AWS UG Greece meetup #1


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Slides (visual aid) for my presentation @ the first AWS User Group Greece meetup

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AWS UG Greece meetup #1

  1. 1. AWS experiences @ AWSUG GR meetup #1 16 Feb 2012 Fotis Stamatelopoulos (@fstama)
  2. 2. Why and when we use AWS● Immediate deployment of short-term multiple server instances (pay as you go) – Scalability tests & multi-server experiments – Demos of (large) deployments to customers – Big data processing (e.g. log analysis)● SaaS implementations (minimized administration + unique services like S3, etc.) – MyNetworkFolders (cloud file storage) – CloudUp (Android cloud backup app)
  3. 3. ● SaaS offering implemented by● A distributed, scalable file storage platform: – supporting access via multiple interfaces (web browser, mobile devices, desktop, WebDAV) – provides a RESTful API – based on our FOSS project● It was designed from scratch as a scalable cloud application
  4. 4. Design Decisions● Clustering without session replication● Stateless, RESTful design – No HTTP session / no sticky session● Multiple levels of caching (client, front-end, second-level, etc)● Use polyglot storage
  5. 5. Architecture(Key Components) small ec2 instances larger DB instances EBS volumes backed-up to S3
  6. 6. AWS services involved● Currently using in production: – EC2 for server instances (multiple small) – S3 - reliable, replicated file storage (the main reason we deployed MNF on AWS) – CloudWatch – Elastic Block Storage (EBS) volumes● Plan to use: – Elastic Load Balancing – CloudFront – DynamoDB (have to port our mongo implementation)
  7. 7. Findings● Administration effort is minimal● S3 rules! as a reliable file storage back-end● With AWS you can achieve real elasticity● Availability and stability of services & resources is excellent, but you still need: – Monitoring & alerts – Backup● Fine tuning and good design will save you $$
  8. 8. Thank you! Questions? @fstama