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Introduction to Social Media in Construction


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Presentation to SELCA May 2011. Introduction to use of social media or realtime web in construction

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Introduction to Social Media in Construction

  1. 1. social media in construction SELCA May 2011 martin brown
  2. 2. social what?martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  3. 3. real time webmartin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  4. 4. Why social media? Its where you will find your customers, clients, staff, suppliers, contractors, friends …. people Its not a new thing but a new way of doing old things, …. like talking and communicating and having conversations again … something emails killed?martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  5. 5. What do people see when they look for you on-line?martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  6. 6. martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  7. 7. visibility see and be seen innovative punch above weight sustainability best Practice good news learn + share intelligence leads industry + Market staff + clients … people client + competitor conversations relationships communicatemartin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  8. 8. martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  9. 9. Bid and PQQ Production Collaborative input to bidsmartin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  10. 10. Bids and Interviews Contractor Interview Team Project Team Clientmartin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  11. 11. @fairsnape: running bid presentation skills workshop:-What’s your number one tip for presenting at interviews? Real-time help from twittermartin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  12. 12. Blogs new look project diaries? Learning from clientsmartin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  13. 13. Site Images Making site images work + = ? Site Diarymartin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  14. 14. Web Project Sheets Links to Building / Facilities website Innovative solutions Client website Contractor website Supply Chain links Project Blogs + Images Google Maps QR Code (for accessing online info from printed version) Allow FeedbackMake project sheets come alive again RSS Sharing onwardsmartin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  15. 15. Great for getting wider this presentation online reach of your presentations and …martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  16. 16. … limitless opportunities for QR codesmartin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  17. 17. Construction need to unlock the potential of social mediamartin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  18. 18. Poor communications at the root of most construction problems?martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  19. 19. There go my people I must find out“where they are French politician Alexandre Ledru-Rollin going so I can lead them.”martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  20. 20. Social Media is like any other Initiative … Don’t forget to measure Guidelines Objectives Targets Measure Evaluatemartin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  21. 21. And have some form of fair play Web Use Guidelines Policy or Code of Conductmartin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  22. 22. Getting started Join Linkedin Explore your digital visibility Engage with twitter (top 20?) Put site pictures to work Explore QRmartin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  23. 23. helping you … Hands on getting startedmartin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  24. 24. helping you … Improving your digital visibilitymartin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  25. 25. helping you … Web in a hour (for micro SME’s)martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  26. 26. helping you … PR supportmartin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  27. 27. helping you … Social Media User Guidelinesmartin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  28. 28. There’s a party going on … you got an invite, now, do you … Ignore the invitation … Go but sit in the corner … Wear a paper bag over your head Burst in and shout or turn up and just act normalmartin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  29. 29. social media in construction SELCA May 2011martin brown@fairsnape