Bid presentation workshop slides


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Bid presentation workshop slides

  1. 1. Bid InterviewsPresentations
  2. 2. Bid BasicsInterview BasicsPresentation Basics LunchPrep for PresentationsPresentationsFeedback / Summary martin brown e: t: @fairsnape
  3. 3. the presentation backgroundThe project is a £3.1 million part Refurb, part new build contract for Stockport Collegeto provide new Admin Facilities.Works are due to start in August 2011 and be complete in Spring 2011. Part of theexisting building is listed.The teams have successfully passed the PQQ (Pre-Qualification Questions) and ITTstages and have now been called forward for interview.The essence here is on presentation and interview style, of evidence and relationships,rather than technical solutions (which would have been covered by earlierdocumentation submitted)
  4. 4. the presentation questionsHow will you deliver this contract to ensure best value, and support us (the clientsteam) in achieving our objectives? In particular we would wish to understand how you propose to apply sustainability /innovation / best practice and true collaborative working on this projec t .We also need to further understand your understanding and experience of diversitywithin the industry and how this will be applied to this contractHow Does the team give enough confidence to proceed to contract stage
  5. 5. the presentation timingEach team will have 15 mins to introduce themselves and make their presentationThere will be 5 minutes for any questions on clarificationThere will be a plenary feedback session and time for the teams to do their ownlearning / action plans
  6. 6. the presentation client panelThere are four client representatives – with the following focus: Project Manager – focusing on client’s requirements being met Improvement Manager – focusing on best practice issues Environmental Manager – focusing on sustainability Programme Manager – focusing on diversity issues
  7. 7. Winners Have Customer Intelligence … Are informed … Have sound Bid Process … Demonstrate Common Goals … Articulate evidence … Innovate … Are a Fit Organisation …
  8. 8. the Bid Process announcementexpression of interest PQQ Stage 1 - technical Stage 2 - cost Interviews Preferred Bidder WINNER
  9. 9. plan bid processact do bid responses check bid interviews bid presentations
  10. 10. Evidence Evidence Evidence EvidenceAnecdotal ComprehensiveQuestionable Believable Compelling
  11. 11. 0 - Unacceptable1 - Very weak - almost unacceptable2 - Weak - well below expectations3 - Poor - below expectations4 - Satisfactory but below expectations5 - Meets expectations6 - Slightly exceeds expectations7 - Good well above expectations8 - Very good9 - Outstanding10 - Exceptional
  12. 12. elsYour Differentiator ew nJ row Values and rC the wayCompetitive strengths u people work Yo together People Suppliers and Customers Organisational structure Processes Products and Services Hard to copy
  13. 13. VARKVisual Audio Read Kinetic
  14. 14. real time intelligence real time web
  15. 15. Contractor Interview TeamProject Team Client
  16. 16. @fairsnape: running bid presentation skills workshop:-What’s your number one tip for presenting at interviews? Real-time help from twitter
  17. 17. Web Project Sheets Links to Building / Facilities website Innovative solutions Client website Contractor website Supply Chain links Project Blogs + Images Google Maps QR Code (for accessing online info from printed version) Allow Feedback RSS Sharing onwards
  18. 18. this presentation online Great for getting wider reach of your presentations
  19. 19. the stagehow will you get on?who’s got the props? who sets up? who keeps time?
  20. 20. take-offBreatheFeel the floorCount three slowlyLook aroundOpening words
  21. 21. the middle bitPitch your voice for the roomGive yourself timeRevive the energyEnthuse, move around, smileEngage with eye contact
  22. 22. the landing from content to message thoughts / feelingsending “echos” your beginning last words / last actions
  23. 23. practice practice practice practice isn’t repetition practice then review improve then practice it again.
  24. 24. Power-point Inspiration Tips Do’s Don’ts or
  25. 25. DoUse company template and style (brand)Use client, contract, suppliers logosMix words and imagesKeep simple, enjoyableCreate a story that flowsStart with message, end with message
  26. 26. DontRead the slidesUse font smaller than 30ptUse clashing coloursUse bullet pointsNumber pages (slide 6 of 65 is a turnoff)Use complex slide builds
  27. 27. No Bullet Points That’s right - no bullet points, ever. New research into cognitive functioning - how the brain retains information - proves that bullet points are the least effective way to deliver important information
  28. 28. what was planned plan what happenedact do what was good check what was not so good what will we do next time
  29. 29. Action Plans
  30. 30. martin browne: t: @fairsnape