Student Lead Procurement


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Presentation for Constructing Excellence Collaborative Working Champions Feb 2011

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Student Lead Procurement

  1. 1. “Kids? Humph! Who do they think they are?”
  2. 2. we go to great measures to put barriers between construction and education advocate for improvement and innovation in the built environment martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  3. 3. making education construction projects education projects advocate for improvement and innovation in the built environmentmartin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  4. 4. A school building is not just about design.... (...actually there’s lots to do before, during and after!) What would happen if young people took charge of an entire school building project?
  5. 5. Student led design Student led procurementStudent led collaboration
  6. 6. “The focus of the scheme onbuilding an ecologicalsustainable building ...isreflected in existingNational and RegionalPlanning Policy and inemerging Local Policy.The outcome of thedepartments involvement inthe scheme has beenextremely positive.We would actively look toencourage the involvementof school children and thewider community in thedevelopment process,raising awareness of theplanning process, its impacton society, shaping localcommunities and builtenvironment. “ Submission of plans to Hyndburn Council PlanningHazel Fox, Planning Officer DepartmentHyndburn Borough Council
  7. 7. “We need to think how muchour classroom will cost tobuild and how much it willcost to run, and how we cansupport our localeconomy. Local projectsshould help local peopleand that makes businesssense. We aim to source allbuilding and landscapesupplies from within a 50mile radius of our schoolthereby helping to supportand sustain those localbusinesses.We want it to be really greenwith no carbons. We don’twant it to cost the Earth, sowe’re careful about what weuse, how we use it andwhere - and who - it comesfrom.” Meet us in the middleDaniel, age 13Accrington Academy
  8. 8. Zero carbonexplained … @ROOTSCOYO
  9. 9. do the right thing“We have taken time to design ourclassroom the right way, all of us workingtogether, sustainably …… we can not allow the construction totake place in the usual ugly way withwaste and problems” Callum Slinger, Roots Age 14
  10. 10. Construction Commitments The way we will build our eco classroomInterviews Contractors pitch to be involvedPQQ 60% Written/Scored by RootsJCT CE 09 Overarching principle = student led collaborationCollaboration Clusters, Open Book, Last PlannerMaterial Procurement Recycled, Sustainable, Acc Brick, Earth Exchange, Builderscrap advocate for improvement and innovation in the built environment martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  11. 11. PQQPart One: Organisation Details Financial Standing Insurance etc Pass/Fail + 10% scored by ClassofyourownPart Two: Experience, understanding and commitment 30% scored by ClassofyourownPart Three: Roots Construction Commitments 60% scored by RootsIssued 16th NovReturn 9th Dec advocate for improvement and innovation in the built environment martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  12. 12. clic with us for the journey continuous learning and improvement club advocate for improvement and innovation in the built environmentmartin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  13. 13. Accrington Academy ROOTS Eco Classroom Student feedback from Contractor Presentations, 5th November 2010XYZ SERVICES LIMITEDWHAT DOES THIS COMPANY DO? WHAT DO WE LIKE? WHAT WE’D LIKE TO KNOW HOW DO THEY WANT TO HELP US? MORE ABOUT...Traditional thinking – innovative thinking. Local. Want to reach carbon target. Thinking of CDM Lower costs. Manage the project. Commitments.Construction consultancy. Give something the future of our classroom and the world.back to the local community. Experience using products we are interested in.Accrington based. They look at reducing Everyone knows what’s going on? Built lots of CDM co-ordination. Why they Want to give something back to the town. Give uscosts. Have project managers so it is built different things. They walked here to help are different to other companies their knowledge. Other opinions on constructionon time. Help the planet. Make things are sustainability. Their goal is sustainability. Fit and what will they do differently. and help us with construction.basic but helps. Lots of research on straw Glulam beams a lot. Professional in theirbale insulation. approach.Accrington based. 30+ years of experience. Together we can achieve it. Innovative thinking. CDM co-ordinator Community, sustainability, knowledge. Lower costsAssociate office in New York. Traditional Social. Local. Sustainability is their goal. for materials. Want to be part of the change.skills. CDM co-ordination. Like opportunity Passionate. Knowledge & experience/teamwork Locality. Professional approach. Accessible toto learn and improve young people to know = success. whole project team. Primary goal in mind. Pass onabout the construction industry. knowledge. Spread the word.Based in Accrington. Going concern for 30 They cover a lot of areas in construction. They What are your policies on They want to make sure it is run properly. Want toyears. Many associate centres. They want think innovatively. They are very local and seem equality? help us because they are part of the community andto pass on their knowledge to us. Want to passionate about our zero carbon emission. Main What other sustainable projects want to give something us spread the word. elements are cost, quality, health and safety. have you worked on? They have used many sustainable sources. They have made commitments to us.
  14. 14. “I really enjoyed yesterday’schallenge.  It’s amazing tosee how much the studentshave already learnt aboutsustainable construction(and branding!) from the EcoClassroom project and I’mreally looking forward tobeing part of the journeythat will see their ideasbeing built. “With all the doom andgloom in construction, it’sfantastic to be involved insomething so positive andwhich might make a realimpact on the future of theindustry” Development of ideasMary CrossGlovers Project Services with professional people
  15. 15. The EightDoorways
  16. 16. Doorway Programme9.00am 9.30am 11.00amStudents are introduced to the Working in small doorway Armed with notepad, cameraday, to basics of sustainability groups, students conduct a desk and recorder doorway groupsand eight doorways from the top research exercise. undertake field exercise.Sustainable School Agenda. Helped and facilitated by class Students indentify whats good,Students choose one of the of your own, research is put into bad and ugly around the schooldoorway from a short “whats context of the school, student relative to their doorway.important to you” exercise experiences & ambitions1.00pm 2.00pm 2.45 pmAfter lunch the doorway groups Doorway groups present their Students invited to visitstart to develop their findings to the whole group. summary slides posted aroundpresentations with text and Each group has 1 minute per the hall adding comments onpictures. slide, creating a buzz and post-its added onto the slides. energy.Each group will be allowed 4 Summary slides can form the The day concludes with aslides with one common format basis of a blog item as a record question & answers session andsummary slide of the day and further action summary
  17. 17. safe guarding
  18. 18. advocate for improvement and innovation in the built environmentmartin brown e: t: @fairsnape