How to Use Twitter


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How to Use Twitter Tutorial

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How to Use Twitter

  1. 1. QUICK BACKGROUND FACTSStarted on March 21, 2006 under a company called Odeo, byJack DorseyJack Dorsey wanted to create a new idea that would allowanyone to create a short message that would allow people tocommunicate with small groups of peopleIn 2007 Twitter became its own companyTwitter is estimated to have 2.5 million users65,000,000 tweets are posted a dayTwitter has grown to become one of the most top ten visited sitesToday twitter is one of the most powerful tools in social media forpeople to use to communicate with one another in such a shortmessage
  2. 2. 5 POWERFUL WAYS TO USE TWITTERAccording to Dustin Brady who wrote an article about 5 powerful waysto use Twitter in Higher EducationListen and Reply –Read what people are saying but think beforereplying to what they wrote (participate in conversation)Introduce Real People at Your School-not only talking to people ontwitter, get out and promote more people on campus to use twitterParticipate in the Backchannel- During events at your school createhashtags to attract more people to event that may be goingInformation Updates- Letting people know what is going on simply justlike the newsPersonal Enrichment-using your personal twitter to get the word out ifpeople aren’t receiving it from the school’s twitter account
  3. 3. WHY PEOPLE GENERALLY FOLLOW OTHERS ON TWITTER They are looking for a benefit They are looking for information They want customer service They want entertainment They want relationship
  4. 4. MOST USED ON TWITTERWhat is a tweet? A tweet is a message posted on twitter of 140charactersRetweet (RT)-Helps you to quickly share a tweet with your followersDirect message (DM)-private message between you and the senderFollow-subscribing to a person’s tweets or updatesFollowers-when a person has followed youUnfollow- when you don’t follow someone anymore and you no longersee what they tweetHashtag (#)- Symbol to mark important topics (ex. #FF-FollowFriday)Timeline (TL)-A list of your tweets and the people you follow on twitterReply- you can click the reply button located under a person’s tweetto respond to what there tweet isProfile-Twitter account displaying information about the user andtweets they postProtected/Private tweets-your tweets can only be shown to peoplewho you allowed to follow youOver capacity- when twitter is over capacitated meaning-too manypeople are on twitter
  5. 5. MOST USED ON TWITTER CONTINUEDMention (@)- when others put the “@” with your usernameTrending topic- popular topics that are talked aboutFollow count- How many people you follow or how many followers youhaveTwitter jail- you can’t tweet anymore until someone frees you becauseyou posted a 100 tweets per hour or 1000 tweets per dayFavorites-Tweets that a user likes a lotBio-A personal description used to show who you are located on yourprofile@-used to call out usernames in tweetsTwitpic-a picture that you took and put with a tweet
  6. 6. Q&A Questions &Answers anyone ?
  7. 7. NOW LET’S TRY TO USE TWITTERI have created a twitter account specifically for thisworkshop that I will use to show you how to navigatearound twitterMy twitter username is called @Tworkshop21532Password is Bobcats21532We will learn how to post tweets, add a profile picture,find people, go through privacy settings, sendmessages, follow people, look up hashtags, viewprofiles, and see trending topics So Let’s try !
  8. 8. LET’S PLAY A GAME Let’s match the tweet with a celebrity@ringzington and I Spent 4 hours mixing the snare drum for this new song... Bruno Mars Eminem Kesha Brittney Spears
  9. 9. BRUNO MARS!!!
  10. 10. Workin in the studio...breaks are for the broke #ambition #mmg Kanye West Rick Ross Wale Wake Flocka
  11. 11. WALE!!!!
  12. 12. cant help but smile. thank u to everyone whoever cared. very grateful. anything is possible. #neversaynever Selena Gomez Miley Cyrus Taylor Swift Justin Biber
  13. 13. JUSTIN BIEBER !!!!!
  14. 14. Shouts to R.Kelly for always inspiring me in this R&B game!! His writing ability is so Epic! Usher Trey Songz Frank Ocean Chris Brown
  15. 15. CHRIS BROWN!!!
  16. 16. ROCNATION til I die!!! Keri Hilson Rihanna Nicki Minaj Beyonce
  17. 17. RIHANNA!!
  18. 18. HOOTSUITEHootSuite is like another social network, it allows people to connect tomultiple networks from one websiteYou can schedule to post updates on Twitter, Facebook, and othersocial networksHootSuite is like a a media dashboardLet’s learn how Frostburg uses HootSuite!
  19. 19. Questions &Answers ? 5 Powerful ways to use twitter in higher education by Dustin Brady
  20. 20. @campusbuzz Thank you!