The Future of Everything


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6 emerging worlds that will impact the future of everything.

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The Future of Everything

  1. 1. Six Wicked Patterns Emerging Around the The Future of… Everything! Kedge,  LLC
  2. 2. Our present-day tools, models, and processes are quickly becoming Industrial Age relics... Something fundamental has changed!
  3. 3. We have entered the... Postnormal Economy { “All that was ‘normal’ has now evaporated; we have entered postnormal times, the in-between period where old orthodoxies are dying, new ones have not yet emerged, and nothing really makes sense.” Ziauddin Sardar, The City University, London Complexity Chaos Contradiction Open-Sourced Disruptive Networked Collaborative Uncertainty Resilience Imagination
  4. 4. Why Is Futures Thinking Critical To The Success Of Innovation In The Postnormal Economy? You can't have a better tomorrow if you're only thinking about yesterday. Those who can look ahead with foresight are better equipped to face change and harness opportunity, since they know which decisions today might open up new doors tomorrow. Applying foresight thinking can turn a complex and unclear world into a map of new innovation, opportunities, and possibilities. Foresight and Innovation at Stanford University
  5. 5. Understanding and Preparing for Multiple Possibilities is the Difference Between Success and Failure Transformation Breakthrough “The Linear Future” Adaptation Resilience Br ea kd ow n
  6. 6. Transformative invention requires orldviews us to train ndustrial science ourselves to look at the macro ommerce environment outside of our edging industry and organization - and nvironment across different esign driving forces in society. W nnovation I C K E D
  7. 7. The Avatar Future: Telepresence, Human/Machine Interface, & Robotics Areas of Impact: •Technology •Medicine •Human Resources •Talent & Work
  8. 8. The “VirFlex” Future “VirFlex” Virtual Geography & Location Flexible Work Hours + What does this do to the concepts of “work,” “workplace,” & “business,” not to mention the idea of the “city?” Areas of Impact: •Work •Talent Development •Business Development •City Development •Innovation •Collaboration
  9. 9. The Oculus Rift will create new opportunities for businesses to use virtual reality in everything from manufacturing to medical environments.
  10. 10. The “Gamified” Future “Gamified”Business The The Gamification of Future Areas of Impact: •Talent Assessment •Technology •Consumer Insights •Consumption •Data & Analytics •Marketing •Job Creation •Governance •Innovation •Social Media •Health & Medicine If “customer If "customer engagement" is engagement” is the super metric the super metric of the next of the next decade, then decade, then gaming is its "gamification" is elixir. its elixir.
  11. 11. The Hybrid Future The “meshing” of physical and virtual/digital worlds, resulting in the coevolution of humanity and technology... Areas of Impact: •Technology •Data •Social Media •Work •Insights •Innovation ...impacting the way we govern, do business, perceive social interaction, and shape our world.
  12. 12. Hybrid & Blended Reality? The “meshing” of physical and virtual/digital worlds, resulting in the evolution of humanity and technology... ... impacting the way we govern, do business, perceive social interaction, and shape our world! out
  13. 13. Areas of Impact: The Holistic Future •Work and Talent •Innovation and Creativity •Technology •Consumption
  14. 14. The Generative Future Areas of Impact: •City Development •Consumer Insights •Technology •Consumption •Innovation •Data & Analytics pavagen Marketing • •Job Creation Using exponentially accelerating technology •Governance and “big data” clusters to create cities & •Social Media workforces that are equitable, inclusive, Energy • citizen-centric, and hubs of innovation. •Health & Medicine