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Training Plan

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Training Plan

  1. 1. Field Sons Oil Services Training Plan January2012 – March 2012Category Management CoursesCode Course Duration Date VenueMC1 Technical Report Writing 5 Days CairoMC2 Total Quality Management 5 Days CairoMC3 Communication skills 5 Days CairoMC4 Time Management 5 Days CairoMC5 Effective Supervision 5 Days CairoMC6 Ensuring Return on your human capital 5 Days CairoMC7 Global Corporate Strategy 5 Days CairoMC8 Change management using six Sigma Basic 5 Days CairoMC9 Technical report writing 5 Days CairoMC10 Total Quality Management 5 Days CairoMC11 Performance Evaluation 5 Days CairoMC12 Crises Management 5 Days CairoMC13 Leading Change in Multinationals 5 Days CairoMC14 Leading change using six Sigma Advanced 5 Days CairoMC15 Gab analysis 5 Days Cairo balance conflicting objectives and eliminatingMC16 5 Days Cairo conflicting responsibilities and relationshipsMC17 Managing Cultural Diversity 5 Days CairoMC18 Managing time and business Stress 5 Days CairoMC19 Performance Evaluation 5 Days CairoMC20 Effective Supervision 5 Days CairoMC21 Influencing behavior to achieve objectives 5 Days CairoMC22 Quantitative Decision Making 5 Days CairoMC23 Foundation of organization Structure 5 Days CairoMC24 Charismatic Leadership 5 Days CairoMC25 Organizational Behaviors 5 Days Cairo
  2. 2. Category HSE CoursesCode Title Duration Date VenueHSE1 Risk management 3 Days CairoHSE2 Planned General inspection 3 Days CairoHSE3 Air Emissions 2 Days CairoHSE4 Pre job tool Box talk 3 Days CairoHSE5 Welding and cutting safety 3 Days CairoHSE6 Hydrogen Sulphide H2S 2 Days CairoHSE7 Behaviors Based Safety 3 Days CairoHSE8 Waste management 3 Days CairoHSE9 Drilling safety 5 Days CairoHSE10 Accident Investigation and analysis 5 Days CairoHSE11 Risk Management and HAZOP review 3 Days CairoHSE12 First Aid 5 Days CairoHSE13 Radiation Safety 3 Days CairoHSE14 Project HSE Review 5 Days CairoHSE15 OHSAS 18001 5 Days CairoHSE16 ISO 14001 5 Days CairoHSE17 Job / task analysis and procedure 3 Days CairoHSE18 Emergency control 3 Days CairoHSE19 Human error in car Accidents 5 Days CairoHSE20 Building fire fighting 2 Days CairoHSE21 Working safely in Hazards Areas 3 Days CairoHSE22 Rope Rescue 5 Days CairoHSE23 Crane and Fork Lift safety 3 Days CairoHSE24 Lifting and rigging safety 5 Days CairoHSE25 Offshore Platform Design and fabrication 3 Days CairoHSE26 Training for Reducing Undesired Events TRUE 3 Days CairoHSE27 Job hazard analysis and Permit to Work system 3 Days CairoHSE28 Valued Engineering 5 Days CairoHSE29 Industrial Hygiene 2 Days CairoHSE30 Entry to Confined Space 2 Days Cairo
  3. 3. HSE31 Accredited safety Auditor 5 Days CairoHSE32 Fire loss Control 3 Days CairoHSE33 Environmental Impact assessment 3 Days CairoHSE34 Planned General Inspection 3 Days CairoCategory Exploration CoursesCode Title Duration Date VenueEC1 Seismic inversion Workshop 5 Days CairoEC 2 Sequence stratigraphy 5 Days CairoEC 3 Operation Geology 5 Days CairoEC 4 Log data Acquisition 5 Days CairoEC 5 Integration of rocks, log and test data 5 Days CairoEC 6 Advanced Formation Evaluation 5 Days CairoEC 7 Formation Damage 5 Days CairoEC 8 Advanced Structural Geology 5 Days CairoEC 9 Well log interpretation 5 Days CairoEC 10 Seismic data processing 5 Days CairoEC 11 Seismic interpretation and techniques 5 Days CairoCategory Drilling CoursesCode Title Duration Date VenueDC1 Well Control & Emergency response 5 Days CairoDC2 Accident Command System ACS 5 Days CairoDC3 Hazard Materials Emergency Response 5 Days CairoDC4 Critical Mud Care 5 Days CairoDC5 Rig crew essential Training 5 Days CairoDC6 Advanced well Control 5 Days CairoDC7 Drilling well plan 5 Days CairoDC8 Directional Drilling 5 Days CairoDC9 Under balanced Drilling 5 Days CairoDC10 Advanced drilling Practices 5 Days CairoDC11 Practical Drilling skills 5 Days CairoDC12 Directional and Horizontal wells 5 Days CairoDC13 Stuck pipe prevention and Fishing 5 Days Cairo
  4. 4. DC14 Casing and cementing 5 Days CairoDC15 OIL & GAS wells drilling Techniques 5 Days CairoDC16 Well casing Design 5 Days CairoDC17 Drilling Rig Inspection & Maintenance 5 Days CairoDC18 Drilling Fluids technology 5 Days CairoDC19 Drilling operations Management 5 Days CairoDC20 Well Planning Techniques 5 Days CairoDC21 Drilling problems and solutions 5 Days CairoDC22 Drilling Safety 5 Days CairoCategory Oil & Gas Process CoursesCode Title Duration Date VenueOPC1 Gas Technology 5 Days CairoOPC2 Oil, Gas, and water separation 5 Days CairoOPC3 Crude Oil dehydration & Desalting 5 Days CairoOPC4 Liquid and Gas dehydration 5 Days CairoOPC5 Principles of Gas Processing 5 Days CairoOPC6 Gas Dehydration and Sweetening 5 Days CairoOPC7 Principle of centrifugal compressor 5 Days CairoOPC8 Process operation & troubleshooting 5 Days CairoOPC9 Emergency Shutdown Systems 5 Days CairoOPC10 Waste water Treatment 5 Days CairoOPC11 Condensate stabilizer as gas processing plant 5 Days Cairo Basic Gas compression, Dehydration, &OPC12 5 Days Cairo conditioningOPC13 Flare and relief Systems 5 Days CairoOPC14 Centrifugal Pump Principles 5 Days CairoOPC15 Boiler water treatment & Steam generation 5 Days CairoOPC16 High compression Diesel Engine 5 Days CairoOPC17 Water desalination technology 5 Days CairoOPC18 Plant operation, commissioning & Start up 5 Days CairoOPC19 Gas Principles 5 Days CairoOPC20 Process Hazards Analysis 5 Days CairoOPC21 Water flooding Principles 5 Days Cairo
  5. 5. OPC22 Chemical engineering for non-chemical Engineers 5 Days CairoOPC23 Safety Relief & Flare Design 5 Days CairoOPC24 Process simulation 5 Days CairoOPC25 Process fired Heater 5 Days CairoOPC26 Cooling & refrigeration system design 5 Days CairoOPC27 Fundamental of Oil & Gas Facilities 5 Days CairoCategory Petroleum Engineering CourseCode Title Duration Date Venue Production Operation Problems &PEC1 5 Days Cairo TroubleshootingPEC2 Applied reservoir Engineering 5 Days CairoPEC3 Petroleum Economic 5 Days CairoPEC4 Reservoir Management 5 Days CairoPEC5 Advanced Reservoir technology 5 Days CairoPEC6 Coiled tubing Technology 5 Days CairoPEC7 PD. Logging & reservoir Monitoring 5 Days CairoPEC8 Well Casing Design 5 Days CairoPEC9 Enhanced Oil Recovery 5 Days CairoPEC10 ESP Application Engineering 5 Days CairoPEC11 Reservoir Surveillance for PD purposes 5 Days CairoPEC12 Advanced well test Analysis 5 Days CairoPEC13 Cased hole & PD Log Evaluation 5 Days CairoPEC14 Thermodynamics 5 Days CairoPEC15 Well Integrity Management 5 Days CairoPEC16 Water flooding 5 Days CairoPEC17 Chemical Injection 5 Days CairoPEC18 Well Log Interpretation 5 Days CairoPEC19 Fracturing & acidizing Fluids 5 Days CairoCategory Wire Line CoursesCode Title Duration Date VenueWLC1 Slick Line 1 & 2 5 Days CairoWLC2 Wire line Specialist 5 Days CairoWLC3 Advanced Wire Line [Senior & specialist] 15 Days Cairo
  6. 6. WLC4 Production Packers & Accessories 5 Days CairoWLC5 Snubbing Level one 5 Days CairoWLC6 Snubbing Level two 5 Days CairoWLC7 Wire line techniques 5 Days CairoCategory Maintenance CoursesCode Title Duration Date VenueMNT1 Pumps 5 Days CairoMNT2 Pumps & Compressors PM 5 Days CairoMNT3 Diesel Engines 5 Days CairoMNT4 Compressor Overview 5 Days CairoMNT5 Gas Turbine Insp. T. S. & Maint. 5 Days CairoMNT6 Gas Engines 5 Days CairoMNT7 Pump technology overview 5 Days CairoMNT8 Centrifugal Compressor Overview 5 Days CairoMNT9 Valves & controlling Overview 5 Days CairoMNT10 Advanced T. S. Of Rotating Equipment 5 Days CairoMNT11 Fundamentals of Maint. Management 5 Days CairoMNT12 Vibration 5 Days CairoMNT13 Services of piping, vessels, & Tanks API 579 5 Days CairoMNT14 Mechanical Seals Overview 5 Days CairoMNT15 Machinery bearing & Lubrication 5 Days CairoMNT16 Compressors & Gas Turbine Troubleshooting 5 Days CairoMNT17 Mechanical equipment Overview 5 Days CairoMNT18 Mechanical Engineering for N. M. Engineers 5 Days CairoMNT19 Machine alignment & Condition Monitoring 5 Days CairoMNT20 Valves & Actuators 5 Days CairoMNT21 API Pump Design and selection 5 Days CairoMNT22 Shell & Tube H. Exchanger Mech. & Ther. Des. 5 Days CairoMNT23 Bearing & Gearbox lubrication 5 Days CairoMNT24 Vibration analysis certification 5 Days CairoMNT25 Steam Turbine Working principles, and Maint 5 Days CairoMNT26 Screw compressors Operation & Maintenance 5 Days Cairo
  7. 7. MNT27 Machinery Failure analysis and Prevention 5 Days CairoMNT28 Shaft Alignment techniques 5 Days CairoMNT29 Automatic Voltage regulator 5 Days CairoMNT30 Protective relays 5 Days CairoMNT31 Power Management system 5 Days CairoMNT32 Pipes, process piping and fittings 5 Days Cairo Power transmission, couplings, gearboxes, beltMNT33 5 Days Cairo drive, and hydraulic convertersMNT34 Hand tools & power tools 5 Days CairoMNT35 Tanks and pressure vessels 5 Days CairoCategory Inspection CoursesCode Title Duration Date VenueIC1 Integrity Management 5 Days CairoIC2 Introduction to Instrument & control engineering 5 Days CairoIC3 Shell Inspection 5 Days Cairo AWS/CSWIP Fundamental of N. DestructiveIC4 5 Days Cairo testingIC5 Industry, company codes and Standard 5 Days CairoIC6 Metallurgy for Non- Metallurgists advanced 5 Days CairoIC7 API 571 deterioration mechanism 5 Days CairoIC8 Corrosion of Iron & steel construction 5 Days CairoIC9 NACE Basic corrosion course 5 Days CairoIC10 Pipeline Inspection 5 Days CairoCategory Chemical and CorrosionCode Title Duration Date VenueCC1 Plant equipment & Systems 5 Days CairoCC2 Basic Chemistry 5 Days CairoCC3 Chemical Engineering 5 Days CairoCC4 Basic theories and Systems 5 Days CairoCC5 Analytical Chemistry & process analyzer 5 Days Cairo Practical Gas Chromatography: Operation, CairoCC6 Application, Troubleshooting & Method 5 Days ValidationCC7 Practical Problem Solving in Chemical Analysis 5 Days Cairo
  8. 8. Best Practice of Statistics MethodsCC8 and Measurement Uncertainty in Chemical 5 Days Cairo Laboratory Testing Five daysCategory Economics, Finance, and AccountingCode Title Duration Date VenueEFA1 Financial analysis and performance evaluation 5 Days CairoEFA2 Financial and economic visibility studies 5 Days CairoEFA3 Modern techniques in the internal auditing 5 Days CairoEFA4 Budget and cost accounting for Engineers 5 Days CairoEFA5 Budget planning 5 Days CairoEFA6 Sole accounting system and its modifications 5 Days CairoEFA7 Accounting for managers 1 5 Days CairoEFA8 Accounting for Managers 2 5 Days CairoEFA9 Research methods and business statistics 5 Days CairoEFA10 Financial Management 5 Days CairoEFA11 Managerial Economics 5 Days CairoEFA12 Business in the Global Arena 5 Days CairoEFA13 Finance in the international Market 5 Days CairoEFA14 Marketing in Global context 5 Days CairoEFA15 Global Supply Chain management 5 Days CairoCategory Contracts coursesCode Title Duration Date Venue Integrated skills in contracts implementation 5 Days CairoCON1CON2 Negotiation and contracts approval 5 Days CairoCON3 Technical and Financial issues in bidders offers 5 Days CairoCON4 Legal concerns in contract implementation 5 Days CairoCON5 Occupations analysis and specifications 5 Days CairoCON6 Excellent performance in purchasing negotiations 5 Days Cairo Advanced Management in purchasing and biddersCON7 5 Days Cairo offersCON8 Suppliers control 5 Days CairoCON9 Contracts Legal errors and how to avoid 5 Days Cairo
  9. 9. Legal conditions understanding and CairoCON10 5 Days improvementsCategory Human Resources HR CoursesCode Title Duration Date VenueHR1 Effective Presentation Skills 5 Days CairoHR2 Communicating for Success 5 Days CairoHR3 Team Building Skills 5 Days CairoHR4 Time management 5 Days CairoHR5 Business Correspondence 5 Days CairoHR6 Office management 5 Days CairoHR7 Report writing 5 Days CairoHR8 Introduction to HR Management 5 Days CairoCategory Communications CoursesCode Title Duration Date VenueCMU1 Microwave Transmission System 5 Days CairoCMU2 GSM & Mobile communication System 5 Days Cairo Wireless HF & VHF Systems Application and CairoCMU3 5 Days MaintenanceCMU4 Fibrotic Cable& Optronic Systems 5 Days CairoCMU5 Marine Navigation Systems Safety 5 Days CairoCMU6 Radio Frequency Radiation Safety 5 Days CairoCMU7 Satellite & VAST Communication System 5 Days CairoOur Address59 Atlas Building, Six District Zahara El Maddi, Cairo, Egypt. – –- –Phone: (+202) 25218468 / 69 / 70 Fax: (+202) 25218470