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  • As a start, we go back to reflect on Why, What, and How We Teach. (Facilitator to point out these areas in the posters).
  • Frontier Primary Open House 2013

    1. 1. Open House20 May 2013Frontier Primary School
    2. 2. Frontier Primary OpenHouse 2013Time Activity12:45pm Arrival of guests1:15pm Welcome Address by Principal1:30pm Tour of school facilities2:30pm Talk by Principal + Q&A Session3:30pm End of programme
    3. 3. How we came about …
    4. 4. 2011 Formation-PERI was introduced in 2008as part of an effort to enhanceprimary school education-To facilitate all primaryschools to go single session by2016, MOE has planned tobuild 14 new primary schools.-FRONTIER PRIMARY is the firstand only out of the 14 schoolsto be ready for 2012-It will contain the new PERInorms to run the PERIprogrammes
    5. 5. Engaging The ResidentsSoft LaunchWebsite LaunchLeafletFacebook Launch
    6. 6. ResponsesStraits Times 5 August Straits Times 29 JulyZaobao 30 July
    7. 7. ResponsesZaobao 4 Jan Straits Times 17 JanWanbao 3 Jan
    8. 8. Who we are …
    9. 9. Vision Confident thinkers Adaptable individuals Passionate leaders
    10. 10. Mission Through a nurturing environment, wenourish each Frontierer to be effective,self-directed and joyful learners who areable to overcome future challenges.
    11. 11. Values (3R IC) R3- Respect, Responsibility and Resilience Innovation Care
    12. 12. Motto Make a Difference Be the Difference
    13. 13. PhilosophyStrong Fundamentals, Future Learning
    14. 14. Values Responsibility Resilience Respect Innovation Care Confidence Creativity Joy
    15. 15. Values Responsibility Resilience Respect Innovation Care Confidence CreativityJoy
    16. 16. SCHOOL LOGOAfter 6 years of education in Frontier Primary, each andevery of our pupil will shine forth after being nurtured byour caring staff in a dynamic culture of learning stronglygrounded in Values, Knowledge and Competencies.
    17. 17. SCHOOL LOGOThe word ‘Frontier’ urgesFrontierers to dare to forgeahead to achievebreakthroughs in boundaries.Hence we have consciouslyincluded the word in our logo toremind us of our aspirations toevolve and expand beyond thestatus quo.The pupil will shine brightly. Thepupils are also depicted asleaping forward to welcomethe future with confidence andcompetence. Only the pupil isrepresented in orange to showthe school’s commitment tofocus on every child andnurture him/her to the besthe/she can be.A dynamic culture oflearning. This cultureincludes a curriculumwhich is progressive,holistic and attuned tothe changing landscapeand diverse pupil needs.This culture is alsoenabled by committedand caring staff. Thisculture of learningpropels the child towardsexcellence.A strong foundation inValues,Knowledgeand Competencies.
    18. 18. Frontier Staff
    19. 19. What we offer …
    20. 20. KEY PROGRAMMESCLAPSCognitive PursuitsLeadership PracticesAesthetics PassionPERI ProgrammesSocio-Emotional Wellbeing
    21. 21. PERI FACILITIESCollaborative andIndependent LearningDifferentiated TeachingApproachesProgramme for Active Learningfor Life Skills andCharacter DevelopmentOutdoorExperientialLearning‘Home in a School’Experiencefor Socio-EmotionalDevelopmentRedesignedclassroomsSBB RoomLBS RoomLSP/LSM RoomBand Rooms, Dance StudiosPAL RoomsPerforming Arts Studio in MRLIndoor Sports HallOutdoor running trackSynthetic Turf for FieldOutdoor LabEco GardenHerb GardenStudent Care Center (Sem 2)Outdoor Fitness Playground
    22. 22. SCHOOL BACKGROUND-PERI was introduced in 2008as part of an effort to enhanceprimary school education-To facilitate all primaryschools to go single session by2016, MOE has planned tobuild 14 new primary schools.-FRONTIER PRIMARY is the firstand only out of the 14 schoolsto be ready for 2012-It will contain the new PERInorms to run the PERIprogrammes
    23. 23. KEY PROGRAMMESCLAPSCognitive PursuitsLeadership PracticesAesthetics PassionPERI ProgrammesSocio-Emotional Wellbeing
    24. 24. KEY PROGRAMMESCLAPSCognitive PursuitsLeadership PracticesAesthetics PassionPERI ProgrammesSocio-EmotionalWellbeingLiteracy & Numeracy skills throughengaging & experiential learningLeadership skills development forall pupilsPAM – PE, Art & Musicprogrammes and resourcesAesthetic cultureProgramme for Active LearningForm Teacher Guidance PeriodSocio-emotional Learning
    27. 27. STELLARStrategies for English LanguageLearning and Reading- Use of rich literature and activities that motivate and engageyoung learners.- Integrates all language skills– Skills are enhanced through daily practice.– Key language items are explicitly taught to children.– Alignment with the 2010 EL Syllabus.ENGLISH LANGUAGE curriculum
    28. 28. Pupils discussing the storyduring SBA lessonPupils enjoying theexperience before classwriting (MLEA 1)
    29. 29. Class-dictated story(MLEA 1)Pupils working together duringgroup writing(MLEA 2)
    30. 30. Learning Journey toChangi Airport
    31. 31. Estimation and approximationMental calculationCommunicationUse of mathematical toolsArithmetic manipulationAlgebraic manipulationHandling dataAppreciationInterestConfidencePerseveranceMonitoring one’s ownthinkingThinking skillsHeuristicsMathematicalProblemSolvingNumericalGeometricalAlgebraicStatisticalMATHEMATICS framework
    32. 32. Mathematics GamesWeek Activities
    33. 33. Key Programmes ofMother TongueDepartment
    34. 34. My Reading Portfolio – CL & ML(Rainbow Reading Programme)Colored Reading Cards pupilshave to complete before theawarding of the reading badges.Objective: To promote the culture of readingamong our pupils. To encourage our pupils to readmore Mother Tongue Languagestorybooks.
    35. 35. Activities during MTL FortnightLanguage Games – Pupils are engaged in a series ofLanguage Games such as Word Search, Fun withChinese Idioms, Poetry Appreciation.Girl passing the hidden message to herteacherPupils with theirmasterpieces
    36. 36. Chinese Calligraphy Exposure
    37. 37. 《弟子规》学习营 – Di Zi Gui Camp
    38. 38. 《弟子规》学习营 – Di Zi Gui CampParents are invited to share the joy of their child’s learning at the end of the day.Pupils expressing their appreciation to their parents. What a warmly sight!
    39. 39. Pupils singing Malay kid’s songs,hearing stories being told by theirfriends, did quizzes in class, solvingriddles, and watching a video onhow to make a traditional Malay dishcalled Roti Kirai. A whole two weeksof fun-filled activities.Malay Language & Cultural Activities
    40. 40. ML Cultural CampPupils playing thecongkak andPupils learninghow to make thebunga manggar.Pupils playing thebatu seremban(five stones andPupils designingthe bajukurung/Melayu.
    41. 41. Values EducationValuesRespectResponsibilityIntegrityCareResilienceHarmonyStudentOutcomesSocial &EmotionalCompetencies21st CenturySkills
    43. 43. PALObjectives of PAL1. To provide pupils withbroad exposure andexperiences through age-appropriate, fun-filledactivities2. To facilitate the holisticdevelopment of pupils inthe physical, cognitive,social, aesthetic and moraldomains3. To provide varied avenuesfor pupils to build valuesand develop social-emotional competencies
    44. 44. PALOverview of 2013 PAL: 3-3 Model:Three modules each in Pri 1 & 2Domains/Level P1 P2Sports &GamesSkipping and BallGamesOutdoorEducationNature ImmersionProgrammeNIPVisual Arts Clay IllustrationSCATA (Stories ComeAlive Thru Art)Experiential ArtArt Alive!PerformingArtsDance And MovementDaMoBoomwhackersRhythm And Movement
    46. 46. eLFeLF VisionEvery eLF must have•a positive self-concept;•the moral courage to accept one’s limitations and motivation to build on one’sstrengths;•the independence and tenacity to initiate innovative and meaningful improvementto school and community;•the interpersonal skills to foster collaborative relationships with peers; and•the reflexivity to become effective agents of positive change
    47. 47. eLFStudent Leadership ProgrammeeLF-Pass & eLF-LogeLF-Investitures, Elf bands• Class & Group Leader• T.A.C Leader (Technology.AVA. Cyberwellness)• Core Leader (EL/MT/MA/SC• PAM Leader (PE/Art/Music)• Welfare Leader (HE/SS/NE)• Environmental Leader• Emergency LeaderTraining & DevelopmentClass eLF - Roles
    48. 48.  Leadership focus Mini case studies Mini scenario planning Team building gamesTraining & DevelopmentS-eLF-L.E.S.S.Student-eLF – Leadership through Enhanced Skills & Sensibilities
    49. 49. S C AT AStories Come AliveThru ArtFRONTIER PRIMARYSCHOOL
    50. 50. What is SCATA?Pupils learn the art of clay craft (workingwith jumping clay), taking on the roles ofbackground, props and character artistsPupils create visual representations of SBAstories they learn in their English lessonsThe visual representations come alive thrusimple stop-motion clay animationEnd-product : 3-D representation of story +animation videos
    51. 51.  To explore the two stories Shark in the Park ! Author: Nick Sharrat The Lazy Duck Author: Jo Windsor
    52. 52. Introducing the Book Theme
    53. 53. Deconstructing the story
    54. 54. Background Artists at work
    55. 55. Prop and Character Artists at work
    56. 56. Still Work inProgress
    57. 57. Clay Creations + Animation Videos
    58. 58. Teaching Through theArts Programme(TTAP@Frontier)
    59. 59.  It is a 2-year National Arts Council (NAC)programme where it aims to use the arts as apedagogical tool for engaged learning because ofits exploratory, experiential and expressive nature. The NAC will provide an experienced artist to beattached to the school to co-run the programmewith the teachers involved. There is also funding given by the NAC. At Frontier, we aim to use Arts (Drama) as apedagogy in Social Studies.What is TTAP@Frontier?
    60. 60.  Through the use of drama, the pupils willbe able to experience the charactersand the storyline in the big books better. With that, it is hoped that the pupils will bemore expressive and learn more aboutthemselves, their friends and theircommunity better so as to become abetter citizen of Singapore.Why Social Studies?
    61. 61.  Use of Arts (Drama) as a pedagogy in SocialStudies. To use drama to get the pupils to acquire the SEL(Social & Emotional Learning) competencies tobecome a better citizen: Self-Awareness Self-Management Social Awareness Relationship Management Responsible Decision Making To train teachers to adopt Arts pedagogy as a formof teaching strategy across all subjects.Programme Objectives:
    62. 62. Lesson schedulingPre-lesson observationOngoing reflection and lesson planningsessions between teachers, artist andNACCo-teaching of 4 Primary Two classesTraining of teachersPost-project reflection anddocumentationProgramme Framework:
    63. 63. The Artist being in the ‘hot seat’ as pupilsgot to be the reporters…
    64. 64. Writing / Drawing their findingsafter taking turns to interview theirfriends on their favourite food…
    65. 65. Innovativeways ofleveraging onICT to enhanceteaching andlearning
    66. 66. Inspire.Create.Transform
    67. 67. Inspire.Create.Transform
    68. 68. Learning JourneysChinese Gardens
    69. 69. Learning JourneysSupermarket Jurong Park
    70. 70. Learning JourneysNLB Jurong Park
    71. 71. Learning JourneysZoo
    72. 72. Changi Airport
    73. 73. Planting Programmes
    74. 74. Photography
    75. 75. Every Student, an EngagedLearnerWhy we teachWhat we teachHow we teach77
    76. 76. Journey Continues
    77. 77. How we engage ourStakeholders…
    78. 78. Parental Engagement Approach
    79. 79. Parental Engagement PlatformsParent Support GroupParenting Workshops
    80. 80. Parental FeedbackBut I believe that if the leaders care aboutthe parents concerns and take efforts towelcome the parents and make them feelinvolved, it is a good start. Yup... hope youfind a great school for your kids too. I havebeen very satisfied and happy with ourchoices so far.We dont go by blind faith either. Weattended the soft launch, we asked Qs, weread up (Facebook and website of theschool) and asked around (try to find MOEinsider info). So far what we gleaned hasbeen favourable, so we decided to go for it!For primary schools, between popular andnot so popular schools, I dont see toomuch of a difference. At least, I dontthink it will be a significant difference. Infact, I think being in a new school meansnew facilities, and the teachers and P willbe able to give them lots of attentionbecause they are the only students theyhave for now. And they are the pioneerbatch. Theres something nice about beingpioneers.I like that the staff are open and very goodat communicating with the parents too. Ibelieve this means the partnership betweenthe school and home will be close andstrong? 5
    81. 81. Parental FeedbackI am really quite impressed in what I seein Frontier Primary. Think the school haspotential even though it is new. 11 FebI am staying near to Frontier PrimarySchool. So far, I am happy with the school.The teachers are quite caring. My DD likesher teacher very much. She was a littledisappointed when she gets to know herMath teacher changed this year. ... 6 JanI thought the orientation was quitewell organised and the teacherswere quite well organised too. I ampretty impressed by how professionalthey were, considering the fact thatthey only join the school in Dec (asmentioned by the p during the softlaunch). Dec
    82. 82. Parental FeedbackJen Yew Thanks for the info. Ido really appreciate the Blogthat has been created recently.The information in the blog aregreat and we are being fullyupdated with what is happeningin the school. Hope to see morepictures and info for the CNYcelebration... Is just a regret thatparents are not invited to watchthe concert, as my child isperforming on the stage. ThankyouJen Tan26 April 2012 18:38Great way to learn through play, actuallythis is very effective and less stressful wayof learning. So nice to see our kids thesedays have such conducive learningenvironment. Keep it up FPS!HarJa OLs when they haveto bring their plants back toschool? my girl long beans,kang kong and spinach aregrowing well with the care ofmy girl :) she enjoy wateringthe plants and looking at iteveryday before and afterschool :) May 10 at 12:00pm · ·1
    83. 83. Parental Feedback –Parent Partnership CommunityParent Partnership Community
    84. 84. SFE Parent WorkshopSFE TalkFriday eveningParenting WithConfidence[video]
    85. 85. SCHOOL CONTACT DETAILSAddress 20 Jurong West St 61 S648200Website 6 5789 555
    86. 86. THANK YOU