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Poster & Essay Competition

  1. 1. SPC Celebrates iYF 2011The International Year of Forests (IYF)theconservation theme Forests for People, celebratingof people in the sustainable management, 2011 has the central role As in other regions of our planet, forests and trees play a significant role in the lives of Pacific Islanders — economically, socially, culturally and environmentally. Inand development of our world’s forests. The elements in many Pacific Island countries, especially in the small islandsthe logo show just a few of the many reasons forests and and atoll countries, forests and trees are an important sourcetrees are so important. of food, construction materials, fuel, medicine and countless other benefits.1. Forest and trees provide shelter for people and a home for plants and animals. During the 4th Regional Meeting of Heads of Agriculture2. Forests are a source of food, medicine and clean and Forestry Services (HOAFs) held in Fiji in 2010, it was water. recommended that the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) organise a regional event to commemorate the3. Forests play a vital role in maintaining a stable International Year of Forests in 2011. With this in mind, global climate and environment. Land Resouces Division (LRD), is offering three awards, and running a Poster and Essay Competition (particularsAll of these elements, taken together, reinforce the below) to recognise the contributions of individuals, groups,message that forests are vital to the survival and well- communities and companies that positively contribute tobeing of people everywhere, all seven billion of us. the sustainable management and development of forest and tree resources in their country.AWARD: USD $1000.00 FOR EACH CATEGORYCategory One ~ LRD/SPC Forest Entrepreneur Award Category Two ~ LRD/SPC Agro-forester Award Category Three ~ LRD/SPC Forest Leadership AwardA person or group or company in the Pacific region selected A person selected for his/her efforts to develop agro-forestry A Pacific person selected for his/her leadership role infor their outstanding effort or achievement in developing systems to improve yield, soil/land management and the developing the forestry sector and promoting sustainablenew value-added timber or non-timber products for development of tree products for income generation and management of forest resources in the country/region.(domestic or export) trade. food security in their country. Nominations must include a short description (about oneNominations for this category must include a short Nominations must include a short description (about one page) of the nominee’s contribution to the sustainabledescription (about one page) of the nominee’s page) of the nominee’s outstanding contribution to the management, development and conservation of the forestcontribution to the development of best practices development of an effective and productive agro-forestry resources in the communitycountry. Nominations mustincorporating agriculture and forestry activities with a planting system. Nominations must also include two also include two referees who shall provide testimonialsview to developing sustainable income generation for the referees who shall provide testimonials and endorsement and endorsement of the activities undertaken by the Nominations must also include two referees of the activities undertaken by the nominee.who shall provide testimonials and endorsement of theactivities undertaken by the nominee.Each of the winners in the three award categories will receive the sum of USD $1000.00, Eligibilityalong with a certificate to acknowledge their contribution.What the judges will be looking for: Nominations will be accepted only if they meet the requirements listed below.• Positive results - What benefits have resulted to people, to the region, to the forests Nominees must: and trees? • have resided in an SPC member country for the past ten years and be a bona fide citizen of that country;• Sustainable development and management – Will the benefits continue well into • be a locally registered group or company; the future? • have contributed significantly towards sustainable management and• Efficiency of service delivery – Have products/goods/services been delivered in good development of forestry resources in his/her country: time? In good condition? • have complied with all forestry legislation (acts, decrees, laws, etc) in their• Transferability – Have skills and knowledge been passed on to others? country while conducting business;• Innovation – What new ideas have been put into practice? Nomination forms can be obtained by email: or All nominations must be received no later than 31st July 2011. You can send nominations• Leadership – Has good leadership been practised in the community/among workers? through email, or to SPC, 3 Luke Street, Nabua, Suva.POSTER COmPETiTOn ESSAY COmPETiTOn PRIZES: 1st PRIZE: US$500 , 2nd PRIZE: US$300 , 3rd PRIZE: US$2501. the artist must be a primary school student (6 – 14 years old) and a citizen of one of sPc’s 22 Pacific island member countries and territories. 1. the author must be a secondary school student (14–18 years old) and a citizen of one of sPc’s 22 Pacific island member countries or territories.2. the award is divided into two categories as follows: a. category 1 – age 6 – 9years 2. the essay must be original writing and be certified by a teacher. b. category 2 – age 10 – 14 years 3. the essay must be:3. the artwork must be original and certified by a teacher a. on the topic ‘Forests for people – reflecting your local community’. b. in English.4. the poster must be: c. no longer than 1000 words. a. related to the topic ‘Forests for people – reflecting local situations’. d. received no later than 31 July 2011. b. Poster may be done in pencil, crayon, watercolor, ink, acrylic or colored pencil.collages are nOt acceptable. computer-generated art or computer generated printing are nOt acceptable. 4. by participating in the competition, authors agree: c. a3 size (420mm X 594mm). a. to allow sPc lrd to hold the publishing rights to the essay. d. received no later than 31 July 2011. b. to be bound by the conditions of the competition.5. by participating in the competition, artists agree: 5. the ranking of essays and the selection of winners will be entirely based on the a. to allow sPc lrd to publish their artwork in lrd publications. decision of the selection committee at sPc lrd in suva, Fiji. b. to be bound by the conditions of the competition.6. the ranking of the posters and selection of the winners will be entirely based on the decision of the selection committee at sPc lrd in suva, Fiji. EntriEs can bE submitEd by Email : or, FaX : +679 337 0021 or POstal addrEss : Essay or Poster Competition, C/- Vinesh Prasad, LRD, Secretariat of the Pacific Community, 3 Luke Street, Nabua, Private Mail Bag, Suva, Fiji