Tnt 4 way team presentation final 12 10 2012


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Tnt 4 way team presentation final 12 10 2012

  4. 4. Formation skydiving is not something you can do on your own. IT IS A TEAM SPORT. And a team is not only training, jumping, competing. It is also having a common target, growing up together, building a strong relationship and interacting with each other’s needs and wishes. It’s a group of friends that enjoy skydiving, evolving, learning and being together. Our goal is not only to compete but to be together doing what we like… and show the world that.. IMPOSSIBLE is I’M POSSIBLE. TNT 4-WAY TEAM
  6. 6. OUR HISTORY We are 5 persons, 3 girls and 2 boys, with a PASSION that gives us an adrenaline rush every time we do it: SKYDIVING We started skydiving for fun… a tandem jump first… then the skydiving license… and then our passion grew bigger and bigger… Hours of coaching… Hours of tunnel coaching… And then… the challenge to take part in international competitions. The idea to train and participate in international competitions took shape the moment we started skydiving outside Romania, and opening our eyes to the world class skydiving. We decided then that we want to bring the best of skydiving as a sport in Romania and take the best of what we can achieve to the world. We’ve been fascinated by the challenge of the free-fall formations where people would move in pre-established positions in order to gain points: the 4 way formations. We knew that it’s what we want to do. We embraced the challenge and we found the skydivers willing to bring to life THE FIRST professional 4-way skydiving team in Romania: Alina Sime, Andreea Pistea, Yuliana Georgieva, Simone Favat, Dragos Boeru (cameraman).
  7. 7. THE CHALLENGE THE 3 YEARS PLAN: 2012: building the team, first trainings in wind tunnel and in the air 2013: improving flying skills, experience and participation in international competitions 2014: bringing the team to the full potential and taking part in top world-class competitions, working the way up to the top.
  8. 8. KEY FACTS The TNT 4-WAY TEAM in figures:  4 team members  1 cameraman  1 coach Training Budget:  40,000 euro in first year training  68,000 euro second year training  80,000 euro third year training Plus… hundreds of training jumps, many training weekends, lots of work, ambition and PASSION
  9. 9. THE 4-WAY TRAINING IN 2012 Romania, Czech Rep., Germany February - May: planning, budgeting, organizing, coach selection, individual training jumps; May 17th - May 21st, Czech Rep.: wind tunnel camp & first training of the 4-way team; July 6th - 9th, Germany: wind tunnel camp for improving team flying August 3rd - August 9th, Romania: 4-way training camp October 5th - 11th, Romania: 4-way training camp
  10. 10. PLANNED TRAINING FOR 2013 February – May: May, Czech Rep./UK/Germany: May, Bucharest: June, Bucharest: July, Czech Rep./UK/Germany: July, Bucharest: August, Bucharest: September, Czech Rep./UK/Germany: September, Bucharest: November, Bucharest: - planning, budgeting, organizing, individual training jumps; - wind tunnel camp - 4-way team training - 4-way team training - wind tunnel camp - 4-way team training - 4-way team training - wind tunnel camp - 4-way team training - 4-way team training
  11. 11. PLANNED TRAINING FOR 2013 COMPETITIONS: Bodyflight World Challenge (indoor skydiving), Bedford, UK, 2013 Italian National Championships, place “to be decided”, Italy, August 2013 UK National Championships, Hibaldstow, UK, 2013 European Skydiving League, place “to be decided”, September 2013 4rd Dubai International Parachuting Championship & Gulf Cup Mondial, Dubai, UAE, November-December 2013 Indoor Skydiving World Championships, place “to be decided”, December 2013
  12. 12. THETEAM
  13. 13. ALINA SIME  Dreamed of being an astronaut as a child, but at age of 14 she discovered is easier to skydive that to fly to the moon. Since that day, flying was her biggest dream  Skydiving became her new reality in 2007, when she was 19, and completely changed her life  She has over 600 jumps in Romania and Cehia (Prijbram, Most), Spania (Empuria Brava, Lillo, Sevillia), Austria (Radfeld), Serbia (Batajnica), Hungary (Kaposvar) and was in the 18-way girls only south-east european record  Alina is a certified USPA coach and safety & training adviser  She has BA & Master degree in Economics Studies and a BA in Environmental Engineering and works as a Management Consultant during the week and training adviser & coach during the weekends  Is married and has a 9 months old son, David  She is part of the team that established the new 16-way Romanian record in free-fall  Is highly committed to making the TNT 4-WAY TEAM a success
  14. 14. ANDREEA PISTEA  Andreea started skydiving at age of 16, in 1996, in Constanta, Romania and made over 300 jumps in the first 10 years  She is married and the mother of Thomas (4 years) and Brianna (2 years)  She resumed her activity in 2011, at the TNT Brothers drop zone, and has made since then another 300 jumps in Romania, Portugal, Spain  She qualified for the intermediary group 60-80+ , July 2012, Poland: training for large free-fall formations  She is part of the team that established the new 16-way Romanian record in free-fall.  Andreea feels it’s a great honor to be part of the first professional RW 4-way team in Romania and is proud to represent her country in international competitions
  15. 15. YULIANA GEORGIEVA  Yuliana started skydiving in 2002, age 18, in Bulgaria  Being the daughter of a jet fighter pilot, she spent her childhood around people passionate about flying  Her dream was to be up in the sky, free, feeling the speed  Yuliana has achieved more than 600 jumps in 10 years and was in the 18-way girls only south-east European record  She is part of the team that established the new 16-way Romanian record in free-fall  Yuliana fell immediately in love with the idea of the 4-WAY TEAM, as she enjoys challenges, learning new skills and being part of competitions  She believes that being part of team working for the same goal makes you more powerful, and helps you improve yourself, both as a sports person and an individual.
  16. 16. SIMONE FAVAT  Simone is Italian born and started skydiving in 1989, aged 19, and he has now over 1700 jumps  He is a former member of Italian Army - Parachute Brigade.  Graduated Engineer from Polytechnic of Turin  Currently working in Romania as Country Manager for ATALIAN Global Service – French-owned Multinational company  Qualifications: USPA AFF instructor, USPA Coach  Coach and member of different Italian 4-way Teams  He lives in Romania since 2007 and he says that he loves it and he’s greatly proud to represent his “adoptive” country as a member of TNT 4-WAY TEAM
  17. 17. DRAGOS BOERU  Dragos took up skydiving at 18 inspired by his father’s hundreds jumps. It soon became his greatest passion and now, after 10 years he became an instructor, with more than 1800 jumps.  In his daily life he is married and has a 9 months old son which he is very proud to bring along on the dropzone in the weekends.  He works as an economist building investment projects.  He has done hundreds of videos to tandems, students, skydiving formations and felt very challenged to step in the team as a camera, all the time giving his best to take a perfect video of the jump.  Qualifications: USPA AFF instructor, USPA Coach  Has a very important role as the judges all the time see only the video, so he is basically the eyes of the judges from the sky
  18. 18. MARCO ARRIGO  Marco is Italian born and he has more that 11.000 jumps with 15 years as professional RW competitor and coach  Organizer of Italian big way record Arezzo (Italy) 53-way in 2011  Participant and national captain in the World Record for Big Formations that took place in Udontani (Thailand) in 2006 – 400- way formation SKYDIVING CURRICULUM:  19 gold and silver medals at the Italian Nationals on 4- way and 8-way  Bronze medal European Cup Ampuria 2002 4-way  Silver medal World Cup Stupino 2003 4-way  Bronze medal European Cup Stupino 2005 8-way  Bronze medal World Cup Stupino 2007 8-way  Bronze medal World Championship 2008 8-way
  19. 19. TNT BROTHERS ASSOCIATION TNT Brothers is a sports association brought to life to promote the passion for skydiving, build awareness for this sport and attract followers in Romania. With a modern drop zone, top of the line airplane, safest equipment and highest trained staff, we talk as much as possible about our skydiving passion and the bliss of a jump. Our Goal is to:  Change the perception of skydiving as a very risky, extreme sport by talking more about its development.  Engage media and key opinion leaders (influencers) to change their mentality and try skydiving at least once.  Raise the awareness of skydiving in Romania (“Yes, you can skydive in Romania!”) by organizing skydiving events.  Increase appeal of tandem skydiving as a free time & weekend activity, for both men and women. POWERS TNT 4-WAY TEAM
  21. 21. TNT BROTHERS PR COVERAGE TNT Brothers media relations strategy is focused on pitching and feeding journalists with all possible subjects about skydiving: business perspective; entrepreneurship news & interviews, carrier articles with TNT Brothers, sports articles, experience articles about the bliss of a jump, social media articles and bloggers feedback about their personal experience, prime time TV news, live TV skydiving experiences. Our communication is focused on answering all fears of skydiving in all featured articles, in order to convince the large public of the beauty and safety of the sport. We organized three Bucharest Skydiving Boogies –skydiving events meant to attract the interest and media attention towards skydiving. We invited a large number of public figures with a high visibility in media to try a tandem jump. In the course of two activity years, we had models, TV anchors, music players, actors, sports people, etc. – which experienced the tandem jump and talked in media about it: Cabral, Nicoleta Luciu, Roxana Vancea – Neata/Antena 1, Matilda Pascal Cojocarita, Jasmin, Costi Ionita, formatia Mandinga, Bendeac, Mitoseru, Dan Cruceru, Cruduta etc. PR Strategy
  22. 22. TNT BROTHERS PR COVERAGE In two years, we had more than: – 90 print articles – more than 450 online articles – and TV coverage in prime time shows and news journals with a media value of aprox. 900,000 EUR The return of the PR Budget invested being: ROI aprox. 350 Aprox. 8,000,000 persons reached. LIVE & Prime Time TV broadcast. Perception changed. Skydiving clients increased. PR Results
  23. 23. TNT BROTHERS ASSOCIATION TNT Brothers invests its trust in the courage and potential of the TNT 4-WAY TEAM! TNT Brothers supports the TNT 4-WAY TEAM  Modern drop zone and safest facilities  Internationally trained instructors  PR team POWERS TNT 4-WAY TEAM
  24. 24. PR STRATEGY KEY MESSAGES: First 4-way RW professional team in Romania Family and career oriented young women and men who live their dream with passion and intensity; a model for each one of us People that follow their life’s passion, transforming a hobby into a life-changing opportunity PLANNED ARTICLES & INTERVIEWS: OCTOBER 2012 – MARCH 2013 Tvs/prime time news: antena 1 & antena 3; protv, realitatea TV; RTV; money express; digi TV & digi24; national TV, prima TV, B1TV; kanal D, TVR etc. Business media: business magazin, biz, money express, capital, ziarul financiar, wall-street; hotnews General, daily media Sports media Women glossy publications: the one, instyle, glamour, CSID, elle, avantaje, VIVA, unica, tabu, tango, cosmopolitan, marie claire, harper’s bazaar, beau monde, story Men glossy publications: GQ; men’s health; esquire; FHM Going out guides & time out magazines: bewhere, metropotam etc. Online portals: ie. Eva.Ro; perfecte.Ro; petocuri.Ro; kudika.Ro Bloggers community TNT 4-WAY TEAM
  25. 25. SPONSORS OPPORTUNITIES PACKAGE 1: SPONSOR Sponsorship package value – up to 10,000 EUR  Presenting the sponsor on team communication materials:  Logo & Information about sponsor in PR announcements & press releases  Logo and information about sponsor in pre-agreed PR materials  Online coverage (logo) of the event on TNT Brothers Website and Facebook accounts.  Visibility on the viral TNT 4-WAY presentation movies PR VALUE: aprox. 10 ROI TNT 4-WAY TEAM
  26. 26. SPONSORS OPPORTUNITIES PACKAGE 2: PARTNER Sponsorship package value – starting 10,000 EUR up to 60,000 EUR Presenting the sponsor as partner of the team within the communication strategy:  The partner has access and possibility to draw together with the PR Team the PR and communication strategy of 2013 in order to include its messages and reach its key objectives.  The TNT 4-way Team can participate in partners’ advertising campaigns and marketing campaigns  The TNT 4-way Team can participate in sponsor’s events as guest speaker on subjects related to: • Leadership • Passion • How to follow your passion and perfectly combine it with your carrier and family  Logo on Team costumes that are featured all official PR photos  Logo on parachute ** to be discussed PR VALUE: aprox. 100 ROI TNT 4-WAY TEAM
  28. 28. TNTBROTHERSINMEDIA 2011-2012
  29. 29. Web: Facebook: TNT Brothers Email: TNT 4-WAY TEAM thank you