Processed products of fruits


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Processed products of fruits

  1. 1. Processed Products Of Fruits<br />
  2. 2. <ul><li>Processing of fruits results in high amount of waste materials like peels, seeds, stones, oilseed meals etc.
  3. 3. It creates problem that is further provoked by legal restrictions.
  4. 4. Thus new aspects relating to the use of these wastes as by-products for additional exploitation on the production of food additives with high nutritional value have gained increasing interest since these are high-value products and may be economically attractive.</li></li></ul><li>Products from Mango<br /><ul><li>Mango Bar
  5. 5. Mango Candy
  6. 6. Mango Drink
  7. 7. Mango Jam
  8. 8. Mango Essence
  9. 9. Canned mango pulp or slices</li></li></ul><li>Mango Bar<br /><ul><li>Mango bars are made from a variety of popular mango pulps; it is an excellent source of vitamin A and C, potassium, fiber and beta carotene.
  10. 10. Mango bars are very famous mainly because it tastes like eating a mango, which comes handy and is available even in off season.</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>These bars taste delicious and hence they are also used in mixing it with milk and cream for that flavor.
  11. 11. It is less messy unlike the real fruit, where you can have it in your office desk and have whenever you want.
  12. 12. It is a natural energy boosting bar, which can be had before and after work outs. It is a readily available source of glucose. </li></li></ul><li>Mango drink<br /><ul><li>Mango juices are generally processed from the fresh and natural ripe alphonso mangoes that are procured from the finest of orchids.
  13. 13. Processed mango juice has a delicious taste with the natural aroma of the finest of mangoes.
  14. 14. These fruit drinks are free from artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and other synthetics.</li></li></ul><li>Products from Tomato<br /><ul><li>Tomato Jam
  15. 15. Tomato Juice
  16. 16. Tomato Paste
  17. 17. Tomato Sauce
  18. 18. Tomato Soup</li></li></ul><li>Tomato Jam<br /><ul><li>If you love tomatoes, you’ll love Tomato Jam. Promise! Tomato jams are a great way to use up abumper crop of tomatoes.
  19. 19. It can be used on everything from toast to fish to pork.
  20. 20. It gives an amazing real taste. </li></li></ul><li>Tomato Paste <br /><ul><li>Tomato paste can be used to make a fresh spaghetti sauce, lasagna, chili, or other tomato-based meals.
  21. 21. Tomato Paste is thicker than tomato sauce or tomato puree and also the real essence of ripe tomatoes.
  22. 22. A water-soluble and low-molecular-weight fraction was obtained from tomato paste.</li></li></ul><li>Tomato Sauce<br /><ul><li>A good tomato sauce is the basis for so many wonderful dishes such as pizza, pasta, chicken, and fish.
  23. 23. Tomato sauce you make from scratch is yummy and delicious and so easy.
  24. 24. Tomato sauce is delicious any time of year.
  25. 25. Extended cooking thickens the sauce as the water cooks off and long simmering melds flavors together.</li></li></ul><li>Tomato Soup <br /><ul><li>Tomato soup may be served hot or cold. It can be made in different styles.
  26. 26. It is one of the top soothe foods in the US.
  27. 27. Tomato soup really tastes gorgeous.
  28. 28. It is very easy to make and very tasty served with warm crusty bread.</li></li></ul><li>Contact us<br /><ul><li>For more information, please contact</li></ul> Email us at:<br /><br /> Visit us at:<br /><br />
  29. 29. Thanks for your patience on visiting my slide. Please feel free to post your valuable comments.<br />