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Performance testslideshowrecent

  1. 1. Why do we Performance Test..? • Determine the usability/effectiveness of an application under load. • Detect bottlenecks before a new system or upgrade is deployed. • Tune for better performance The peace of mind that it will work on go-live day alone justifies the cost of performance testing.
  2. 2. What is Performance Testing? • Performance Testing Determines  Speed  Scalability  Stability  Confidence … while focusing on  User Expectations  System Constraints  Costs Specifically, it answers:  How many…?  How much…?  What happens if…?
  3. 3. WHY NOT MANUALLY PERFORMANCE TEST? Manual performance testing can be done by gathering The drawback is that measuring response time And the coordination problem is expanded if you think numerous folks user accuracy. And it is very hard to depends on together and synchronizing executing about including international users. synchronize the testing AND repeat the tests. the transactions.
  4. 4. AUTOMATED PERFORMANCE TESTING Controller Internet/ Web Application User WAN Server Server Database Simulation Replaces real users with virtual users Generate a consistent, measurable, and repeatable load, managed from a single point of control Efficiently isolates performance bottlenecks
  5. 5. Performance Test Process “Evaluate System” This is the most important process Evaluate System because it involves … (1) predicting actual user experience (2) accessing any system limitations (3) defining stakeholder expectations
  6. 6. Performance Test Process “Draft test scripts/scenario” Evaluate System The scripts will contain transactions which are the most intensive activities performed on the application. Draft test scripts / test scenario
  7. 7. Performance Test Process “Execute Performance Tests” Evaluate System LOAD EA LOAD TESTS are the end to end Performance performance test under anticipated Draft test scripts Testing STRESS production load. / test scenario STRESS TESTS determine the load under which a system fails and how it recovers from failure. Execute Performance Test DURATION DURATION TESTS are test with a constant load over a period between 8 BASELINE BASELINE TESTS to the execution, and 24 hours is determine if an application’s performance degrades validation, and debugging of scripts collectively in a test scenario.of time. over an extended period The results will be used for comparison with future testing results.
  8. 8. Performance Test Process “Entire Process” Evaluate System Response Time Degradation Curve Draft test scripts / test scenario Execute NO / Performance Test Tune Server SLA Review Results Acceptable? Create Performance Test YES Certification
  9. 9. Performance Test Services  3270  5250 We have the ability to mimic many protocols. Here is Oracle  MS SQLServer  EJBs  CORBA  Web Services  HTTP(S)  PeopleSoft  Oracle  VT100  DB2  of  a list COMthe protocols. XML ICA  ODBC  RMI  Citrix  MQSeries Legacy Databases Middleware Web ERP/CRM Protocols Controller Load Generator Internet/WAN Load Balancer Web Server Application Server Database Diagnostics Monitors The Diagnostics tool provides a  J2EE  Windows  SNMP  MS IIS  BEA  EJB  Oracle  Unix  WAN  iPlanet WebLogic  JDBC  MSSQL set of Diagnostics modules that  .NET And while a testing is executing we will monitor your  Linux Emulation  Apache  IBM  JSP Server trace, time, and troubleshoot WebSphere servers!  ATG Dynamo  Sitraka  DB2 end-user transactions across  iPlanet App JMonitor ALL tiers. Server Operating Web App Platforms Network Java Databases Systems Servers Servers
  10. 10. Performance Test Triggers? Here are some examples of what should trigger a performance test execution! • New Systems • Increasing Number of Users • New Functionality • Software Upgrades • Operating System Upgrades • Hardware Upgrades • Infrastructure Upgrades/Changes • Slow application response
  11. 11. Performance Test Toolbox Our team has the latest and greatest tools…!!!
  12. 12. How do you engage our team? Answer: Just open up a Performance Test SOS ticket… http://eaptsos More information about performance testing is on the