DREA 2nd Quarter News


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DREA 2nd Quarter News

  1. 1. D EPARTMENT OF R ESOURCES & E CONOMIC A FFAIRS Quarterly NewsletterI SSUE 2: 2 ND Q UARTER , FY2012 Phone: 370-2044/3017 Email: dres@mail.fmF ISH A GGREGATING D EVICE S YSTEM C OMPLETED , U NDER M ONITORINGAs reported in the previous issue of pleted the deployment of the three FADDREA newsletter, DREA under- anchors on March 8, 2012. Fisheries staffwent the process of establishing a are currently monitoring the three anchorsFish Aggregating Device System to determine if FAD system is ready to sup-during the latter part of 1st and early port fishing activities.2nd Quarters, FY2012, with the as- Photos:sistance of FAD Specialist from the Top Right: On deployment, Josia Talley , FreddySecretariat of the Pacific Community Nena & William loading FAD anchor onto “Sinlaku”(SPC), Mr. William Sokimi. Bottom Left: William Sokimi directing loading of FAD equipments Bottom Right: AnchorFunded by a Japan Grassroots Grant, dropped off at anchor location.the FAD system consists of threeanchor blocks deployed to threelocations island-wide: 1) Okat Bay,2) Sauksa, and 3) Utwe Bay. TheFAD system would substantially cutfishing costs. With the assistance ofMr. Sokimi, staff from the Divisionof Fisheries and Marine Resources(FMR), DREA successfully com-D R . E LDON H AINES P ROVIDING A SSISTANCE TO DREA DREA once again welcomed the assis- Interestingly, as stated by the Adminis- tance of its good friend, Dr. Eldon trator for the Division of Trade & In- Haines. Dr. Haines was in Kosrae for vestment Mr. Stanley Raffilman, the about three weeks, from February to trip was not Dr. Haines’ first to Kosrae. March 2, 2012. More importantly, this was also not the first time Dr. Haines had helped Kos- The purpose of Dr. Haines’ trip to Kos- rae. It came to light that the idea of es- rae was to provide expertise assistance tablishing a micro-finance union was to programs under DREA. Although derived from Dr. Haines. The idea of DREA in general reaped benefits from establishing a micro-finance union came Dr. Haines services, two programs pre- to fruition and is what we now know asL-R: KMU Executive Manager Kiaru Esahu & dominantly benefited from Dr. Haines’ the Kosrae Microfinance Union (KMU).Dr. Eldon Haines services: Kosrae Home Improvement During his trip, Dr. Haines was able to Program (KHIP, or commonly referred create a financial recording and report- to as Housing); and the Kosrae Microfi- nance Union (KMU). Cont’d on page 3...
  2. 2. P A GE 2 D EPARTMENT OF R ESOURCES & E CONOMIC A FFAIRSW ORKSHOPS FOR F ARMERS H ELDThe Department of Resources & Eco-nomic Affaires held five (5) workshopsfor farmers in the second quarter ofFY2012. Initially planned by the Divi-sion of Agriculture and Land, withcollaboration from the Division ofTrade and Investment, DREA staffvisited and held workshops in the five(5) respective villages in the State:Utwe, Malem, Lelu, Tafunsak andWalung. Tafunsak farmers in workshop Remos Livae doing a presentation on Food Security/ Crop Propagation ServicesThe series of workshops was held for a cial development of agriculture.period of five days, spanning over aweek. The series of workshops was Although more would always be pre-held from Monday, February 27 to ferred, DREA saw satisfying and ratherTuesday, March 6. encouraging participant turnout in each village workshop.DREA held the workshops in respec-tive villages with the hope of improv- Staff from the Division of Agricultureing skills of farmers, as well as increas- & Land as well as the Division of Tradeing and bettering farmers’ understand- and Investment presented and led dis-ing of other essential information rele- cussion on various topics. Among thevant to farming and generally commer- Tafunsak workshop participants Cont’d on page 4...K OSRAE L AND L EASE P ROGR AM : Q UESTIONS & A NSWERSWhat is the purpose of Kosrae Who can apply for the Kosrae foreign investment procedures to beLand Lease Program? Land Lease Program? permitted to operate business in Kosrae and lease public lands.Department of Resources and Eco- Interested parties are qualified to applynomic Affairs, subdivision of Land for lease of public lands under two cri- Were there leases already grantedManagement, was mandated manage- teria: in the past?ment of Kosrae’s Public Land Lease · Homestead/Residential Lease As of 2nd Quarter FY2012, there is aProgram, as established by Land Lease total of 20 public land leases, some ofLaw 9-57. The Land Lease Program Residential lease term may be which are pending approval. Sixteenwas established with the vision of: requested/granted up to 40 (16) leases were granted and are cur- years. · Generating revenue for busi- rently in effect as of 2nd Quarter of nesses and the State. · Business Lease FY2012. Additionally, there were 3 · Encourage foreign investment new leases with one 1 newly proposed Business Lease term may be re- lease submitted. A total of over and open opportunities for busi- quested/granted up to 50 years. nesses to expand operations on 167,000 square meters of public land government lands. Parties interested in leasing public lands are currently leased out to 16 leasees.Establishment of a Land Lease Program for business purposes is generally quali- Where and how do I apply or ob-would also be for the interest of the fied. Both local and foreign-based busi- tain further information on Kos-Kosraean people in that the State, nesses are qualified under this criterion. rae Land Lease Program?through revenue generation, would be Furthermore, there is no citizenshipmore able to provide and improve on requirement for business land lease. Further information can be acquiredits services to the people of Kosrae. However, non-citizens must undergo from the Land Management Subdivi- Cont’d on Page 4...
  3. 3. I SSUE 2: 2 ND Q UARTER , FY2012 P A GE 3...Cont’d from Page 3: Land Lease ...Cont’d from Page 2: Farmers’ ...Cont’d from page 1: Dr. Hainession, DREA. Land Management Workshop ing system for both KMU and KHIP,Unit can be contacted at telephone topics presented and/or discussed among which would substantially improve thenumbers 370-2044 & 370-3017, or participants included soil quality testing, services of these programs. In addition,contact the Land Management Spe- planting methods (container planting), Dr. Haines was also able to extend hiscialist, Mr. Lupalik Wesley through plant pruning, livestock management generous services to other DREA pro-email at wesleylupalik@yahoo.com. methods, and product pricing. grams, specifically the staff. Dr. Haines was able to provide training toHowever, interested parties can Other DREA Divisions were represented interested DREA staff on essentialapply for public land lease at DREA. in the village workshops to address con- computer skills; particularly, Micro-Application or lease request should cerns or inquiries relating to their re- soft applications.be submitted and addressed to the spective operations or services. Right-State Designee through the following fully so, as much information and knowl- Prior to his departure, DREA staff heldinformation: edge relayed onto the participant audi- a farewell lunch featuring tantalizingly ence, workshop participants also raised desired Kosraean delicacies in appre- Mr. Steven L. George issues and concerns that were construc- ciation of Dr. Haines generous ser- Director, DREA tive in nature, which would go to im- vices, bid him farewell and wish him P.O Box 600 prove operations and DREA’s services to well on his journey back home. Tofol, Kosrae FM 96944. the Kosrae populace.A GRICULTURE & L AND U NDERGO L IVESTOCK S URVEY P ROCESSAmong the activities scheduled for was generated through livestock sales and Research under the Division ofthe Division of Agriculture and Lands with Malem Municipality generating the Agriculture and Land, DREA under-was to conduct a survey of livestock most with over $24,000 and Walung went the survey process, going fromand poultry in the State. generating the least with $1,600. The house to house, and successfully com- 2007 resulted with total counts of 4,909 pleted the data collection phase.A livestock and poultry survey is con- pigs, 7,700 in poultry, 21 ducks and 13ducted every five (5) years to account The results of the recent survey data goats. The total sales reported in thefor all livestock in the state. Accord- collection effort have not been pub- 2007 survey was predominantly com-ing to DREA records, the previous lished to the public. However, the posed of pig sales with over $67,000 oflivestock survey was conducted in survey and the results are currently the total $69,000 generated through pig2007. As so, another livestock survey under the review process and is ex- sales.must be completed by 2012. Accord- pected to be published in the near fu-ing to the 2007 survey, over $69,000 Subdivision of Livestock Management ture.E CONOMIC P LANNING H ELD G R ANT W RITING W ORKSHOPThe Division of Economic Planning senting groups from the four Municipali- other members of his/her group.held grant writing workshops in effort ties. Although initial plans hoped to in- The grant writing workshop was heldto assist Kosrae communities with clude as many members from interested in effort to assist participants in thetheir ambition and need for particular groups as possible, groups were re- write-up of grant applications, andcommunity projects. The workshop quested to send a representative to par- more importantly to further enhancewas held on Wednesday, February 29 ticipate in the workshop on its behalf and improve grant-writing skills ofat the DREA Conference Room. The primarily due to limited space at the workshop participants. MSGP grantworkshop was co-sponsored by the workshop venue. However, it was be- format and criteria was used in theMicronesia Small Grants Program lieved that limiting the number of partici- workshop. As such, participants came(MSGP). pants from interested groups would not away with specific projects in mind, be an hindrance to the effectiveness ofThe workshop had satisfying turnout which would eventually be written as a the workshop as representative would bewith 11 people participating, repre- MSGP grant proposals. trained well enough to be able to train
  4. 4. I SSUE 2: 2 ND Q UARTER , FY2012 P A GE 42 ND Q UARTER DREA F ACILITATED E XPORTIt is understood that agricultural pro- 1.0, relative to the 1st Quarter of ers participating in this export effort.duction, and the export or trade of such FY2012, an increase of over 1,000 lbs of As stated by the DREA Export Coordi-production is a vital component of the export volume and an increase of over nator Mr. Hermis Tosie, there is de-development of the State. $2,000 in export value was realized in mand and market for Kosrae agricul- the 2nd Quarter of FY2012. In summary,As previously reported in DREA’s pre- tural produce. However, there were a Table 1.0 shows increases in both valuevious newsletter issue, the effort to fa- number of instances where demand for and volume of DREA facilitated exportcilitate trade of Kosrae agricultural pro- certain produce could not be met. As for the 2nd Quarter of FY2012. Sustainingduce is among the programs undertaken such, DREA encourages individuals to the trend of increasing export volumein support of the department mission of consider actively participating in agri- and value is essential and would eventu-achieving sustainable growth of per cap- cultural production and inquire with ally require increased production fromita income. As also reported in the pre- DREA on what appropriate produce to farmers, or increase in number of farm-vious issue of the DREA newsletter, cultivate.trade of Kosrae agricultural produce iscurrently conducted to a number of Tabl e 1.0 Vol ume & Va l ue of DREA Coordi na ted Exportsbuyers in the Republic of the Marshall Period FY2011 FY2012Islands. There is, however, ambition Volume (lbs) Value Vol ume (lbs) Valueand effort to expand trade operations toinclude other potential buyers in the 1st Quarter -- -- 5281 $ 5,001near future. 2nd Quarter 2166 $ 3,364 6309 $ 7,149Table 1.0 shows the volume and value 3rd Quarter 6881 $ 8,773 -- --of DREA facilitated agricultural exports 4th Quarter 5671 $ 6,743 -- --during FY2011, as well as the 1st and 2nd Total 14719 $ 18,881 11590 $ 12,150Quarters of FY2012. As shown in Table Average 4906 $ 6,294 5795 $ 6,075NORMA O BSERVER AND K AIMAKI E MPLOYMENT O PPORTUNITIESNORMA and Kaimaki representatives timeframe listed. Applicants for NORMA subject to the candidates passing thewere in Kosrae on separate occasions to Observer position were evaluated on Sat- training and further evaluation.present employment opportunities and urday February 25th. Applicants who Additionally, three other applicantsrecruit interested Kosraeans. passed the preliminary NORMA evalua- from Kosrae also passed the initial se- tion were interviewed the same night.As it is the mission of DREA to achieve lection process held in Kosrae and are Three applicants were interviewed andsustainable growth of per capita income, placed as alternates. were selected as candidates to undergoproviding assistance to ensure employ- further training to be held in Pohnpei: Other individuals also received goodment for those qualified and interested news subsequent to the recruitmentgoes directly in support of the depart- 1. Osamu Tolenna sessions. As result of its recruitmentment mission. As such, the Division of 2. Singkitchy Kephas process, Kaimaki recruited four (4)Fisheries and Marine Resources staff 3. Sterling Edmond Kosraeans:have provided assistance to and actively Selection for the Observer candidates wascoordinated the NORMA and Kaimaki 1. Jeffrey William, Tafunsak conducted by NORMA & SPC representa-recruiting processes. Fisheries staff co- 2. Zimbardo Jonas, Malem tives. The three candidates departed toordinated recruitment sessions that 3. Reynard Elley, Lelu Pohnpei on March 17th to undergo a five-were held from Saturday to Monday, 4. Joseph E. Joseph, Utwe week training and evaluation. Final selec-February 25 to February 27, 2012. tion and recruitment of candidates is to DREA congratulates the listed indi-Recruitment for both NORMA and take place subsequent the to the five-week viduals and wish them well on theirKaimaki were held during the same training, where final selection would be new employment.