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A Sense of Urgency


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Presentation for REGENERATION Edition 2, Italy and updated for SEDA Green Drinks in Ayr, April 2016. The Green Drinks event coincided with John Muir birthday (21/4) and Earth Day (22/4) Sharing from FutuREstorative book and Cuerdon Valley Park project (1st UK LBC registered project).

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A Sense of Urgency

  1. 1. Living Building Challenge UK Martin Brown Fairsnape Sharing from: Future Restorative Illustrated through: Cuerdon Valley Park Visitor Centre LBC Project
  2. 2. John Muir 21 April
  3. 3. Earth Day 22 April
  4. 4. A Sense of Urgency The Numbers Paris Agreement climate change target 2deg C Aim for 1.5 Deg C 2016 Carbon ppm all time high reached March 2016 407ppm Built Environment 40% of problem, 40% of solution 2.0 > 1.5 407 > 350 40% > 40%
  5. 5. There are no non-radical approaches left before us in addressing climate change Namoi Klein, This Changes Everything (2015) Reducing built environment carbon emissions (50% from 1990 levels by 2025) is now out of reach with current practice. UK Green Construction Board (2015) We no longer have luxury of just being less bad. Martin Brown Future Restorative 2016 A Sense of Urgency
  6. 6. Project Image Cuerdon Valley Park Visitor Centre Lancashire UK LBC Registered (1st UK) Community Funded Community Build LBC UK Collaborative Expert Support Education Links
  7. 7. 14 Patterns Biophilia innate relationship with nature secret sauce of sustainability key to sustainable behaviour health is the new green
  8. 8. Cuerdon Valley Park Biophilic Workshop Daylight window size and locations food served in café Prospects to Nature Light and circadian lighting
  9. 9. ReWilding Nature Not just reintroducing wolf or lynx, but allowing emergence of eco-systems to support.
  10. 10. ReWilding Buildings using natural thinking allow buildings to breathe, to heal, to respond to seasons and climate
  11. 11. ReWilding People Eco Literacy Influence of Buildings Connecting people to nature, through buildings We spend 90% time indoors Children spend less time outdoors than prisoners
  12. 12. Materials Cuerdon Valley Park Earth Straw Bale Timber No Cement Red List Local
  13. 13. Materials Cuerdon Valley Park Local Larch Larch disease (Phytophthoria Ramorum) Felled on site Cut and graded on site Cladding and other uses FSC
  14. 14. Net Positive Waste Cuerdon Valley Park Straw Bale is a Waste Product! Zero Waste on site so far Only waste will be packaging for café equipment “Let’s all become radical environmentalists: the single best thing we can do for the planet is to keep our stuff in use longer. Patagonia chief executive Rose Marcario
  15. 15. Net Positive Carbon Cuerdon Valley Park Potentially a Carbon Sink Using straw, timber, no cement = net positive Minimal fuel used in construction Possibly attract carbon offsets from other construction projects
  16. 16. Net Positive Carbon Construction Carbon 1Ton per £100,000 70% on Transport and Travel
  17. 17. Beauty, Inspiration, Spirit, Education Eco Literacy Responsibility to Inform Influence in design, Influence in construction, Influence in operation Nature - classroom
  18. 18. Beauty, Inspiration, Spirit, Education Eco Literacy Wood Stoves Educating timber management, Harvesting, coppicing, Chopping, storing, seasoning, Wood stove efficiency, Air quality CONNECTING WITH NATURE
  19. 19. Beauty, Inspiration, Spirit, Education Eco Literacy Project Artist: Oliva Keith
  20. 20. #FutuREstorative Published 01 July 2016 FUTURESTORATIVE Inspirations, Innovations and Challenges for a New Sustainability Martin Brown
  21. 21. “We have lost connectivity with nature significantly in the last generation, and in doing so our respect, and lowered our tolerance for doing harm” Martin Brown, Fairsnape
  22. 22. References & Mentions: Martin Brown @fairsnape @futurestorative FutuREstorative. Martin Brown RIBA Books Living Building Challenge @livingbuilding UK Collaborative @livingbldguk Cuerdon Valley Park: Bullitt Centre @bullitcentre John Muir Trust Last Child in the Woods: Richard Louv 14 Patterns of Biophilia: Terrapin Bright Green This Changes Everything: Naomi Klein Norwegian Wood: Haruki Murakami Construction Carbon: Carbon Visuals: Oliva Keith (CVP Project Artist)