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Constructing Social Media

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Constructing Social Media

  1. 1. Constructing social media martin brown
  2. 3. fairsnape isite blog @fairsnape
  3. 5. socialwhat?
  4. 6. lets think real time web getting under the www
  5. 7. <ul><li>Why social media ? </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Its where you will find your customers, clients, staff, suppliers, contractors, friends …. people </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Its not a new thing </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>but a new way of doing old things , </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>… . like talking and communicating </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>and having conversations again … </li></ul></ul><ul><li>something emails killed? </li></ul>
  6. 11. What do people see when they look for you on-line? On the Web? Across social media?
  7. 17. visibility intelligence learn + share communicate see and be seen be innovative punch above weight leads industry + Market client + competitor sustainability best Practice good news staff + clients … people collaborative working relationships Why use social media in construction ? What’s the ROI? conversations
  8. 21. Real-time twitter Tweetchats … #GVischat #TBIMchat #AIAchat #Futrchat #CSRchat “ brilliant use of twitter for learning, sharing, brainstorming”
  9. 22. Construction unlocking the potential of social media
  10. 23. Where to start? 1. In the Boardroom
  11. 24. Stargazing Grounded Balance of Continuity and Change .
  12. 25. French politician Alexandre Ledru‐Rollin “ There go my people I must find out where they are going so I can lead them.”
  13. 26. “ We are encouraging use of social media as a method for continuing the conversations with our clients,” “ The risks of using the media are the same risks that you have with any employee representing the company. “ If you teach your staff how to talk about the company and how to interact with the public regarding the company, then these platforms are not an issue.”
  14. 27. http://www. davidmeermanscott .com/
  15. 28. “ If we don’t get this right Gen X and Gen Y won’t want to work for us but they will want to work for someone else ” “ you cant hide anything from us … we are to social media savvy”
  16. 29. Where to start? 1. In the Boardroom 2. Communications
  17. 30. Poor communications at the root of most construction problems?
  18. 31. Blogs new look project diaries? Learning from clients “ The value of what we know is sharing it”
  19. 32. Communicating ….
  20. 33. sharing ….
  21. 34. informative ….
  22. 35. dairy ….
  23. 36. progress ….
  24. 37. Where to start? 1. In the Boardroom 2. Communications 3. On projects
  25. 38. There’s an app …
  26. 39. Site Diary Making Site Images work + = ?
  27. 40. Where to start? 1. In the Boardroom 2. Communications 3. On projects 4. Winning Work / PR
  28. 41. Bid and PQQ Production Collaborative input to bids
  29. 42. Bids and Interviews Contractor Interview Team Project Team Client
  30. 43. this presentation online Great for getting wider reach of your presentations and … Introducing QR Codes
  31. 44. Web Project Sheets Links to Building / Facilities website Innovative solutions Client website Contractor website Supply Chain links Project Blogs + Images Google Maps QR Code (for accessing online info from printed version) Allow Feedback RSS Sharing onwards Make project sheets come alive again
  32. 45. … limitless opportunities for QR codes Source: SMPR @katiebrowntweets
  33. 46. One: Tune In Two: Tune Out Three: Get Amplified Four: Link in Five: Google + Drop it   Six: Blog it Seven: Know it Eight: Make it live Nine: Share it Ten: QR Code it   Win Work with social media
  34. 47. Where to start? Board level Explore your digital visibility Engage with linkedin and twitter Learn share and collaborate Put site pictures to work Use in project sheets and bids
  35. 48. Construction managing the potential of social media
  36. 49. Don’t forget to measure Social Media is like any other Initiative … Guidelines Objectives Targets Measure Evaluate
  37. 50. … have some form of fair play Web Use Guidelines Policy or Code of Conduct
  38. 51. @gemmawent
  39. 52. Hands on getting started clinics / workshops
  40. 53. Improving your digital visibility
  41. 54. Using social media to win work
  42. 55. Web in a hour (for micro SME’s)
  43. 56. PR support … through friends
  44. 57. Social Media User Guidelines
  45. 58. How will you respond to social media?
  46. 59. constructing social media martin brown @fairsnape CREDITS: @eepaul @subutcher @lucymarcus @pauleycreative @gemmawent @katiebrowntweets
  47. 60. t: @fairsnape martin brown e:
  48. 61. wishing you a very merry christmas and prosperous new year

Editor's Notes

  • And lastly, just in case you were, please heed the advice of David Meerman Scott (who wrote ‘The new Rules of Marketing and PR’. Don’t worry about sharing your best information online. Your competitino already knows what you’re doing, and People like leaders, not followers. That was August 19 th 2008 by the way. He was ahead even then.
  • And don’t forget. We’re listening – we may even talk about you.