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Bidding to win

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Bidding to win

  1. 1. Bidding to Win martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  2. 2. PQQ, Bid, Interview, Presentation Support, Training, Coaching Independent Reviews martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  3. 3. Bidding to Win Part 1 – Before the Bid You don’t win tenders at Bid Stage Part 2 - Success Selected not Deselected Part 3 – Bid Improvement Better Next Time martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  4. 4. We cannot fix problems with the same patterns of thoughts that created the problems Einstein Business Winners have learnt to relish change with the same enthusiasm and energy that we have resisted it in the past." 
 Tom Peters …winning work in today’s market needs new patterns of thoughts… martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  5. 5. How much time do you spend on Bidding?
 Marketing & Pre-Bid 
 What are your 
 To bid or not to bid decision bidding
 Costs? Bid management time Bid preparation Presentation/interview Feedback/Learning martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  6. 6. Current 
 No of pre-qualifications & bids Success 
 Rates? How many hrs What are the costs Winning ratio Value of average project Annual Profit margin martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  7. 7. you don t win work at tender stage who does? those who delight clients and are better than the others martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  8. 8. PQQ Winners: Have Customer/Market Intelligence Are well informed and visible Have sound Bid Process Have Supply Chain common goals Articulate evidence Are a Fit Organisation Innovate have ‘extra zap’ martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  9. 9. Do you +ZAP energy Or Do you -SAP energy martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  10. 10. Winners have Customer Intelligence Understanding Who are they? Your Customers What is their business? What motivates/drives them? Who are their customers? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What are their risks and threats? What are there aspirations? think business not building martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  11. 11. Winners have Customer Intelligence High Customer 
 Attractiveness Attractiveness of Account Strategic Strategic Development Critical Gorgeous Good Bad Ugly Nuisance Exploitable Low Income High martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  12. 12. Winners are informed “I have seen further by standing on the shoulders of giants” Where do you get your
 Best Practice
 Innovation martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  13. 13. Winners are informed real time intelligence martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  14. 14. Winners have sound bid processes bid process plan bid responses act do bid interviews check bid presentations martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  15. 15. Winners articulate evidence Evidence Evidence Evidence Anecdotal Comprehensive Questionable Believable Compelling martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  16. 16. Winners are 
 Fit Organisations Strong Collaborative Leadership Values and Culture – Learning, Open & Honest Motivated, skilled, dedicated workforce Competent Management Team Simple adaptable systems Resilient … martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  17. 17. Q What's your Differentiator? martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  18. 18. Why use social Keeping Informed media Being Visible Conversations that lead to Relationships Innovate Collaborative Bid writing Winning Work martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  19. 19. martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  20. 20. Increasingly relationships that lead to contracts are being made online, through discussions within LinkedIn groups for eg
  21. 21. No longer OK 'just' to have a web site ...
  22. 22. “If we don’t get this right Gen X and Gen Y won’t want to work for us but they will want to work for someone else” “you cant hide anything from us … we are to social media savvy”
  23. 23. Influence Amplification Green Deal
  24. 24. “We are encouraging use of social media as a method for continuing the conversations with our clients,” “The risks of using the media are the same risks that you have with any employee representing the company. “If you teach your staff how to talk about the company and how to interact with the public regarding the company, then these platforms are not an issue.” martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  25. 25. Understand the industry, embed progress Be Visible and Engage Review your approaches Start writing / updating your ‘story’… now Be Prepared when bid announced martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  26. 26. 
 “Getting SELECTED not
 DE-SELECTED ” martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  27. 27. the Bid Process announcement expression of interest PQQ Stage 1 - technical Stage 2 - cost Interviews Preferred Bidder each stage WINNER brings deselection dangers
  28. 28. Bid Traps
 How to deselect yourself martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  29. 29. Not prepared Not Understanding the assessment, scoring, weighting … Not answering the questions / All the question parts No or little Evidence Questionable Response Poorly Structured Response Not a team Response Unclear Response Not easy for assessor Thrown away at the end martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  30. 30. … transparency Bid …In Practice … Online martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  31. 31. Interviews and Presentations martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  32. 32. Presentations No Bullet Points martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  33. 33. on stage Dance – your body language Music – your voice Words - your content martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  34. 34. Using Feedback plan act do check martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  35. 35. 0 - Unacceptable 1 - Very weak - almost unacceptable Score 2 - Weak - well below expectations 3 - Poor - below expectations 4 - Satisfactory but below expectations 5 - Meets expectations 6 - Slightly exceeds expectations 7 - Good well above expectations 8 - Very good 9 - Outstanding 10 - Exceptional martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  36. 36. Was the response weighted correctly? martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  37. 37. Written Meetings Feedback Events Independent martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  38. 38. Review - SWOT martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  39. 39. Review - Submission Easy to Read? Easy to navigate? Helped reader? Looked professional? martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  40. 40. Act Improving Future Bids plan act do check martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  41. 41. Act Improving Future Bids Improve Practice Improve Best Practice Capture Improve Articulation Improve Submission Need Help? martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  42. 42. Act - Future Proof? What do you need to strengthen, start doing? Corporate Social Responsibility Measure Carbon Adopt Lean Construction Understand BIM ISO 9001, 14001, PAS 2030 martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  43. 43. ACT - Knowledge Industry Buzz What should we be talking about How can we improve knowledge? martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  44. 44. Act Innovation Capture New to you New to construction New to business Benefits? martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  45. 45. ACT - Improve Articulation Capture Improvement Update your text Improve from feedback Share, get new input NOW Use Google Docs to similar martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  46. 46. ACT - How can we improve TEAM Brainstorm Team Ideas Make bid support / winning work part of all staff job descriptions Invite key players, sub contractors, consultants martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  47. 47. ACT - Submission Format Publishing PR / Images Structure martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  48. 48. Act - Visibility Are you on clients radar? Networks Social media? Who is amplifying your message Who is damaging your image martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  49. 49. Act - Visibility What do people see when they look for you on-line? martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  50. 50. Q who is amplifying your message?
  51. 51. Bids Questions? that Win martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  52. 52. Sustainability Corporate Social Responsibility Bid Support Collaborative Working Business Improvement Social Media martin brown e: t: @fairsnape