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Pv system introduction project


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Pv system introduction project

  1. 1. JICA Pv system introduction project(The Project for clean energy promotion using solar pv system)<br />
  2. 2. JICA PV System Introduction Project<br />Project Overview <br /><ul><li>Exchange of Notes (E/N) signed on December 8, 2009
  3. 3. Japan to provide Grant Aid of 530MYen
  4. 4. For the Project to promote clean energy using Solar PV System in FSM
  5. 5. Grant to be executed by JICA thru “Grant Agreement (G/A)”
  6. 6. Project to be executed by Crown Agents thru “Agent Agreement (A/A)”
  7. 7. Committee to be established to discuss all necessary matters
  8. 8. Project scope: Introduction of 160 kW grid-connected PV system in Palikir
  9. 9. 20kW at President’s Office
  10. 10. Battery installation for power-outage backup
  11. 11. 140kW at PCM-FSM campus</li></li></ul><li>Committee<br /><ul><li>Committee to be established by FSM Government (Authority)
  12. 12. Chaired by representative of Authority
  13. 13. Members: Representatives from Authority and JICA
  14. 14. Advisor: Representative from Agent
  15. 15. First meeting to be held immediately after Agent Agreement
  16. 16. Committee to discuss all matters related to the Project such as;
  17. 17. Implementation schedule
  18. 18. Determination and/or modification of the Components
  19. 19. Modification of the Project
  20. 20. Others related to Projects, etc.</li></ul>JICA PV System Introduction Project<br />
  21. 21. Project schedule (Original)<br />JICA PV System Introduction Project<br />(Preparation)<br />(Production)<br />(Frame/Wiring)<br />(Equipment)<br />(1.0 Mos)<br />(1.25 Mos)<br />(0.75 Mos)<br />(1.0 Mos)<br />
  22. 22. Agreement Procedures<br />JICA PV System Introduction Project<br />(Preparatory Survey)<br />Exchange of Notes (E/N)<br />Dec. 8, 2009<br />within 7 days<br />after B/A<br />Grant Agreement (G/A)<br />Feb. 1, 2010<br />Notification of Opening of the Account and <br />Request for the Payment (NOA, RP) to JICA<br />Banking Arrangement (B/A)<br />Apr. 28, 2010<br />Congress Approval<br />May. 30, 2010<br />530MYen Paid from JICA to FSM Account<br />Jully 8, 2010<br />Agent Agreement (A/A)<br />Nov. 22, 2010<br />Crown Agents to visit FSM<br />(1st Committee)<br />(Immediately after A/A)<br />Consultant Agreement<br />(Tender)<br />Procurement/Construction<br />Completion<br />
  23. 23. Funding Procedures<br />JICA PV System Introduction Project<br /><ul><li>Open “Account” in a bank in Japan to receive the Grant
  24. 24. “Account” to be opened within 14 days after G/A
  25. 25. Notify JICA of opening of the “Account” within 7days
  26. 26. Funds need to be completely disbursed within 12 months after execution of the Grant
  27. 27. Disbursement Procedures
  28. 28. Agent to make funds transfer request to Bank with;
  29. 29. Detailed estimates of expenses and JICA’s approval on A/A
  30. 30. Bank to notify Authority of the request made by Agent
  31. 31. Bank to make payments to Agent if no opposition from Authority within 10 working days
  32. 32. Agent to make payments to suppliers/service providers using the above advanced funds
  33. 33. Authority to present, thru Agent, a report to JICA on those transactions
  34. 34. Reimbursement/Refund Procedures
  35. 35. When remaining amount is less than 3%, Authority can make reimbursement request to Agent and use it for payments already made by Authority for the Project
  36. 36. Agent to request bank to transfer fund and make reimbursement to Authority
  37. 37. If disbursement is incomplete within 12months, Authority should refund the remaining amount to JICA</li></li></ul><li>Obligations of FSM government<br />JICA PV System Introduction Project<br /><ul><li>FSM Government should take necessary measures to;
  38. 38. Ensure prompt unloading and customs clearance at ports
  39. 39. Ensure exemption of customs duties, internal taxes and other fiscal levies
  40. 40. Accord project-related persons’ entry into FSM
  41. 41. Ensure proper maintenance and use of the Components
  42. 42. Give due environmental and social considerations
  43. 43. Provide necessary information to JICA upon request
  44. 44. Others referred to in the Article 10 of G/A</li></li></ul><li>JICA PV System Introduction Project<br />Layout plan (president’s office)<br />
  45. 45. JICA PV System Introduction Project<br />Layout plan (com – fsm)<br />
  46. 46. JICA PV System Introduction Project<br />System Design (President’s Office)<br />20 kWp Solar Array on <br />Presidents Office<br />Automatic disconnect unit<br />PUC public grid<br />(PV) kWh meter<br />By-directional kWh meter<br /> 110 V / AC<br />President office<br />