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Dark tourism cambodia


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Yr 9 AS

Published in: Education
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Dark tourism cambodia

  1. 1. What is Dark Tourism? • Dark tourism is travel to sites of death, disaster, or the seemingly macabre • Many sites world-wide • Lists on the internet “Top 25 Dark Tourism Sites”
  2. 2. Dark tourism in Cambodia • You Tube clip php?v=v35350135AknbHAa6
  3. 3. Some Questions to make us think • Is there a legitimate place for “dark” tourism in Cambodia? • Should there be a reminder about the past? • Should younger generations learn about their country’s past? • Is it ethical that money be made from the sites where people were killed and tortured? • Should there be memorials or museums?
  4. 4. Some interesting websites • Dark Tourism: The Killing Fields of Cambodia • /december-2014/dark-tourism-the-killing- fields-of-cambodia/ • • Dark tourism in Phnom Penh: The Killing Fields and the Genocide Museum • tourism-in-phnom-penh-the-killing-fields-and- the-genocide-museum/ • • Cambodia Capitalizes on Boom in Dark Tourism • khmer-rouge-thanatourism-theme-park.aspx