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  1. 1. INTRODUCTION This is a self-paced training for Windows Live Movie MakerPlease use the hyperlinks and navigation buttons tomove around within this tutorial.This tutorial will take approximately 15 minutes. Continue
  2. 2. What is Windows Live Movie Maker? Windows Live Movie Maker is a basic video editing application that is available to all users of Windows Vista and Windows 7 or newer Microsoft computers. Anyone who would like to download this application to a personal computer, open the following link: essentials
  3. 3. Objectives: Learners will learn how to: Import Video Import Photos Edit video Add a Title or Credit Slide Export Video
  4. 4. Target Audience This training is for educators at San Benito High School who want to keep their students engaged in their lessons by the use of technology. If there are any questions please use the back or home buttons to work through this tutorial.
  5. 5. ADD VIDEOS AND PHOTOS  Click the Home tab and then click Add Videos and Photos.  Now browse to your external storage device, select the file(s) you would like to import, and click Open.
  6. 6. Question One: Movie Maker is available on most newer Microsoft computers. True False
  7. 7. Add a Title or Credit Slide Title and credit slides enhance your slides by your video by adding text to your production. Click on the Home tab, and then click either Title or Credits. A black slide will appear. Click inside the text box and enter your text.
  8. 8. Question Two: How do titles and credits let you enhance your movie?a. By adding text-based information to your movieb. Smaller segments of larger audio and video filesc. Collections pane of Windows Movie Maker
  9. 9. Editing Your Video By using the video editing features in available in Windows Live Movie Maker, you can make your movie look the way you want it to.
  10. 10. Spilt Videos Click on the Edit tab to edit your video. Drag the black bar where you want to split the clips. Go to the Edit tab and click Split.
  11. 11. Speed up or slow down a video You can change the speed of your video in Movie Maker to go slower or faster. To change the speed of a video, click the video. Next, under Video Tools, on the Edit tab, in the Adjust group, click the Speed list, and then click a speed.
  12. 12. Question Three: Is movie maker used for editing images?a.) Nob.) Its only for editing audioc.) yes
  13. 13. IMPORT YOUR VIDEO Click the main file menu button and then click Save movie
  14. 14. IMPORT YOUR VIDEO AND SAVE YOUR VIDEO Then select Standard- definition type a meaningful file name and then click Save. Once it has finished saving, follow the prompt and Play the final movie through, just to make sure it looks exactly the way you want. Select the first slide from Video Preview.
  15. 15. EXPORT VIDEO Once you are satisfied, copy the finalized WMV file over to your external device for uploading to the Web or use in another project, like a PowerPoint presentation.
  16. 16. Question Four: How can we test the movie?a.) Select the first slide then start the movie from Video Preview.b.) we cannotc.) save it
  17. 17. You have now successfully created a Video. Previous Continue
  18. 18. Conclusion In this self-paced tutorial , you learned how to create and edit a video. We hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and that you create many videos to capture your memories. Previous Continue
  19. 19. Credits(Education)Education, J. H. (n.d.). Retrieved September 6, 2011, from WindowsLive Movie Maker Guide: Previous