April Tomball Tea Party Email


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This is the email showing the comments of the Tomball Tea Party against Tomball and Judy Wilson as their candidate.

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April Tomball Tea Party Email

  1. 1. From: Tomball Tea Party News <president@tomballteaparty.org>Sent: Wed, April 20, 2011 9:25:38 PMSubject: Tomball City Election WHATS HAPPENING IN TOMBALL AFFECTS US ALL!OPPORTUNITY HAS ARRIVED AT LAST!Dear Friends and Patriots,Do you remember why you joined the Tea Party?Do you remember attending a meeting where something inside you was stirred toaction and you agreed to join the ranks of Americans who want accountability fromour elected officials?Do you remember how important it is for us to get into office good people whoseprinciples and values are the same as yours?HERESTHEDEALWith an overspending Mayor and City Council, Tomball property owners maybe looking at as much as an 84% increase in property taxes.The 50 million dollar proposed bond election to redo downtown caters to only a fewFriends of the City Officials at the expense of all Tomball Citizens!Higher taxes are the only way to fund a bond election of this magnitude. At a timewhen towns like ours are going broke all over the nation "our officials" want tospend, spend. spend!Tomball is a Sanctuary City. Taxpayers fund and maintain a day labor center that caters tothose who are here illegally. Ignoring federal laws is acceptable to those in office now. Drugs,prostitution, and crime are on the upswing.Our Mayors efforts to keep the illegal activity growing is backed by the HoustonCommunist Party and La Raza!
  2. 2. This is coming to a neighborhood near you!In the past a controlled group of citizens has decided in each election who runs ourtown and who does not. Most of Tomballs City Council are handpicked allies of theMayor! Our goal is to support good people in office.On May 14th, 2011, Tomball voters have a choice, either to elect two lawyers who are supported by a networkof attorneys or to elect two concerned conservative citizens of our city.One of the lawyers is a newcomer.The other one, an incumbent, is not only under investigation by the Texas EthicsCommission, but is also one of three councilmen who voted in favor of keeping The DayLabor Center even though 80% of polled citizens were opposed to this action.Do we really need more Lawyers running our government when our tax dollars arealready paying for a City Attorney? Why does Tomball need three lawyers representingregular citizens?Do you really want higher taxes?Do you want to see our City Officials continue to spend, spend, spend?Do you really want to see Tomball remain a SANCTUARY CITY?CLEARLY THE ANSWER IS NO!The two candidates who most closely adhere to our principles are Judy Wilson andBill Webb.Judy has lived here 20 years and has been active in this community. She is a businessowner and has worked as a corporate internal auditor for one of the nations largestcorporations. She is a fiscal conservative who opposes tax increases at a time when somany are struggling. She will represent people from all walks of life in Tomball.Bill Webb was born here and has served many years trying to do whats best forTomball. He has served as Mayor of Tomball and as a Councilman in the past. He hasconservative values and believes in fiscal responsibility.Both Bill and Judy will follow our United States Constitution and the laws of the state ofTexas.Political campaigns cost money and we are asking for contributions from our membersto help fund their campaigns. Some friends have given as much as $500 to help get thecampaign going. Many others have given $100, $50 or $25, or whatever they couldafford. No amount is too small. This election is too important not to ask and I hope too
  3. 3. important for you not to contribute. Its time to step up to the plate and do your part. Itdoesnt matter whether you live in the Tomball City limits or not, please help us changepolitics as usual in Tomball.Are you a Patriot or a passive observer?TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! THERE ARE LESS THAN 6 WEEKS LEFT!Please join us in our fight for law and order!Judy WilsonP O Box 1122Tomball TX 77377-1122Bill WebbP O Box 1523Tomball TX 77377-1523