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77% say the content on their phone is more important than the device itself.

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Celebrate Your Content

  1. 1. CELEBRATE YOURCONTENT THE 2012 ANNUAL GLOBAL SURVEY* FROM F-SECURE 56% of respondents own a Smartphone, with 22% also owning a tablet device. of those surveyed said the content on their devices 1/3 was more valuable to them By 2016, people will be storing 1/3 of their than the actual device. digital content in the consumer cloud. 74% of participants felt it would be useful to be able to instantly share 89% felt it would be useful to have ALL digital content with social plat- of their digital con- forms from tent accessible on whichever device all of their devices. they are using.67%of people interviewed still dobackups of their content manually. 72% of people questioned only do backups once a month or less.*The F-Secure broadband survey covered web interviews of 6,400 broadband subscribers aged 20–60years from 14 countries: France, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium,USA, Canada, Brazil, India and Japan. The survey was completed by GfK, 25 May–1 June 2012.(Source: Consumer Digital Storage Needs, 2010-2016 by Gartner)