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Brands@ f square


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Published in: Lifestyle, Business
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Brands@ f square

  1. 1. Brands @ FSquare
  2. 2. Brands @
  3. 3. Locomotive caters to a large crowdof hip and funky shoppers whobelieve in making a stylestatement the moment they stepout. With over 100 different stylesof fashion wear in T-shirts, shorts,jeans, and shirts inspired byinternational styles, we reach outto the outgoing, fast paced youthand bring them style at affordableprices.
  4. 4. Highlander caters to the smart andstraight forward male who believesin a simplistic approach to life anddressing. These are buyerscomfortable in their skin andconfident of carrying casualclothing with refined styling. Withshirts that bring an element offreshness to jeans and chinos thatcreate an enhanced appeal, webring in a coolness quotient thatreflects a well dressed, stylish andconfident fashionist.
  5. 5. A Man today either has to beordinary or be dressed in a MARKTAYLOR. This brand is for peoplewho love to wear their ambition andconfidence on their sleeves. Everyday formals is redefined by our brandthrough sleek formal trousers, shirts,chinos in normal and slim fits. Theprice range for this brand is attractiveand appeals to cater the value needof every s person.
  6. 6. Vishudh is an ethnic fashion weardesigned for the Indian woman.Vishudh embraces styles, cuts anddesigns that are custom created forthe new age woman who is wellexposed to international styles andexpects the best quality and value.
  7. 7. Contact US:Address: Prateek Apparels Pvt Ltd #113, Krishna Reddy Indi. Area,7th Mile, Kudlu Gate, Hosur Road, Bangalore - 560 068, INDIA.Phone : +91 80 4281 5301 / 5400Fax : +91 80 42815314Email: enquiry@fsquare.inCustomer Care:
  8. 8. Connect With us: http://www.fsquare.in