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  1. 1. The Importance of WorkingTogether as a Team
  2. 2. One of the major benefits of teamwork is getting things done in less time. When leadersinvolve their teams to brainstorm together to find a solution, they will get many different andcreative ideas. This effort will enable them to implement the best action plan and assign thetasks to the people involved. When everyone in the team knows that he has a part in theprocess and the end result, he will put in the efforts to get it completed.
  3. 3. Teamwork helps individuals raise their self-esteem. Everyone wants to feel important andneeded. When each person is aware of his roleand that he is part of a team, he gets a sense ofbelonging. He will use his talents and creativity todo his best.
  4. 4. Teamwork promotes unity, rapport andbonding. When people work together, they areable to give and take, help and support oneanother because the main focus is toaccomplish their mission.
  5. 5. One of the advantages of teamwork is it helpsindividuals develop personal responsibility. Eventhough the main focus is the teams goal, eachperson knows that he is accountable and isresponsible to do his part or role.
  6. 6. A person who participates in a teams effort willdevelop the right attitude. He will learn a lot ofthings than can help him advance in his careerand personal life. He will become aware of theimportance of communication, decision making,planning and preparation and taking constructiveaction.
  7. 7. The other one of the benefits of teamwork is, the taskassigned becomes fun instead of a chore or feeling allalone. When people do something in a state of joy, theyare very resourceful. They find it easy to learn newskills. They may even outdo their best and discoverthat they have abilities that they werent aware of.
  8. 8. So though at first it may look like the benefits ofteamwork in the workplace serve only the companysgoal, team members actually gain a lot personallyfrom putting in the joint efforts. It helps a persondevelops positive traits and become a betterindividual.
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