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  1. 1. Funeral Service Association of BC .. promoting education, networking, peer recognition, professionaldevelopment and cultivating business to business relationships …
  2. 2. Who Are We?An Association …“A group of people who voluntarily come together to solve problems, meet common needs, and accomplish common goals”
  3. 3. Who Are We?A Trade Association Which is a not-for-profit voluntary membership organization that represents a group of companies having a business or trade in common ….
  4. 4. Fundamentals of a Trade AssociationPromoting businessEncouraging ethical practicesSetting industry standardsConducting researchCo-operating with other organizationsHolding conferences, professional developmentseminar
  5. 5. What Is our Mission?To promote the highest standards of ethics andservice in the funeral service profession with thepublic through education, communication andleadership!
  6. 6. Our Vision?Every Life Celebrated!
  7. 7. In addition to being a TradeAssociation we are a “school” …
  8. 8. Funeral Services ProgramsWho is the Training Service Provider for Funeral Service Education in British Columbia and who are our partners?
  9. 9. MissionTo train funeral service apprentices through quality education programs and support employers to meet those training needs.
  10. 10. The FSABC Is The Designated Training Provider THE SCHOOL Funeral Service Association of British Columbia THE CREDENTIAL THE INSTRUCTORS THE LICENCE ISSUERS THE FUNDERS Canadian College of Business Practices & Consumer Industry Training Authority Funeral Services Protection AuthorityResponsible for managing BC’s Contractual Agreement With Licenses Apprentices industry training systems The FSABC to provide instruction. pursuant to the CIFSA regulations Sets Training Standards
  11. 11. Your Sponsor / Your school? The Funeral Service Association of BCYour Mentor & Workplace Instruction? Your employer and peersYour Workplace Assessment? The Fulford Harbour GroupYour Academic Instruction? The Canadian College of Funeral ServiceYour Academic Assessment? The Canadian College of Funeral ServiceYour Certification of Apprenticeship? The Industry Training AuthorityYour Certificate of Qualification? The Industry Training AuthorityYour life-long credential … Your proof as being a qualified professionalYour License / Regulator? Consumer Protection BC Oh My Those Are A Lot Of People To Remember!!
  12. 12. No Worries ….The FSABC acts on your behalf and is YOUR ROADMAPto get you where you are going ….. CERTIFICATION!
  13. 13. 1. Completion of Academic Training (June) (Online, classroom, final exams)2. Completion of Practical Training (Sept) Steps To Certification / (Logbooks, evidence, declarations, Licensing 3600 workplace hours)3. Submission to ITA for Certification (Sept)4. Receipt of ITA Certificate of Qualification (Nov)5. Your C of Q will be forwarded to you along with License Application Forms for CPBC
  14. 14. Can I attend the graduation ceremony even though Ihaven’t completed my practical (workbased) training?Will I get my license before the graduationceremony?Can I bring anyone to the graduation ceremony?When is the graduation ceremony?SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 –RICHMOND – Grad Banquet
  15. 15. So What Is New? Substantive modification of the existing programs and development of new programs that will lead to Certification of Qualification (ITA issued)Funeral Director – UpdatedEmbalmer – UpdatedEmbalmer and Funeral Director – UpdatedFoundation Program - NewCremationist – NewLaunches September 2011Extensive input from the profession and input from Industry Subject Matter Experts.
  16. 16. Pilot Just About Completed! … New log books & workplace assessment tools for apprentices and mentors Well defined Workplace Competency Standards Still being perfected!! Thank YOU!!
  17. 17. Other FSABC Tips and ToolsEasy to Navigate websitewww.bcfunerals.comHuman Resource Toolkit To SupportEmployers and EmployeesLegislation & Regulation Links
  18. 18. Common ChallengesYou’ve Got Me Stumped!
  19. 19. Expected / Planned Home DeathsWhat is the document called?Joint Protocol for Expected / PlannedHome Deaths In BCIs there a “legal” requirement in BCthat deaths be pronounced?No … there is not legal requirementthat a death be pronounced.
  20. 20. Joint Protocol For Expected / Planned Home DeathsPlanned home deaths are a planned,expected home death where an individualhas chosen to die at home and plans havebeen clearly documented before handIncluding ……
  21. 21. The Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation form is completed and signed by thephysician and original form is kept with the individual.No legal requirement that death be pronounced although it is recognizedthat it is sound clinical and ethical practice to do so. Health careprofessionals that my pronounce include physicians, registered nursesand licensed practical nurses.For individuals who decline pronouncement?A Notification of Expected Death form MUST be completed by the physician
  22. 22. The form verifies that …The family has declined pronouncement and hasagreed to wait for at least how long afterbreathing has stopped before they can call thefuneral home to remove the body? 1 hourThe person with the right to control disposition ofthe deceased has provided authorization to thefuneral home to transfer the bodyThe funeral home ensures that the personauthorized to control disposition of the deceased hassigned the form.
  23. 23. TRANSPORTATION OF HUMAN REMAINS Do Human Remains Need To Be Embalmed Before They are Transported?No - Health Act – Communicable Disease Regulationrepealed in 2006 thus eliminating 72 hour clausePart 3 (16)No person shall ship a dead body by rail, air, ship or truck without avalid transit certificateA properly completed burial permit, issued under the Vital Statistics Actattached to the head of the box containing the casket constitutes a validcertificate.
  24. 24. Ministry of Social DevelopmentFuneral Supplement –Basic Legal Requirements - $ 1,285Additional Services - $ 815Common Challenge …. Can the casket / service beupgraded by anyone?Anyone … but ….The spouse, the parent of a minor child, or a sponsor ofa sponsored immigrant
  25. 25. If the Ministry has “control of disposition”and is the legal authority of the deceased(i.e. no next of kin) – does the Ministryhave to select Burial?NoMinistry Staff must use discretion when the deceased’scultural or religious beliefs support burial.Otherwise the Ministry will select most common form ofdisposition in BC – Cremation. On average 80% ofBritish Columbians will select cremation.
  26. 26. BC VITAL STATISTICS AGENCY YesCan You Photocopy A Death Certificate? No Can You Certify A Death Certificate? Funeral Directors who certify copies of death certificates are in contravention of the Evidence Act. For CPP purposes only Vital Statistics allows the statement “this photocopy is a true copy of the original document which has not been altered in any way”.Can You Issue A Funeral Director’s Statement ofDeath?Who else in BC can issue a death certificate otherthan a funeral home district registrar?On who’s behalf are you acting when you receive anappointment as a District Registrar?
  27. 27. When a mass fatality incident occurswithin the Province of BC, who isresponsible for leading the massfatality management process?NEW – MAY 12, 2011 – Just released … the British Columbia Coroner’sService Mass Fatality Response Plan.The importance of fatality management preparation cannot be overstated.Document and updates can be downloaded from the FSABC website.
  28. 28. We Are Here For You!Let us know if you have moved …Let us know if you have changed your employer …Let us know if you have any questions ..Email: careers@bcfunerals.com orinfo@bcfunerals.comToll Free: 1-800-665-3899Website: www.bcfunerals.com