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Step by step instructions on starting your own page on the popular internet publishing site, Squidoo. Includes video providing overview of lens features.

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  • Squidoo instructions

    1. 1. Getting Started Online publishing site Squidoo
    2. 2. Squidoo’s homepage is a busy place. Luckily, your only concern is with the button in the corner.
    3. 3. You can sign up using Facebook or traditionally if you want to hide from friends and family.
    4. 4. This is what you’ll get if you pick the Facebook method.
    5. 5. But we won’t deal with that today.
    6. 6. Let’s take the scenic route. Here you’ll have to dig your brain a bit if you want a profile with pizazz.
    7. 7. Usernames must be unique Just when you think you’re being creative, someone out there proves otherwise.
    8. 8. You’ll need to add: • your e-mail address • Squidoo password 6-8 characters long Green check marks signal Squidoo’s seal of approval.
    9. 9. • Click the service agreement box • Type the fun-house word into the field • Click It’s not that they don’t trust you, they just don’t know you . . yet. *If you’re getting cross-eyed trying to read the warped word, the “click here” button will swap it with another, hopefully readable, word.
    10. 10. Get a taste from the cream of the crop Squidoo will give you the option to start building your page right away or snoop around to scout ideas first.
    11. 11. Let’s see what the others are up to.
    12. 12. Save general topics for the check-out line. The best pages target a specific audience.
    13. 13. Here’s someone who connects with readers using an interactive voting list Yikes! Don’t tell mom, “Baby Got Back” didn’t make the cut.
    14. 14. Now the fun begins. Type in the topic of your new page. Remember, specific is better!
    15. 15. 1. 2. 3. 1. Type what you want your Internet address to look like. 2. Select a category for your topic. 3. Decide if your content would require child therapy.
    16. 16. Fill in search words you think people might use to look for your articles - * crystal ball handy for this one. Almost done, this step is key to getting noticed out there on the web. *Another wobbly word, proceed as usual.
    17. 17. For your hard effort, decide whether earnings go to: •Squidoo donations •Your charity of choice •YOU Time to bring home the bacon! Or give it away.
    18. 18. There’s plenty here including: •Your bio •Photos/Videos •Articles •Surveys •Lists Ta-da! Your new page ( lens ) stands before you! Nothing is permanent until you hit so go ahead and play!
    19. 19. The following step-by-step video will explain how to make the most out of your new page and get you published in no time!
    20. 20. This presentation was created by: www.FSBAssociates.com |