Kristina garcia world history per. 4 1


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Kristina garcia world history per. 4 1

  1. 1. By: Kristina Garcia, Devin Wear, Miklo Moreno, Salvador R. Period: 4World History Class
  2. 2.  The European Response
  3. 3. British Resistance  Napoleon had the hope of invading through the seas of Britain. He eventually gave up that hope after being defeated by the Spanish Fleet in 1805. Next he tried to cut off Britain’s 3rd route to make them too poor for war. Was called “The Continental System” It failed because…  Britain’s allies opposed to go that way  Britain obtained new markets to trade with
  4. 4.  Nationalism – the sense of unique identity of people. The French Revolution was one of the most important forces in the 19th century. When the French people decided that they were the nation, not the king, it was considered as a new era in history.  Similar to the American Revolution. Napoleon lead his armies through Germany, Spain, Italy, and Poland.  Where the countries learned about equity and liberty He created new ideas of Nationalism.  1st he united peoples hatred of invaders.  2nd convinced people that they were able to see the power and strength of national feeling.
  5. 5. The Fall of Napoleon 
  6. 6. Disaster in Russia  Napoleon headed out to Russia with his army. He knew the risk of invading Russia but proceeded anyways. The Grand Army had more than 600,000 people walk into Russia. The Russians didn’t want to battle so they burned down their own village to keep the army from finding food. After Napoleon found the remains of the burnt down village, they were forced to retreat. Of the 600,000 that left only 40,000 returned back to Poland. Napoleon was sent to exile in Elba when he returned. Louis XIV was named king once the king was executed.
  7. 7. The Final Defeat  on the glory of empire so… Napoleon was not ready to give up He left the island Elba and went back to France. He convinced the people of France that he was their true Emperor. Russia, Great Britain, Austria, and Persia were worried that Napoleon would defeat them so, they pledged to defeat “The Enemy and Disturber of the Tranquility of the world” again. Napoleon raised another army and attacked at Belgium where he met a combined army of Britain and Persia under the control of the Duke of Wellington in June 18, 1815. He suffered a bloody defeat. Was sent to exile in St. Helena.  A small island in the south Atlantic. Napoleon remained in exile until his death in 1821.
  8. 8. END  Get Ready for Questions!!! XD
  9. 9. Questions and Answers 1) What happened in the Disaster in Russia? The Russians burned down their own town to prevent Napoleon’s army to eat.2) What is Nationalism? Nationalism is the sense of unique identity of people.3) What did Napoleon want toaccomplish? He wanted to invade through the seas of Britain.
  10. 10. Questions and Answers  4) Why did the Continental System fail?  The Continental System failed because Britain’s allies opposed to go through the 3rd route and because they obtained new markets to trade with. 5) When and where did Napoleon die?  Napoleon died in the South Atlantic on 1821.
  11. 11. Thanks For Watching! XD 