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Fort Meade SoundOff for April 12, 2012


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Fort Meade SoundOff for April 12, 2012

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Fort Meade SoundOff for April 12, 2012

  1. 1. Soundoff! vol. 64 no. 15 Published in the interest of the Fort Meade community ´ April 12, 2012 Eggcellent Meade youth on a roll at White House Photo courtesy Karina OrtizFive-year-old Julian Ortiz (center left) and 10-year-old Adriana Ortiz (center right), children of Staff Sgt. Allan Ortiz of U.S. Cyber Command, participate in the 134th annualWhite House Easter Egg Roll on Monday. The Ortiz family was one of several Fort Meade families who participated in the event on the South Lawn.For more Easter coverage, see Pages 11-13.kid friendly riding high UPCOMING EVENTSActivities mark Experienced, novice Today, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.: National Save-a-Life Tour - McGill Training CenterChild Abuse motorcyclists train Saturday, 8 a.m.-2 p.m.: Indoor Flea Market - The Pavilion for certification Tuesday: Last day to file income tax returnsPrevention Month Tuesday, Noon-4 p.m.: Fort Meade Earth Day celebration - Burba Parkpage 6 page 14 April 21, 8 a.m.: Earth Day 5K Run & One-Mile Walk - Burba Lake
  2. 2. Commander’s Column Soundoff! Being good stewards Editorial Staff Garrison Commander Guaranteed circulation: 11,285 ´ Col. Edward C. Rothstein Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Charles E. Smith Spring is a time for renewal in many ways, and stewards will Fort Public Affairs Officer one particular event provides us all with an oppor- Meade be next Chad T. Jones tunity to reassess our commitment to improving our year and three and environment. five years down Chief, Command Information I like to think that through its actions, Fort Meade the road? What Philip H. Jones recognizes the importance of environmental steward- kind of changes ship daily. and sacrifices will Assistant Editor & Senior Writer However, it is also important to carve specific time we make to better Rona S. Hirsch out of our schedule to celebrate those efforts and our environment Staff Writer Lisa R. Rhodes focus on improving. For Fort Meade, that time will be and installation? Staff Writer Brandon Bieltz during our annual Earth Day celebration on Tuesday Where will Fort Design Coordinator Timothy Davis Supple­mental photography provided from noon to 4 p.m. at Burba Park. The program Meade be in the COL. Edward c. by Patuxent Publishing Co. will feature guest speakers, environmental and energy future? Will it be Rothstein Garrison Commander exhibits, tree planting, children’s activities, free food an installation Advertising and recycling facility tours. that’s a leader in environmental stewardship or one The national observance of Earth Day is April that does only what it needs to get by? General Inquiries 410-332-6300 22, and although it has been an annual celebration As the largest employer in the state of Maryland, Allison Thompson since 1970, many of us forget why and how it was we collectively have a large environmental footprint in 410-332-6850 created. the amount of trash we generate, the energy we use Michele Griesbauer Back in the early 1960s, Wisconsin Sen. (and for- and how we choose to commute to work. 410-332-6381 mer World War II Army veteran) Gaylord Nelson If you’re not recycling, then start. There’s no If you would like information about receiving Soundoff! on Fort Meade or are became increasingly concerned about the deteriorat- reason why we all shouldn’t be recycling. Conserve experiencing distribution issues, call 877-886-1206 or e-mail ing state of the environment caused by big industry energy in the work place. Print double-sided or not Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday through and urban sprawl. at all. Reconsider the mass transportation options Sunday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Nelson was not alone, as citizens voiced concerns the post provides so that you do not have to drive over polluted rivers, smog, toxic dumps, oil spills and by yourself to your work place. You can see those Printed by offset method of reproduction as a civilian enterprise in the interest of the loss of wilderness habitat. programs by visiting our website and clicking on the personnel at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, by the Patuxent Publishing Co., a subsidiary of The Baltimore Sun Media Group, 501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21278, every Thursday Unfortunately, the concern was not shared by the “Transit” icon. except the last Thursday of the year in conjunction with the Fort Meade Public Affairs Office. political community. Realizing that the issue of a Small changes by each of us will make a difference. Requests for publication must reach the Public Affairs Office no later than Friday before the deteriorating environment would have to be forced Just think about the improvements we’ve made since desired publication date. Mailing address: Post Public Affairs Office, Soundoff! IMME-MEA-PA, into the political arena, Nelson proposed to the the first Earth Day 42 years ago. Our work, efforts Bldg. 4409, Fort Meade, MD 20755-5025. Telephone: 301-677-1361; DSN: 622-1361. nation a designated day when citizens would focus and commitment to be good environmental stewards Everything advertised in this publication must be made available for purchase, use or patronage on environmental awareness. must become daily practice and not a once-a-year without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, marital status, handicap or sex of purchaser, That day was April 22, 1970, when 20 million exercise. user or patron. A confirmed violation or rejection of this policy of equal opportunity by an advertiser people across the United States rallied in the streets, I hope to see you at the Earth Day celebration on will result in the refusal to print advertising from that source. schools, parks and colleges, demanding a healthier Tuesday so we can all learn more of where we are now environment and protesting the harmful practices of and how we could do more, and catch a glimpse of Printed by Patuxent Publishing Co., a private firm, in no way connected with the Department past years. what is headed our way. of the Army. Opinions expressed by the publisher and writers herein are their own and are not to be considered an official expression by the Department of the Army. The appearance The rest, of course, is history. The solutions to all of Fort Meade’s environmen- of advertisers in the publication does not constitute an endorsement by the Department of As interesting as the “how” and “why” of Earth tal challenges won’t be solved overnight. Perhaps the Army of the products or services advertised. Day are, I’m even more intrigued by the “what” and though, in our lifetime or that of our children, “where.” Earth Day will indeed be every day. By that I mean, what kind of environmental Team Meade! You can also keep track of Fort Meade on twitter at and view the Fort Meade Blog at Commander’s Open Door Garrison Commander Col. Edward C. Rothstein has an open door policy. All service members, retirees, government employees, family members Co n t e n t s or community members age 18 or older are invited to address issues or concerns to the commander directly by visiting Rothstein’s office on Mon- days from 4 to 6 p.m. at garrison headquarters in Hodges Hall, Bldg. 4551, News.............................. 3 News to Use........................10 Llewellyn Avenue. Trouble Ticket................ 4 Sports................................... 19 Visitors are seen on a first-come, first-served basis. No appointment is necessary. Community.................. 16 Movies.................................. 22 For more information, call 301-677-4844. SOUNDOFF! April 12, 2012
  3. 3. NewsBystander Intervention course focuses on preventionStory and photo by Brandon Bieltz sion during Tuesday’s class. As leaders inStaff Writer the military, Allen said, it is up to them to Everybody is a bystander. And it is up to lead by example and speak up if somethingeveryone to stop sexual assault if they see is happening. Despite offering two courses on bystand- That was the message retired Air Force er intervention, only a handful of serviceSexual Assault Response Coordinator Janie members attended the program. Pardue saidAllen gave during a 90-minute Bystander service members missed a “good opportu-Intervention class Tuesday afternoon at the nity” by not attending the training session.Community Readiness Center. Samantha Herring, the installation’s The Army Community Service class was SARC and victims’ advocate, added thatone of several courses offered on the instal- these kinds of courses provide valuablelation to mark April as Sexual Assault information on how to talk about sexualAwareness Month. assault prevention at home with their fami- “The philosophy behind bystander inter- lies.vention training is that instead of respond- “They’re missing the opportunity to learning to a sexual assault, you teach people the and gather effective tools for having thisskills to intervene before it ever happens,” conversation at home,” she said.Allen said. “We’d rather stop a sexual Although the low turnout was disap-assault than respond to one that’s already Retired Air Force Sexual Assault Response Coordinator Janie Allen leads a discussion pointing for Herring, it pointed out anotherhappened.” during a Bystander Intervention course Tuesday at the Community Readiness Center. problem with sexual assault. The program was designed to offer one The course focused on how intervening can prevent sexual assault. “I think the reason a lot of sexual assaultscourse on Monday for woman and another occur is because we don’t talk about it,” shefor men on Tuesday with different focal participants, Allen explained how every possible ways to intervene. said. “It’s taboo, it’s hush-hush. But the onlypoints during each class. day, everybody is a bystander to various Participants said that sometimes the con- way we move from victim to victor is if we The objective of the women’s class was situations that may require intervention, cept of the scenarios took them out of their talk about it.”to empower female service members to take whether it’s inappropriate touching or using comfort zone, but thought it was necessaryaction against what they see happening. The offensive words. to properly teach the topic of’s class focused on getting participants To not act, Allen said, could be a product “You get in there and learn some things,”thinking about how they should intervene,regardless of who is being assaulted. of our society and the concept of private space. But it doesn’t have to be that way, said Sgt. 1st Class Thomas Pardue, the installation’s Sexual Harassment/Assault Get the insider’s “Male training is designed to involve men she said. Response and Prevention program manager,in the program so they realize that althoughthey may not be a potential victim, some “We can all intervene when we see some- thing happen,” Allen said. who attended the course. “It takes a good trainer like Dr. Allen who will actually say advantagewoman that they love might be, and that Proposing various scenarios that may things in class that will take you out of yourany potential victim is loved by some man,” take place in an office or in the military, comfort zone.” Join the conversation onAllen said. from cursing and name calling to unwanted The role of leadership in preventing Through open discussions with class touching, Allen and participants discussed sexual assault was also a topic of discus- Fort Meade’s social media platform for the latest com-Know symptoms of child abuse munity news. Connect with more than 8,000 post community mem-By Jason Kelly plained injuries, fading bruises or other child’s privacy if they suspect abuse. TheyEmerging Media Manager noticeable marks following an absence from should not discuss the situation with other bers on the installation’s Recognizing the symptoms of child school or other regular activities, and fear adults in front of the child because theabuse can help prevent lasting effects. of a parent or caregiver and of having to youngster may feel he or she did something Facebook page. Stay updat- This message from Capt. Debra Stone, return to their care. wrong. ed with Tweets from Fortchief of Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Signs of neglect include: poor hygiene, Parents should not pressure the child,Center’s Social Work Service, is one of inappropriate clothing for the weather, lack said Stone. Children will often keep embar- Meade’s Twitter feed. Catchmany being shared as part of National of food for a meal, and alcohol and drug rassing topics to themselves because they the latest episode of MeadeChild Abuse Prevention Month. abuse particularly before age 14. may feel responsible. During fiscal year 2010, authorities Symptoms of sexual abuse include: sud- Instead, Stone recommends parents con- Week’s video blog. Visit theinvestigated 436,321 substantiated allega- den refusal to change clothing in front of tact one of several resources such as Kim- installation’s website at www.tions of child abuse nationwide, according others, sexual knowledge or behavior that brough’s Pediatric Primary Care at 301-677-to the U.S. Department of Health and is not age appropriate, and aggressive or 8800, Social Work Service or Behavioral and visitHuman Services “Child Maltreatment” regressive behavior such as temper tan- Health Department at 301-677-8895. the links to add your voice to2010 report. trums, crying spells and bed-wetting. Other resources include the Directorate Maltreatment includes physical and sex- The above potential indicators of abuse of Emergency Services at 301-677-6622 and the conversation.ual abuse as well as neglect. are not all-encompassing. Victim Advocacy Services or Army Com- Signs of physical abuse include: unex- Stone recommends parents respect their munity Service at 301-677-5590. April 12, 2012 SOUNDOFF!
  4. 4. N ews Trouble Have you noticed an issue on post and wondered if anything is being done to fix it? Email concerns and Construction issues to chad.t.jones.civ@mail. Zone Ticket mil. Each week, Soundoff! will address issues identified on post and describe what is being done to Ongoing construction and renovations on Fort Meade solve them. Due to the installation and removal of light poles at Mullins and Broadfoot Field, there will be several closures: • Mullins Track and Field will be closed from Monday to April 20. • York Avenue will be closed Monday for operation of a crane. AER update The Fort Meade Army Emergency Relief campaign has collected $29,727 as of Monday, 37 percent of its $80,000 goal. Each unit should have an AER representative, which ends May 15. For more information, call Wallace Turner, AER officer, at 301-677-5768. On the lookout for theft The Directorate of Emergency Services is actively working to photo by jason kelly keep neighborhoods safe. Sections of the jogging trail will close starting May 1 due to upcoming construc- Families residing on post should remember to ensure that tion projects. windows and doors to homes, cars and garages are locked at all times, regardless of time of day. Although the crime rate in military housing is lower than off Issue: Plan: Status: post, it is important to remember that Fort Meade is not immune to crime. To protect your family and belongings, remember to Sections of the jogging trail To find an adequate jogging DFMWR is exploring take an active role in deterring crime. will close starting May 1 due trail for the installation several possiblities to include Remain aware of your surroundings and immediately report to upcoming construction connecting a portion of the any suspicious activity to the Fort Meade Police at 301-677- projects trail from Mapes Road to the 6622 or 6623. Defense Information Systems Agency trail The Installation Safety Office Repair the play equipment Repairs are under way has deemed and marked so that it is functional some play equipment at Find Fort Meade on Burba Lake as unsafe Facebook at Youth Services Sports Renovate the Youth Services Actual use of fields is Complex needs renovations Sports Complex expected to be this fall to allow grass to mature SOUNDOFF! April 12, 2012
  5. 5. N ews TUESDAY Noon to 4 p.m. Free and open at Burba Park to the public Fun, food and Administrative activities for leave authorized for everyone garrison employees Living Exactly Like Jesus Baptist Church Reverend Rickey Nelson Jones, Esq., Pastor Worship Address: Russett Community Center April 13-15 3500 Russett Common, Laurel, Maryland 20724-5067 Sunday Service: 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Super savings throughout the mall! Ph: 301-362-7458-Website: From Friday, April 13 through Sunday, April 15 you can save big on thousands of name-brand items throughout the mall! Arundel Mills has always been the place to shop with more stores, more brands and more savings. And right now you’ll find more of everything you want for much less. It’s a sale so super, you won’t want to forget. The Assembly of GOD’s Church “Where You Always Receive A Contextual Word From Our Lord Savior” Baltimore Washington Parkway to Route 100 East, Exit 10. 410.540.5100 April 12, 2012 SOUNDOFF!
  6. 6. N ewsBlue Ribbon ceremony ties in Child Abuse Prevention MonthBy Lisa R. RhodesStaff Writer In her welcoming remarks, CelenaFlowers related how a Virginia grand-mother launched the national Blue Rib-bon campaign to remember the victims Austin Moreno,of child abuse, including the woman’s 14, of Fortown grandson who died from abuse in Meade holds his1989. younger brother Flowers, manager of the Family Advo- Andres as thecacy Program at Army Community Ser- 2-year-old tiesvice, spoke to a small gathering of ACS a blue ribbonemployees and community members at on a tree duringBurba Lake Cottage to kick off Fort the Blue RibbonMeade’s annual Child Abuse Preven- ceremony Apriltion Month/Blue Ribbon ceremony on 4 at BurbaApril 4. Lake Cottage. “Let this be a constant reminder for us The ceremonyto fight for our children,” said Flowers as kicked off theshe recounted the roots of the nationwide installation’stradition. annual In the spring of 1989, Bonnie Finley observance ofhad tied a blue ribbon on the antenna Child Abuseof her van to symbolize the blue and Preventionblack bruises of her grandson, Michael Month.Dickerson, who was repeatedly abusedby his father. photo by In memory of child abuse victims, jen ryndaparticipants at the ACS ceremony tiedblue ribbons on an artificial tree insidethe cottage. The event also featured a reading ofFort Meade’s proclamation of ChildAbuse Prevention Month by Lt. Col. (P)Edmund Barrett, commander of Head- The Family Advocacy Program at Stone said after the event. “Child abuse ments, financial problems and maritalquarters Command Battalion. ACS provides education and prevention crosses socio-economics, race, culture issues, said Flowers. Davis Ladd, an assistant director at training to the community and military and military and civilian families. It’s a Although the number of reported casesthe Anne Arundel County Department units on post. prevalent social problem.” of child abuse may be less among militaryof Social Services, gave a brief overview Two years ago, Kimbrough investi- Stone said that while no formal study families compared to civilian families,of the Anne Arundel County’s Child gated 26 reports of alleged child abuse has been conducted regarding the increase Stone said the problem “is still there.”Protective Services Division. on Fort Meade. Last year, the figure rose in reported cases on post, the majority of As Fort Meade observes Child Abuse The invocation was given by Garrison to 45 cases, Stone said. the reports come from families who are Prevention Month, Flowers said the mes-Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Sid Taylor. Patsy So far this year there have been 48 new to the Army. The remaining cases are sage is clear.Jackson, Survival Outreach coordinator reported cases — 39 of these are due to from military families facing some kind “Child abuse is real and it is on theat ACS, performed a moving rendition neglect, Stone said. of significant stressor, said Stone. rise,” she said. “We all must workof the Bette Midler song, “The Rose.” A “Most people think of neglect as a Stressors that often lead to child abuse together to combat it. We must all helplunch of hot dogs, chips and soda was poverty issue and that’s not correct,” among military families include deploy- parents to be more resilient.”served. Capt. Debra Stone, chief of SocialWork Service at Kimbrough AmbulatoryCare Center, gave a brief overview of Post events observe child abuse preventionthe prevalence of child abuse within the The Family Advocacy Program at day, 10 a.m., ACS, 830 Chisholm Ave. val games and informational boothsArmy and the Air Force at Fort Meade. Army Community Service is sponsor- • Tasia Porter, New Parent Support from Child, Youth and School Services, The Family Advocacy Program at ing several events in commemoration Program specialist, will present a semi- Picerne Military Housing, the Enlist-Kimbrough investigates reports of of Child Abuse Prevention Month. nar on effective parenting strategies on ed Spouses Club, the Anne Arundelalleged child abuse for these two military • Mark Gorkin, a clinical social April 27, 10 a.m., ACS County Healthy Babies Program, thebranches. worker and motivational speaker • Romp ‘N Stomp will host a Fun Anne Arundel County Health Depart- The Fleet and Family Support Center known as “The Stress Doc,” will pres- Fair on April 24 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. ment and the YWCA of ACS investigates reports of alleged ent a seminar on parenting. Gorkin is at the Youth Center, 909 Ernie Pyle Refreshments and door prizes willchild abuse for the Navy and Marines the author of “Practice Safe Stress” St. be offered.and also provides education and preven- and “The Four Faces of Anger.” The event for parents and children For more information about thetion training. - Parenting and Stress Relief: Tues- ages 5 and younger will feature carni- events, call 301-677-5590. SOUNDOFF! April 12, 2012
  7. 7. N ewsLast-minute tips from theFort Meade Tax CenterBy Capt. Michael Madsen interest and penalties may still apply.Fort Meade Tax Center Also, if you are unable to pay your tax Benjamin Franklin once said, “You bill all at once, you may be able to arrangemay delay, but time will not.” Fortunately an installment plan for a small fee.for those who have put off doing theirtaxes, it is not too late to file. Tip #2 - Understand the Military We have a handful of appointments Spouses Residency Relief Act andleft at the Fort Meade Tax Center before how it affects your state incomeTuesday’s filing deadline. This year’s taxes.deadline was extended to April 17. The Military Spouses Residency Relief In case you are not able to get an Act was enacted to expand provisions ofappointment, the tax center has compiled the Service Members Civil Relief Act tothree pieces of advice that may help you include spouses in the rule governingmaximize your tax return this year. state residency for income tax purposes.Tip #1: File and pay on time. Though application of this law can be file photo complicated, in a nutshell the MSRRA With very few exceptions, if you owe states that a spouse neither gains nor Right) Sgt. Jose Sanchez, Jr., a tax officer/preparer for the Fort Meade Jointtaxes for 2011 you must file your tax return loses state residency for income tax Installation Tax Center, helps 2nd Lt. Luyen La, an executive officer with the 308thand pay any amount owed to the IRS by purposes by moving to another state if Headquarters Headquarters Company, prepare her taxes after the center’s seasonalApril 17, 2012. that move was for the sole purpose of opening ceremony on March 30. The center is available for tax preparation through If you do not owe any taxes, you may accompanying a military spouse with Tuesday, this year’s tax filing deadline.file your 2011 taxes up to three years after orders to relocate.April 17, 2012, though states may have dif- In nonlegal terms, that means you get Tip #3 - Understand which credits qualify for a credit or deduction.ferent rules. to keep your state residency for income and deductions are available to you My final, friendly piece of advice is to If you elect to file an extension using IRS tax purposes if the only reason you and which are not. make an appointment at the Fort MeadeForm 4868, remember that the extension moved is to be with your military spouse. Tax Center early next year. Appoint-only covers the filing deadline and not the The Tax Code is a cornucopia of tax ments tend to fill up quickly, so plan The MSRRA does not allow a military credits and ways to reduce your taxablepayment deadline. You must submit pay- spouse to simply pick a state of residency ahead and contact us as early in 2013ment by April 17 if you are to avoid interest, income. However, this tip comes with a as you can. or adopt their spouse’s state. strong warning: Do not take any creditspenalties and fees. Residency must be established by the Tax preparation can be complex, and Part II of Form 4868 will help you esti- or attempt to take deductions for which applying the tips listed above to your combination of a number of factors you do not qualify. Incorrectly claimedmate how much tax you may owe. such as physical presence in a state, circumstances may require the guidance If you were deployed during 2011, your credits and deductions can serve as red of a tax or legal professional. voter registration, vehicle registration, flags for audit.filing deadline is automatically extended professional licenses, driver’s license and This year, the Fort Meade Tax Center180 days from April 17, plus the amount of Also, understand that if you are audit- saved the average client more than $300 property ownership. ed, you will have to substantiate eachtime you spent in a combat zone. So think twice before you opt not to in tax preparation fees and generated Additionally, if you or your spouse were credit or deduction you have taken. IRS more than $5 million in total state and file a state income tax return just because publications and forms, available at www.unemployed for 30 consecutive days or your spouse is from Texas. When in federal refunds.more, you may file Form 1127-A to get, can help you walk through the So come see us early next year, get doubt, call your state to explain your process of determining whether yousome penalties waived for six months. Other situation and get some advice. some advice and save some money.On-post child care providers must obtain certificationBy Christine Matthews The FCC office is responsible for certifica- they can continue to provide care to those entation briefing.Director, Family Child Care tion and monitoring of all family members on families. Anyone may sign up for the pre-orienta- Are you providing child care out of your the installation who wish to provide child care If they do not actively pursue certification tion briefing by calling the FCC office athome on Fort Meade? out of their homes. Care provided without and successfully complete the process, the 301-677-1160. Are you certified through the Child, Youth certification through the FCC office is con- child care must stop. Certified homes can be recognized by a signand School Services Family Child Care? sidered to be unauthorized care if it exceeds The next scheduled amnesty month is displayed in the front or side window. If you answered yes to the first question and the 10 hours per week guidance. May. To pursue certification, individuals may If this sign is not displayed in a windowno to the second, you could be in violation of Each year, two months are considered attend a pre-orientation briefing on May 4 that can be seen from the street or parkingguidance for providing child care on an Army amnesty months, when anyone providing from 9 to 11 a.m. area, and if children are being dropped offinstallation. unauthorized care can voluntarily come for- During this briefing, the certification pro- regularly, it is possible the resident is providing Anyone who provides child care out of their ward and start the certification process. cess will be explained and the application unauthorized care.home on an Army installation for more than As long as individuals actively pursue packet distributed. Providing unauthorized care can jeop-10 hours per week on a regular basis must be certification by turning in the application The next scheduled training is later in May. ardize eligibility for housing as well as thecertified through CYS2 Family Child Care. and attending the next scheduled training, Those dates will be announced at the pre-ori- military career of the sponsor. SOUNDOFF! April 12, 2012
  8. 8. N ews News To Use Early retirement offered to select enlisted Airmen Air Force News Service the number of months of active service Air Force officials announced an appli- are less than 240 as of the date of the cation window for targeted early retire- member’s retirement. ments for enlisted Airmen. The Air Force Personnel Center’s fiscal Eligible Airmen will have 15 to 19 years 2012 enlisted TERA program page con- of service in fiscal 2012 and be in the tains additional information on retirement grades of staff sergeant through master eligibility. The page is located at https:// sergeant in overmanned career fields. The Temporary Early Retirement a_id/21836. Authority application window will be “As we continue to size and shape our open through April 30 in order to shape force, we must have the right balance of the force to meet current and future mis- skills to meet Air Force missions,” said sion requirements. Approvals will occur Maj. Gen. Sharon Dunbar, director of after the application window is closed. Force Management Policy, deputy chief Approximately 250 Airmen will be of staff for Manpower, Personnel and approved under TERA based on grade, Services, Headquarters U. S. Air Force. years of service, eligible Air Force spe- “TERA allows us to use a voluntary cialty code and other objective criteria program to shape the force where we have based on the needs of the Air Force. overages in Air Force specialties.” Those who apply and are approved for The Air National Guard and Air Force early retirement will have a Sept. 1 retire- Reserve do not plan on conducting force ment date. management actions in fiscal 2012. How- Airmen approved for TERA will have ever, all components are working together their retired pay reduced by 1/12th of to ensure the total force is prepared for 1 percent for each full month by which manpower reductions in fiscal 2013. Photo courtesy of 241st Military Police Detachment change of command Capt. Daniel E. McCarey (left) receives the 241st Military Police Detach- Ultima NCO of the Year submitted photo ment’s guidon from Master Sgt. Robert Y. Halstead, detachment first ser- Sgt. Jennifer Ream of the 704th Military Intelligence Brigade was named geant, during a change of command ceremony Friday at McGill Training the Fort Meade Ultima Noncommissioned Officer of the Year on March Center. McCarey assumed command from Capt. Randy M. Schilling, the 9. The competition included writing an essay, taking a written test and Directorate of Emergency Services’ new operations officer. The detach- appearing before a board. Airmen, Marines, Sailors and Soldiers com- ment supports both Fort Meade and the U.S. Army Military District of peted for the title. Ream serves as a clerk in the 704th MI Brigade S3 Washington. shop.10 SOUNDOFF! April 12, 2012
  9. 9. C over S toryEgged onMeade youth hunters scramble for prizesBy Brandon Bieltz annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday after-Staff Writer noon at the Youth Center. The event was In the grassy field across from the Youth sponsored by the Fort Meade-based LambdaCenter, youngsters lined up like track runners. Gamma Gamma Chapter of the Omega Psi Staring down 1,000 plastic, candy-filled Phi Fraternity, whose members hid 4,000 eggseggs scattered in the grass, the children eagerly throughout the area surrounding the center.awaited for their hunt to begin. With a count- The service-oriented graduate fraternity hasdown from 3, they were off. And then, in less sponsored the event at Fort Meade for morethan five minutes, it was over. than a decade, with the number of partici- More than 250 children attended the 13th pants continually growing, said Lt. Col. James Walker, committee chairman and commander of the 742nd Military Intelligence Battalion. Prior to Saturday’s egg hunt, a line formed from the Youth Center all the way to Ernie Pyle Street as families entered the contest. “We love it,” Walker said. “This is one of the better parts of being a member of the fraternity — getting to give back to the com- munity.” Saturday’s festivities began with a color- ing contest in the gymnasium, with children competing for Easter basket prizes in four age groups: 2 and younger; 3 to 5; 6 to 9; and 10 to 13. Seven-year-old Jaylen Marbley of Oden- ton colored his rabbit brown, red and then photos by phil grout rainbow. “It’s Easter; kids need to have fun,” said Ronald McDonald greets 5-year-old Noah Ballinger at the Easter Egg Hunt at the Jaylen’s father, retired Navy Petty Officer 1st Youth Center. More than 250 children participated Saturday in the annual event, which Class Paul Marbley. “This is a good place featured a coloring contest, prizes and a line that nearly reaches Ernie Pyle Street. to be.” After coloring, Jaylen was eager to hunt participants, eggs were hidden in harder-to- the 8-year-old said of the event. down the 1,000 eggs he expected to gather. find spots. The youngest group searched on the Sierre’s father, Joe, who works at FortKellan Ryan, 1, carefully places her His goal, he declared, was “getting the golden blacktop behind the Youth Center; the oldest Meade with the facility management companynewfound Easter egg in her basket egg.” participants scoped out the nearby Child Chugach, said he was surprised by the largeduring the 13th annual Easter Egg Hunt Before the brief hunt, a single golden egg Development Center. turnout.on Saturday at the Youth Center. The was hidden for each age group. Whoever Sierre Bornes from Severn was hoping to “It’s good to see a lot of people come outLambda Gamma Gamma Chapter of the captured the egg won a larger prize, such as leave with a basket full of the candy-filled with their children for family time,” he said.Omega Psi Phi Fraternity sponsored the a bike or radio. plastic eggs. Visit for more photosevent for children under age 13. To make the hunt challenging for older “Getting the candy is my favorite [part],” from the egg hunt. The Washington Savings Bank Purchase Rewards Find out more at Turn Everyday Purchases into Cash Saving Real Money Just Got Real Easy. Just log on to TWSB Just Use Your TWSB Debit Card at to learn more. to activate exclusive cash back offers at the Click types of places you like to shop. MEMBER Shop online or in stores to redeem your offers by FDIC paying with your card. FIVE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU! cash back – deposited right into your account BOWIE CROFTON ODENTON MILLERSVILLE WALDORF Enjoy at the end of next month. 301-352-3100 410-721-8867 4201 Mitchellville Rd. 1669 Crofton Centre 410-551-8800 1161 Annapolis Rd. 410-987-1515 676 Old Mill Road 301-843-7200 3225 Crain Highway April 12, 2012 SOUNDOFF! 11
  10. 10. C over S tory SERMON AT SUNRISE LEFT: Retired Chaplain (Col.) Sir Walter Scott delivers the Easter sermon, “A Resur- rection Experience for a Resurrection Story,” during the Fort Meade Ecumenical Easter Sunrise Service on Sunday morning at Argone Hills Chapel Center. BELOW: Congregation mem- bers fill the pews at Argonne Hills Chapel Center for Sun- day’s annual Ecumenical Easter Sunrise Service. More than 150 people attended the service. photos by phil grout Find the Fort Meade Religious Schedule at Chaplain’s Word DIVERSITY Look for the “Community” tab then “When we feel a sense of belonging, it is not because we click on “Religious Services” for are the same as everyone else, but because we have been schedules, events and accepted as we are.” contact information. — Juan M. Garcia12 SOUNDOFF! April 12, 2012
  11. 11. C over S tory On A Roll Post families join White House egg rollBy Jason KellyEmerging Media Manager Several Fort Meade families wereamong more than 35,000 people whoparticipated in the 134th annual WhiteHouse Easter Egg Roll on Monday. While more than 200,000 tickets wererequested through the White House’swebsite nationwide, a limited numberof tickets were allocated by the Depart-ment of the Army for Soldiers at FortMeade. Chief Warrant Officer 2 Ernest Maxey,of the 310th Military Intelligence Bat-talion, and his 6-year-old twins Kaleband Kaylee received three of the Army’shighly sought-after tickets to the largestannual public event at the White House. “It is a privilege to be selected to goto the White House and take your kidsto the home where the president of theUnited States lives,” Maxey said. The egg roll, which coincided with theDoD’s Month of the Military Child, wasan opportunity for Maxey and his chil-dren to spend time together while theirmother is deployed. “These types of events, when we’re Photo by Jacolyn Mooreable to participate as a family, dim thosepast holidays that we missed,” he said. House and share that with my wife and It was a sentiment shared by Staff my daughter. It’s a memory that you’llSgt. Nathan Leo, of the 241st Military never forget.”Police Detachment, who spent the day Leo said he’ll look back at the experi-with his wife, Tiara, and their 4-year-old ence when he deploys for a second timedaughter Brianna. early next year. “You can’t even put into words [how “It will be one of many things as ait feels] to be home and spend time with family to keep me moving and pushingyour family,” Leo said. “It’s a once-in- to do something like that again with mya-lifetime experience to go to the White family,” he said. Editor’s note: Visit eastereggroll for photos and videos from the event.‘It’s a once-in-a-lifetime ABOVE: Lance, 6, and Joey Bichler, 7,experience to go to the and Danny Gresham, 11, children of Maj. Stephen Bichler, participate in the 134thWhite House and share annual White House Easter Egg Roll onthat with my wife and my the South Lawn.daughter.’ RIGHT: Six-year-old twins Kaleb and Kaylee Maxey, children of Chief Warrant Staff Sgt. Nathan Leo Officer 2 Ernest Maxey of the 310th 241st Military Police Detachment Military Intelligence Battalion, color eggs at the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday. Photo by CHIEF Warrant Officer 2 Ernest Maxey April 12, 2012 SOUNDOFF! 13
  12. 12. N ews high on the hogs Motorcycle course sharpens riding skills By Brandon Bieltz Staff Writer Photos by Jen Rynda Sgt. 1st Class Mike Alves has been rid- ing motorcycles, from dirt bikes to sports bikes, for 25 years. On Friday, he was weaving his brown Harley Davidson Sportster in and around cones spread throughout the Fort Meade motorcycle training range across from McGlachin Parade Field. Alves was one of six experienced motor- cyclists who spent the day sharpening their riding skills while renewing their Army- required training to drive a motorcycle. Throughout the year, Fort Meade’s Installation Safety Office offers three different motorcycle training courses for Soldiers looking to hit the streets on two wheels. “The Army requires we do this, but I’ll takeSgt. 1st Class Mike Alves driveshis Harley Davidson through the a Friday off and go ride around,” said Alves,motorcycle training range on of the Baltimore Military Entrance ProcessingCooper Avenue on Friday morning. Command. “[It] works for me.”Alves was one of six riders who Aaron Rowell, an ISO Safety and Occupationalparticipated in the Experienced Health specialist, said there has been an increasedRider Course, which is offered by focus on motorcycle safety DoD-wide.the Installation Safety Office, to Army Regulation 385–10 mandates that Soldierssharpen his skills and renew his are certified riders through the Motorcycle SafetyArmy-required training. Foundation. This includes taking a Basic Rider Course and Experienced Rider Course, or Military Sport Bike Course. Sport bike riders and those newRIGHT: Coast Guard Boatswain’s to motorcycles must take the Basic Rider Course.Mate Master Chief Tim Hudson In some cases, veteran riders can go straight to theleads a group of riders through the experienced course.motorcycle training range at Fort Within one year of completing the Basic RiderMeade during the Experienced Course, riders must take one of the advancedRider Course on Friday. courses. Army regulation also states that riders14 SOUNDOFF! April 12, 2012
  13. 13. N ews Lt. Col. James Walker sails through a drill to practice his riding skills. All Fort Meade motorcycle safety classes include time on the range to learn the proper controls of a motorcycle. LEFT: Experienced riders weave in and out of cones during a motorcycle safety course offered by the Installation Safety Office. All Soldiers who drive a motorcycle are required to be certified through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. CapeFox Government Services said the “The maneuvers that they’re being basic class benefits even veteran motor- instructed on are a lot more encompass- cyclists who have been riding for years. ing than they might normally deal with “Just because they ride a lot and for when riding,” Rowell said. a long time doesn’t mean they’re good Alves said the drills show riders their riders,” Hansen said. “Even experienced limits and assures them that they can riders can learn a lot in the basic class.” quickly respond to certain situations that After completing the Basic Rider may occur while riding. After weaving Course, motorcyclists advance to either between cones, Alves said he had to use the Experienced Rider Course or the a similar technique to avoid deer on the Military Sport Bike Course, depending road earlier in the day. ‘Even experienced riders on the style of motorcycle they ride. “When you’re on the road it’s a lot of can learn a lot in the basic Advanced classes are taught in just one straights, a lot of turns; you don’t have day. to go around poles like this,” he said. class.’ The Military Sport Bike Course “It really makes you remember things includes about two hours of classroom like clutch control. It really keeps your Course instructor Bob Hansen instruction, which is devoted to personal skills up in case you come into that situ- CapeFox Government Services risk assessment, Hansen said. Following ation.” class time, riders use the range to work The drills, Hansen said, may not be on maneuvers suited for sport bikes such maneuvers that riders will use regularly as increased lean angles. on the roads, but they incorporate manycomplete the secondary classes every messages and strategies including lane Unlike the basic and sport bike cours- techniques that can be used in a varietythree years. position, rider radar, stopping distances, es, the Experienced Rider Course doesn’t of situations. The free Fort Meade classes are common situations and traffic manage- include classroom time. Instead, the class “We can’t duplicate real-world ridingoffered to active-duty Soldiers, Reserv- ment. But each course looks at different provides a safety discussion between rid- experiences here,” he said. “But we canists and National Guardsmen. aspects of riding and vary in maneuvers ing drills. duplicate the maneuvers that would train Alves, who has taken the Experienced used during range sessions. The courses “We work on the more finer aspects of you to use your controls and motorcycleRider Course four times, said the classes aim to cover all aspects of riding. handling the motorcycle at higher speeds so you could make those real-worldare advantageous for riders of all levels The Basic Rider Course for beginners and tighter maneuvers,” Hansen said. maneuvers.”since motorcyclists can always develop is a two-day class that includes class- On the range, riders from all courses For more information or to enroll, visitnew skills. room time to teach the fundamentals of participate in various drills such as weav- the Installation Safety Office webpage at “I’m still picking things up,” he said. riding and helps riders develop strategies ing between cones, making tight turns“It’s beneficial to everybody.” to lower and manage their risk. or driving through narrow lines to hone Visit for more The courses focus on similar safety Course instructor Bob Hansen of their skills. photos from the motorcycle safety training. April 12, 2012 SOUNDOFF! 15
  14. 14. C ommunity N ews N otes The deadline for Soundoff! community“News and Notes” is Friday at noon. Allsubmissions are posted at the editor’s dis-cretion and may be edited for space andgrammar. Look for additional communityevents on the Fort Meade website at and the Meade TV Blogat For more information or to submit anannouncement, email Chad Jones at or call 301-677-1301. NEWS EVENTSBeware of financialservices scam A scam to solicit money from servicemembers and DoD civilians has beenidentified. The director of the Defense MilitaryPay Office sent an email warning to alertthe rising number of victims. Scammers have copied the DefenseFinance and Accounting Services logoas well as the DoD logo to make itappear as though it is a valid DFASdocument. DFAS does not send unsolicited emailmessages with attachments or lettersasking you to send money to pay forsome benefit. This letter purporting Photo by Nate Pesceto be from DFAS asks the fiancée ofa service member to register in “oursystem,” entitling the fiancée to benefits MODEL MANia Derick Revels, a Fort Meade Young Marine, takes a closer look at military models displayed March 17 at the Fortin the event of the service member’s Meade Museum. Members of the Central Maryland Chapter of the Armor Modelers and Preservation Association,death. and International Plastic Modelers Society filled five tables in the museum’s tank room with their model tanks, This letter is a typical phishing scam aircraft, self-propelled artillery and other armored vehicles. View more photos online at to obtain personal information andoftentimes, money. The Army Criminal InvestigationCommand recommends sharing this including tablets, capsules, powers, energy bars and liquids. National Save-a-Life Tour Guard Fife and Drum Corps will be held May 6 at 2:30 p.m. at the Pavilion.information with your fellow Soldiers. To learn whether you qualify, call 410- The Fort Meade Army Substance The keynote speaker is Gov. Martin 322-0022. Abuse Program will sponsor the National O’Malley. The event is free and open toFocus group on dietary Save-a-Life Tour today from 9 a.m. to the public.supplements Death Notice 6 p.m. at McGill Training Center, 8452 Military and community color Zimborski Ave., to mark April as Alcohol guards are encouraged to participate. The U.S. Army Public Health Com- Anyone with debts owed to or by the Awareness Month. For information regarding colormand is seeking participants for a focus estate of Spc. George G. Grundy must The event includes a multimillion dol- guard participation, call retired on dietary supplements. contact Maj. Philip Cala, the Summary lar drinking and driving simulator that John P. Benevides at 410-551-5572. Sessions will be held April 19 and 20 Court Martial officer for the Soldier, no allows participants to virtually experience For more information about theon Fort Meade. later than April 30. the effects of impaired driving. event, call the Public Affairs Office at The findings will be used to develop a Grundy died March 18 in For more information, call Samson 301-677-1361.DoD public health campaign on dietary Philadelphia. Robinson, Army Substance Abuse Pro- To contact Cala, call 410-854-8115supplements. Participants can help the and leave a message if necessary, or gram coordinator, at 301-677-7983. Evening Vet Cliniccampaign by providing their insights andopinions on the use of the supplements. email Memorial Day The Fort Meade Veterinary Treatment Facility will conduct an evening clinic, Dietary supplements are products suchas vitamins, minerals or herbs that are Kimbrough closure Remembrance by appointment only, on May 1 from 4sold to help people improve their health Fort Meade’s Memorial Day Remem- to 7 p.m. Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center The clinic will feature health exams,and/or lose weight and enhance physical will be closed all day May 11 to allow brance featuring the 26th Annual Mass-or sexual performance. ing of the Colors with the U.S. Army vaccinations and sick appointments. its staff to participate in their quarterly To schedule an appointment or for Supplements come in many forms mandatory training. Field Band and the U.S. Army Old16 SOUNDOFF! April 12, 2012