and discipline of The report will serve as an invaluable resource for lead- ing campaign. Soldiers, and their family members, while ensuring a ers, policy makers, commanders and service providers as Secretary John M. McHugh has directed that leaders at fighting force able and ready to stand strong in defense they work together to address the unique and difficult all levels become familiar with the report. of the nation. challenges that lie ahead. Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Raymond T. Odierno The full report is located at http://usarmy.vo.llnwd. “While we have made tremendous strides over the past has also endorsed the Gold Book, emphasizing that leaders net/e2/c/downloads/232541.pdf.10 SOUNDOFF! January 26, 2012
  8. 8. N ews Army Cadet Corps gives teens insight into military life By Brandon Bieltz “I get a kick out of this, I think it’s fun,” Staff Writer the Richmond, Va., resident said. “I think On a typical Saturday morning, 15- it’s good I’m out doing something.” year-old Anthony Burgess would probably Anthony was among 13 members of be asleep after staying up late the night the Army Cadets of the National Capital before. Region who spent the weekend training at This week, however, Army Cadet Pvt. Fort Meade, learning skills such as radio Anthony Burgess was up early and eager communication, road marches and ethical to train like a Soldier. leadership. photos by brendan cavanaughCadet Sgt. Nick Cutter of the Army Cadets of the National Capital Region leads hisline of cadets through a drill Saturday afternoon during the group’s monthly trainingat Fort Meade. The youth organization provides insight into military life for teensinterested in joining the military.RIGHT: Cadets trudge through the snow at the Fort Meade campgrounds Saturdaymorning. Despite snow and ice, the 13 young cadets slept in tents and trainedoutdoors.12 SOUNDOFF! January 26, 2012
  9. 9. Despite frigid temperatures and ice on 1909, the organization gives boys and girls,the ground, participants traveled from as ages 12-17, an insight into military lifefar as Philadelphia and Richmond, Va., to during monthly drills and summer trainingmarch through the installation and sleep in at the National Cadet Training Center intents at the Fort Meade campgrounds dur- Millersburg, the two-day drill. “This program is for kids who might The co-ed group has conducted its be interested in the military,” Cutter said.monthly drill at Fort Meade for almost a “This program is designed to give themyear since leaving the U.S. Naval Academy information about the military, give themin Annapolis in February 2011. a taste of what a life of a Soldier would “We are an Army unit; we need to be like. Then when they get ready to makebe on an Army post for the kids to see the decision in high school, they’ll have thewhat Army life would be like,” said Army knowledge base. They won’t be just walkingCadet 1st Lt. Paul Cutter, commander of to a recruiter and not know anything aboutthe Army Cadets of the National Capital it. They’ll have a little bit of an understand-Region. “We couldn’t ask for a better facil- ing of what they’re getting into.”ity here.” Cutter, a former Air Force master ser- The Army Cadets of the National Capi- geant who retired in 2006, said that whental Region is the local subordinate of the he enlisted, he didn’t know what he wasU.S. Army Cadet Corps, which is the old- walking into. But this program allows theest and longest-serving nationwide cadet cadets to get an idea of the military beforeorganization in the country. Founded in joining, and they learn skills for success. Several of the cadets said they have aspirations of joining the military and signed up for the Cadet Corps to better understand the lifestyle. “I plan to eventually go into the mili- tary,” Anthony said. “And this is a head start to learn what it could actually be like and start to get used to it.” Cadet Pvt. Luke Fleck, who plans on joining the Marines, joined the program two years ago. “I wanted to be part of the Army Cadets because I plan on a military future and I wanted a head start before I got out of high school,” the 15-year-old Germantown resident said. During the monthly drills, cadets learn a variety of military skills that lead up to a large exercise at the end of the year. Each month, cadets learn new skills that will eventually be combined in the field train- ing exercise. While the cadets are instructed by drill sergeants and service members, the pro- gram itself is cadet-run. Senior cadets with more experience eventually take leadership roles and help instruct courses. “As adults we’re here to make sure they’re making good decisions and it’s safe, but they the drive the program,” Cutter said. Sgt. 1st Class Joseph Oliver of the 318th Military Police Battalion aligns the cadets During drills, cadets learn leadership, in preparation for their training on Saturday. The Army Cadets of the National Capital discipline, responsibility and group dynam- Region conduct its drill once a month at Fort Meade. ics that will benefit them whether they go into the military or not, Cutter said. Anthony said the physical fitness aspect who pursue other careers. “We are very disciplined,” Luke said. of the drills is his favorite part of the pro- “We aren’t trying to build little warriors “You can’t do something without any con- gram. — we’re trying to give them an experi- sequences.” “I love the fact that you’re feeling like ence of what military life would be,” he In addition to the skill-learning exercises, you’re getting stronger and stronger,” he said. “We’re just looking at building good cadets also partake in some form of daily said. citizens.” physical fitness during the drills. The physi- While more than half of the teens in the Editor’s note: For more information about cal training is conducted for an hour every Cadet Corps go into a service-related pro- the Army Cadets of the National Capital day and can be anything from a soccer gram such as the military or police, Cutter Region, email game to a physical fitness test. said the program is beneficial even to those or visit January 26, 2012 SOUNDOFF! 13
  10. 10. S portS photos by brendan cavanaughSurface Forces Logistic Center’s Lleweylln Smalley shoots a 3-pointer during aDivision I intramural basketball game against Navy Information Operations CommandMaryland on Monday night at Murphy Field House. Smalley’s 40-point game led SFLCto a 75-58 victory.SFLC offense puts NIOC awayBy Brandon Bieltz challenging.”Staff Writer While SFLC was just beginning its The way the Surface Forces Logistic season, the NIOC players already hadCenter was forced to begin the 2012 three games under their belt with a 2-1intramural basketball season wouldn’t be record after defeating the 780th Cyberenvied by any other team. Squad and 327th Signal Company. When SFLC took the court for the “We’re looking pretty good,” said Jus- Gary Robinson of SFLC dribbles the ball into his offensive zone as Joshua Babineauxfirst time this season, its record was 0- tin Richard, captain of the NIOC team. defends him during Monday night’s intramural basketball game. SFLC defeated NIOC3, having inherited Cyber Command’s “We have a good athletic team with a lot 75-58, improving its record to 1-3.record after replacing the team in the of speed. We just come out, compete andDivision I intramural league. play hard to win.” NIOC battled to keep the game within With 10 minutes left in the game, Facing the challenge of beginning the Allowing 34 points against in its previ- 9 points — with 10 minutes left in the NIOC reverted back to its early second-season three games back, the SFLC play- ous three games, NIOC has been work- first half — behind Ruben Villa’s 10 half strategy by fighting through theers started their season with an offensive ing on tightening its defense, said Rich- points and Quintone Wallingford’s 8. But paint and playing a rigid defense. NIOC’sshowcase as they registered 75 points ard. But despite the recent emphasis on by feeding Smalley and Robinson behind defense held off the powerful SFLCagainst Navy Information Operations defense, NIOC was unable to stop SFLC the arch, SFLC took a commanding 20- offense, beginning a 9-2 run behind theCommand Maryland in a 75-58 victory from lighting up the scoreboard early in point lead with only two minutes left. efforts of Villa and Wallingford.Monday night at Murphy Field House. the first half. Smalley’s 33 first-half points, includ- Despite the late second-half surge, Derek Bailey, captain of the SFLC, While NIOC opened the game work- ing seven 3-pointers, powered SFLC’s 48- NIOC could not overcome the deficit.said the roster was assembled just recent- ing outside the perimeter patiently wait- 30 lead heading into halftime. Robinson SFLC won, but a number of players already had ing to attack the paint, SFLC defense — added another 8 points in the half. Wallingford’s 19 points and Villa’s 14solid chemistry as members on another anchored by Newby and Bailey — forced NIOC set the tone of the second half, kept the game close, but Smalley’s 40-team. Bailey, along with Llewellyn Smal- quick breaks that resulted in Smalley and opening on a 7-0 run. By tightening the point game and Robinson’s 11 points ledley, Gary Robinson, Tarus Newby and Robinson 3-pointers. team’s defense and pulling down a num- SFLC to the team’s first victory.DeSazaeo Johnson, are all members of Smalley’s success hitting nearly every ber of rebounds in the offensive zone, Robinson said his team needs to focusthe Fort Meade Patriots varsity team. shot from behind the arch set up the NIOC came back within 11 points in on its defense after allowing NIOC to “We have a bunch of guys who like to SFLC offense to begin playing in the three minutes. continue to come back, but he believesplay together,” Bailey said. paint. To set up uncontested shots inside, After a slow start in the second half, SFLC has enough talent to continue Defense, he said, would be the key to SFLC worked the ball around the out- Smalley and Robinson hit their stride producing wins.the team pulling out three quick wins side with crisp passing that appeared to again, sinking 3-pointers to pull SFLC “Things happen when you start 0-3,”and climbing to an even record. manipulate the NIOC defenders’ posi- to another 20-point lead midway in the Robinson said. “Now we’re winning “It’s actually fun,” Bailey said. “It’s tioning. half. three.”14 SOUNDOFF! January 26, 2012
  11. 11. S portS Jibber Jabber - OpiniOn Sports ShortsThe State of My Union Swimming lessons Registration for winter and spring swimming lessons at Gaffney Fitness Call me a political junkie, but the State of I also realizedthe Union address is pretty much must-see-TV there is a lot of Center’s indoor pool will be held through the Jones house. stuff going on in Lessons are offered in two programs: eight classes on Wednesdays and The pomp and circumstance, along with our sports and rec- Fridays for $60 or four classes on Saturdays for $30.TV analysts doing their best agenda-setting by reation community A variety are times are available. Private lessons are also available.showing clip after clip of things they personally that can and should To register, call 301-677-1156. For more information, call 301-677-care about, regardless of what the viewers may be addressed in this 7344.think. (Notice all the references to Rep. Gabby piece.Giffords.) It just makes me want to call up my For example, Chad T. Jones, Texas Hold ‘emfather-in-law and talk shop. we all know this is Public Affairs Texas Hold ‘em no buy-in games begins Feb. 6 at the Lane’s 11th Frame And even though I’ll leave my politics at the going to be the last Officer Lounge.ballot box, there is no denying our commander year of the Courses, Games will be held every Monday at 7 p.m. and are open to the chief is a fantastic rhetorician. I mean, how at least at its current location. But what you For more information, call 301-677-5541.he framed the controversial aspects of his probably do not know are all the efforts thespeech between the two things our entire coun-try believes in — the dominance of our military garrison is making to ensure our golfing com- munity is taken care of, or why the course is NFL Sundayand taking down Bin Laden — was brilliant. being replaced in the first place. At the end of The Lanes’ lounge is a showing venue for NFL games this footballHis use of parallelism was pretty solid, too. the day, it is really about mission necessity. But season, with the exception of local blackouts, on eight, 42-inch high- Speaking of parallelism, I think one reason there is an economic and human portion to this definition flat-screen televisions. Food service and full bar are available.I like the annual address so much is because it story as well, which you should know about. For more information, call 301-677-5541.affords me the opportunity to take a few min- Another big event coming this year is theutes and assess the state of my union. opening of our Youth Sports Complex on the Taekwondo tournament Now, don’t worry. I’m not going to spend corner of Reece Road and Ernie Pyle. Thethe next couple hundred words rambling about facility is not only going to give our family Fort Meade is hosting the 2012 Maryland East Coast Taekwondo Nationalmy goals and aspirations. You have no interest members the facilities they deserve, but it will Qualifier on Feb. 11 at 9 a.m. at McGill Training the fact that I’m going to be doubling down also open up multiple opportunities to partner Adults and children ages 6-17 will compete in the martial arts tournament.on my efforts to get YJ3 doing his business in a and strengthen Team Meade. The event is open to spectators. Cost is $10. Children under 5 attend at nopotty as opposed to a diaper. Or that I’m going With all that being said, I’m still going to try and spend less time doing wasteful things hate Ohio, love America’s Team and tell all you For more information, call 301-677-1196like being mean, sucking in my gut and watch- yahoos mourning over JoePa and hailing himing sports on Standard Def television. as the patron saint of football that you really Spring Sports registration However, personal mumbo-jumbo aside, giv- need some perspective because some inaction Registration for spring sports is under way at Parent Central Services,ing you something worth reading is important. can erase a career full of greatness. What he 1900 Reece Road.So I did take some time to reflect on what this did, or didn’t do, was that bad, people. Youth sports are available for ages 3 to 18 years old. Spring sportscolumn is and what it should be. And, of course, after Tuesday’s major include soccer, T-ball, baseball, softball, track, swim and indoor The first thing I realized is this column needs announcement, which made the state of my be more local. Now trust me. That does not sports union very strong, you are going to For more information, call 301-677-1149 or 1156.mean I’m going to write column inch on top read an awful lot about a man named P-R-I-of column inch about the inner workings of N-C-E — Detroit Tigers first baseman Prince Coaches neededintramural sports. Fielder. However, I did just notice that my man “G- But knowing my audience, you may hear Coaches are needed for the Child, Youth and School Service’s spring sportsRob” Gary Robinson is still holding court at a few more references to our local teams like season.Murphy and running point for our Fort Meade this clip, courtesy of Ray Lewis, which had All coaches are required to complete a background check and attend coachPatriots. (No, they didn’t get to play against me itching to put on my pads and go back certification training. Head and assistant coaches whose children are enrolled inthe Globetrotters on Tuesday.) That’s pretty to warming a bench for the Mattawan High spring sports will be given a coach’s discount.impressive when you consider he’s been playing School football team: For more information, call 301-677-1329 or email games here since before the Washington watch?v=OUwNVTsJc_k.Wizards — then Bullets — moved from Balti- Plus, I’ll keep you informed of the dumbermore in 1973. So I may write about that. things I do like draft Michael Vick in the first For more Fort Meade sports, visit I also won’t spend a ton of time writing about round of my fantasy football draft, or make upindividual achievement with Youth Sports ath- a song or two that will tick someone off.letes. Though I think outlining the importance I’ll also still include abstract references toof youth sports, the necessity of parent par- my co-workers, i.e. Doug Wise, and generally For all your varsity and intramural sports schedules,ticipation and why winning isn’t everything are provide you a weekly dose of awesomeness that scores and standings, visittopics I plan on tackling this year. will be capped off neatly with the traditional: More importantly, I also plan on getting ourlocal subject matter experts involved so that the If you have comments on this or anything to do with sports, contact me at chad.t.jones.civ@ you are reading aren’t just mine. January 26, 2012 SOUNDOFF! 15
  12. 12. C ommunity n ews n otes The deadline for Soundoff! community “News and Notes” is Friday at noon. All submissions are posted at the editor’s dis- cretion and may be edited for space and grammar. Look for additional community events on the Fort Meade website at www. and the Meade TV Blog at For more information or to submit an announcement, email philip.h.jones.civ@ or call 301-677-5602. NEWS EVENTS PX closes early Saturday The Fort Meade Post Exchange will close Saturday at 5 p.m. for an inventory project. The store is tentatively scheduled to reopen Sunday at 1 p.m. Customers are encouraged to call 410- 674-7170 on Sunday to check the PX’s operating status. Jazz Ambassadors in concert The Jazz Ambassadors, a 19-member jazz ensemble, will perform Friday at 7 p.m. in the Glenelg High School auditorium, 14025 Burntwoods Road, Glenelg. The concert is free, but tickets are photos by Nate pesce required. For tickets, visit www. karaoke time Each month, would-be balladeers and pop and select “Schedule” then “Get Tickets” to print your tickets. artists take to the mic for Karaoke Night, a For more information, call 301-677- new event hosted on the third Thursday of the 6586. month at the 11th Frame Lounge at the Lanes. “We wanted to provide Soldiers and patrons with something different that you don’t get DINFOS Black History regularly,” said Mike Sinek, manager of the Month events Lanes. “It’s very successful. The Defense Information School is Since it began last October, Karaoke Night hosting a series of events in celebration features service members and civilians in solo or of Black History Month. groups, performing everything from country and This year’s theme is “Black Women in classic tunes of the 1950s to rock, heavy metal American Culture and History.” and rap. Some of these events will be held at “It’s a wide variety and everybody seems to DINFOS at 6500 Mapes Road; others enjoy it,” Sinek said. “Some regulars who come will take place across the post. every time are very good.” For more information, contact The next Karaoke Night will be Feb. 16 from Master Sgt. LaShawndra Ramsey at 7 to 10 p.m. The free event is open to the public. or For more information, call 301-677-5541. 301-677-4721. (Above) Ron and TJ Short of DynOmite Entertainment operate the controls while running Karaoke Night on Jan. 19. Sweetheart Dinner (Left) Mark Ofte, a student at the Defense Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Dinner will Information School, tries to hit the high notes as be held Feb. 14 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Asya Heatley holds the mic. the Courses Clubhouse. The dinner is open to military and16 SOUNDOFF! January 26, 2012