Scottsboro boys


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Scottsboro boys

  1. 1. Scottsbor o BoysJudith TorresAlfred IsibidoSara Elsharif
  2. 2. Who were the Scottsboro Boys?Clarence Norris, Charles Weems, HaywoodPatterson, Olen Montgomery, Roy Wright, OziePowell, Willie Roberson, Eugene Williams, andAndy Wright.
  3. 3. Who is Ruby Bates?• Ruby Bates (17) was one of 2 girls that accused the Scottsboro boys of rape.• She was a poor millworker.• She was known to sleep with many negro men.• Less than 9 months after the first trial, Bates wrote her ex boyfriend a letter in which she denied having been raped.
  4. 4. Who was Victoria Price?• Victoria Price (21) was the 2nd girl who accused the boys of Rape.• Poor & worked in a local cotton mill in Alabama• Also known to sleep with many negro men• She eventually faded out as she wasn’t needed to testify any longer.
  5. 5. Justice doesn’t listen, heres why.Jan 5 1932Huntsville Ala215 Connelly Allydearest Earli want to make a statement too you Mary Sanders is a goddam lie about thoseNegroes jassing me those police man made me tell a lie that is my statementbecause i Want too clear my self that is all to it if you Want too Believe ok. ifnot that is ok. You Will be sorry some day if you had to stay in Jail With eightsNegroes you would tell a lie two those Negroes did not touch me or thosewhite Boys i hope you will believe me the law dont. i love you better thanMary does are any Body else in the World that is why i am tell you of thisthing I was drunk at the time and did not know what i was doing I know it waswrong too let those Negroes die on account of me i hope you Will Believe myStatement Because it is the gods truth i hope you Will Believe me i was jazedBut those white Boyes jazed me i Wish those Negroes are not Burnt onaccount of me it is these white Boys fault that is my statement and that is all Iknow i hope you tell the law hope you will answerP.S. this is one time that i might tell a lie But it is the truth so god help me.Ruby Bates.
  6. 6. Orville Gilley & Dr. R. R. Bridges • The prosecutors argued that it was implausible for Gilley to witness a gang rape and not do anything to stop it. • The court later found that it was Orville was the one who had intercourse with both girls.Bridges and Dr. John Lynch, examinedPrice and Bates less than 2 hours afterthe “rapes” occurred. While the 2 Drs.found semen in the vaginas of bothwomen, they found little evidence tosupport their contention that they hadbeen the victims of a violent assault.
  7. 7. Mini Timeline• March 25, 1931; Scottsboro boys were arrested on charges of assault, Rape charges were later added against all 9 boys after accusations are made by Victoria Price and Ruby Bates.• March, 1932; Alabama Supreme Court, by a vote of 6-1, affirms the convictions of 7 of the boys, except Eugene Williams who was considered a juvenile under the law in 1931.• November, 1932; The Supreme Court, reverses the convictions of the Scottsboro boys in Powell vs. Alabama.• January 23, 1936; Haywood Patterson is convicted for a 4th time of rape and is sentenced to 75 years in prison• January 23, 1989; Clarence Norris, the last surviving Scottsboro boy, dies at age 76.
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