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  • This family qualified for 1,760 acres of land. We have an Adult male who qualified for 640 acres, a wife who qualified for 320 acres, 4 children who qualified for 640 acres and 2 slaves who qualified for 160 acres. The whole family followed the rules and are all hard working citizens.
  • With four children in one wagon, there was a lot of horseplay so the trip was very stressful! Over a 2 day period sitting in a wagon filled with people, we were knee to knee. It was November when we started our journey west so we were all shivering in the cold weather.
  • We began the year with $1,000 and we had a yearly payment of $70.40. We bought 20 acres of cotton, 10 acres of lumber, and 20 heads of cattle. In a total we bought $400 worth of crops and cattle. We had a remaining investment of $529.60.
  • Because of the cold weather that year, most of our cattle were killed. The Lively was late so the cotton wasn’t planted in time so we did not get a good supply of cotton. On the up side, the population was growing which ment that eventualy, houses will be built so lumber will be needed. The total gross income was $600. Out total bank income was $1,129.60
  • With a starting income of $1,129.60, after paying our yearly payment we had $1,059.20. That year we bought 40 acres of cotton, 40 acres of lumber, and 40 head of cattle. In all we bought $800 worth of crops and cattle.
  • Unfortanatly, we again had a bad year with cotton. Mexico didn’t want to share with the US so they charged a large export so it was hard to make a profit. Although it was a bad year for cotton, we had a very good year with cattle, but the demand for lumber slackend so we didnt have a very good year with lumber. At the end of the year, we had a total of $1,659.20
  • With $1,659.20 at the beginning of the year, we had $1,588.60 after paying the yearly payment. We decided to take a risk and buy more crops and cattle. We bought 60 acres of cotton, 40 acres of lumber, and 50 head of cattle. In all we bought $1,000 of crops and cattle.
  • As always, 3rd year is a charm! This year our colony thrived! There was a high demand of lumber because of all of the building that was going on. There was also a high demand of beef which was very good. For the cotton we had a fairly good year! At the end of the best year yet, we had $2,888.60.
  • Our final balance was $2,888.60. With the high amount of money, it shows that my family survived the 3 years in Austin’s Colony. The town that my family chose as the location of our land grant, was Victoria. Unfortanatly, we had to pay $100 to resurvey our land so we lost $100.
  • After everything was payed and done, our final profit was $2,788.60! Throughout the couple of years, we chose well and we lived happily! We were very happy that we qualified to move to Austin’s Colony! By our good choices we were able to continue living in the loved colony, known as Austin’s Colony!
  • Remek austincolony 1_1

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