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Simple and compound machines


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Simple and compound machines

  1. 1. Simple and Compound Machines By: Froilan Usman
  2. 2. Simple Machines  Simple Machines are Pulley, Wedge, Lever, Wheel and Axle, Inclined Plane, Screw. These Machines help us do our work a lot easier.
  3. 3. Wheel and Axle  This machine is called the wheel and axle. The wheels help people move around with the chair quickly and with less force. While the chair is moving,the wheels are rotating around their own axle. This one is located inside my room.  The second example is a doorknob. A doorknob is a wheel and axle because the knob rotates around an axle, which unlatches the door. Located on the bathroom door.
  4. 4. Inclined Plane  This is a staircase, Staircases help us move from one level to another. A staircase is an inclined plane, you move up and down over a greater distance and greater force as opposed to jumping up or falling down a level of a house, which will take a longer time and greater force. This staircase is located in my house next to the living room.  The bottom of this sink is an inclined plane. The inclined plane of the sink slides the water down the drain.
  5. 5. Wedge  Knives are wedges. When you push a knife through food, it slices the food into smaller pieces. Located in my kitchen  This fork is also a wedge. When you slide it under a steak or whatever, it’s a wedge. However when you press down on the handle and it lifts the steak, it’s a lever because there is a fulcrum. Located in my kitchen.
  6. 6. Pulley  The shoelaces are pulleys. You have to pull the laces to keep your shoes on your feet. Located in my room.  This thing on the washing machine is a pulley. You have to pull it to use the washing machine. Located in the basement.
  7. 7. Screw  A screw is a simple machine. You use this screw to screw something on the wall. Located in the tool shed.  The bottom of this light bulb is a screw. You twist it into a light socket. Located in the living room.
  8. 8. Lever  Scissors are levers because, the fulcrum is between the applied force. The load are the blades. Your hands are applying the force, and scissors are the first class levers. Located in the living room.  A broom is a are third class lever. The fulcrum is the end point, the effort is in the middle, the place where you grip, and the load is the things you are sweeping away. Located in the Kitchen.
  9. 9. Compound Machines  A compound Machine is anything that has two or more of the six simple machines. Compound Machines help us do our work even easier.
  10. 10. Examples of Compound Machines  A stapler is a compound machine. It is made up of two Simple Machines, Wedge and Lever. The staples in a stapler are wedges because they pierce through papers. The top arm of the stapler is a Lever, it has a fulcrum or a pivot point, which allows the top of the stapler to move up and down. When you put energy on this lever, it transfers energy into a staple, which staples the paper. This stapler is located in the living room.
  11. 11. Another Example  This can opener is made up of 4 simple machines. First is the wheel and axle which is the handle, when you turn the handle energy transfers to the wedge and the gears, which opens the can. Second is the wedge, the thing that slices open the can is the wedge. Third are the gears, those little circles that grip and help rotate the can are the gears. Lastly is the lever, the arms of the can opener are the levers. These two levers open and close on one fulcrum to grip and help open the can. This can opener is located in my kitchen.