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Responsible and Mindful BIM


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Pecha Kucha presentation to Think BIM April 2014. A thought journey of where BIM, Building Information Management ,can go - towards responsible BIM - from Flatland to Wonderland (with credit to Petra Kunkel for collective leadership concept)

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Responsible and Mindful BIM

  1. 1. BIM   Flatland   and   Wonderland  
  2. 2. 1997  
  3. 3. Want  to  change  the   world?   Then  change  the   conversa:on!    
  4. 4. PAS  
  5. 5. ISO  9001   B  I  Management     Documenta:on  Control    
  6. 6. #BIMWash  
  7. 7. Wonderland  …       “If  we  want  to  co-­‐create  a  more  sustainable  future,  we   need  the  harsh  reality  of  the  flatland  and  the  spirituality  of   wonderland”    Petra  Kuenkel  
  8. 8. “Collec:ve   leadership  is   essen:al  …     no  one  person   or  organisa:on   has  all  the   knowledge”     @PetraKuenkel     #sustldrconv  
  9. 9. “prac:ce  is  all  about  slowing  down  and  clearing   the  mind,  while  the  digital  revolu:on  is  speeding   up  our  lives  and  filling  our  heads  with  vast   quan::es  of  informa:on”   Vietnamese  monk  Thich  Nhat  Hanh  is  guiding   some  of  the  world's  biggest  technology   companies  in  the  art  of  mindfulness.   mindfulness  and  technology    
  10. 10. Want  to  change  the   world?   Then  change  the   conversa:on!    
  11. 11. Randy  Deutsch  March  2014:         “  One  of  the  ironies  facing  the  industry  is  that   in  order  to  master  BIM,                        don’t  learn  more  BIM                                        Instead,  do  other  things  “         What  do  we  do  now?  Go  wide  and  deep.   Go  against  common  wisdom  and  for:fy  your  so`   skills,  your  reach  and  wingspan.         What  will  bring  about  greater  efficiencies  and   effec:veness,  increase  produc:vity  and  deliver   value,  is  not  addi:onal  technology  knowledge   but  our  ability  to  communicate,   relate,  work  together,  think  like   one  another,  have  empathy,   understand,  and  listen.   To  master  BIM  you  have  to  transcend  BIM.   hcp://  
  12. 12. #SustainaBIMity   Will  #BIM   simplify  or   complicate   sustainability?   @CaseyRutland  
  13. 13. #sustainaBIMity:  modeling  jus:ce  and  health  ….   hcps://  
  14. 14. hcps://  
  15. 15. What  is  big  data     really  addressing?  
  16. 16. Lets  Talk  3D  
  17. 17. Experience  3D:     Construc:on21     Virtual  Green  Build  Expo   May  14/15  2014   hcp://  
  18. 18. A  PAS  1192  keystone?     Every  BIM  project  to  educate  and  mo:vate   hcps://  
  19. 19. @fairsnape