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Frontier Software plc


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All about the product range from Frontier Software

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Frontier Software plc

  1. 1. Human Resource & Payroll Solutions – Software / Services
  2. 2. Contents Company Overview and History I 3 Product Portfolio I 4-6 Support and Services I 7 Cutting-Edge HR Payroll & Management Solutions I 8 Define Markets? We don’t I 9 Reporting and Business Intelligence I 10 Product Datasheets I 11 2
  3. 3. Company Overview and History Founded on commitment, built on quality, unrivalled in delivery Frontier Payroll Services (FPS), our Proven track record established Payroll Bureau and Outsourcing Human Resource and Payroll Management division, continues to be one of our fastest functions are mission critical – getting it growing specialist areas servicing companies wrong isn’t an option. With more than three large and small, in various countries. decades experience in these specialist areas, Conceived in Melbourne, Australia, in 1983, Investing in excellence Frontier Software has a proud track record. ‘chris’ – Complete Human Resource Our approach is simple: we aim to work as a Our policy of re-investing at least 20% of Information System – is the result of more true extension of your organisation. By company profits in research and than three decades of investment in both forging a close working partnership with our development is reflected in Frontier technologies and people, combined with a clients, we have proven time and again that Software’s multi-million dollar annual sharp-focus on the provision of world-class, we can accommodate individual software turnover and rapidly expanding customer integrated HR and Payroll Management requirements to overcome sector-specific base. Continuing investment in chris21 software solutions. anomalies – just ask our customers. enhancements will ensure that every Today, ‘chris’ is the cornerstone of HR and customer’s most challenging demands Frontier Software’s clients include some of Payroll departments worldwide as it are met by leveraging the very latest the world’s largest corporations, with continues to evolve to meet 21st century technology innovations. employee numbers ranging between 50 and user criteria. chris21, our internationally 100,000 across all industry sectors. And Just one set of source code is maintained for proven solution heralds unsurpassed levels whether you are a public or private our entire product portfolio. Our R&D of modularity, flexibility and functionality, organisation we can supply a solution to investment is focused on delivering leading- to meet the demanding requirements of meet your specific requirements. edge software solutions. Our advanced organisations from all walks of industry three-tier, client / server technology and use Three key reasons why you should be and commerce. of web services runs on the world’s leading talking to Frontier Software for the International footprint operating systems – Microsoft Windows very latest in HR and Payroll XPTM, Windows 2000TM, Vista, UNIX and Management functionality: A world leader in HR and Payroll Linux. This provides an enterprise-wide, Management, Frontier Software operations i) Longevity – we’ve been in the HR and local and wide area network topology with span the globe, customers are in far reaching Payroll Management business since 1983 secure and comprehensive internet / intranet countries such as East Timor, Fiji, Papua – it is our core business capability; plus OracleTM and SQL ServerTM New Guinea and the Falkland Islands. We ii) Pedigree of our wide-ranging database access. serve more than 1,300 organisations in both customer base – some of the world’s the public and private sectors across Europe, Accreditations are extremely important to leading blue chip companies and major Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, and we Frontier Software and in countries where public sector organisations conducted have offices throughout Australia, Hong these are relevant, we invest time and effort rigorous search and testing, concluding Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, to gain these awards. An example is HMRC that chris21 is the preferred solution the United Kingdom and USA. (Inland Revenue) Payroll accreditation for the UK and ISO 9001 – 2000 Quality iii) Unsurpassed portfolio of integrated Management Systems. HR and Payroll Management applications – and if you do have a specific requirement, we will deliver a solution tailored to meet your needs 3
  4. 4. Product Portfolio Create a virtual HR facility using an extensive portfolio of specialist HR and Payroll Management modules that can be tailored individually to meet your exacting business requirements. The management and corporate disciplines Human Resource (see datasheet) encompassed by the HR function cover Build a complete history of all employees many specialist areas. These include and create a comprehensive, HR database personnel & payroll administration, that meets your specific business learning & development, health & safety, requirements. The chris21 Human Resource Integrated Human vacancy & recruitment management, Resource & Payroll module puts you in full control of your HR absence & leave management, employee & function and features an easy-to-use, online manager self service, award interpretation, Report Designer that allows users to enquire time attendance & rostering and customised and report on data in different formats. services, to name but a few. So it’s not surprising that a flexible and responsive Customised reports can be created and data Employee & Managers software system that can manage such a can be exported into Microsoft WordTM / Self Service plethora of tasks is seen as key to attaining ExcelTM. Innovative database customisation new levels of business efficiency. tools include a data dictionary for quick referencing of specific information. chris21 together with its integrated module Comprehensive security and auditing e-Recruit options, is designed to provide a complete facilities exist throughout the design solution that operates in harmony with your of chris21. company’s business practices – making information easily accessible across your Payroll Management (see datasheet) whole organisation. We recognise that no Ensure that employees are paid accurately Time Attendance & Rostering two companies are the same, which is why and on time, while automating the complex chris21 modules cover both the specific, as requirements of pay production. Frontier well as the many diverse requirements of Software’s Payroll Management module HR and Payroll Management. In practice, incorporates advanced functionality and this means that you can purchase only the statutory compliance. This enables your Executive Reporting modules required to meet your current business to adapt to ever changing statutory business needs and budgets, and build in conditions of employment and keep track of line with future requirements. With Frontier staff movements, changes and the variables Software, your growth path is assured. affecting payroll management. chris21 modules provide the foundation of Absence Management Learning & Development Frontier Software’s multi-functional, highly- A fundamental requirement within an flexible application software dedicated to integrated solution is that absence data is HR and Payroll Management. These can be entered once and used for attendance specified either individually, or as an chris21.NET option monitoring, payment to the employee and integrated platform: management reporting. Unlimited history is always available and company rules can be created by the user. Payroll Services 4
  5. 5. chris21 Integrated Module Options Learning and Development – L&D21 (see datasheet) Frontier Software is continuously developing integrated module options that are fine- Increasing the competencies of personnel is tuned to specific business requirements. a strategic focus for many organisations. The L&D21 module provides the tools to Employee & Manager manage an entire staff training programme Self Service – HR21 (see datasheet) – from selecting employees for the correct A dedicated web browser interface, the learning event; making course bookings, HR21: Employee & Manager Self Service waiting lists, course evaluations and module creates a virtual HR office. When creating attendee histories; through to cost deployed in staff rooms or, indeed, on any control and budget management. You can open many windows concurrently – corporate desktop – whether in the office or saves time. Executive Reporting – Xec21 at home – it provides managers and / or (see datasheet) employees with secure, staff or management- level hierarchical access (password- chris21 Executive Reporting is a user-friendly controlled) to the chris21 database. With the software module that enables non-technical HR21: Employee & Manager Self Service users to produce multi-faceted reports and module option, users can obtain information, deliver HR & Payroll Management conduct database changes (transactions) and information to managers and senior minimise otherwise lengthy administrative executives in sophisticated formats. processes. Time Attendance & Rostering – t&a21 Recruitment Administration and (see datasheet) e-Recruit – eR21 (see datasheet) The t&a21 Time Attendance & Rostering Frontier Software’s Recruitment module provides the solution to capturing HR21: your virtual HR Self Service facility. Administration and e-Recruit module offers time records from multiple time recording internet functionality. Powerful, yet easy-to- devices within an organisation and use, its features will enhance the workflow eliminates inaccuracy. of your recruitment process and create a Based on the ‘Time Sheet’ principle, this talent pool. module is designed to interface with a As a speedy and cost-effective aid to variety of time & attendance and input candidate selection, the eR21: Recruitment devices – including biometrics, magnetic Administration and e-Recruit module means swipe cards and iridology. Interfaces for that you can build e-recruitment access for your existing time & attendance systems are your web site, post job vacancies to external also available. Data is imported directly into sites and accept and process candidate the chris21 database for payroll make-up, applications online from your desktop. time and attendance monitoring and What’s more, you can track candidates at inclusion in personnel records. every stage of the recruitment process, Many different timesheets can be utilised. integrate staff procurement data with the chris21 database and generate a report showing how much a recruitment campaign will cost. 5
  6. 6. Competency & Job Profile (see datasheet) Expense payment and control (UK only) Award Interpretation Frontier Software’s Competency & Job While expenses can be paid within payroll, Designed for use in countries where Profile module will maximise your this module also provides a facility to pay employees are covered by an Industrial investment returns. It will enable you to expenses as required. Accounting entries Award stating the terms and conditions of adopt a cohesive approach to managing job are created and bank transfer facilities employment, this module automatically functions and gain a definitive understanding initiated for employees claiming these generates the correct payments according to of your organisation. A detailed record of non-taxable payments. the shift that is being worked and the actual competencies for every employee, plus a hours completed – a huge time-saver. Salary packaging (Australia only) record of their career development, can be Payments can vary according to which days created. Job descriptions and associated This module is able to apply the varying of the week have been worked, whether key performance indicators (KPIs) are also allowances and benefits that determine an minimum working hours have been an integral aspect of this module. employee’s overall salary package, as well as completed, plus any payments due upon Competency & Job Profile provides the user calculating tax efficiency based upon local absence etc. with an integrated approach for job profiles, taxation rules. Recruitment Agency Billing competencies and learning references, e-Xpense Claims (currently S.E. Asia) enabling your organisation to Raise invoices and create a variety of The e-Xpense module allows employees to management profitability reports according be competency-led. enter claims online (e.g. medical and dental to the various rates of pay received when Organisation Charting expenses) and automatically route each contractors and temporary staff are placed When a corporate group, head-office, branch claim to the appropriate manager for at a client organisation. Frontier Software’s or departmental restructuring occurs, an approval and authorisation, prior to Recruitment Agency Billing solution organisational chart can place strategic re-imbursement via payroll or bank transfer. integrates with our Payroll Management decisions into an operational perspective. These claims can also apply to an module to automate the entire billing Since details of the physical structure of your employee’s dependants and payment rules process for recruitment agencies. An organisation are maintained by chris21, once are defined by the user and can be adjusted unlimited history of hours is maintained for the restructuring changes are applied, it is a at any time. each job completed by a contractor, so that simple procedure to produce graphical charts database queries can be answered at any Performance planning and development using third-party products such as ORG time. In addition, country-specific taxation PLUSTM and VISIOTM. Define goals, objectives and KPIs for each rules are adhered to, while all associated and every job function within your accounting entries are created automatically. P11D reporting module (UK only) organisation. Frontier Software’s e- Lecturers Contracts & Claims To meet UK statutory reporting Performance module makes it easy to deliver requirements relating to benefits and the tools required by line-managers for Generate payments due according to actual appropriate expenses, this module enables performance management. An unlimited hours worked by part-time lecturers (claims) data to be presented in the approved history is maintained and management and maintain a complete contract history HMRC (Inland Revenue) format for triggers are applied so that any outstanding using Frontier Software’s Lecturers electronic data interchange. reviews are undertaken in a timely fashion. Contracts & Claims module. This solution has been developed specifically for Travel and Subsistence / Vehicles (UK only) Furthermore, a workflow approval process organisations working within an educational This module calculates vehicle mileage is initiated to ensure that the correct environment that employ part-time payments, automatically enters this data person(s) approve the review – which could lecturers, and ensures that budgets are not into the payroll system and creates a vehicle incorporate additional development exceeded by issuing alerts if claims go over history file. And you can be assured of (learning events) to be undertaken and any contracted hours. compliance with statutory rules for payment changes in associated salary / allowance. in accordance with vehicle type, CO2 emissions category and miles travelled etc. 6
  7. 7. Support and Services A seamless extension to your business. Regular meetings of client User Groups and Consultancy Conferences provide a customer forum for Require assistance with implementation, mutual feedback, sharing experiences and conversions, specification of new requirements, exchanging ideas. Your success is our success site reviews, audits or perhaps staff-cover and it is not by chance that many of our Payroll Services for short-term absences? Frontier Software’s innovations have sparked from these (see corresponding datasheet) consultants will be pleased to accommodate discussions. One of our fastest growing specialist any task that requires a specialist understanding User training is an essential part of our of HR or Payroll Management. areas, Frontier Payroll Services (FPS) service to customers. Comprehensive training offers Service Level Agreements ranging Project Management programmes cater for all skill levels and may from traditional ‘process and deliver’ type be conducted at your premises or at our offices. In our experience, gained from thousands of bureau arrangements, to outsourced and successful implementations, we guarantee a fully-managed service contracts. Standard training and refresher courses are also professional approach to project management conducted regularly at our local offices, offering Your business will enjoy all the accessibility, from the onset. We will create a realistic project a cost-effective option to train new users. flexibility and control of running payroll plan with your business in mind, so that in-house – without having to allocate your Software Updates completion targets are met – within budget. staff, equipment, time and resources to We promise to keep you up-to-date with Visit: manage it. And when it comes to reliability, legislative changes and software enhancements. accuracy, efficiency and flexibility, our Our exclusive, user-friendly web site has Software updates are free of charge, as a part people can be relied upon to ensure the become a 24/7 communications hub for of your annual maintenance agreement. timely payment of yours. providing the latest information to clients. Helpdesk Frontier Software’s users can access product FPS now has in excess of 400 clients, information, book attendance for training including smaller organisations, to those chris is simple to install and maintain, and 21 courses and User Groups, update contact with 70,000+ employees, and regardless easy to upgrade, so it requires a minimum data and review helpdesk queries. of the industry you are in, we will have of technical support. But if you do need help, Frontier Software’s helpdesk is a one- Foundations of success the solution. stop-shop for any queries – wherever you Working with Frontier Software and FPS • Product development – our portfolio is are. Our comprehensive online learning and will make a difference: expanding and constantly evolving help facilities are available together with • Compliance with country-specific • We will meet your strategic vision associated documentation including: legislative requirements for HR and • We will offer improved • User reference guides Payroll Management functions management reporting • Topic notes • We listen to our customers – regular • We have clear project management • Training notes User Groups lead product development delivery terms Helpdesk support is included as part of your and requested enhancements • We provide ongoing annual maintenance agreement and support • Financial strength – we are a successful software enhancements calls are answered free of charge. and profitable company • We offer a mature payroll solution Data Migration / Conversion • Proven technology – Frontier Software • We guarantee statutory enhancements products are effective, reliable and field- at no extra cost Conversion facilities are available for proven in today’s forever developing transferring data from legacy systems into • We are accredited for payroll by HMRC technical environment chris21. Very often this task can be achieved (Inland Revenue) in the UK • Complete user satisfaction – visit: using ExcelTM templates. A simple and and read what effective solution. our customers say 7
  8. 8. Cutting-Edge HR & Payroll Management Solutions Your business can benefit from tomorrow’s technology today using the latest IT innovations, proven software and browser functionality. Globalisation and consolidation are key Business Rules Engine business concepts that have been applied The Business Rules Engine handles all data- throughout the evolution of Frontier related work on behalf of users, interfaces Software’s technology platforms. We have and databases, which means that all introduced internet, intranet and browser business logic resides securely in one functionality, as well as Microsoft.NETTM module, and in one location (the central options for those requiring sophisticated server). Running on WindowsTM, LinuxTM or and reliable operation across distributed, UNIX-based servers, the Business Rules wide-area networks. Engine consistently applies the business The chris21 architecture allows you to share rules for all chris21 operations and ensures the load of running applications across full security because users do not have A proven open database environment that follows your IT strategy. three components: the user interface, a direct access to resources on the server. central server and relational database. This Transaction Messaging provides a simple dedicated, yet versatile topology provides communication method with the Business high reliability, speed and performance. Rules Engine and facilitates Enterprise Data processing, as well as the application Application Integration (EAI) by interfacing itself, operates from a central server – with other applications, such as Business freeing your desktop PC to run the user Process Management (BPM), Identity interface and / or our HR21: Employee & Management, or any other customer Manager Self Service web browser interface infrastructure requirements. MQ SeriesTM, (see corresponding datasheet). BizTalkTM, SeeBeyondTM and web portals. User interfaces Flexible database options Multiple user interfaces have been Choose a database that meets your strategic developed to meet your specific networking Diary events within our product range invoke an direction. Options are: needs (see corresponding datasheets for email. full specifications): • SQL ServerTM, ORACLETM • chris21 – a WindowsTM chris21 is an open platform offering true client/server interface scalability. It can accommodate 1-1,000 users, while the database can hold • chris21 with Internet Option – uses SSL information on an unlimited number of for secure internet access. In addition, employees. Users are also able to migrate Web ServicesTM are available as a module their data seamlessly between these chris21 • ichris – uses the latest Microsoft.NETTM database options at any time. framework incorporating Smart ClientTM and Web ServicesTM technology • HR21 – a browser-based option for employee self-service and manager approvals 8
  9. 9. Define Markets? We don’t Regardless of the size of your organisation, we’ll provide the optimum HR and / or Payroll Management solution. In a truly open environment, you can move Diary reminders • Active Data Dictionary – This feature is your data seamlessly from one hardware / user-customisable via online design tools Plan changes within your HR and Payroll operating system to another. chris21 is for the creation of new fields, tables, Management system with Frontier compatible with standard operating systems forms and business rules. Software’s diary reminders facility: across a wide variety of hardware • Import tool – Migrate data from legacy manufacturers. Interface with more than • You choose which changes create a diary systems that use spreadsheet formats. Not 100 Financial Management Systems reminder only can this tool be used to update the (including OracleTM, SAPTM and • Messages to appear automatically on chris21 database, it also conforms to the PeopleSoftTM) using accounting entries that screen at pre-determined dates legacy or existing system’s validation and have been created within chris21. • Create diary entries with direct input audit rules. into the calendar function within User customisation tools ensure that the Microsoft OutlookTM scope of HR information stored on the chris21 database is unlimited. A variety of Email Gateway forms are provided to collect and manage Automatic links with Microsoft ExchangeTM data and you always have the flexibility and other SMTP-compliant applications to set the parameters to meet specific provide an email gateway to your business criteria: entire organisation. • Change field, screen or menu labels Office automation to correspond with your organisation’s terminology chris21 mail-merge facilities via Microsoft WordTM make it easy to extract data, update • Create new screens, fields or menus spreadsheets, produce graphical Data is seamlessly exported into ExcelTM for • Add fields to existing screens presentations and letters – such as salary graphical presentation. • Hide unused fields reviews, recruitment interviews, probation And don’t forget that your customisation is letters and course registration details. not affected by software upgrades. Technology functions Extensive online user guide • Security – Logon authentication may be A comprehensive, context-sensitive online controlled using LDAP (Lightweight help facility tailored to your business Directory Access Protocol) with a procedures, together with frequently asked Directory Service. Using LDAP-enabled questions (FAQs), is provided. applications provides the benefit of Same Sign-on (SSO). Single sign on is available Guaranteed data security and audit as an option. A flexible security system allows you to • Standards & Protocols – The main control and monitor access to forms, communications protocol for each An interface to 3rd party organisation charts reports and data held within the database interface is as follows: chris21 – TCP/IP, creates accurate and presentable charts. at an individual, departmental and ichris – web servcies, HR21 organisational level. ver3 – HTTP/S. A full audit trail is automatically created for • Scheduling – Reports and other long- each database event – logging details of all running processes can be batched or scheduled actions and guaranteeing data integrity. to run at particular dates and times. 9
  10. 10. Reporting and Business Intelligence Create sophisticated reports from your HR and Payroll Management database. Advanced management reporting facilities Standard reports save time Secure access are vital business tools delivered by the Frontier Software has been providing As with all Frontier Software solutions, chris21 Report Designer. leading-edge HR and Payroll Management security is paramount and Report Designer User-friendly, efficient and flexible, with the solutions since 1983, and this is reflected in uses proven security mechanisms to ensure Report Designer you can search the chris21 the extensive choice of more than 200 that the access rights you define are strictly database and extract information in a report standard management report templates controlled. layout of your choice. Building a report included with chris21: Scheduling really is as straightforward as answering • Turnover • Salary review the following: Any reports produced within chris21 can be • Age analysis • Leave liability scheduled for processing at a specific time • What details do I want? • Service analysis • Headcount and day of the week. Users can ensure • How do I select employees? • Terminations • Remuneration report outputs are ready for review by • How do I want them sorted? • New starters • Establishment management the moment they arrive on-site, • How do I want them presented? while the appropriate output can be emailed • Transfers • Organisation Reports may be generated and viewed • Staff profile structures to any other required recipients. This in Microsoft ExcelTM, WordTM or PDF, function provides a huge labour saving • Leave planner • Absence analysis on-screen, or as a hard-copy printout. when producing reports. • Labour costs • Leave statement Ad-hoc report generation Any chris21 reports created by the ad-hoc Business intelligence at your fingertips Report Designer can be tailored to meet chris21 Report Designer allows both graphic your exact requirements. Unlimited and statistical data to be presented in extraction, analysis and reporting on your ExcelTM – allowing data to be manipulated HR and Payroll Management data means and analysed. And depending on your that you can generate reports in the format database choice, external business you require using information selected from intelligence software – such as WebFocusTM, the chris21 database. Simply drag-and-drop CrystalTM, ImpromptuTM and Business data fields into the report layout and create ObjectsTM – can also be utilised to provide bespoke menus to suit your reporting further opportunities for full graphical, drill- Xec21 provides instant graphs for a variety of objectives. There are no boundaries to the down slice and dice analysis of your data, in Human Resource and Payroll topics. scope, or number of reports you can create. whatever shape or form you require. A flexible and open platform Executive Reporting (Xec21) The Report Designer’s user interface can be Frontier Software’s optional Xec21: Executive tailored to meet your specific requirements. Reporting Module (see corresponding Your ‘frequently-used’ ad-hoc templates can datasheet) offers a cost-effective way to be attached to a menu – an ideal way to launch your organisation into the world of encourage managers to utilise this facility. business intelligence – without the Users can also perform mathematical and traditional price tag. logical operations on data fields and embed results into their reports. 10
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. “Commitment to customer service is our number-one priority” Michael Howard - Founder, Frontier Software CGAUK/05/07/110