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  1. 1. CCARDESA FIRST GENERAL ASSEMBLY 6-7May 2014 Boipuso Hall, Gaborone, Botswana PROGRAMME
  2. 2. MONDAY 5TH MAY 2014 Arrival of stakeholders All participants Registration All participants TUESDAY 6TH MAY 2014 TIME ACTIVITY SPEAKER SESSION 1: WELCOME AND EXHIBITIONS 0900 - 0915 Welcome remarks and briefing on the General Assembly: Objectives, Methodology and Key outputs Executive Director ED: CCARDESA [Prof T. Simalenga] 0915- 0945 Election of Chairperson of the General Assembly ED:CCARDESA [Prof T. Simalenga] 0945 - 1115 Exhibitions All participants HEALTH BREAK SESSION 2: OFFICIAL OPENING: GA Chairperson 1115 - 1245 Official Opening All participants to be seated in the main Auditorium  Botswana National Anthem  Welcome Remarks by the ED of CCARDESA Prof T. Simalenga  Remarks by the Chairperson of the Board of CCARDESA Prof. M. Dlamini  Remarks by Representatives of Development Partners EU/WB Delegation Representatives. USAID Mission Director: Ms Cheryl Anderson  Remarks by Executive Secretary of SADC Excellency Dr S. Tax  Keynote Address: Agriculture Transformation in Africa: The role of FARA and SROs in driving the research Agenda. Executive Director of FARA Dr Y. Akinbamijo  Official opening speech by the Honourable.. the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Botswana Hon. Minister of Agriculture Hon. Mr C. de Graaff
  3. 3. 1245 - 1300 Group Photo All 1300 - 1400 LUNCH BREAK SESSION 3: CCARDESA HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE 1400 - 1430 Historical perspective of CCARDESA (Part 1) From SACCAR to CCARDESA Dr. L Gakale 1430– 1500 Historical Perspective of CCARDESA (Part 2) Milestones in the establishment of CCARDESA (2010- 2012) Dr. P. Tawonezvi 1500-1510 Brief presentation on ASARECA Deputy ED: ASARECA Dr F. Wachira 1510-1520 Brief presentation on CORAF/WECARD 1520 - 1545 HEALTH BREAK 1545 - 1700 Exhibitions and Side Events 1900-2100 Networking Event and FARA Book Launch: “Integrated Agricultural Research for Development – From Concept to Practice” ED: FARA WEDNESDAY 7TH MAY 2014 SESSION 3: HIGHLIGHTS OF CCARDESA ACTIVITIES 2012-2013 0900-0915 Summary report of Day 1 Dr. W. Makumba 0915-0945 Priorities for agricultural research-for-development in Southern Africa Dr. C. Mtisi 0945-1015 CCARDESA Highlights (2012 – 2013) Prof. T. Simalenga 1015-1030 Presentation and endorsement of CCARDESA’s Medium Term Operational Plan (MTOP 2014-2018) Dr Simon Mwale 1030 - 1130 HEALTH BREAK AND EXHIBITIONS SESSION 4: CCARDESA GOVERNANCE ISSUES 1130-1200 Presentation of CCARDESA Stakeholder Database and approval of Membership Database Prof. T. Simalenga 1200-1215 Appointment of CCARDESA External Auditors Prof. T. Simalenga 1215-1245 Report of the Chairperson of CCARDESA Board of Directors Prof M. Dlamini
  4. 4. 1245- 1400 LUNCH BREAK AND EXHIBITIONS SESSION 4 contd: CCARDESA GOVERNANCE ISSUES 1400 - 1530 Presentation and approval of Governance related documents  Recommendation of CCARDESA New Board Members Prof. M Dlamini  Presentation of CCARDESA Governance manual and CCARDESA Charter Prof. T Simalenga 1530 - 1600 HEALTH BREAK 1600 - 1630  Closing remarks – Chairperson of the GA  Closing remarks – PS Mininstry of Agriculture, Botswana TBC Dr. M. Chimbombi THURSDAY 8TH MAY 2014 DEPARTURE OF DELEGATES