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More: http://www.front-porch-ideas-and-more.com/porch-railings.html Dave and I give you an overview of many different styles of porch railings - from wood to steel and even glass. We walk you through various designs, materials and how your railings fit in with your home's architecture and style, This is part two of our Front Porch Designs series.

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Raving About Porch Railings

  1. 1. Front Porch Ideas and MoreFront Porch Ideas and MoreFront Porch Ideas and More Porch Roof Designs Find us at PorchIdeas.com Front Porch Ideas and More Part 1: All About Porch Roof Designs From our Front Porch Design Series Find us at PorchIdeas.com Part 2: Raving About Railings From our Front Porch Design Series Find us at PorchIdeas.com Front Porch Ideas and More
  2. 2. Part 2: Front Porch Design Series Raving About Railings Hello and welcome! We are Dave and Mary from Front Porch Ideas and More. We are often asked what makes a great front porch design. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  3. 3. Let’s Get the Scoop on Porch Railings Visit us at PorchIdeas.com Mary and I want to welcome you to our continuing series on what makes a great front porch design (if you haven't already, be sure to see Part I of our series – All About Porch Roof Designs). In this presentation we'll explore porch railings (which are actually known and referred to as balustrades in the construction profession) to show how they can affect your overall front porch design. While railings (balustrades) are normally required by building codes for safety reasons, they also add curb appeal to any front porch, as you will see.
  4. 4. As this illustration shows, an entire section of railing is the balustrade and is composed of top handrail, individual balusters (also called pickets or rails), and the bottom rail. The majority of porch balusters are made of wood and are usually rectangular, square, or tapered. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  5. 5. However, there are many other designs options,and materials available and our goal is to help you find the perfect railing for your dream porch. We'll start with wooden options, though, since they are the most common. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  6. 6. Using basic wood pieces, you can create striking geometric designs like the rails pictured here. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com One of the reasons wooden balusters are so popular is that they come in many different configurations, everything from round to square to elaborately turned.
  7. 7. As this unique rail shows, you can even create a rail design that doesn't look like anyone else's. The one thing to remember, though, is to make sure to comply with your local building codes. For example, a standard requirement is typically 4 inches between balusters and the porch floor and bottom rail. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  8. 8. Mixing designs is a great way to add interest - like the square balusters combined with turned porch columns on this Victorian porch. While not typical, it creates a unique and lovely front porch. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  9. 9. In contrast to square wood balusters, turned designs come in a variety of styles and typically adorn houses that are either old or wanting to recreate the look of an older home, like farmhouses. Using turned balusters on more modern styles, though, is again a way to make your design different and reflect your personal design. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  10. 10. Using different sized turned balusters and changing the spacing are easy ways to change the look of the rails. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  11. 11. Wooden balusters in every configuration can be made into gates, as shown in this photo. Gates are a way to keep pets and children safe on the porch, as well as look interesting. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  12. 12. Another type of wood balusters are sawn, which come in many patters including the very ornate style pictured. Mainly found on Victorian porches, they would, however, give any style of porch an interesting design element. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  13. 13. Since wooden sawn railings are usually custom made, they can be any design and are often two pieces that come together to form the picket during construction. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  14. 14. We love how sawn balusters look - the scroll designs are so unique and different! If you're worried about upkeep, there are actually vinyl sawn balusters, too. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  15. 15. Since sawn balusters are carved, they often provide a sense of privacy with a little more openness than a knee-wall would. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  16. 16. Here you can see a completely different porch railing composed of natural wood. There is no limit to the materials you can use for railings as long as they meet your local building codes. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  17. 17. Another railing option is aluminum, which also comes in many patterns and has the added bonus of low maintenance to keep them looking great for many years. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  18. 18. By choosing black aluminum railings, you can minimize your railings, letting the view beyond become the focus. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  19. 19. When you want your railings to virtually disappear from view, stainless steel cables are the way to go. They also require minimal upkeep and last for many years. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  20. 20. Stainless steel cable railings work equally well with many porch styles - everything from ultra modern to rustic. They can be installed horizontally or vertically and using a kit, can be an easy project to take on as long as all your posts are very strong to support the taut wire. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  21. 21. Most people think of glass or acrylic panels when they want railings to be almost invisible, however. Popular on coastal houses, solid see-through panels like these offer the most protection from wind. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  22. 22. Railings made out of wrought iron also last for years, though they do require a bit more upkeep than stainless steel. Wrought iron railings run the gamut from simple to ornate and have been around for many years, making them appropriate for lots of different house styles. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  23. 23. Knee walls - a more solid railing option - have been around for many years, though they aren't as popular on current house designs. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com Knee walls - a more solid railing option - have been around for many years, though they aren't as popular on current house designs. They actually help to provide a nice, private porch room while blocking wind and can be made from wood, stone, brick, and other materials.
  24. 24. The ultimate in low maintenance, though, may be vinyl lattice panels which come in many designs, even custom, making them a appealing railing option. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  25. 25. There is, of course, an option of having no railing at all when you desire a completely open view. Your porch has to be less than 3 feet from the ground, though, for this option to comply with building codes. Going without railings can make narrow porches feel bigger. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  26. 26. By painting wooden railings in various color combinations, the same design can take on a completely different look. Balusters can be all one color or two or more by painting only sections of the railing. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  27. 27. We've covered a lot of railing options, but believe it or not - there are many more only limited by your imagination (and maybe a building code!). They can provide protection and privacy as well as make a design statement and should be a primary focus of your overall porch design. For more information about porch railings, railing photos, designs, and materials, and to get other front porch ideas, please visits us at porchideas.com. Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  28. 28. In part III of our Front Porch Designs Series we'll explore your Porch Column options. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how much they can affect your overall design too. Please join us here to continue the series on front porch designs. This is Dave and Mary. See you on the porch! Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  29. 29. Photo Credits Mr Fixuum The Cable Connection UFPI.com FSI Home Products Riggo Design Accurio LatticeWorks Visit us at PorchIdeas.com
  30. 30. Front Porch Ideas and More Thank you! Visit us for more info on Porch Railings http://www.front-porch-ideas-and-more.com/porch-railings.html